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01-24-04 - 8:24 PM

AMEN to 602


e-mail: R-lyn
01-24-04 - 7:39 PM

mMn - That's unfair! Pictures posted CANNOT be removed. To my mind, once posted, it's the batch site property already. Dapat bago i-post nahingi na ang blessing nang mga concerned. Please DO NOT censor photos after it's been posted. Sorry mMn, just voicing out!

ALL -> Your thoughts???

'ghetti boy
01-24-04 - 6:58 PM

Pasensiya na at ipinagupit ni Marie ang pictures niya kaya swerte ng mga nakakita. Swerte ni Miloy, nakatuhod ng .... at swerte rin ni birthday boy...

Welcome Francia and Marivic. Ingat sa Spag.Boy.

01-24-04 - 5:26 PM

Odi - kakausap ko lang kay Rocky M3, kagigising lang, ayos na naman siya, hindi naman siya lasing, tulog lang ng tulog, Sabado naman kaya okay lang. Matutuwa yan may nag aalala sa kanya, walang bang girls na nag aalala kay Rocky, calling Gigi, R-lyn, Chi, Lala, etc. parang awa nyo na.

Wilmer - tsug, ano ba yan dye, grabe, bastus.

Marie - ikaw ba yung kasayaw ni Miloy, ang sexy naman ng suot mo at blond ka rin pala, katulad ko. Magaling ka sigurong kumanta, welcome to the group too.

Francia ang Marivic - welcome to the message board, wag na kayong mahiya, mag post kayo at baka maraming mga naghahanap sa inyo, diba Spaghetti Boy?

/ \
01-24-04 - 4:55 PM

-Marie Naniong, ang ganda-ganda mo! Beautician ka ba? Hawig ka sa asawa ni Spaghetti Boy! Tsug.

-Talking about Tsug, Wilmermaid, sino ang nang tsug sa iyo? Selos na kaming mga lalaki sa So. Cal.! Ba Vu ulit.

/ \
e-mail: \ /
01-24-04 - 4:52 PM

Francia, mag pakabit ka ng pangalawang linya na may call waiting at conference calling para matawag ka namin. Panay busy. Hanep din ang email address mo darling pang working girl sa gabi! Welcome to the message board Francia, and happy reconnecting! Ba Vu...

01-24-04 - 4:45 PM

Francia Tolentino and Marivic Alonzo - I had a great time chatting with you both last night! I'm pretty sure our batchmates are eager to reconnect with you also. Sayang we didn't know that you're both in SoCal, sana nagkitakita tayo last December.

Marivic - please post your info above and visit this site as much as you can.

Francia - Do the same and I'm sure a lot of our batchmates will get in touch with you soon. Post mo na din yung whereabouts ni Jeffrey Samson, since you said you're still in touch with him. Also, if you can get a hold of Malou Berbano.

Talk to you both again....

Welcome to our batch site!


01-24-04 - 4:06 PM

Francia, ibaba mo 'yang telepono mo at nang matawagan ka. O kung gusto mo, ikaw na lang ang tumawag sa akin: 925.648.0889.

Amelia Rosales McCrory

Francia Tolentino
01-24-04 - 12:26 PM
( 310 ) 539-5521
guest services
batch 77 call me i miss you all

01-24-04 - 11:35 AM

benjie, alam mo ba kung nasaan si rocky m3?baka ....ewan


01-24-04 - 11:33 AM

Marie, hope you got home safely. Hindi na tayo nakapag-chikahan nang husto pero masaya naman ang gabi, di va? Ang mga vading kasi nakakalowka! Muntik na rin akong ma-rip sa kakatawa. Kita tayo ulit, ha?

And to you birthday boy (WB), ano na nga ang bagong expression mo ngayon? Nakakaloka? Aba...malaki ang inpluwensiya ni Bobby Solis sa 'yo, ha? Na-TSUG ka kasi (Inggit ako sa eye shadow nang malandwi!)

Miloy, ba't naman pati tuhod kasali? Siguro ngayon maraming pasa (bruises) si Jo. Ang tuhod pang luhod...o', di va, Amwerl? Itong si Ogie Alcasid nagyabang pa...pabaliktad daw siya kung lumuhod


01-24-04 - 11:33 AM

rocky, bakit iba ang sumasagot sa messsenger mo?


01-24-04 - 11:08 AM

'to naman si Ogie Alcasid, 'o...'kala ko ba maglalaba ka ngayon? Ba't ang aga-aga mo dito...kagigising lang namin...dahil sa kape mo! Pag hindi na umuulan papaupuin na kita sa kotse ko Sige na bili na nang makapag-cruising down to Monterey. Sama ko pag bili, ha?


01-24-04 - 10:13 AM

Isay - inggit kami sa new BMW 525i mo. Congratulations.

01-24-04 - 9:57 AM

I uploaded some pictures from last night's get together however MSN is really slow and I was not able to finish the album. Wala pang captions. Preview muna and I'll finish it later.

01-23-04 - 6:08 PM

mon v. - naputol yung usapan natin sa fone. Hindi ka na tumawag ulit Gawin mo na yung feasibility study. Tapos pasusapan natin. regards



01-23-04 - 3:40 PM

585: VENTI


01-23-04 - 3:40 PM

One day, isang araw, may isang batang amerikanong hinog asking his dad, “Dad, why do you always take very good care of your fingers?” The dad answered, “ Anak, son, our finga are very important coz each one has specific use.” “Dad, itay, please do tell me!” the son said. The dad said, “ You see this thumb, you use this for turning pages of books, papers and anything you read. This first finga, you use it for pointing whatever you want. This ring finga, you use it when you get married, you put your wedding ring. This small finga, you use it for picking your nose. And the most important of all, the middle finga, I will tell you on your wedding night.”

The son was satisfied and since then was also taking good care of his fingers. Time past and it was now the son’s wedding. Just before the bride and groom left, the son went to his dad and asked, “Dad, many a year I use this finger to point at what I want, and I turn many a pages with my thumb, I've picked my nose with this little one, now I have a beautiful ring on my finger from the love of my life, but Dad, what is it I do with this middle finger?"

Dad drew closed to his son and said, “Anak, tonight you will make mad hot love to your woman many times and you may become tired, when that happens and your woman turns to you again wanting to make the love again, that's when you take your middle finga and you poke on her head and say, 'Go back to sleep you silly woman.”

Mga bastos ang isip!

Have a nice weekend to all!!!!

Joseph Ejercito (J.E.)


01-23-04 - 3:32 PM

584: Don’t tell me na meron kasyang Condom sa’yo


01-23-04 - 2:39 PM

583, mali.


01-23-04 - 2:25 PM

Mr. Elegance: Ikaw si Condom Boy ‘no? Wala ba tayong happening dito sa Socal?

01-23-04 - 2:20 PM

Isay, Ami, Marie, Miloy, Wilmer - reservation for 8 - between 8:30 and 9:00 under Wilmer (birthday boy and manager).


01-23-04 - 12:51 PM

A woman was having an affair while her husband was at work. One rainy day she was in bed with her boyfriend when, to her horror, she heard her husband's car pull into the driveway.

"Oh My God - Hurry! Grab your clothes," she yelled to her lover, "and jump out the window. My husband's home early!"

"I can't jump out the window!" came the strangled reply from beneath the sheets. "It's raining out there!"

"If my husband catches us in here, he'll kill us both!" she replied.
"He's got a very quick temper, and a very large gun! The rain is the
least of your problems!"

So the boyfriend scoots out of bed, grabs his clothes, and jumps out the window!

As he began running down the street in the pouring rain, he quickly
discovers he had run right into the middle of the town's annual
marathon. He started running along beside the others, about 300 of them. Being naked, with his clothes tucked under his arm, he tried to "blend in" as best he could, but It wasn't that effective!

After a little while, a small group of runners, who had been studying him with some curiosity, jogged closer.

"Do you always run in the nude?" one asked.

"Oh yes" he replied, gasping air. "It feels so wonderfully free having the air blow over all your skin while you're running."

Another runner moved alongside. "Do you always run carrying your clothes under your arm?"

"Oh, yes", our friend answered breathlessly, "That way I can get
dressed right at the end of the run and get in my car to go home!"

Then a third runner cast his eyes a little lower and queried. "Do you
always wear a condom when you run?"

"Only if it's raining."


01-23-04 - 12:09 PM

Spaghetti Boy ---> Siempre kasama namin ang mga CFOs namin, oooo... diva, Marizwerl


01-23-04 - 11:48 AM

For my Chinese New Year’s Resolution, I promised to notice the people that have not been too active in the website:

Jojo Esmilla – from Cebu, kamusta na dye, long time no hear. Why don’t you write an article or two, okay one lang. I enjoyed your last article, para naman sagutin ka uli ni 1239, LaLaLouLou, etc....

Rene S. Asuncion Jr. III , P.E., PER, PERV, .... (a.k.a. MUTA), how are you? Is your morning glory freezing in the morning? Is the wet bimpo working during the winter months? I know I’m the only one looking for you all the time. How is your banka without the bamboo on the side? Hindi ba delikado yan, walang bamboo sa tabi. This time, may na ngangamusta sa iyo, and it’s a lady, surprise, surprise, surprise.

Nonoy Abnoy – kamusta na ang Surgical Nurse especial. Boss na naman ba ang gusto mong papel. Evie paki print itong message na ito. Kasi naman bakit naman bababa kalang ng basement hindi mo pa magawa, para basahin ang message board. Ang dami mo pang excuse, busy, masakit ang tuhod, hindi mo lang sabihin na matanda ka na. Sa susunod wag kang bibiling bahay na may basement or 2nd floor.

Sunshine – matagal ka na rin hindi nag a appear sa message board. Nag mamalaki ka na ba dahil mayroon kanang M3, or dahil sinabihan ka lang na magandang lalaki ka ni R-lyn. Tandaan mo kung sino ang nagsabi sa iyo, lagot ka sa hihilingin sa iyo.

Tony Palitong Piloto – ikaw rin nagmamalaki ka na ba, at lahat na lang ng magagandang ka batchmates natin eh ina I Love You mo. Mataas na ang lipad na iyong pride, I’m proud naman, sa Jan 29 na ang byahe mo uli, ma mi miss ka namin. Alam mo na kung ano ang gusto ko sa Taiwan.

I love you too Jojo E, Rene, Sunshine, Nonoy, and Tony.

01-23-04 - 9:26 AM

Ami, Isay, Marie, Miloy, Wilmer - see you all tonight (kung payagan ako) at Edna's Ichiban Library. Let's meet there at 8:30 p.m. Pinoy time. Here's the address:Edna's ICHIBAN 2236 Westborough Blvd., Daly City, CA 94080, tel# (650) 737-9716 (650) 737-7950. Just look it up on Mapquest.

I'll make a reservation so Ami, Isay please let me know kung kasama si James and Joey.

Happy Friday and a nice weekend to all.

Mike V.
01-23-04 - 9:02 AM

Lito: We had posted our Crysta, now it’s your turn to post Jennifer. Sana mag-enjoy kayo sa inyong kita-kits.

Have a good Beer-nes to All!


01-23-04 - 8:29 AM

Maganda at nakakatuwa ang plain ni Benjie! I dare yu to make a bot or maybe a hell copter!!!

01-23-04 - 5:26 AM

Pambihirang message board, unuusog ang buntot ng plane ko sa kaliwa.

Lito - kumakayod ka na ba? Ano uli ang ibig sabihin ng nothing fancy? Para sa mga Right Coast, may dress code pa pala, itanong kay Lito, ang dress code, nothing fancy.

01-23-04 - 3:59 AM

Did somebody asked for a plane?

Happy New Year din Melanie Tui, I forgot, thanks for the call last night. Sama ako sa Hawaii sa March, ang sarap nyo naman. Kahit taga bitbit lang ng camera bag ni Dave.

Mga Taga Right Coast - enjoy your get together Sunday. Lito yuong mocha cake minus two slices equals $10, kanta kayo ng Happy B-day ha. Padadala ko sa iyo ang monthly bayad ko in 12 months bayad na yang cake.

Ang ginaw ngayon sa amin minus 15 degree Fahrenheit ang windchill. Mga taga left coast ang swerte ninyo. Mga taga Up coast mas malamig pa, pero dibale na, na fe freezer ang beauty nila duon.

Butch A(rmpit)- Na na Pitt Pitt, bakit ayaw mo uli mag maneho sa New York. Sino uli ang mag mamaneho para sa iyo sa get together ninyo sa Sunday?

Tanong of da dey: Bakit kaya ayaw magmaneho ni Butch sa get together sa New York?

a. Tinatamad, ang layo masyado ng Long Island, NY sa New Jersey.
b. Gustong tignan ng mabuti ang mata ng driver, habang hindi makatingin pabalik.
c. Nagtitipid sa gasolina at mileage ng sasakyan niya.
d. All of the above.


01-23-04 - 3:52 AM

No, its's not even Supahman. It's all about MONEY,MONEY,MONEY.....




01-23-04 - 2:00 AM

No, it's a plane.....it's a verb......it's supahman!!!


01-22-04 - 9:49 PM

Did you mean plain?


01-22-04 - 9:17 PM

It's just plane and simple STUPIDITY!!!!

Aped Santos
01-22-04 - 8:05 PM

Dear All Batchmates,

There has been a sad controversy here in Manila
thats been brewing for the last ten years or so.
The Department of Education and Culture(DECS),
through the Commission on Higher Education(CHED) has ruled
sometime ago that all institutions of higher learning
will have to give up their respective high schools and grade schools.
For reasons still unclear to us here.

The issue has intermittently been discussed in the past 10 years,
but the government has yet to hand down a final decision.

And btw, in UST, as far as the DECS is concerned, the 'Education High School' is considered the 'more' legitimate high school because it is the pilot and older high school where education majors of the university practice teaching. I have learned this from Fr. John Funelas, current USTHS Regent, last February.

The following was forwarded to me by Gigie Galang-Barlaan, USTHS '78, wife of our batchmate Noel Barlaan.
Leebai Esquivias-Gamboa, USTHS '78, is younger sister of our batchmate Chata Esquivias-Zoleta.
Both Leebai and Gigie have turned over last year
their USTHS Alumni Association duties to Batch '79,
the Silver Jubilarians this year.

We shall take up the issue on our next '77 Officers' Meeting soon.

Aped Santos

----- Original Message -----
From: Leebai Gamboa
To: Fr. John E. Funelas O.P.
Sent: Wednesday, January 21, 2004 8:36 PM
Subject: Fwd: Destiny of the UST HS

Father John,

Can you please enlighten us on this issue?
Is there anything that the alumni can do?


From: "Fr. John E. Funelas, O.P."
To: "Leebai Gamboa"
Subject: Re: Destiny of the UST HS
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 22:45:55 +0800

dear leebai:

thanks for the note. so what is the latest on usths issue?
the father rector has already formed a committee to study possibilities, among them are the following:

reduce the student population, transfer usths to isabel building, (Isabel Bldg. is that old Dominican-owned building on Espana
across UST)
phase-out usths and start a new ust-benavides high school
which will be autonomous from the university.

commission on higher education has mandated that basic education (elem and hs) be separated from the campus of tertiary schools.

of course the alumni can help.
remind them to be actively involved in the association.

grand alumni homecoming is on feb 21 (saturday).
please attend meeting on feb 4, 6 pm
at the solicitor general's office(Alfredo Benipayo, USTHS '54).

thanks for the concern.
fr. john
Leebai Gamboa wrote:
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 14:24:39 -0800 (PST)
From: Leebai Gamboa
Subject: Fwd: Re: Destiny of the UST HS

My dear Fellow Alumni:

There is a call for us to help our dear Alma Mater.
Please read the attached message from Fr. John Funelas,
UST High School Regent.

Pass this message on to other fellow alumni you know.
If anyone comes up with a really bright idea as to what the alumni can do for the UST High, feel free to set up a meeting with all involved.

God Bless UST High!

Your fellow alumni,
Leebai Esquivias-Gamboa
Batch '78


01-22-04 - 5:24 PM

Dear Bespren Marlene,

I am fine, thank you. Still processing your request. Be patient.



01-22-04 - 5:23 PM

Madam Z,

Mabuti at niliwanag mo ang istorya. Ang version na narinig ko kasi goes like this...

Madam Z looks at the bone and then says, "Ay, kumain na ako n'yan kagabi..." sabay tingin ng malagkit kay Bob.

Pasens'ya ka na at puro malilisyoso ang mga kasama mo noong gabing iyon. Inggit lang sila sa 'yo dahil naka-gets ka ng bagets, oooo


Mike V.
01-22-04 - 5:12 PM

Si Madam Z. nabuhay. Ang galing nya palang sumayaw, para syang trumpo sa dance floor. Yun nga lang, di kami makasingit, binakuran kasi ng Jowawi nya.

Robert: kafatidz, pabling ka talaga, me chu cha ka na, pati ba kay Crysta nakikisali ka pa.

01-22-04 - 4:38 PM

Naku sinasabi ko na nga ba eh! Mahirap talaga ang hindi nagbabasa ng msg board
Benjie - natural naman, pag libre, present ako at siempre sama na ang sabit... kaya mo yun???
Valedik T - ikaw talaga... nain-triga tuloy si Ruben... inaalok nila ako ng crispy pata when i arrived, pero buto na lang daw, so ang reply ko eh.. it's ok..kumain na ko nyan kagabi..... o clear????


01-22-04 - 3:44 PM

A man and a woman were waiting in line at the hospital donation center.
Man: "What are you doing here today?"
Woman: "Oh, I'm here to donate some blood. They're going to give me $25 for it."
Man: "Hmm, that's interesting. I'm here to donate sperm, myself. But they pay me $75."
The woman looked thoughtful for a moment and they chatted some more before going their separate ways. Several months later, the same man and woman meet again in the same line.
Man: "Hi there! Here to donate blood again?"
Woman: (nodding her head with mouth closed) "hmm hmm."

Gung hay fat choy!!!!

Robert Capule
01-22-04 - 1:42 PM

Hoy Kgg, sabi nila, hirap mo naman daw kopyahan. Kaya ganyan na lang ang hinanakit ni Lou lou Hod. By the way, maraming salamat sa naglibre last week sa Musikahan. Sana maulit muli, hindi na ako mapapagod.

Sabihin na ninyo ang gusto kay Crysta, basta alam ko babae cya.

Jojo Comandante
01-22-04 - 7:56 AM

Pambihira naman kayo. Minsan lang ako nag-papantasya, sinibak n'yo pa. Minsan-minsan nama'y pagbigyan n'yo ang self-esteem ko. Mas lalo ka na, Lou Lou Hod. Nag-research ka pa at gusto mo talagang patunayan na puro imahinasyon ko lang ang umiral. Paano'y wala nang nangongopya sa akin, kaya't wala na ring lumalapit, hu-hu-hu-iyak-iyak-iyak

01-22-04 - 4:06 AM


When is the Chinese New Year's Day in Year 2004?
January 22,2004. This is the first day in the Year of the Monkey.
It is Year 4701 by Chinese calendar.

Happy New Year – “TI-CHI-BE” Tikoy, Chi, and Benjie, akala nyo Happy New Year sa Chinese yuon noh, bumabati lang sa kapwa.

Chinese (Cantonese)
Gung hay fat choy (a New Year greeting meaning, "May you become prosperous.")
Sun nien fai lok (meaning, "Happy new year")
Chinese (Mandarin)
Xin nian yu kuai

01-21-04 - 11:09 PM

Ami: Hellow bespren. How are you?


01-21-04 - 10:08 PM

Kagalang-galang na ValedickT,

Hoy, hoy, hoy...!!! Mabuti na lang at naisalaysay na sa amin ni /\ ang tunay na mga pangyayari nang kayo ay magdiwang ng kaarawan ni Ginoong Bogliton. Kung hindi pala ay lilinlangin mo pa kami na kunwari ay iyong menor de edad ang naghuhulagpos na ikaw ay makapareha, tse!

Ayon kay Vucaca, papalapit pa lamang si Crysta sa may luklukan ninyo ay nagdudumali ka nang tumayo upang maisayaw lamang ang batang paslit. Hindi naman pala ikaw ang pakay noong batang musmos kung hindi 'yong taong nasa likuran mo. At dahil na nga raw sa magkandarapa ka na sa pagboboluntaryo na maka-gling-gling, pinagbigyan ka na.

'Yan ang tunay na pangyayari, according to Loulou Lon. Lagot ka kay Dinna... 'di ka na papayagang magsolo-flight sa susunod, hmppp

Just telling it straight,

Loulou Hod (nang walang belo)

01-21-04 - 6:38 PM

hello ruben, my yahoo id is ralfbio.


ray flores

Mike V.
01-21-04 - 5:54 PM

Jojo: Hoy! wag ka ng mag-ilusyon na lahing pikutin ka. Mag school mate tayo mula Elementary hanggang sa Eng’g, kaya ka lang nilalapitan nuon ng chicks para kopyahan ka. Itong kay Krysta, di mo ba napansin sa susi ng chedeng mo talaga nakatingin.

Teka nga pala, bakit dalawa yung pager mo? habang nagsasayaw ka, tumunog yung isa, di mo pinansin, pero ng tumunog yung the other one, mabilis ka pa sa alas kwatro.

Tsaka di ko pinagkakalat na di pa nakakain ng matigas na karne si kabayang Poca, kinukumusta ko lang, nangangayayat na daw kasi.

Mr. Elegance: Kay RJ galing yung matigas na karne issue.

Mr. Elegance
01-21-04 - 5:49 PM

Mike, Benjie & NANdoc---I think I am way behind sa news...what is this Mayon Volcano and hindi makakain ng matigas na karne si Kumareng Poca?

At may buto naman kinakain si Madam Z. according kay Jojo, paki explain!

Iyon may mga yahoo e-mail address paki post lang dito para malagay sa buddy list ko so any time we can do some web-chat...my e-mail address rsamcpa2002@yahoo.com


01-21-04 - 5:41 PM

mMn, Wilmer & Leonard---hindi ko alam na three's company kayo diyan sa Ichiban, kaya pala madalas ang hang out ninyo. Ilan years na ang anniversary this Friday or Saturday?

Luv team coordinator

Jojo Comandante
01-21-04 - 2:42 PM

Maraming salamat sa mga managers natin noong Friday night, sa birthday celebration ni Wilfred, ehek, Willard, eheste, Wilmer pala! Akala ko ay may utang ako, wala pala. Thank you ulit.

Hoy, Benjie, di ko na kailangang ipakita ang kwintas ko. Si Krysta mismo ang lumapit sa akin. Anong magagawa ko kung talagang lahing pikutin ang ValedickT?

Mike V., bakit naman ipinagkakalat mong hindi kumakain ng matigas na karne si Kumareng Poca? Akala ko ba'y atin-atin lang iyon. Sige ka baka ipagkalat kong kumakain ng "buto" si Madam Z.

Kailan na nga ba ulit magkakaroon ng managers? Kahit on call pa ako't may emergency hazmat spill, basta may manager ang hapi-hapi, count me in.

At sa mga NorCal lakwatsero, good luck na lang sa paghahanap ng Krysta sa Ichiban. Balita ko'y hanggang Leonard lang kayo!

01-21-04 - 2:20 PM

hello usths77! good morning!

dianne, good to see you again, thanks a lot! it's also good to know your computer is ok (computer nga ba, o yung telepono?)

if you have the chance, i would appreciate if you could please
send me some copies of the pictures last sunday. thank you very much!

mga classmates, i only recently got to find out that yahoo enables us to textchat, voicechat, and even have webcams like our three previous events (july 2003, dec 2003xmas party and get-together at aped's for dianne).

i am pleased to know that i can now also participate with a webcam.

hope we could set a date to have more webconferences later on!

cheers and regards, rayf

Mike V.
01-21-04 - 10:52 AM

S.B.: Kumusta dre’? Isa ka pa sa sayang na di nakasama. Sana makalusot ka kay Jawo next time. Update mo ko kung sino ngayon ang tinibok-tibok ng puso mo.

Mike V.
01-21-04 - 10:15 AM

Benjie: Wag ka ng ma-inggit. Just pray pag bisita mo dito, kumita ulit si Manager Luis at Ruben tsaka sumama si Joel V., para kumpletos recados. Mas lamang ka sa ‘kin, all over the North American region ang nag-lilibre sa’yo; ako hanggang SoCal lang. I am grateful, maraming nag-mamahal sa’tin.

Manager Luis/ Ruben/ WB: kagaling nyo naman. Thanks a lot.

Tonio: wzup bro’? kaya pala nawala ka nangangampanya ka na. Dagdagan mo ang dasal na ma-disqualify si FPJ, kasi base sa feedback ko, talagang malakas ang damuho. Sa dami ba naman ng pera ng mga Marcoses, Enrile, Cojuangco at Estrada.

kabayang Poca: Oks na ba yung mo? pwede na bang kumain ng matigas na karne?

01-21-04 - 10:14 AM

Pitt - Sino kaya ang gumu-Pitt or nag-pagu-Pitt ng pictures?

Tip op da dey for Pitt - Mag-umpisa ka na maglakad to Long Island dahil mukhang wala kang ride from Jersey. Pwede pa ring magbago ang isip ko, so call me at work this weekend, ok?

Benjie (Inggit sa Inyo)
01-21-04 - 4:06 AM

Mukang ang sasaya nyo sa happening ninyo nuong birthday ni Wilmer, nakakainggit kayo.

Robert Panotsky – mukang ang tawa mo abot hindi lang about tenga hangang bumbunan pa.

Roland – ang ganda mo talaga dye, sana napahiran man lang sana ako ng konti mong kagandahan.

Jojo – nakikiagaw karin kay Krysta, pinakita mo ba ang iyong kwintas na susi ng Chedeng.

Nando – ayos ka rin sumayaw, bigay na bigay, hindi ba sumakit ang likod mo?

Pocahantas – pumayat ka dye, ang sexy mo, patuloy ba ang paglaki ng Mayon Volcano?

Mike V. – kamag anak ba kita, marami tayong similarities, tulad ng pag libre nanduon karin.

Zonia – kamag anak din ba kita kamuka ni Mike V, pag libre nanduon karin, at nagsabit ka pa ng Mister mo, mas magaling ka sa akin, biro lang.

Ruben – kamusta na ang mga bata. Kamusta ang pag benta ng Elegance product line mo. Kailan ka nga ba mag iimbita sa bahay mo? Nakaka halata ako, hindi ka parin nag iimbita, sa February or March nandyan ako, mag iimbita ka ba?

Wilmer – happy birthday, mukang enjoy ka talaga, nasaan ang Amerikana mo?

Voltaire – ngiting ngiti karin nuong kasama mo si Krysta, bakit? Tama si Roland, taksil, isa kang Lesbiana, babaeng pumapatol sa babae, chura lang.

Luis – ang pogi mo talaga bro, at gumaganda ang kutis mo, at lumiliit ang tyan mo. Yan ang nagagawa ng madatong, sige pa, maglibre ka pa pag nandyan ako. Tignan mo si Mr. Hugh H. (Playboy owner) ang pogi parin kahit 120 years old na.

Mr. Elegance
01-21-04 - 12:49 AM

Mga taga Canada, Kamusta na kayo...mukhang nawawala kayo sa message board...Chimay, Odei,Otto, Armand, Ruth, Lala, Romeo...

Dianne---I am glad your computer has been fixed...let schedule a web conference with mMn, DQ of Arizona like old times...

What happens when a Pinoy exchange student studies
in the US? Let's sit in and find out...


It was the first day of school in Washington, DC and a
new student named Dagohoy, the son of a Filipino
immigrant, entered the fourth grade.

The teacher began, "Let's review some American
history, class. Who said 'Give me liberty or give me
death?'" She saw a sea of blank faces, except for
Dagohoy's who had his hand up, "Patrick Henry,1775."
"Very good," said the teacher.

"Who said "Government of the people, by the people,
and for the people shall not perish from the earth'"?
Again, no response except from Dagohoy: "Abraham
Lincoln, Gettysburg, 1863," he said.

The teacher snaps at the class, "Class, you should be
ashamed, Dagohoy who is new to our country knows more
about our history than you do."

He hears a loud whisper from the back: "Screw the
Filipinos." "Who said that?" she demanded. Dagohoy put
his hand up. "General John Pershing, Manila, 1896."

At that point, Jack, another student says, "I'm going
to puke." The teacher glares and asks, "All right! Now
who said that?" Again Dagohoy answers, "George Bush
Sr. to the Japanese Prime Minister during the state
dinner, Tokyo, 1991."

Now furious another student yells, "Oh yeah? Suck on
this!!" Dagohoy jumps out of his chair waving his hand
and shouts to the teacher at the top of his voice,
"Bill Clinton to Monica Lewinsky, the Oval Office,

Someone shouts, "You little **** if you say anything
else, I'll kill you." Dagohoy yells, "Congressman Gary
Condit to Chandra Levy, Washington, D.C., 2001!"

The teacher faints. "I'm outta here!" mutters one
student as he slides to the door. "President Gloria
Macapagal Arroyo, Baguio City, December 30, 2002!!"
Dagohoy responds.

As the class gathers around him on the floor, someone
says, "Oh ****, now we're really in big trouble!"
"Saddam Hussein, on the Iraq invasion, Bhagdad, May
2003!" Dagohoy bellowed.

"Now, I really have to run," Jack mutters, heading for
the exit, "Gloria Macapagal Arroyo again, Pampanga,
October 4, 2003!!!"

Dagohoy shouts triumphantly jumping with glee.


01-20-04 - 8:59 PM

hindi ako ganyan kagaling magsulat, just sharing it with y'all


tony r
01-20-04 - 8:57 PM

sad, but true....so what are we going to do about it??

An Open Letter to the Filipino People:

Last year, Fernando Poe Jr. said he wasn't going to
run for president; last December, President Gloria Arroyo said she
wasn't going to run for president. I don't know how they make their
decisions, but it sure sounds like they do it on a whim because today both of them are talking about their "sacrifices" - how hard the next six years are going to be for their families, how they have to give up their privacy, how they have to deal with the criticism and mud slinging and how much they love this country. Oh please. You're all beginning to sound like Kris Aquino.

Watching the news on Wednesday when FPJ announced his intention to run, I panicked when I saw Susan Roces looking alarmingly like Imelda as she cried on TV and said that her husband was running because he just wanted to help the people, so why is everybody so mean to him? I kept thinking, oh my God, is she going to break into Dahil sa Iyo? That scared the hell out of me. That and the clip where FPJ mumbled through his one-on-one interview with ABS-CBN wearing shades. Did he perhaps misplace a wristband? Or when he was asked about his economic policies and he said...what did he say? Nothing, that's what. You'd think if you were going to announce your presidential ambitions you would have at least prepared something - anything - on how you were going to lead the country aside from the overused line about being the savior the masses needs.

Now showbiz people are complaining of the criticism FPJ is receiving. Their loyalty is fascinating. I can watch their display on TV all day and be alternately amazed and confused about whether part of their brain goes on auto pilot when they're talking about FPJ. It's the same kind of loyalty for Erap, which led Senator Tessie Oreta to do that little jig in the Senate during the impeachment proceedings. Look where it got Erap. You don't know whether their loyalty to FPJ comes from personally knowing he has the brains to lead the country or simply because they belong to the same profession. There must be something about show business that creates this strong bond, this persecution complex that leads
them to think that because they are actors people think they're stupid.

In this country that has elected showbiz people and made them mayors, councilors, governors and senators barangay captains, and hell,even president - why do they still complain of a bias against their profession? You don't hear electricians saying, "Oh they'll never elect us into office!" And you certainly don't hear economists fanatically defending GMA just because she is one. We all know there are many accomplished actors whose achievements go beyond their profession. You see their every move in newspapers every day, for God's sake. The biggest bias against FPJ is not that he is an actor, but that he may lack the skills, temperament, and attitude to become a leader. People say he has such a kind heart, unquestionable sincerity and that he has helped a lot of people through the years - shouldn't this be enough?

No, it's not. I need my president - whoever he or she is - to be better than the average Juan. I want him to know history and poetry as well as economics, to be able to quote Shakespeare and argue with Allan Greenspan, to stand shoulder to shoulder with the world's most powerful leaders, to make me proud - not to make me laugh - when I see him on TV.I want to love my president and I want to respect him. I want a president who doesn't have to surround himself with economists to know how to run the country. I want him to know these things on his own and listen to advice but not be influenced by people who have a different agenda. I want to talk about my president to foreigners without being embarrassed, without shaking my head and saying, "Well, Filipinos aren't the most mature electorate in the universe." I don't want to hear that Filipino
doctors are now studying to become nurses just to apply for jobs abroad or college students choosing their courses based on what the most popular jobs are in other countries. Sincerity is a beautiful thing, but it's not the only thing that makes a president great. In 1998, when Erap was elected,I was hoping he would succeed, that since he was wildly popular and beloved, he was going to do good. But look what he did. He surrounded himself with advisers and friends, he drank and he womanized - oh how he womanized and how they built their mansions. Does anybody remember any of this? It was as if he was chipping away at the stature of the presidency and the country piece by piece. He said the most godawful embarrassing things at the most unfortunate moments. The things that saw print, they weren't even close to what editors wouldn't print because they were just so stupid and depressing. He didn't inspire the poor to do better - he just fueled their anger and pointed it to the
wrong direction. You don't have a house? You don't have a job? Blame the past presidents, blame the rich, blame the middle class. He never said , well,why don't you get off your asses and look for work? He didn't encourage people to work harder because he didn't improve the economy. He blamed the rich, played to the poor and completely forgot about the middle class who didn't cheat on their taxes or steal other people's land.

Like Erap, FPJ polarizes people. It's the kind that creates so much
anger and distrust on both sides. This early, the people surrounding him are far from reassuring. Tito Sotto? After showing his fantastic grasp of economics, of what drives foreign exchange? Hello? This is not Eat Bulaga, sir. Nobody is laughing. Somebody should pinch FPJ and tell him this is not the movies. That he cannot fight off our Asian neighbors for measly investment with his magic sword. Erap and now Ang Panday. It's so depressing I want to cry. A friend warned me about pissing off FPJ. She said, "Be careful what you write about him, he may be your next president."


ps: let me get my helmet, fire away!!!

Get advanced SPAM filtering on Webmail or POP Mail ... Get Lycos Mail!


01-20-04 - 5:59 PM

Sino ang NANDOgas ng litrato ni Chichi. Sino ba ang mga usual suspects. Naku ang dami. Hinala ko ay bukas may manghihingi ng ransom para sa mga litrato. Sigurado maraming mag-Chichi-p-in.

O kaya naman...inilagay kaya sa ibang web site na pay per view?
Palagay ko NANDOon lang sa tabi-tabi ang nawawalang litrato.

Pitt... Sinong gumu Pitt

01-20-04 - 4:38 PM

HELLO!!! I've been out of touch for a long time, am just about to read messages starting from page 11! I'd like to thank everyone who sent me birthday greetings... THANK YOU ALL I'll be posting a longer thank you list next time, still have to update myself with the happenings in our message board.

Mike V.
01-20-04 - 4:27 PM

Joel V.: Kumustasa Dre’?. Tapos ka na bang kumudkod ng yelo sa SLC?…Sayang di ka nakasama, talaga nga namang mag-eenjoy ka kasi, unang una libre, tapos baliw pa lahat ng kasama mo. …Di nga ako nakainom mabuti dahil kinabagan ako sa katatawa….Sa susunod wag kang aabsent para matuloy tayo sa gling gling…. Dugay kaming lahat sa Bellflower…Biruin mo, sa Carson pa kami nakahanap ng Denny’s.

Joel V
01-20-04 - 2:52 PM

SoCal people---> Sorry na-miss ko yung shindig last friday, mukhang enjoy kayo ah...'di ko alam sa Bellflower pala yun, dapat sa Fritz's kayo nagpunta afterwards, hindi Denny's...maraming gling-gling du'n.

Wilmer---> Belated happy 43rd, pare !!! We all made good use of our Burlington snow/ski outfits last weekend...it was 10 degrees in Utah !! Puwede ko kayang i-return kahit gamit na? We don't need them here in CA... I came back intact except for bruised hip...

Mukhang tahimik dito sa site...bakit nga ba, Mike(#533)?

Ruben...mayroon ding Krista sa Fritz's...legal age pa


01-20-04 - 2:06 PM

Kung ako ang kumuha nang pictures,siguradong ibabalik ko yung picture ni Benjie !!!!


Mr. Terminator 2
01-20-04 - 1:08 PM

Wow pare, mabigat may nag hack ng batch photos natin, nawala ang picture ni Benjie at Chi-chi.

Nando, ibalik mo ang mga photos, huwag ka nang mag selos.


01-20-04 - 1:03 PM

Pero teka....bakit nawala yung ibang pictures posted by Babutchka!!!! Na-edit ba!!! Nagtatanong lang po Mr. Terminator


01-20-04 - 1:00 PM

In person maganda yung bata....16 years old lang.....BITAY si Lala Gas!!


01-20-04 - 12:54 PM

Robert, Nando, Jojo & Voltaire---based on the photos, mukhang hindi babae si Crysta, hindi kaya na dupe kayo?

Mike V., Benjie (kilabot sa tunay na chicks) MMM and mMn---ano sa palagay ninyo?


01-20-04 - 12:27 PM

PTLWS --- Post-traumatic long weekend syndrome


01-20-04 - 12:25 PM

huh where is everybody!!! Himala!!!! Lahat yata busy at nag-tratrabaho!!!


01-20-04 - 12:22 PM


Mike V.
01-20-04 - 11:26 AM

Ruben: Alam ko na why our batchmates are not posting sa M.B. I’ll call you later.


01-19-04 - 5:43 PM


There was this virgin that was going out on a date for the first time and she told her grandmother about it. So, the grandmother says sit here and let me tell you about those young boys.

Lola: He is going to try to kiss you, you are going to like that
but, don't let him do that. Do you understand?
Apo: Opo lola!!!
Lola: He is going to try to feel your breast, you are going to like
that but, don't let him do that. Do you understand?
Apo: Opo lola!
Lola: He is going to try to put his hand between your legs, you are
going to like that but, don't let him do that. Okay?
Apo: Opo lola!!!
Lola: But most important, he is going to try to get on top of you
and have his way with you. You are going to like that but,
don't you ever let him do that. It will disgarce the family.
Do you understand?
Apo: Opo lola.

With that bit of advise, the granddaughter went on her date and could not wait to tell her grandmother about it. So, the next day she told her grandmother that her date went just like she said.

Apo: Tama ka nga grandma about everything. He tried to kiss me and I
did not let him do it. He tried to feel my breast and I did not
let him do it. He tried to put his hand between my legs and I
did not let him do it.

Lola: Pero yung pinaka-importante iha, anong nangyari?

Apo: I am proud to say that I did not disgrace the family lola. He
tried to get on top of me and have his way. But I turned over,
got on top of him and disgraced his family.

Have a nice week ahead!!!!!


01-19-04 - 4:28 PM

waiting for the sukli


01-19-04 - 3:53 PM


Wake up!!!

Where are the batchmates


01-19-04 - 12:52 AM

d ba transvestite si CRYSTA?

Ruben Samson
01-18-04 - 10:26 PM

Photos from Wilmer's birthday get-together are posted. Hope you enjoy them!

Sino si Crysta?

Wilmer Baliton
01-18-04 - 9:17 PM

Greetings my dear Friends (with a capital "F")!

I have never felt so loved by everyone who took some time out of their extremely very busy schedules to wish me a very happy birthday. Must I say that I felt quite honored with such an overwhelming attention from batchmates all over the place, used a number of different methods of communicating their greetings ... Some even sent me multiple messages. Many, many thanks to all of you!

It started off with a great birthday party and evening at the "Musikahan" in Bellflower, California where crazy batchmates simply just had fun. A weebit of voice told me, however, NOT to be specific on what sort of "activities" transpired at Musikahan Sa Lutong Bahay (lips are sealed)

After a fun and lovely evening, some said their goodbyes, some said, "gutom pa ako". Well, there were about 6 cars following (or leading) each other to a Denny's Restaurant for breakfast, but couldn't find one. About 30 minutes of driving around, we finally landed at a Denny's where we stuffed ourselves with more food (like there is no tomorrow). Needless to say, muling halakhakan ng walang katapusan! Meanwhile, si Mr. Manager, Luis Robles, ay nag power-off na kanyang cell phone ... para hindi ma contact ng kanyang "LQ" kasi it's approaching 2:20 a.m. -- kinakabahan, iniisip kung siya pa rin ang sasagot ng breakfast

Again, thank you to everyone who remembered me on my special day. I thank Him for giving me such wonderful, smart and fun friends. Most importantly, I said "thank you" for giving me another birthday! My special thanks to Luis and Ruben for having done such a great job in coordinating such a remarkable shindig!

The "Fun (Part 2)" continues in the Bay Area the latter part of this week with Miloy, mMn, Ami, Marie and Isay ... and whoever else! mMn: May binigay si Luis na check sa akin to give to you with an undisclosed amount. He wants it to be anonymous kaya hindi pinirmahan ang cheque. NorCal ghels and boys ... I shall see y'all soon!

Roland .. isusuot ko pa lang; Mariliz .. gagastosin ko na mamaya; Voltaire .. kinain ko na (o.k. batchmates, no need to analyze this paragraph).

Lastly ... next year pa ako magiging 44 -- Hinay, hinay lang. Try 43 for now, it sounds a bit better! So long ...

01-17-04 - 11:21 PM

Thanks to everybody(including all the phone in calls from a lot of batchmates) who attended the conference meeting/birthday party for Wilmer...it was a great success!!!

We have lots of fun, revelations, excited batchmates that are throwing their wedding ring for some short time fantasy, titilating ocho-ocho, todo-todo, and some lap dancing sort of, and lots of comedic acts.

Ang daming pagkain such as: lumpiang shanghai, rellenong bangus, crispy pata, dinuguan, kare-kare, sisig, camaron rebosado, pansit, calamare, lots of San Mig light beer ( same as the original San Miguel beer but low in carb)...someone was kind of choking and Doc1239 was about to show the hind-lick maneuver---biglang nawala ang pagka-choke just by thinking about it gumaling na.

Mga batchmates, medyo hindi na reach iyon budget dahil Luis has not cash in the stocks kaya baka next time na lang ang sukli.

Thanks to manager Luis, Wilmer ( for the early breakfast at Denny's from 1:00am to about 2:45am)and Sonya for the tips.

Final attendance:

1. Wilmer Baliton
2. Luis Robles
3. Ruben Samson
4. Mariliz Fontanilla-Ramirez
5. Nando Catama
6. Michael Villafana
7. Voltaire Tinana
8. Roland Justiniani
9. Zonia Mercado-Bautista & Hubby Bob
10. Jojo Comandante
11. Robert Capule

PS1: Will post the pictures tomorrow.

PS-2: Mon, maybinigay si Luis kay Wilmer na check pang good time ninyo pero hindi pinirmahan para anonymous raw

01-17-04 - 5:25 PM

Me too....tenk u tenk u for a wonderful evening... May I go into more detail....
First of - never could I have guessed na ito palang si Robert eh may other identity. Turns out, siya pala ay long lost "close friend" ng emcee of the establishment.....
Secondly - at...magaling palang sumayaw ang Robert... aba't nag- yu-yugyog - at nag-gi-gi=giling ng hilahin ng star of the night na si krista????
Thirdly - bilib din at humanga ako kas Dr. 1239.. aba! aba! aba! he rendered a song from Bari Manilaw......Week-end in New England ..at take note. bery high tone no!!!!!
Fourthly - nag o-o-ocho-ocho si Mariliz at Jojo. galing-galing din ha!!!
Fifth - at siempre ay hindi ko naman makalimutan si bertday boy na Wilmer - bery nice singing voice talaga. beri beri proud kami no!!!
Finally - the highlight op da ebning... dumating ang bill for the non-stop food and drinks at talaga naman sinagot ng both Luis and Ruben,,,tenk yu tenk yu....
In total - beri saksespul baga.....

01-17-04 - 9:52 AM

To our Managers last night: LUIS, RUBEN, and WILMER - Thank you so much for a wonderful night out, freeflowing with food, drinks, and entertainment. Finally got home at 3:30 a.m. after Mike tried to stay awake talking to me so I won't fall asleep.

The highlight of the evening was when my fingers ended up with 3 wedding rings when CRYSTA? started doing her number on the floor. You should have seen these maried men taking off those rings! Hey boys, I'll keep names secret for a small fee?

01-16-04 - 3:11 PM

good morning usths77!

stella, talked to your sister jet yesterday, will meet her when she'll be going to legend hotel across the street. ty very much!

mr wb, happy birthday!

regards to all!


Bay Area besprens (mMn)
01-16-04 - 1:45 PM

TGIF Organizer and Manager – Thanks for inviting us(Bay Area besprens) to your party tonight. Unfortunately, we cannot attend. We will have a continuation of the celebration (part 2) next week. Please send 6 rainchecks, gift checque, or cash via Wilmer for our Bay Area celebration. Confirmed attendees: Ami, Isay, Marie, Miloy, Wilmer, mMn . Luis, thanks sa balato mo at sa iyong pagsagot sa aming outing sa Ichiban Library.

Mike V.
01-16-04 - 1:43 PM

Luis/ Ruben: $50 per head na ba ang budget. Wow! T’was Great. Pero di nyo ba napapansin, habang tinataasan nyo yung budget, your stock price also increases. What I am saying is, why not try giving us additional balato mamya, baka lalong tumaas yung stock prices.

01-16-04 - 1:13 PM


Batchmates that confirmed, re: Conference Meeting & Celebration of Wilmer's Birthday

Venue format: there is a dance floor and is available for any batchmates that are in the mood for dancing

Role playing by comedians who are cracking some jokes and

Karaoke machine

Date: January 16, 2004
Time: 7:00pm and onwards
Location: Musikahan Sa Lutong Bahay
10326 Alondra Boulevard
Bellflower, CA 90706
Telephone: (562) 804-1812

1. Wilmer Baliton
2. Luis Robles (Manager)
3. Ruben Samson
4. Mariliz Fontanilla-Ramirez
5. Nando Catama
6. Michael Villafana
7. Voltaire Tinana
8. Roland Justiniani
9. Zonia Mercado-Bautista
10. Gigi Rico

Please read the Updated fine prints:

Talked to Luis ( the Manager) he will be there very early but will cover the bill for the first 10 batchmates excluding Wilmer (from 6:01pm to 7:01pm only )at approx $50 per head ( Notice it went up from $ 25...he is very thankful to mMn's hot stock tip of AMCC, up today by $1.05), after which, KKB (Kanya Kanyang Bayad per Mariliz ) so please confirm...isa na lang ang kulang sa libre

01-16-04 - 12:38 PM

Isay - thanks for the reminder about LU. I think Sa Feb ang deadline to return the forms that they sent. Baka sumobra ang yaman ni Joey mo (o Jowa?) eh, makalimutan ka na.

Marie - hindi ka pwede sumakay sa kotse ko kase paglumabas tayo, wala akong kotse, hatid-sundo ako parang bata na a-attend ng children's party. Di ba ikaw ang susundo sa akin para pagnalasing ka, may designated driver ka na? Aray!! Latigo na naman!! 'Wag makinig sa payo ni Isay dahil hindi ka sa French Riviera magigising, uhmmm sa langit siguro??

LUis - 'yan ang symbol mo, get it?

Ami, WB, Isay, Marie - kelan kayo pwede next week?

maMon(good boy always kaya ang lumapit...dikit, biro lang..)

gigi rico
01-16-04 - 12:17 PM

hello everyone, hapi bday to all jan celebrants. wilmer, benjie etc. etc.
i'll try to make it tonight, try lang ha... enjoy...

Mike V.
01-16-04 - 12:13 PM

Tonio: Tahimik ka yata ngayon, meron ka sigurong pinagkaka-abalahan. Sama ko ng lima. Nakausap ko na si Sixto, sabi ko you’re hunting him. Tawagan ka raw nya.


01-16-04 - 12:01 PM

Dear Kuya Wilmer,

Nais kong ibahagi sa inyo ang namagitan sa amin ng aking itay isang gabi. Hinding-hindi ko makakalimutan ang gabing iyon. Malakas ang ulan noon nguni't maalinsangan ang hulab ng hangin. Ako ay nagsusuklay sa aking silid, katatapos ko pa lamang maligo at nakatapis pa lamang noon. Narinig kong kumakatok si Itay sa aking pinto. Nang sagutin ko ang pagkatok niya ay sinabi niya na kailangan daw naming mag-usap at huminging papasukin siya. Binuksan ko ang pinto at siya'y kagyat na pumasok sa aking silid. Nguni't laking pagkagulat ko nang ipinid niya at susian ang pinto. Hinawakan ni Itay ang aking mga kamay, hinaplos-haplos niya ang aking buhok, ang aking mukha, pinaraan niya ang kanyang mga daliri sa aking kilay, sa aking mga pisngi,sa aking mga labi. Napasigaw ako. "ITAY, huwag, huwag! Ako'y inyong anak! Utang na loob, Itay!" Nguni't parang walang narinig ang aking Itay. Ipinagpatuloy niya ang kanyang ginagawa. Ipinikit ko na lamang ang aking mga mata dahil ayaw kong makita ang mukha ng aking ama habang ipinagpapatuloy niya ang kanyang ginagawa sa akin. Naririnig ko si Inay na binabayo ang pinto at nagpipilit na ito'y buksan, habang sumisigaw ng, "Hayop ka! hayop ka! Huwag mong gawin iyan sa anak mo!" Nguni't wala ring nagawa si Inay, hindi rin siya pinakinggan ni Itay. Nanatili na lamang akong walang katinag-tinag at ipinaubaya ko na lamang ang aking sarili sa anumang gustong gawin ng aking Itay.

Pagkalipas ng ilang oras ay tumigil na rin ang aking Itay. Sa harap ng salamin ay ganoon na lamang ang aking pagkamangha at pagkagulat sa aking nakita. Magaling naman palang mag-make-up si Itay. Labis akong nagalak sa galing at husay ng aking ama. Naisip ko na matutuwa ang aking boyfriend dahil lalo akong gumanda ngayon. Niyakap ko si Itay at pareho kaming napaluha sa labis na kagalakan. Masaya na kami ngayon at nabubuhay nang matiwasay.

Lovingly yours, BADONG

Binabati kita sa iyon kaarawan, huli man daw at magaling maihahabol din

01-16-04 - 11:27 AM

mMn, since pinaguusapan niyo rin lang ang stocks, abangan mo at baka may matanggap kang settlement recovery mula sa Lucent stocks mo. There is a class action among stockholders. Hindi man a piece of the pie ang makuha mo, baka kahit crumbs meron , di ba?

WB, looking forward to see you up here next week. May extension ba ang b-day celebration mo? Let us know kung kailan. Si mMn yata ang nagko-coordinate, e. Siya ang may contact kay Marie...ang lagkit talaga ang bilis dumikit

O ayan, Marie, hintayin na lang natin ang final sched from WB & mMn. Advise lang naming Bay Area bad ghels (malapit ka na ring mapasama)pag nalasingin ka siguraduhin mong sa kotse ka nang mga ghels sasakay, ha? Ihahatid ka namin wherever. Wag na wag na wag kay Spaghetti Boy at baka sa French Riviera ka magising

Ami, gustong-gusto ko 'yong istorya mo tungkol sa "basurang hindi dapat itapon" Classic talaga!

/\, tama ba 'yong intindi ko sa message mo sa akin kagabi tungkol kay Maripet? Nahanap niyo na ba siya?

Lito Vergara
01-16-04 - 11:13 AM

Hapi bertday benjie. Baka kasi makalimutan ko sa 26th eh, buti na lang pinaalala ni A.K.

01-16-04 - 11:12 AM

wilmerB: i did greet you last time but guess you didn't c that... so... HAPI BIRTHDAY. have fun tonite and we'll wait (mga bay area ghels)for your bigger blowout.

Vu: as soon as you get any information about Maripet from cynthia let me know agad. marami na kasing utang si maripet sa inaanak niya kaya hina-hunting ko. don't let cynthia know... baka talagang di na magpakita pa si pet. i'm done with my masters degree from UOP but still lives in stockton... drop by whenever you're going to sacramento.. i'll be more than happy to c u again.

01-16-04 - 10:59 AM

Oo nga naman, Benjie, gaya ni R-lyn, happy, happy birthday na rin Bakit naman ayaw mo nang PREMATURE b-day greeting? Mature ka ba (peace man) Get's ko na ang eropleyn mo (kaya?)

01-16-04 - 10:35 AM

Yeheyyy...konpirm na ako mamaya...will see u guys later....medyo ma-le-late ng konti kasi O.T. na kami eh.. di ba Mr Elegance???

Mike V.
01-16-04 - 9:31 AM

M.U.: Kilala na kita, Isa ka rin pa lang doble kara. Bring tonite the jacket, kahit walang butones damuho ka. Tsaka pag nakita kayo ni Darna, di mo na talagang kailangan ng shampoo, dahil kakalbuhin ka na nya.


01-16-04 - 9:23 AM

Happy, happy, happy birthday BENJIE!!!

O ayan, baka sabihin mo hindi kita naalala


Mike V.
01-16-04 - 8:12 AM

Vu: Tinaasan ulit yung tawad, $25 na, Sulong pa rin ba?

Last call, Isa na lang lalakad na. Parang byaheng Dapitan, ah. Sino kaya sa kanila ang aabot, si 62, Panotsky, Marita ba? How about M3?

Benjie and Lou Lou Hod: Pina-alala nyo na naman yang Veritas issue na ‘yan. Because of that gesture, Nagkaroon tuloy ng re-take. Nakiusap ako sa Photographer na wag na nyang ilabas yung mga pix, kasi nga it’s a graduation year, baka ma –firing squad ako ni Turing. So poor photographer, siya lahat ang tumanggap ng sabon at banlaw. Buti na lang, wala pang dryer at that time. With that, he was really pissed off with me. Sa laki ng hiya ko sa kanya, di na ko tuloy ako nagpakita during the solo session.

Lou Lou Hod: Ikaw naman ang huhulaan ko. It’s a toss up between Darna and Isay. Considering the pseudo name you are using, definitely, Darna can make luhod without a belo. I’m not so sure with Isay. So my safe bet goes for Darna.

Kabayang Poca: I’ll call you, pag malapit na ko sa inyo.

See you guys tonite.

01-16-04 - 4:07 AM

Mike – bakit nga ba wala ka sa Veritas? Tutuo bang you hand gestured to the photographer that he’s number 1 with the wrong finger during our class picture? Kailan ba ang birthday mo.

Nando – Nando1, Nando2, Nando3, ayan apat na sila ha. Nando – yuong tunay, Nando 1 – 1239, Nando 2 – Lala & LouLou, Nando 3 – M.U. Matampuhing Unggoy na hindi binati sa birthday niya. Happy Birthday sa inyong apat. Nando ang hero mo ba si Eddie Garcia? Kasi ang dami mong leading roles, marami kang eksena sa pinilakang tabing.

Southern/Northern CA batchmates – magkikita uli tayo around February/March timeframe, malas ng konti, trabaho uli banda dyan sa Southern CA, kaya pasensiya na kayo. I’ll have the opportunity to visit Northern CA since I’m already there, diba Ami. Kailan tayo magpipintura?

Mag a ala Nonoy ako, ang birthday ko sa Jan 26 pa, wag nyo akong e ge greet (ano sa tagalog ang e ge greet) pag hindi pa Jan 26, malinaw yan, kasing linaw ng NAWASA water, okay. Kahit ikaw pa kagalang galang na ValedickT na may ochomobile na wang wang, wag mag ge greet ng premature.


01-15-04 - 7:25 PM

Mawalang galang na po #497, ano po ba ang ibig sabihin nang tampalasa. Masyadong malalim ang iyong pananagalog at ako'y nalulunod.

Mike V --- tama ka at sumakit ang aking tiyan sa kahahalaklak! Nakatutuwa itong mga Lou Lou at Lala. At itong si M. U. (matampuhing unggoy)nakatutuwa din dahil sa kanyang drama. Kilala ko na si drama king dahil yung mga jokes niya nalaman ko na kagabi pa!

Sa mga eastcoasters....ingat lang and keep warm!!! don't let the frostbites bite .



01-15-04 - 6:20 PM

MR. ELEGANCE - Regarding your #503 message (fine print section): Dahan, dahan lang ... baka iba isipin ng madla when you say "per head". Sa bagay, $25 per head ... kung tutuusin mo, pwede na reeeeeen! With this, baka sumama na rin ako

01-15-04 - 6:16 PM

Ako ay naiinggit sa inyo. Habang kami ni Butch ay naglalaba, kayo ay nagsasaya.

Luis - Alam mo naman, Friday is profit-taking day kaya before closing, pwede ka na mamitas ng mga low-hanging fruits. Tingnan mo muna kung ano ang mga stocks na bumaba dahil next week, pick-up ulit. Ano ba email address mo?

01-15-04 - 5:44 PM


Batchmates that confirmed, re: Conference Meeting & Celebration of Wilmer's Birthday

Venue format: there is a dance floor and is available for any batchmates that are in the mood for dancing

Role playing by comedians who are cracking some jokes and

Karaoke machine

Date: January 16, 2004
Time: 7:00pm and onwards
Location: Musikahan Sa Lutong Bahay
10326 Alondra Boulevard
Bellflower, CA 90706
Telephone: (562) 804-1812

1. Wilmer Baliton
2. Luis Robles (Manager)
3. Ruben Samson
4. Mariliz Fontanilla-Ramirez
5. Nando Catama
6. Michael Villafana
7. Voltaire Tinana
8. Roland Justiniani
9. Zonia Mercado-Bautista?

Please read the fine prints:

Talked to Luis ( the Manager) he will show up tomorrow but will cover the bill for the first 10 batchmates excluding Wilmer (from 6:01pm to 7:01pm only )at approx $25 per head ( Notice it went up from $15...thanks for mMn's hot stock tip of AMCC), after which, KKB (Kanya Kanyang Bayad per Mariliz ) so please confirm.


01-15-04 - 5:35 PM

In the news, The Northeast is getting slammed with a winter storm. Kaya pala absent kayo sa message board. Ingat kayo dyan.

Mike V.

01-15-04 - 5:21 PM

Bespren Vu \/ - sabi ni Wilmer, ang libre lang daw yung mga darating sa first hour, so after 8 pm, kkb na! don't be LATE....

01-15-04 - 5:18 PM

Secretary Basilica de Monsignor
Monsignor Roland of Basilica de Justiniani is confirming his attendance at tomorrow's gathering to celebrate the birthday of KK (Karaoke King) WB.

01-15-04 - 5:07 PM

Eh Hapi Bertday na rin pusong naghihinapis, sino ka man.. Show ka na nga naman bukas para patawarin kami...di va? Sana eh payagan ako ni LK (ang my one and only Latigo King) para makasama ako bukas

01-15-04 - 3:58 PM

Tama ka Mike. Ang aking kaarawan ay sa mahal na araw pa.


01-15-04 - 3:57 PM

at baket magtatawa ang tampalasang 1239? vaket? vakeeeeet?

Mike V.
01-15-04 - 2:57 PM

Mr. Elegance/ Vu/ Lulu Hod:

Ano ba kayo, hilo? Yung hula ni Lulu Hod na si Luis at ako yung naghihinagpis was way off the mark, and its not even close. #1239 is probably laughing to death at this time, dahil sa maling hula ninyo.


01-15-04 - 2:54 PM

#494 ---> Tinamaan ka ng lintik. Pati ako nasuka, pwe!

Loulou Hod

ps ---> either si Luis or si MikeV ang hinuhulaan kong tampuhero. Ikaw naman \/ en Rubelegance, si Mike lang ang pinagsuspetsahan. O, Tachi, balato ko, ha?


01-15-04 - 2:47 PM

#487... Maikuwento ko na rin ang inyong karanasan nang iyong maybahay nang kayo ay kumain sa isang restoran. Kayo ay umorder nang fried chicken na manok at dahil sa tindi nang gutom, ang iyong asawa ay mabilis kumain at nabilaukan. Nahirapang huminga ang iyong asawa sanhi nang butong bumara sa kanyang lalamunan.

May dalawang bading na nakakita sa kahirapan nang iyong asawa at di nag-alitubling tumulong. Ang unang bading ay dali-daling naghubad nang pantaloon at brief at ang pangalawa naman ay sinimulang dilaan ang puwet nang una. Nakita nang iyong asawa ang kanilang ginagawa, nandiri at napasuka. Natanggal naman ang buto nang fried chicken sa lalamunan ng iyong asawa. Salamat sa presence of mind nang dalalawang bading at marunong mag Hind-lick maneuver.

Mr. Elegance
01-15-04 - 2:23 PM

Mike V.---ikaw pala iyong nagtatampo, Belated Happy Birthday sa iyo 1/5/2004. Kasi ikaw inaway mo ang photographer sa Veritas, kaya wala kang litrato.

Don’t worry, may supresa kami ni Luis sa iyo bukas. Enjoy your day... By the way, kailan naming makukuha ang jacket na pinadala mo sa DHL?

01-15-04 - 2:07 PM

Mike V., huwag ka nang magtampo at i-celebrate din natin bukas ang belated bertdey mo bespreynd! I'm sure ok yung kay Kuya Wilmer. Kuya Puso may dala ka bang Burlington discount cards bukas? O ayan mga batchm8ts, greet na natin ng belated si Mike V sa kanyang 44th nung Jan. 5th. Bilat na hapi-hapi b-day Mike!


01-15-04 - 1:14 PM

#487 ---> Pasens'ya ka na kung natabunan ni Balladeer Bogliton ang birthday mo. Ikaw kasi, read only ka lang at pay only when R-lyn is around (after kissing her hand pa ). Ayan, happy birthday na rin last January 5th. Hindi nga ba't magbo-blow-out ka raw bukas (hati kayo ni Xman ) because of: 1) your birthday; and 2) because you made a killing on AMCC?

mMn ---> Ibig sabihin pati ikaw nagka-bonanza rin? Ang balato, Kuya, so I could permanently erase from my memory bank the legend behind "Spaghetti Boy". Sorry, Marie...

MikeV ---> Kung mali ang guess ko @#487, malamang ikaw na nga 'yung naghihinagpis at walang bumati (malumanay na pagbigkas) sa iyong kaarawan. 'Di kita kasi makita sa Veritas. BAkit nga ba

Loulou Hod


01-15-04 - 12:37 PM

#487: My guess is you’re so makunat, hindi ka man lang marunong mag- blow-out tuwing birthday mo, kaya ayun wala tuloy naka-alala.

01-15-04 - 12:26 PM

Kumpareng Jojo/ValedickT (bastos na rin pala ang ispeling ng pangalan mo ngayon)! Hindi ba dati walang "k" yan (parang ikaw?)? Akala ko nasa San Francisco na kayong buong maganak. Jo paano mo naman nasigurado na babae o bading yung nagtatampong nag birthday na hindi nabati (o walang kabastusan ito ha! )? Sabi mo ay "magsaya" (kasama ba ang daster?) siya. Hhhmmmm...

Jojo Comandante
01-15-04 - 11:58 AM

Hapi bertdey, Wilmer. Mukhang may hapi-hapi bukas, ah! On call ako this week kaya't kung makapasyal man ako sa hapi-hapi, pihadong may wang-wang ang ochomobile ko. Baka naman may gusto sa inyong mag-spill ng hazmat sa parking lot ng Musikahan para makasigurong darating ako. Teka, ang alcohol ay hazmat. Ang beer kaya ay hazmat???

At sa nagdadalamhating ka-batchmate, hapi bertdey rin. O, ayan kagalang-galang na ValedickT ang bumati sa iyo. Magsaya ka na...


01-15-04 - 11:48 AM

Dear Batchmates,

Mahal kong batchmates na nakalimot sa akin, medyo mabagal akong magsulat ngayon dahil alam ko na mabagal kayong magbasa. Nandito na kami sa probinsya para tirahan ang bagong bili na bahay pero hindi ko maibibigay sa inyo ang address dahil dinala ng dating nakatira ang number para daw hindi na sila magpapalit ng address. Maganda ang lugar na ito at malayo sa Manila. Dalawang beses lang umulan sa linggong ito, tatlong araw noong una at apat na araw naman nung pangalawa.

Nakakainis lang ang mga paninda dito katulad na nabili kong shampoo dahil ayaw bumula. Nakasulat kasi sa labas ay FOR DRY HAIR kaya hindi ko binabasa ang buhok ko pag ginagamit ko. Mamaya ay ibabalik ko sa tindahan at magrereklamo ako.

Noong isang araw naman ay hindi ako makapasok sa bahay dahil ayaw bumukas ng padlock. Nakasulat kasi ay YALE, aba eh namalat na ako sa kakasigaw ay hindi pa din bumubukas. Magrereklamo din ako dun sa nagbenta ng bahay, akala nila ay hindi ko alam na SIGAW ang tagalog ng YALE, wise yata ito!

Mayroon nga pala akong nabili dito na magandang Jacket at tiyak na magugustuhan ninyo. Ipinadala ko na sa inyo sa DHL, medyo mahal daw dahil mabigat ang mga butones kaya ang ginawa ko ay tinanggal ko na lang ang mga butones at inilagay ko sa mga bulsa. Ikabit mo na lang pagdating diyan.

Nagpadala na din ako ng tseke para sa mga nasalanta ng lindol, hindi ko na pinirmahan dahil gusto kong maging anonymous donor.

Ang ka batchmate natin na ang pangalan na si Jude ay may trabaho na dito, mayroon siyang 500 na tao na under sa kanya. Nag-gugupit siya nyayon ng damo sa Memorial Park, okey naman ang kita above minimum ang sahod.

Wala na akong masyadong balita. Sumulat na lang kayong madalas sa message board.


Batchmate na walang bumati ng bertday, masakit pa rin ang damdamin ko..

01-15-04 - 11:19 AM

--Mike V., palitan mo na ang games (hindi kasale ang Games of the General ha). Panahon pa ni kopong-kopong yang Kwarta o Kahon pero palagi kong pinonood noon! Urong Sulong na ang in na game ngayon. Sa halagang veinte dolyares ba ay urong o sulong? SULONG!!!

--Madam Zonia, appear ka naman bukas at matagal na naming hindi nasisilayan ang beauty mo at nasa ochomobile ko na rin yung regalo ng Santa Claus mo! Sino kaya yang Santa ng mga Kapangpangan? Gigi, Annabel, Marita, etc. punta na bukas. Kalimutan na si Barang at nasa Cancun, Mexico at nagsusunog ng kanyang kaluluwa!

--Odi Meneses, belated happy b-day at hapi-hapi bertdey na rin sa lahat ng mga nakalimutan ko ng Enero pati na yung nagtatampo dyan na ayaw mag identify. Hindi bale labs ka pa rin namin kahit tamporopot ka. Hala bira...

01-15-04 - 10:13 AM

Madam Z: We’ll be expecting you tomorrow. Promise, no more pang-asar this time. Just don’t forget your magic bibingka.

Ruben/ Luis: So you had raised the ante to $20, kahon pa rin. Is that your last offer?

01-15-04 - 10:01 AM

Luis – you owe me big time. Although I said, long term (hold), it is up 44 cents today and way over $1 since I told you. Since you’re day-trading, you must have made tons on this one. Since hindi ako makaka-attend bukas, e-libre mo na lang si Zonia and Mike for me.

Wilmer – happy birthday ulit, I’ll call you later.

01-15-04 - 9:36 AM

Hapi bertday to all celebrants!!!!!
Mariliz - will try to make it tomorrow. Pero di naman libre eh.. sabi ni Luis he's not coming kuno....
Ruben - wala pa si MsEsq. arriving Monday pa daw.
If I don't make it tomorrow, don't have too much fun....

01-15-04 - 9:23 AM

Wilmer/Odi - Happy Birthday sa inyong dalawa, ang tatanda nyo na.

Luis - sama ako uli sa libre mo, thank you uli sa last time and next time.

Isay - gets mo ba yuong apat na bilog, look at your e-mail. Diba, gifted, anong say mo.

Mike V.
01-15-04 - 9:04 AM

Wilmer Burlington:

You know you're getting old when...

...all of your favorite movies are re-released in color.

...you begin every other sentence with, "Nowadays..."

...you frequently find yourself telling people how much a loaf of bread used to cost.

...have way too much room in the house, and not nearly enough in the medicine cabinet.

...people call you at 9pm, they ask, "Did I wake you?"

...the little gray-haired lady that you help across the street is your wife.

...the pharmacist becomes your new best friend.

...you are cautioned to slow down by your doctor instead of the police.

...you don't care where your wife goes, just so you don't have to go along.

...you wake up with that morning-after feeling, and you didn't do anything the night before.

...you quit trying to hold your stomach in, no matter who walks into the room.

....your best friend is dating someone half their age, and isn't breaking any laws.

...your little black book only contains names ending in M.D.

...your new easy chair has more options than your car.

...you look for your glasses for a half an hour, and then find that they were on your head all the time.

...getting lucky means you find your car in the parking lot.

...the twinkle in your eye turns out to be the reflection of the sun on your bifocals.

…when you tell your computer that it is your birthday and it said that you needed an upgrade.

Happy Birthday Dude! See you tomorrow!

01-15-04 - 7:48 AM

ODI M. - Belated happy birthday (Jan 14th)!

WB - Happy, happy birthday to you! My gift for your birthday...
no appointment to call me anytime tonight and talk about your 'puso'. Healthy pa ba?


Butch A.
01-15-04 - 7:08 AM

ODI - Happy Birthday din.
Na-late naman ang greetings ko.

Butch A.
01-15-04 - 7:06 AM

WILMER - Happy Birthday ulit.
Napaaga pala ang greetings ko kahapon.
Enjoy your day.

01-15-04 - 6:46 AM


Thanks for the tip.

01-15-04 - 6:35 AM

Happy Birthday Wilmer sa iyong apat naput apat na kaarawan. Baka hindi ako makasama bukas. Masama ang pakiramdam ko lalo na pag nakakabasa ako na sagot ko ang gastos.

01-15-04 - 5:27 AM

Happy Birthday, Wilmer!

Ruben Samson
01-15-04 - 12:44 AM

WILMER---Happy Birthday to my very good friend!!! May all your wishes be granted in life!!!

Wilmer, just be careful with what you wish ...because it might suddenly be granted and might surprise you this Friday in a birthday suit...just be prepared

Batchmates that confirmed:

1. Wilmer Baliton
2. Luis Robles (Manager)
3. Ruben Samson
4. Mariliz Fontanilla-Ramirez
5. Nando Catama
6. Michael Villafana
7. Voltaire Tinana

Wilmer Baliton , who will be celebrating his birthday will grace our conference meeting on:

Date: January 16, 2004
Time: 7:00pm and onwards
Musikahan Sa Lutong Bahay
10326 Alondra Boulevard
Bellflower, CA 90706
(562) 804-1812

PS: Everybody is welcome, Luis(Manager) will cover the bill for the first 10 batchmates at approx $20 per head ( Notice it went up from $15...thanks for mMn's hot stock tip), MR. Elegance and Wilmer will take care of the tips.

01-15-04 - 12:03 AM

Wilmer - Happy Birthday! I'll see you tomorrow...

SoCal ghels - Marita, Zonia, Gigi, Barbie, Anabelle, punta naman kayo bukas sa libre ni Luis for WB para makarami ng halik yung manlilibre

01-14-04 - 9:47 PM

Wilmer - happy birthday pare. Ingatan ang iyong "puso". Also, Dianne wants to extend her birthday greetings to you. Her computer is still down. Give yourself a nice gift. Go ahead and buy it now. Enjoy your day.


01-14-04 - 9:24 PM

Happy, happy birthdwey ('kakalowkah ), Mr. X-man Bogliton!!!

01-14-04 - 9:05 PM

Wilmer Baliton- Happy Birthday! Di ko pa rin forgetz pinagsamahan natin sa SC, remember?


01-14-04 - 6:30 PM

Wala ka kasi sa Veritas kaya hindi namin alam na bertdey mo rin sa Enero


01-14-04 - 5:57 PM


SAKIT DAMDAMIN KO ............

01-14-04 - 5:56 PM

--Happy b-day to death bespreynd Wilmer (Jan. 15th na sa 'Pinas)! Sa Viernes na lang kita ibebeso-beso. Takot mo 'no? Ayan Ruben, confirmed na ako sa TGIF gig natin. Magdala ba ako ng balot at gimbalain natin yung venue ala Fear Factor?

--Mike V., pareng Mike huwag kang magalala dahil nasa ochomobile ko na yung regalo ng secret santa klaus mo. Sino kaya yon? Pero pre maghunusdili ka sa mga komentaryo mo at siguruhin mong si Nando at angkan lamang niya ang kausap mo (#461). Pag narinig ka ni Noli Sapuriada tungkol sa butas comment mo ay tepok ka! O sige sa Viernes na lang.

--Kumusta Marie Asuncion Naniong Tiongson, ang dakilang party girl ng Batch '77 at babaeng vakla na raw! Ano na ne at louka louka ka pa rin hanggang ngayon. Nag welcome na ako sa iyo before hindi mo lang alam dahil alias ko ang ipinirma ko. Nasa UOP (University of Pacific) ka ba? Anim na beses na akong nagdaan dyaan sa Stockton on the way to Sacramento e nandyan ka lang pala. Bruha matagal na sana tayo nagkita-kita nina Ami at Isay. I'll ask Cynthia Teodoro kung na contact na nya yung may kakilala kay Maripet. I'll invite her to Wilmer's party sa Friday. Ruben natawagan mo na ba si Cynthia? On nyo mga cell phones ninyo at iinggitin namin kayo Friday night.

Medyo nakakahinga-hinga na ako ng konte sa trabaho. Lintek na mga estudyante sa first week ng classes ang kukulet! Ingat kayong lahat. Ba Vu...

01-14-04 - 5:52 PM

Mr. Elegance - magandang offer yata 'yan, teka mapag-isipan tutal long weekend naman.

Mike V. - kontra bulate yata ang Rx mo kay Tonio same as Padrax cough syrup.

Nando - you mean donut holes? I used to buy those at 5 cents each. Tataba ka rin doon.

Mon V. - chainletter naman ang posting mo, 'pre. Maraming-maraming ganyan, matatabunan ang message board.

01-14-04 - 5:26 PM

WTB: Happy Birthday to you! Wishing more health and wealth! Wish ko rin yung mga wishes mo will come true! Good luck on your karaoke finals!

Mike V.
01-14-04 - 5:03 PM

Mr. Elegance: akala ko si Investor Luis yung nagbitaw ng joke, ikaw pala. OK yun, pag lasing ka na. The indicator showed an upswing on the stocks, mukhang dibidendo kayo at ini-isponsoran nyo si mMn. How about the Blue Label, kaya na ba nating ITAWID?

Tonio: mukhang nasa heaven ka pa. pero yung Quiricada di mo malimutan. Try mo rin laklakin yung “Combantrin”.

tony r:
01-14-04 - 4:55 PM

rubelegance: di ko ma-gets yung joke mo kasi di ko alam kung saan yung tagaytay!!


Mr. Elegance
01-14-04 - 4:26 PM

mMn---may tumawag sa akin, he will raise his offer to you, a round trip ticket to Los Angeles this Friday para maka sama ka sa goodtime naming sa birthday ni Wilmer if you are going to post the pictures of Marie.

OK ba ang joke, sa Tagaytay...tawa naman kayo.

Mike V.
01-14-04 - 4:24 PM

mMn: come again, di ka kamo pabling. D king ka talaga. as in Denial King, if I know….

Speaking of O2, MIA din ‘to… Mipakananu na ka abe? Mengasyas na ka ata king dimla.

Nando: Siempre naman, ang kinakain lang sa mga bagay na may butas ay, yung Gitna (gets mo?)

01-14-04 - 4:17 PM

nando: pangalan mo pa lang nga ang akin nakikita sa board na ito. ni di ko pa uli naririnig ang iyong mala takobeach voice(miss ko na yon). so kelan mo ako nakausap. sa panaginip. tawag ka muna. sino nga si emony na pinsan ni imory. brother section ko 1st or 3rd year. anyway ok lang. sige na nga kung naging GF na niya ako. e di idadagdag ko na siya ngayon sa akin past BF

santo tonio: meron ka nga bang santito tonito na gustong makita si mini-marie. gusto mong ipagpatuloy ang atin nabigong lab tym. ikaw kasi e ang tagal dumiskarte.

mMn: humanda ka. ikaw ang lou lou bog pagkatapos...

LouLou Ko Lou Ko
01-14-04 - 4:07 PM

mMn ang kumanta ng "Emony and Imory" ay Pinoy na NGONGO!

01-14-04 - 3:57 PM

Santo Tonio - was about to post eh nagmakaawa na 'wag raw muna at lou lou hod raw siya (walang belo), 'wag ko lang e-post. Konting tiis muna.

Nandoc - di ba may kantang "Emony and Imory" by Stemie Won-err?

tony r:
01-14-04 - 3:47 PM

mMn: 'nak ng tootsie, kala ko ba posted na ang pictures nina marie, mini-marie at mario!! excited na kasi yung anak ko makita si

santo tonio &
santito tonito


01-14-04 - 3:28 PM

Mike V --- ang dapat tanungin about cough syrup ay si Ericson P., siya ang hari diyan. Kung sa diet pills naman, si _____ (ayokong makipagaway kaya blank). Bakit di gayahin si Pocahantas na puro herbal/natural ingredientslang ang ginagamit!!! Tignan mo na lang ang resulta kay Pocahantas, and M3 can attest to it... And besides the best medicine for cough and best reducing agent is water! Donuts 3x a day, I heard are good for dieting....yung gitna nga lang ang kakainin!
And lastly, mali kayo ni Benjie....pang tarcera lang ako sa mga Lou Ko Lou Ko. Tanungin si \/ at CEO diyan.

mMn --- I got the permission from Marie N....you can e-mail it to me kung ayaw mong i-post!

Marie N --- oh kilala mo na ba si _mon_?


01-14-04 - 3:25 PM

O sige, pictures posted..

Mr. Elegance
01-14-04 - 3:07 PM

A Horror Story in Tagaytay - Believe it or not?

This story happened a few months ago along the Tagaytay Road.
There was a guy who got left behind by a pack of mountain bikers. The group was large and he didnt bring a cellphone. He crashed his bike somewhere between Picnic Grove and DBP. To make things worse, a storm came in. So he walked. This guy was on the side of the road hitch hiking on a very dark night in the middle of a storm. The night passed slowly and no cars went by. The storm was so strong he could hardly see a few meters ahead of him.

Suddenly, just before the junction going to Manila, he saw a car slowly looming, ghostlike, out of the gloom. It slowly crept toward him and stopped. It was raining hard, wind blowing all around you, what would you do? Like you would, he got into the car and closed the door, then realized that there was nobody behind the wheel.

The car slowly started moving again. The guy was terrified, too scared to think of jumping out and running. The guy saw that the car was slowly approaching a sharp curve. The guy started to pray, begging for his life; he was sure the ghost car would go off the road and he would plunge to his death, when just before the curve, a hand appeared thru the window and turned the steering wheel, guiding the car safely around the bend. Terrified, the guy watched the hand reappear every time they reached a curve.

Finally, the guy gathered his wits and leaped from the car and ran to the nearest place where there were houses. Wet and in shock, he went into a store and voice quavering, ordered 2 bottles of Red Horse Beer, and told the people about his horrible, supernatural experience. A silence enveloped everybody when they realized the guy was apparently sane and not drunk.

About half an hour later two guys walked into the same store. One says to the other, "Yan...Yan nga yung walanghiyang sumakay habang nagtutulak tayo..."

01-14-04 - 1:37 PM

mga pabling na batchmates as you've said: ilan man kayo.sino man sa inyo ang aamin(knowing typical batchmates,wala) huwag na ninyo pag-interesan yon pics which i sent ke mr. LQ. obviuosly hindi nga ako yon. those r mini me versions. my daughter and my son. kaya naman ang isang version naging "mario" ako.

tonio: ikaw ha kelan naman ako naging mario. sobra nga ang pagiging marie ko e. nagiging vhaklang babae tuloy. pero tama si mMn.. paki bigay na rin yon $5 dahil idadagdag yon sa tip. kulang pa yon kaya paki gawa nang $10

Benjie: thank you ha. oo nga e. itong si mr. LQ mukhang ako naman ang lalatigo pag nagkita kami.

mMn(bestest): lagot ka sa akin

isay and ami: let's set a date. this saturday is not feasible so how about when WB is around.para meron nang manlilibre agad anyday next week. i can stay in any of my cousins house at the bay area pag gagabihin at nalasing na tayo.

WB: happy 44th b-day. tama ba? yan ha hihintayin ka namin dito sa bay area. para naman mag duet tayo.....

01-14-04 - 12:49 PM

Mike V. - dehins ako pabling, lagi nga ako nalalatigo kaya ipalit mo na lang si WB, oTTo at RockyMMM. Isama mo rin si Mr. Elegance.

01-14-04 - 11:56 AM

Robert/ Panotsky/ Radiation Boy: Missing In Action ka yata? Don’t tell us, nabartolina ka na rin, dahil sa pakilig mo kay nan Chucha?

So, ilan na lang ang pabling ng web-site? si mMn, Nando, sino pa? si Santo Tonio, Benj. Oh! I almost forgot, si Manager Luis, simple lang, pero mukhang deadly.

tony r:
01-14-04 - 11:53 AM

mon v: wow man groovy!! peace man!! bakit ngayon mo lang nilabas ang mga advisory na yan! heaven pa naman ang feeling ko ngayon! jeproks!!
puede bang pag naubos ko na ang lahat ng bote sa cabinet saka ko na lang sundin ang warning? peace mennhh!! make love not war!!!

bro mMn: baka yung "guy" sa picture ay si "mario" na si marie talaga!
hala i-post mo na nag mapag-tripan habang ume-epekto pa ang tama ng mga bawal na gamot!!

santo tonio, nasa "heaven" at the moment

Mike V.
01-14-04 - 10:55 AM

Mon V.: Thanx for the info. Yes, its true, the FDA issued a public health advisory concerning PPA. Probably, based on the Studies made by the Scientist of Yale University School of Medicine.

However, in response to the request made by FDA in November 2000, many companies have voluntary reformulated and are continuing to reformulate their products. So, some of those products no longer contain PPA.

The FDA now recommends that consumers read the labels of OTC drug products to determine if the products contains PPA rather than providing an incomplete or out-of-date lists of products.

A Pharmacist batchmate, anyone? Probably, Dr. Nando can guide us on this issue.

mMn: Ilabas mo na yan pix na yan, wag mo na kaming bitinin. Kung baga, Topo topo na yan. Baka ma-sequester pa yan ni orig. LQ.

01-14-04 - 10:31 AM

Santo Tonio – hindi ko pa pwede e-post ang pictures ni Marie due to the following:

1. Hindi ko alam kung siya nga ‘yon or her daughter
2. In one of the pictures, di ko malaman kung siya ‘yon or model ng Victoria’s Secret (bumibilis and heartbeat ko)
3. In one of the pictures, she said it was her but it’s a picture of a guy.

Sa sobrang kulit ni Marie (parang si Ami rin), nalilito ako. Pero send mo na rin ang $5 para pagnaglibre si Isay or Wilmer, sagot ko ang tip.

Mon V
01-14-04 - 8:06 AM

Hey! guys I don't know if this is true or not. Just FYI for everyone. Ingat lang!


All drugs containing PHENYLPROPANOLAMINE
All drugs containing PHENYLPROPANOLAMINE are being recalled. You may want to try calling the 800 number listed on most drug boxes and inquire about a REFUND. Please read this CAREFULLY. Also, please pass this on to everyone you know.

STOP TAKING anything containing this ingredient. It has been linked to increased hemorrhagic stroke (bleeding in the brain) among women ages 18-49 in the three days after starting use of medication. Problems were not found in men, however, the FDA recommended that everyone (even children) seek an alternative medicine.

The following medications contain Phenylpropanolamine:

Acutrim Diet Gum Appetite Suppressant
Acutrim Plus Dietary Supplements
Acu trim Maximum Strength Appetite Control
Alka-Seltzer Plus Children's 22Cold Medicine


Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold medicine (cherry or orange)

Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold Medicine Original

Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold & Cough Medicine
Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold & Flu Medicine
Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold & Sinus Effervescent
Alka Seltzer Plus Night-Time Cold Medicine
BC Allergy Sinus Cold Powder
BC Sinus Cold Powder
Comtrex Flu Therapy & Fever Relief
Day &Night Contac 12-Hour Cold Capsules
Contac 12 Hour Caplets
Coricidin D Cold, Flu & Sinus
Dexatrim Caffeine Free
Dexatrim Extended Duration
Dexatrim Gelcaps
Dexatrim Vitamin C/Caffeine Free
Dimetapp Cold & Allergy Chewable Tablets
Dimetapp Cold & Cough Liqui-Gels
Dimetapp DM Cold & Cough Elixir
Dimetapp Elixir
Dimetapp 4 Hour Liquid Gels
Dimetapp 4 Hour Tablets
Dimetapp 12 Hour Extentabs Tablets
Naldecon DX Pediatric Drops
Permathene Mega-16
Robitussin CF
Tavist-D 12 Hour Relief of Sinus & Nasal Congestion
Triaminic DM Cough Relief
Triaminic Expectorant Ches t & Head
Triaminic Syrup Cold & Allergy
Triaminic Triaminicol Cold & Cough

I just found out and called the 800# on the container for Triaminic and they informed me that they are voluntarily recalling the following medicines because of a certain ingredient that is causing strokes and seizures in children:

Orange 3D Cold &Allergy Cherry (Pink)
3D Cold &Cough Berry
3D Cough Relief Yellow 3D Expectorant

They are asking you to call them at 800-548-3708 with the lot number on the box so they can send you postage for you to send it back to them, and they will also issue
you a refund.

If you know of anyone else with small children, PLEASE PASS THIS ON. THIS IS SERIOUS STUFF!

They can then pass it along to their families.

To confirm these findings please take time to check the following:

URL: Phenylpropanolamine Information Page


Mike V.
01-14-04 - 8:02 AM

Poca/ Corex Queen: Malakas pa rin ba ang tama mo? Heavy ba or heaven? Nakita ko na yung pix nang iyong Barry Manilaw, natatandaan ko na sya. See you on Friday.

Ruben: Ginagabi ka lagi ha? Master super hot na naman pihado ang ulam mo last nite. Di ko na mahanap yung postings na sinabi mo. What I came across is the one na ginawa mo kaming Saling Cat ni Nando.

Speaking of Nando, Pamprimera ka na ikaw si Lou ko Lou ko. Panegunda si Vu. Syanga pala Vu, baka makalimutan mo na naman sa Friday yung utang mo sa kin, remember?

01-14-04 - 6:29 AM

Nando - have you taken your medication. Baka hindi lang double personality mo na ngayon, baka naman triple personality na. Ikaw na naman ba ang may pa uso nitong LOU, mga LOU KO LOU KO lahat ang mga personality mo, siya, sila, mga baliw. Nakaka amoy akong ikaw na naman ito a.k.a 1239. Galit sa iyo si LALA, mag sorry ka raw sa kanya, lagot ka.

Isay - ganda mo raw sabi ni ...

Lala - sasabihin ko sa iyo yung secreto today, ano nga ba iyon tanong mo?

Mamon - pinag kikitahan mo pa si Marie, mahiya ka.

MGA LOU LOU, MGA LALA - mga nagpapanggap - wala kayong magawa, gusto nyo na namang mag tago sa inyong mga maskara, pero kung dyan kayo happy, tuloy ang ligaya, basta wag lang kayong mananakit ng feelings, it's a free world.

Butch A. - Bakit nga ba Brad Pitt ang tawag mo sa sarili mo? Diba Arm Pitt, biro lang, talaga namang kahawig ni Brad Pitt itong si Butch. Pag cowboy outfit ang suot ni Brad Pitt, pareho ang laki ng buckles nila, I'm sorry Butch "BUCKLE BOY", biro lang uli.

R-lyn - wala kang boses, ang dami mo kasing ka text kaya nawala ang boses mo.

Ami - kailan tayo mag pipintura?

Chi - kamusta ang simba, did you pray for us.

Stel - we're still praying for you.

tony r:
01-14-04 - 6:21 AM

mMn: post mo na pictures, i'll e-mail you the $5 !


Butch A.
01-14-04 - 6:20 AM

WILMER - Happy Birthday pare. You make the wish...

01-13-04 - 11:47 PM

Ruben - didn't have time to do the homework that you asked me to do. Anyway, it will be okay. It will be short-lived and will fade away soon.

Stel - got your message but was not able to return your call due to a very hectic day. I will call you soon. You sound so much better than the last time I heard you. You know we love you and that should put a big smile like this on your face.

RoNY - thanks so much for being so level-headed. You always make a lot of sense.

Marie - thanks for the pictures. Should I post all of them?

Nandoc, Santo Tonio, Ruben, Benjie, Butch, etc. - didn't get the permission to post her pictures yet, you'll be surprised pagnakita mo. You want a preview? $5 bucks.

WB - almost your birthday. Sino ba ang magpapadala sa'yo ng red roses, si Isay o 'yung bespren ni Ami na laging nagsasabi ng "hi Puso"? An intimate webcam chat would be nice...with your wife, that is.


01-13-04 - 6:45 PM

Hoy, mga sirenang Loulou Wa at Loulou Lon ---> Tingnan ko ang galing ninyo pag tinawag ko na ang kakampi kong si Lala Basan; baka magsabunutan pa kayo sa pag-uunahan sa aking bespreng s'yokoy. 'Tsura nitong mga ito... hooooyyyy....! Sa Kirilagan Finishing School ako grumadweyt kaya mas mataas ang naabot ko sa inyo, beh

Loulou Hod (nang walang belo)

01-13-04 - 6:35 PM

Odi - Happy birthday, pare. Saka na ang inuman pagnagkita tayo.


01-13-04 - 5:52 PM

Grupo nina Butch, Mamon and Santo Tonyo...


01-13-04 - 5:51 PM

Ako ulit. LouLou Hod hindi ka siguro tinanggap sa finishing school! Siguradong hindi ka gradweyt ng Karilagan dahil wala ka sa listahan ng alumni association.

01-13-04 - 5:47 PM

Hoy LouLou Hod (#416) may belo kaman o wala nagkakamali ka. For your info kami ay galing sa pamilya ng mga SIRENA kaya hindi mo kami maLouLou Nod at talagang LouLou Tang kami.

LouLou Hod manang na manang ang dating mo at warfreak ka! Nanay mo ba si LouLou Sob? Nakikinita kita na naka daster at bakya habang umiinom na shoktong at ngumunguya ng nganga sa sari-sari store sa kanto. Manang talaga!

Butch A..
01-13-04 - 5:38 PM

430 - Postings 428 and 429 had the approvals from both parties, R-lyn
and Ami. I just wrote what was dictated to me.
Kawawa naman si R-lyn, ubo ng ubo. 5 minutes.

Pitt... 6 Pitt Under


01-13-04 - 5:24 PM

434 was me,


01-13-04 - 5:24 PM

... at 'yun pang suki ng San Miguel na si Lala Singin...

01-13-04 - 5:23 PM

WTB: I bumped into Emony Villespin yesterday. He's very busy kaya walang time to email you, anyway, he asked me to give you his mobile fone no. 0919-2552574. Also, may utang pala ako sa iyo, you were asking for Gerry Faypon's number matagal na I just remembered when I saw Emony, eto na utang ko, office no. 743-1965 mobile fone no. 0917-8308225. O ayan fully paid na ako ha!!! Ikaw naman may utang sa akin christmas 2003 gift. Anyway, malapit na valentines, di ba "hi sweetie". Dapat si "Hi Puso" magpadala, ika nga "better late than never"!!

Isay: Grabe, you still remember yung "P" language natine but for sure nakalimutan mo pa yung isang language natin, the "twirl" di ba magaling dyan si Ami, yung pag twirl ng mga salita!!! tamwirl ba akwirl? Hellow Amwirl? Tongue twister talaga!

Carol: Hi! Thanks for remembering me, you're right we're just neighbors, sa Kalamansanay kami in Proj. 7, near Lorie and Chata Esquivias. I send your regards to Arabel. Take care and hope to see you soon!

Ami: Hellow bespren! May batchmate tayo ngayon na nasa Houston, si Grace Kelly Inductivo "Kelly". I just dont know her exact address pero alam ko malayo sa iyo. Anyway will find out details of her whereabouts!!! Takewirl! Understand mo pa yun?

Lala Masin
01-13-04 - 5:16 PM

#414, LouLou Hod, nakalimutan mo ang laking iskwater na kapatid sa labas nang banyo (hindi ako naitapon sa inidoro) nang mga palengkerang Lala Itin, Lala Muratin, Lala Pastanganin, Lala Munin, Lala Munan, Lala Nguyin, Lala Pangin, Lala Sunin, Lala Wayan, Lala Yasan, at ang pinaka-terror na si Lala Tiguhin.

Lala Masin (blip, blip)


01-13-04 - 5:02 PM

424: Lala Gas ang alin? Taga section 424?


01-13-04 - 4:48 PM

Hoy, #428/429 ---> Thou shalt not take the CEO's name in vain. Mr. KCW, okay not to post your name but no attribution to the wrong entity. Louco-luoco


01-13-04 - 4:13 PM

428 was mine


01-13-04 - 4:10 PM

EVERYALL AND OTHERS - I just spoke(as approved by MAYOR lulutang-lutang)with R-lyn, due to technical difficulties, may sore throat siya sa lalamunan, she cannot entertain calls after 10:00pm.


01-13-04 - 3:38 PM

What a coincidence ... take a look at the number of my previous posting! Ang pinaka mataas na section!


01-13-04 - 3:32 PM

414 -- Huwag kalilimutan si Lala(p) Lapin! Getz ba?

ISAY -- Pwede na rin ang Costco ... at least mas mataas ang turnover ng mga roses nila, kaya fresh, unlike Albertsons and Safeway. Kung ang budget is a little tight, I'll take the 99 cents store.

Curious ba talaga sa Ichiban. Let's de-curious your curiosity. Sama na sa Ichiban Library para makilala ninyo ni Marie and CEO si Bona, Jessie and yung isa pang boy/girl na taga Ermita. mMn: Ano na nga ba ang pangalan niya? May discount daw tayo sabi ni Jojo 'n Dina C.

mMn -- Ano ba ang latest ... let's catch up! Sounds like our "beauties" are coming.

MARIE N -- By any chance, would you know where to get a hold of Emony Villespin? Isa pang anak ng upak, hindi pa nagpaparamdam. Mabuti pa si Dong D. nakapag paramdam na.

GERRY BAYONA -- Nasaan ka ba, Mr. Physician? Send me an e-message when you get a chance. Tell me what your escapades have been.

O sige ... ang mga empleyado dito nakatitig na. That means get on the horn Mr. HR. So long ...


01-13-04 - 3:25 PM

RoNY --- usually ang retainer's fee wave (yan nga ipikit mo na lang ang mata mo sa spelling) dahil 1/3 of the insurance kanila, another 3rd sa doctor and the last sa pasyente. Pero yung 1/3 mo, 1/4 niyan kay Lou Mu Lou Sot dahil mahal yung ice sa LA

Lala S. Pagin


01-13-04 - 3:08 PM

Bakit nawawala si Lala Gas.....


01-13-04 - 3:03 PM

Oooops ...sorry ulit...

That was me... Anak ni Upak


01-13-04 - 3:02 PM

Sorry...napindot ko agad...

Mukhang nagkakatuwaan ang mga Lala at Lou Lou

Lou Lou Hod---hindi Jowa ang nickname ko...pero anak pa rin ni Upak!!

Sige... magkikita kami ni Lala P. Rutin mamaya...


01-13-04 - 3:00 PM


Luis Robles (Manager)
Ruben Samson (Assistant Manager)
Marliz Ramirez (Executive Producer)
Wilmer Baliton (Executive Performer)
Nando C ( Saling Pusa 1)
Mike V. ( Saling Pusa 2)

Joel(hindi Jowa)-
01-13-04 - 2:59 PM

01-13-04 - 2:52 PM

Hot from the press...Batchmates that are interested should confirmed on the website...
The venue is an amazing place...big time and well known singers from the Philippines have used this joint for concerts...and best of all...an audience with the great balladeer...Wilmer Baliton , who will be celebrating his birthday and will grace our conference meeting...

Date: January 16, 2004
Time: 7:00pm and onwards
Musikahan Sa Lutong Bahay
10326 Alondra Boulevard
Bellflower, CA 90706
(562) 804-1812

Details from Wilmer...

I finally got a hold of someone at Musikahan Sa Lutong Bahay. They don't start to pick up their phone until about 12 noon. Anyway ... it is confirmed that they have Karaoke on this Friday starting at 8 p.m. What's more exciting about this place is that it is "ala" Ichiban Library, kaya masaya! I have reserved a table for 10 people and it is under my first name. Their food prices ranges anywhere from $4 to $14 an entree; beers are about $3.00. I think that it is quite intriguing. I'll say ... punta tayo!

PS: Everybody is welcome, Luis will cover the bill for all the batchmates at approx $15 per head, MR. Elegance and Wilmer will take care of the tips.

Please confirm early...seats are limited...

Batchmates that confirmed:
1. Wilmer Baliton
2. Luis Robles (Manager)
3. Ruben Samson
4. Mariliz Fontanilla-Ramirez
5. Nando Catama
6. Michael Villafana


01-13-04 - 2:48 PM

Rony ---> thank you for the corecttion, akala ko di mo pansin! I'll try not to over bleach....I'll try calling again tonite, sana wala na si Chiquitita.



01-13-04 - 2:27 PM

... at pagkatapos noon, eh, iba na ang magiging pangalan mo: Loulou Tang from Pasig River.


01-13-04 - 2:23 PM

Hoy, bastos na #413 ---> Loulou Nurin ang mangyayari sa iyo sa pang-aalipusta mo sa CEO.

Loulou Hod (nang walang belo)

01-13-04 - 2:20 PM

WA and LON - Kita ninyo mga kapatid napaka dali dito sa Japan. Naka talong hapon na ako sa isang hapon. Hapong-hapo na ako.
Ikaw naman WA. Ingatan mo ang sarili mo huwag mong dagdagan ng 'G' ang pangalan mo. Kapangalan mo panaman si lola.
Sino itong si Nando. Mahina sa speling. Itong si R-lyn, nagkokorekek ng speling, magaling siya. Baka gusto niyang pumunta dito sa Japan.
WA, LON kapag nakapagipon na ako magtatayo na tayo ng sarili nating gling-gling club. LOULOU'S LOS AMIGOS
Ito na ang huling sulat ko sa inyo mga kapatid.


01-13-04 - 2:20 PM

Ang sabi ng magkapatid na Loulou Ha at Louloupaypay, eh, mag-ingat daw kayo at baka makabangga n'yo raw ang mga pinsan ninyong warfreak na sina Loulou Sob at Loulou M. Puhin. Ang mas nakakatakot daw ay bukod pa sa dalawang ito, may karay-karay pa silang mga palengkerang nagngangalang Lala Itin, Lala Muratin, Lala Pastanganin, Lala Munin, Lala Munan, Lala Nguyin, Lala Pangin, Lala Sunin, Lala Wayan, Lala Yasan, at ang pinaka-terror na si Lala Tiguhin.

Magtago na raw kayo sa kung saan man kayo nanggaling dahil mais na mais na raw sila sa mga ka-ek-ek-an ninyo. Buti na lang hindi sila nagalit sa akin dahil may pagka-relihiyosa ako.

Ciao ,

Loulou Hod

ps to mMn ---> Jowa = nickname nuong anak ni Upak Villamater


01-13-04 - 2:14 PM

Nawawala pa rin sila LouLou Tang at LouLou Tong. Pero natagpuan na raw si LouLou Sog (CEO daw sa isang malaking kompanya).

Lou Lou WANG
01-13-04 - 2:13 PM

mga anak...nakita ko rin kayo!!!!

01-13-04 - 1:58 PM

RoNY - Imbierna talaga! Pero, ituloy mo ang therapy mo. Malaki at malakas ang aksidente ninyo. Baka may mga injuries ka na hindi pa nakikita.

Ayaw ka pa rin tanggapin ni CEO na honorary member? Ikaw na lang ang mag-journal nang mga chika-chika.

WB, naku-curious ako d'yan sa Ichiban mo. Sumasayaw ka rin ba ? Pagdating mo dito sasalubungin kita nang mga roses...galing sa Costco $12.99 + tax dalawang dosena naman. Praktikal di ba?

Mr. Elegance (c/o WB400), wag kang pakasigurado (just kidding)


01-13-04 - 1:31 PM

Mga kafatid na Nok, Wa at Lon – Nakita na ba sina LouLou Ha at LouLou Paypay?

01-13-04 - 1:20 PM

Ang galing talaga ng mga mata ni Ate R-lyn! Kuya Nando one "m" lang eversince naman talaga ang "tumorow."

01-13-04 - 1:16 PM

Sister NOK natagpuan ka rin sa wakas. Salamat sa Juice na Mahabagin. Si Ate LOULOU HOD na lang ang nawawala. Japayuki ka pala acheng kaya inggit kami. Hanggang GRO lang kami dahil hay skul lang ang natapos namin. Yaan mo at magpupursige kaming mag kolehiyala para masundan ka namin sa pagka japayuki at maabot man lang namin ang limbo (buti ikaw langit...araw-araw, gabi-gabi ay nagda...). Pag nakapag gradweyt skul kami talo ka. Gling-gling Club sa Toronto here we come! Bibisitahin kaya ako ni Armand (TY) at bibigyan ako ng fresh everlasting na bouquet? Hhhmmm... LOULOU NOK kailan ba tayo magkikita? Ipagdasal mong matagpuan natin si LOULOU HOD.

01-13-04 - 12:58 PM

ISAY – I’m doing fine, thanks! My gosh naman pala yung retainer's fee nung accident lawyer nang friend ko! Kakalimutan ko na lang siguro yung sinasabi nilang peraphy. We haven’t talked since the 4some with Ami & Stel at Long Beach airport (Amelia, honorary member na ako di ba?)

mMn – Hi sweetie!

NANDO – You want my honest opinion? Don’t over do the bleaching at baka magmukhang albino ka. Sa sobrang puti mo baka hindi ka na mapansin. Btw, "tomorrow" is spelled with a single “m”....Ooops sorry, can’t help it.


01-13-04 - 11:26 AM

WA and LON - Mga kapatid ko!!!! Ang tagal ko na kayong hinahanap. Buti nalang at sinubukan kong hanapin kung may wib sayt ang high skul na tinapusan ninyo. Sa tutoo lang hindi ko talaga alam kung anong taon kayo gumradweyt. Ang tagal ninyo kasi sa sa Hi Skul. Nung una nga akala titser na kayo don.

Ako ngayon ay isa nang Japayuki. Kita na ninyo, kapag may ambisyon ang tao. Malayo ang nararating. Halos gabi-gabi inaabot ko langit.
Sa sobrang tuwa ko, wala na a.......
ay, may kostumer...... musi-musi.. you hansam madapaka.
Come to mami.

Sulat ulit ako

Tom Guts
01-13-04 - 11:20 AM

Lou Lou Wa: Di na yata inabot ni mMn yung Federaccion ng mga Juding, kaya wiz nya alam yung Jowa. BTW, Narinig mo ba yung chismis, na ayaw raw mag may I blow out ni Luis sa Biernes. Kung nabasa mo yung posting ni Benjie, sinama nya si Luis sa mga galante, di ba. Does it mean, dapat kasama si R-lyn, ganun?
Eto pa ang isa, di mo ba napansin walang SoCal beauty na binangit si Benjie. Wzup with that? Ibig bang sabihin, wa silang “K” I-blow-out. Naku, madedemanda sila ni MsESq pag nagkataon.

01-13-04 - 10:21 AM

-Tom Guts ako yung identical twin sister ni LOULOU LON. Ex-jowa ako ni Armando Ty na ang yaman na ngayon (nagtyaga na lang sana ako). Binasted ko si Tikoy Benjie! nung grade 3 and also nung third year high school dahil napapanis ang laway at hindi makapagsalita pag nangliligaw.

Sorry haba ng intro ko. Tom Guts e ano kung nilantakan ni Ate LOULOU si Siopao. Hindi naman kayang ubusin yan and take note, hindi asado si Siops kundi Bola-bola espesyal na dalawang bola-bola at isang chinese sausage (Ma Mon Luk talaga).

-mMn can't afford ka bang magbayad ng TFC (The Filipino Channel)? Bakit di mo alam ang jowa (partner=asawa, kabit, waswit, kongkyu, etc.)? Let's use it in a sentence. Hi Sweetie, ilan ang jowa ni mMn ngayon? Ang sagot mo naman mMn, anong jowa...what do you mean by jowa?

01-13-04 - 9:27 AM

Isay/Ami – hindi available this Saturday ang dating syota ni Filemon.
WB – Marie sings at the Ichiban Library kaya baka maglaban pa kayo sa finals

Butch – biro lang ang pag-advertise ko ng discount card ‘pre. Thanks for mailing it.
Nandoc- pwede raw ma-kiamoy si Tonio?

Tom Guts – hirap ako sa lingo mo. Is Jowa same as Joey ni Isay?


01-13-04 - 8:50 AM

Tonyo--- sinong tiope?!!! Tumawag nga ako ulit kagabi sa ofis pero yung Latinang Chi na naman ang sumagot. Mali ang tip ni Brad Pitt na tumawag sa gabi sa ofis during weekdays!!!

Chichi --- buti naman at nalaman mo kaagad na ikaw ang gf ko nuon kaya break kaagad....strict ang parents ko, kung nalaman nila baka pinag-pari ako!!! Pero sino nga ba ang nagsabi sa iyo? I want to know!!!

WB / Elegance --- the Commerce site is out of the question. Walang kareoke on Fridays (busy day daw nila kaya kainan lang daw), only on Tuesdays.

RoNY --- started last nite to bleach my hair kaya blondie na ako....tommorrow I'll bleach my whole body para Caucasian ang dating...say mo?

Where is my Kiamoy?


Tom Guts
01-13-04 - 7:40 AM

LALA MON: Hoy Bruhilda, Nilantakan mo na pala si asadong Siops, di mo man lang kami tinirhan. Mabulunan ka sana.

01-12-04 - 10:43 PM

ISAY -- Wow naman! I'm impressed .. ako lang pala ang pinadalhan mo nang RED envelope. Baka magselos ang aking bestespren sa Chicago. So, does that mean that I get the dozen of red roses on my birthday instead of Maximus? Huwag mo lang bilhin sa Albertsons or Safeway kasi puro "irregular" ang mga roses nila kaya mas mura!

By the way, I just talked to Ruben. He asked that I respond to your statement (399) for him. Sabi niya na alam daw niya na kayo daw ang taga fulfill ng aming mga (E)cstasy, pero kung wala naman kami, your (E)cstasy will not be fulfilled either. In other words, "bitin" din kayo! O, don't shoot the messenger o.k. I'm just being an obedient batchmate

Mag kita-kita na lang tayo sometime next week. Tawagan si 'Hi Sweetie' para ma-coordinate ang lakwatsa!

01-12-04 - 5:58 PM

JOEL V, wag kang malungkot sa ginagastos mo kina Mrs. at mga girls. Hindi ka nag-iisa; Kita mo si Joey (mi hubby) hindi na umuuwi )

Hi CHI! kakatapos lang nang mga commitments ko, so present na ulit; pero, in a few months absent na naman at si Uncle Sam naman ang bibigyang pansin (di ba, St. Martin de Porres?). I'm looking forward to seeing you. Pagkatapos na siguro nang snow season; can't afford to be stranded.

MARIE, sagot ko (daw) pag binayaran na ako ni MAXIMUS (kilala mo? Nasa 'yo ba ang Veritas mo? Section 7...ooppss, lagpas na pala; 6 lang. Siya (daw)'yong mukhang anghel. Lagi kasing may CORONA!
Alam mo, si Cynthia Teodoro (in L.A. Ask VU) may kakilala na alam kung nasaan si Maripet. Nuon ko pa din hinahanap; pati si Jojo Mariano (remember her?) Puede tayong magkita pag dating ni WB; wag lang 24th. May concert kami ni Ami.

MUSE, hindi na kita kakamustahin; alam kong may nagpapagaling sa 'yo ('tsura ko lang!)

STEL, tawag ka lang ulit whenever you feel like it. Ingat.

WB, ikaw na lang ang pinadalhan ko nang red envelope at forget ko na ang red roses nang bestest pren mo na taga-ER...si CORONA lang ang kilala...kahit na kumanta ka pa nang Panakip Butas ala-Hajji!

Hoooyyy! MR. ELEGANCE, anong (E)ntertainment? Anong falagay mo sa aming mga WIFE (+ s kung plural)? For Rent? Witness na nga si Joel V, 90% lang para kina Mrs... cheap mo, ha? Kami ang taga fulfill nang inyong (E)cstasy, o' say mo ?

LALA MON (Jowa ni Mon V./Siopao)
01-12-04 - 4:46 PM

Tom Guts, syimpri pwidi mang gid kayu jujoyn ni CHI CHI BOG sa chat namin ni LALA PANG. Ga inklud din daw si LOULOU LON (real name nung sis ni Chi Cristobal) sa chat. We'll finalize menu sa chat later.

01-12-04 - 4:13 PM

Hi CHI. sino naman ang di makakakila sa isa pang muse nang batch. to name muses of all times... r-lyn and susie o di ba. so how r' you. i'm being a regular on this board cause obviously nothing much to do at work (on the practical side). i'm more busy on the paper work aspect of my job and that entails me to be sitting all day around the computer. kya naman monitored ko lahat nang chismis sa message board. taking advantage of the situition before we get busy again and might not be able to even get a glimpse of this web site for a long time.

mMn: "Best(est)" saturday for now is booked for my cousins(tahans) so might not be available. but i'll let you guys know what will come up. how about when WB is around para mas maraming gastos para kay ISAY

calling on batchmates: anybody who have maripet or pet villamayor's(414) contact nos. we've been communicating since i came but lost each other for quite a while. i did try to e-mail her several times but didn't respond yet. so i'm thinking baka hindi na yon yung e-add niya.

VU = \ /
01-12-04 - 4:07 PM

R-lyn, pinagtutulungan ka na naman ba ni Benjie Tikoy/Quikiam at ni St. Martin de Porres=Don Buynito tungkol kay Doods? Paki define mo muna kung ano ang kakampihan ko. Baka pati yung katiting na natirang kaluluwa ko ay mapasanla! Baka si mMn talaga ang kailangan mo sa pagtutuos na yan...sumasampalataya sa iyo at walang tanong-tanong. mMn, para ka talagang hero sa Spaghetti Western.

Tom Guts
01-12-04 - 4:02 PM

Lala Pang: Can I join your chat? Isama na rin natin si Chi Chi bog. Ano kaya ang masarap na menu?

01-12-04 - 3:57 PM

Ahh excuse me mMn, pwede sigurong kakampi... pero take note, NOT partner in crime!!!

01-12-04 - 3:32 PM

Chi – I’ll share the discount card with you, don’t worry. Pero dahil mas maganda ka kesa sa’kin, baka hindi lang 20% ang ibigay sa’yo kung sakaling may TIME ka mag-shopping.

Marie – Got your email pero di ko naintindihan kung available ka to meet with us on Saturday. Sabi mo kase may commitment ka na sa iyong cousin(tahan). Si Isay ang maglilibre…ooops, was I supposed to say that? Regarding the “alamat” of Spaghetti Boy, I want to hear Ami tell that story.

RoNY – nandito ang iyong kakampi and partner in crime.

01-12-04 - 2:39 PM

DOC -> O, ayan nagpost na si Chi... what did I tell you? Are you still in denial mode?

CHI -> Never mind the discount card, what's important is you have the TIME to go to the outlet anyTIME you want. Oo nga no, when's our next dinner date and what TIME?

CEO -> About last night... ganun ba yun? Parang hirap yatang gawin Pati si Benjie and DonB pinagtutulungan ako kanina

VU -> Kailangan ko nang kakampi...

tony r:
01-12-04 - 2:09 PM

doc nandoc: ANO PA ANG HINIHINTAY MO!! si ate chi na mismo ang naghahamon sa iyo na panindigan mo ang iyong relasyon sa kanya! tawagan mo na kasi, tanda mo na tiope ka pa rin (parang ako din!). kung gusto mo, mag 3-way tayong call tayong apat ni ate chi at muse rlyn, para may back-up tayo. 30 years na sana kayong hindi
mag-on! can you hear me now???


01-12-04 - 1:57 PM

Hi Marie: We were classmates in our sophomore year and that was the year na boyfriend ko daw si Nando, pero bakit hindi ko alam? (Sayang Nando, hindi mo sinabi sa akin, wala tuloy tayong anniversary date!) Marie, I can see that you’re already a regular here at the message board so just keep on posting.

Isay: Welcome also to the message board. Ang tagal mong absent! Where have you been?

Benjie: Huwag mo na ibuko si Santo Tonio at malapit na bumalik sa Taiwan ‘yan.

Butch: Bakit si mMn may discount card, ako wala?

Mariliz: Magaling na ba ang gums mo?

Mon V.: How’s Mommy Elena? Hope she’s so much better these days.

Stella: Kumusta ka na? Smile naman, ok?

R-lyn, Cora, Stella: When’s our next dinner date?

To our Toronto batchmates: Malamig dito sa right coast, pero I’m sure na mas malamig diyan so make sure you’re bundled up when you leave your house.

To our Pinas batchmates: Nice photos; good to see a lot of familiar faces.

To all January birthday celebrants, happy birthday, advance and belated!

Mr. Elegance
01-12-04 - 12:22 PM

Do you know what is family?

Do you really understand what is behind the word family?

Here Is The Answer ........... FAMILY =







WHY does a man want to have a WIFE? Because:





WHY does a woman want to have a HUSBAND?









Do you know that a simple "HELLO" can be a sweet one?

Especially from your love one. (I mean not only from the boyfriend/girlfriend).

The word HELLO means :

(H)ow are you?

(E)verything all right?

(L)ike to hear from you

(L)ove to see you soon!

(O)bviously, I miss you ..

Hello to all my batchmates...have a nice week...see you soon

01-12-04 - 12:17 PM

Hi Odi M., kumusta ka na. Remember me? How can you not? Welcome to the message board and do post every day, every night, every morning, every afternoon and every-every. We can cyber chat via Yahoo if you want. Email me at lalayapos@yahoo.org and use the handle love as in love handle! Tsing. Chat with you later, Odi.

P.S. Buto buto sa langit ang tamaan ay huwag aaray!


01-12-04 - 11:57 AM

WB--- I'll check Commerce tonite. I want to be sure kung may Karaoke on Fridays.

Mariza --- never akong nalasing. Lahat nang sinasabi ko totoo. Yun nga lang, pag-nalaman ninyo......

RoNy --- nice talking to you too last Friday. We were in Downtown Disney that nite. Pero after taking to you, I am now starting to save for the next 3 weeks para sa Little Quiapo and/or Magnolia House. Also I will try avoiding the sun para maging Caucasian ang dating at hindi lang ang s....t ang maputi....sa palagay mo ba may pag-asa kay Madam ?

Tonyo --- kailangan ngang malaman ang katotohanan. Anong dapat gawin? Any ideas?

TTbok-tibok...TTbok-tibok...pagnalaman ni Commander TTgok-tigok.

Hello Kiamoy


Joel V
01-12-04 - 11:46 AM

WB---Yes, we got $10 off for every $50...that helped a lot!!
Have a good time this weekend with the gang.

Isay-- yung nabili 10% lang ang halaga, the girls (wife & kids) got 90% of the amount !!! Why do you think I have to work hard???

Sige...kayod muna ulit...

01-12-04 - 11:20 AM

Just one more thing, then I'll shut up ...

Isay, note message #382 -- "Ngayon alam mo na sinong partner ni Ami that night". Careful ... baka may intrigang dumating

01-12-04 - 11:14 AM

ISAY -- Ang sweet mo naman, thank you for your warm 'New Year' greetings. Mabuti naman at naalala mo naman ako. What is (or was) your New Year's resolution? Yeah, nandiyan ako starting Tues., 1/20th at may flight ako ng Sat., 1/24th, pero trabaho ng umaga. Si CEO 'y' Harbat Queen ay parati kaming itinataboy ni mMn whenever we invite her ... excuse me, porque (ito nga ba ang spelling) nasa pinaka mataas na section ako. Big time yata kami ni mMn, plus 11 years na kami (according to the wana-bee Ichiban ghels!). O, sama na kayong tatlo ni CEO and Marie N. mMn sasama ba si Miloy. Paki gising mo na.

01-12-04 - 11:03 AM

JOEL V -- O.k. lang! Did you get $10 off for every $50 purchase of coats (not suits)? Let me know the next time you make such a big purchase para naman ma-offer ko ang employee discount ko, therefore, more savings. Huwag mo nga lang i-mention kay Benjie, baka mautangan ka pa

MIKE V -- Ready ka na ba sa Friday? Si Luis daw hindi na sasama kasi appointed daw siyang magbayad. Kasama ba 1239 and Mariliz? How about si Padreng Caesar Mayor. Sabihin mo lumabas naman siya sa opisina niya para ma de-stress ng kaunti. How about yung iba nating "beauties" na ka batch, and the other boys? Hindi naman masungit ang mga taga Burlington Coat, Joel V. just had a "bad day" (kasi malaki-laki ang nagastos)

01-12-04 - 10:58 AM

Forgive my tardiness...i-a-address ko lang ang mga sumulat:

MARIE (#255) - madadali ang meeting natin ni CEO/DARNA (si Ami 'yan) pag itong si mMn/Spaghetti Boy/Pogi Boy (daw) e, nagamot na ang sakit niyang "the run". Kasi pag nasa restaurant kami, walang tigil ang katatayo (naka upo pala ang lagay na 'yon, Benji ) para magpunta sa men's room. Lalo na kung tapos na kumain. Do the math...ano sa tingin mo ba't laging nagpupunta si mMn sa men's room?

Aped/APHRODITE (#258)- kita mo may recruit na ulit kami ni CEO na isang vhakla sa Stockton. Dumadami na ang sumasampalataya sa 'yo. Punta na dito at malapit na ang GIRLS ONLY club retreat (Honoraries sina Vucaca at Monsignor )

MARLENE (#259) - Hepelopo Maparlipin! Kapaipinggipit napamapan 'yapang "Hi Puso" napa 'yapan! Oooo... di va, ikaw ang expert si "P" language noon? 'Yong isa d'yan kunwari gusto akong kausapin without "Adult Supervision" (daw, Mel) pero ang pinili si Corona ! Buti na lang...phew!

Benji/mMn/PP (#267/268) - anong bedroom set, mMn? baka naman sa ibang bedroom ka napunta pati ako excuse mo kay LQ? Magaling ka na ba at naghihintay si Marie. How about the 17th?
BENJIE, mas maganda ang bagong petname nang piloto --- PP Matalino ka talaga; taga-Kuatro ka nga...pareho naming sira din! Ang ganda naman nang representation mo nang eyropleyn. Kung kasama ko si Vu/\ iba ang analysis namin d'yan. Ano 'yong maliliit na apat na bilog?

NANDO --- Nung kausap kita sabi mo si Lizette saka ako ang crush mo. Si Chi pala ang GF mo (kung nalaman niya? Hanep ang lakas nang self confidence mo, Doc o' lasing ka lang?)

Mr. Bogli-ton/WB - nandito ka pala sa NorCal soon. Wag kaming kalimutan ni CEO. Kundi guguluhin namin muli ang iyong magandang voice-mail (ngayon alam mo na sinong partner ni Ami that night)

CEO - nagduda na ako na may naiwan nga. Hinintay kong maalala nitong isa. Buti naman at nakatawag na pala sa 'yo kundi OK na ang plano mong outfit...teka, ako rin: sharrraapppp, dalawang panot! Robert Panotsky? Partner ni Arnaiz? Kalaban ni Atoy Co (o' Gigi Mendoza, may billing ang peyborit mo). Todai daw sabi ni Spaghetti Boy? Sa 17 with Marie?

SQ - makakarating ang "hi" mo sa mga original na kapitbahay dito (pag nakita ko) Pero, ikaw, hope you are doing well. Uwi ka na! Hanggang kailan ka pa dyan?

Joel V - ang mahal naman nang snow outfit mo. Gusto mo ibalik ko sa 'yo yong kinse nung white elephant? Babawiin ko muna kay Nonoy...pinang-sugal sa Vegas nang damuho

Joel V
01-12-04 - 9:46 AM

WB---Thanks !! It's really no biggie...kaya lang, in the corporate world, the least senior assoc. reflects on the entire company, di ba? Even in our field (healthcare), patients/members expect good/friendly service...with a smile...and we get complaints if we don't...
So, salamat ulit...I probably just had a bad day...after blowing $600 on ski/snow jackets alone
I could've used your employee discount

01-12-04 - 9:45 AM

Butch - I did you the favor that you asked, which is to not mention na bibigyan mo ako ng discount card. My address is 224 El Dorado Drive, Pacifica, CA 94044. Mail mo na agad kase I'll be visiting the K.Cole outlet this weekend for the M.L. King holiday sale. "Believed" is fine too if you believe it then and don't believe it now. Complicated, isn't it? Forget grammar and just send that discount card. I'll buy something for you, don't worry.

Aped - you're most welcome. Sorry I joined in late, hirap kase gumising eh.

01-12-04 - 9:33 AM

Ang saya naman sa message board at mga batchmates na very generous:

Butch – discount cards Kenneth Cole, kung maganda ka, diba Chi.
Santo Tonio – round trip $200 NY to Philippines via Eva Air, with sleeping arrangements in the Captain’s bed, kung maganda ka, diba Chi/R-lyn.
Wilmer – shopping spree sa Burlington Coat Factory, kung maganda ka, diba Ami.
Mamon – libreng lechon for special occasions, kung kung maganda ka, diba Sweetie.
Luis – pay the club bill, kung maganda ka, diba R-lyn.
Benjie – libreng lunch for special occasions, diba Butch/Chi, kung $5.99 special.
- libreng Toblerone giant candies, kung naka sale ng $4 sa base exchange, o diba.

Odi – welcome to the message board, alam mo bang yung kantang “La la la la la la la la ... Good bye. Naiisip ko lang yung kantang iyon.

Ruth – sinabi ba sa iyo ni Lala kung ano ang iniwan ng voice mail message para sa iyo. Kung hindi pa sinabi ni Lala, eto ang sabi ni Pilotong Palitong Toniong malakas na ang luob, “sabihin mo kay Ruth, I love you, ganon.

Rocky – pambihira ang personal core values mo, pareho ng US Air Force Core Values, you’re ate up Rocky, na brainwash ka na masyado. Kamusta ang Colorado, 1 week kang nandyan, ma mi miss ka namin, dibale ikaw ang subject matter for the next week.

(P.S. Rocky, I told you I'm not ate up in the Air Force, do you like my plane?)


01-12-04 - 9:11 AM

mMn - Mamon, naku lagot nanaman si Butch niyan.
Patong-patong na nga ang atraso niya sa ka-batch niya dinagdagan mo pa. Ang bilis mo rin palang mamalita.

BUTCH - Lagot kang bata ka. Hindi ka na natuto.

"believe" hindi raw "believed" (post 377) mahirap na baka mabasa ng tiga-NY.

Pitt... Bagong Gu Pitt

Butch A.
01-12-04 - 9:01 AM

MON SALINDA - When I called you last weekend I clearly mentioned to you that "I will check if we do have discount cards".
Ikaw naman i-nanunsiyo mo na agad.
I believed I even ask a favor from you.

01-12-04 - 8:26 AM

Good morning everyone!! You must be busy kase wala pang new messages this Monday morning. Back to the daily grind—I hate Mondays.

Luis – mMn is not MMM (M3=Rocky?) but if you’re asking me if I’m sure about AMCC, the answer is NO. Speculation lang. If I’m sure, eh di may M3 na rin ako.

Butch – thank you sa K. Cole discount card na ipapadala mo. Rest assure na hindi ko ipapamalita na nagbibigay ka ng discount card kase baka lahat sila humingi sa’yo.

Benjie/Butch – off ako last Friday but got your message. Sino? Ano ulit?? Buset!!

Mike V.
01-12-04 - 8:22 AM

Good Morning to All: Kakatuwa naman, this Message Board is really HOT!. Overflowing sa postings, ang hirap tuloy mag-absent, di mo masundan agad.

Wilmer: No worries, kahit masusungit ang nga tiga-Burlington Coat, just bring us Gift Certificates this Friday, abswelto ka na…

01-11-04 - 8:19 PM

JOEL V -- Thank you for your 369 message. My sincere apologies for the experience you had recently at Burlington Coat Factory Arcadia. I am not one to make an excuse, nor defend, when a simple thing such as a simple "smile" can't be exhibited by our associate(s). Frankly, I take these things quite seriously as this is not the first time I've reiterated what "customer service" is all about, etc. at this particular store. I converse with my district managers (DMs) on a weekly basis; although it's not on my schedule to chat with the DM for this district until Wednesday, I feel that a conversation with the DM should happen tomorrow. On a much lighter note, magkano ba ang ginastos mo? (just kidding ... smile)!

Safe travels to Salt Lake City, Utah. From what I understand, thick fog and about a 1/2 mile visibility sa SLC. Ingat lang. Sorry that we're going to miss you sa Friday ... malulungkot si Ruben at si Luis niyan.

APED -- Thanks for your immediate response. Si Gigi M. kasi, ginawa pa akong secretary niya. Just let me know if you have any in stock so I can relay to Gigi. Salamat po!

DING LIM -- Just heard the news about your father-in-law's passing, I'm so sorry ... Sending you, your wife, Alma, and your loved ones my condolences and my prayers that your father-in-law may rest in peace, and will finally be with Him. Ingat.

01-11-04 - 1:39 PM

oops, last posting was mine
Aped Santos


01-11-04 - 1:38 PM

FYI warning lang po:
I will be very busy next three weeks
rushing the spa I am designing which will open in Feb.
I might not be able to reply immediately to all you emails.

For urgent batch matters:
Call or send me text message on my cel +63917-99-567-53

Gigi Mendoza is now on my Veritas reservation/waiting list.
Will let you know asap if we have bought new copies from the USTHS.
Also, checkout posted message here #193:
Emily Barbosa posted that her brother-in-law Evan Del Castillo(USTHS'74), who is the president of the USTHS Alumni Association in the America, brought Veritas'77 copies to LA for sale.

01-11-04 - 1:15 PM

ALBERT ILETO, 66, father-in-law of Amador Lim, 425,
Died at the Philippine General Hospital, Manila,
January 11, 2004 of liver cirrhosis.
Wake is at the Ileto Family Residence,
Bo. Pinaod, San Ildefonso, Bulacan.
Burial will be in San Ildefonso, Bulacan, January 14, 2004.

Those who know Alma Ileto-Lim(UST Commerce) wife of Ding,
may get in touch with Ding cel +63917-844-3425.
Ding is our batch treasurer here,
and is an active member of the current USTHS PTA
with two kids at USTHS now.

01-11-04 - 1:07 PM

pot(luck) session organizer
Hello everyone!
Bday party for Dianne last Saturday, January 10
at my house was a blast!
Unmanaged potluck food all matched and was very good!
Early birds were Christine 'Daday' Yulo with her bopis
(sus! ke galing pala magluto ng bruha!),
Maricar Grospe-Cabading and her Col.(di yung taga CDO ha)
with her unusual laing na santol at hipon(imbes na gabi),
and Marlene Salazar-David and her Robert with her ensaladang mangga.

Salamat maMon on what you sent us, yes, wine was overflowing.
Same to Cesar De Guia who sent us a Fundador and red wine too.

Others who I remember(blame the white wine) attended:
MalouC-M and LitoM, BongL, PaengA, ArchieC, CereC, RainierJ, RoyR, TootsT, TanetT and family.

We were able to forward the US help to Tanet that nite,
he was very thankful.
Angie Medina-Santos was supposed to come with hubby Robert,
kaso umakyat BP ng jowa nung gabing yun, di na nakarating.

Thanks Mariliz, Ray and maMon on the conference chat.
Thanks too Voltaire and Mariliz on the conference call.
Maraming salamat din EmilyB on that call!
Twas good hearing your voice again,
Juice meh! its been over 26yrs since I last heard that voice!
Nakita ka na rin namin finally sa .org pic albums.

Missed your attendance DongD, Mike, Gerry, Ding, Raki.
Sayang din, di nakarating sina Adele and Rotchie.
Same with Lisette who was stuck at work in Tagaytay,
and Jeeng had to rush to an emergency surgery for a child patient of hers.

Pics coming up on .org.

MonV, 'musta na? Havent heard from you in a while.
Stel, hope you're doing fine.
Rlyn, I hope you're fully recovered by now.
Beso-beso to everyone!

Joel V
01-11-04 - 10:07 AM


WB/Ruben-- Sorry dehins ako puwede this friday, we'll be driving up to SLC,Utah for the long weekend...I hope I make it back in one piece since I haven't gone skiing in years... Wilmer, may HR related complaint din ako sa branch niyo sa Arcadia, wala yatang marunong ngumiti sa mga tao duon...you need to go there & show them some good
customer service tips

Marie-- I don't think you know me but I'm also from your brother section in 4th yr, isa sa mga irregulars dito sa site... Cheatmate ako ni Nonot V, Armand (Mr Ty), etc... Anyway, welcome!!
I've also been to some parties at your house pero dahil sa mga 'bakuran' na nangyayari, I end up with Magsy et. al sa likod...getting stoned

I still don't know kung sino yung mga nag-iiwan ng mga lab notes sa silya namin nila Nonot nuong araw...got any ideas??

01-11-04 - 8:17 AM

DONG D -- Unfair! That's a cardinal sin in the field of Human Remains (hi Ami), oopps, Human Resources pala! Akala ko pa naman unblemished ang WB sa Pinas, 'yun pala may galit sa akin. Sino ba siya (or sila)? Pwede bang mag bribe nang coat from Burlington Coat Factory ('ala' Las Vegas)? Pare, send me an e-mail. Peace to whomever ...


01-11-04 - 7:47 AM

R NY - Looks like the check is officially declared lost.
Consider my pledge as an IOU(ST Batch 77).
Thanks for your help. Sorry.

01-11-04 - 3:56 AM

mMn---> Sorry late ako dumating nun kaya yug mga nauna hindi ko nakunan. Mugshots kase yung mga ibang kuha ko para sa new veritas.
RAY ---> Pare pwedeng pwede kayo di tulad ko ban na, nakarami na raw ako.
WB---> Nagparamdam naman ako ha! Di mo ba nakita pics sa .org? May nagagalit sayo dito, unfair ka raw.

01-10-04 - 10:57 PM

hello ulit usths77!

stella, thanks for your call, let's keep in touch!

mariliz, good to interact with you again we look forward to your next trip to the philippines!

aped, congratulations for another successful event!

dianne, happy ka ba?


ray flores

01-10-04 - 7:14 PM

WB -> Ay naku sorry sa call last night... first come first served kasi

VU -> Sorry din that I had to drop you off the line. Eto kasi sina:

Mr. Elegance RUBEN & NANDOc the loverboy -> I forgot to ask where you were last night, at ginawa nyo pa akong entertainer ninyo for almost an hour! I enjoyed talking to both of you though... first year ha?! and 3 weeks ba???

STEL & CEO -> Wrong timing din calls ninyo. I'll return call later.

VU(again) -> I apologize, wrong timing ulit call mo! But the "hot-off the press news" isn't so hot with me anymore. Heard the whole story from the concerned the night before he left. Sad no?

BONG -> How're you doing? Waiting word from you. Gil Velez surprised me with a visit at work last Friday. He came with his wife Cecille and a college classmate of ours from AB. Kilala mo ba si Paul Albano? I took them to where you & I had lunch sa Bloomingdales' Le Train Bleu. Like you, Gil was very apologetic that he couldn't meet the other East Coast batchmates due to time constraints. Pasensiya na, next time na lang daw!

ANONYMOUS -> Didn't get your pledge in the mail so please put a hold on that check. I think it's better to send it straight to Mariliz. She knows that pledge is for the supposed CA xmas party kissing bootch

TONY -> Nice compositions... very original. Wala akong masabi, thanks!


01-10-04 - 7:03 PM

good morning usths77!

stella, if you have the chance please call me +639175328800 re next week's event. ty!


01-10-04 - 6:04 PM

zonia B: of course i do remember you. hope to c you one of these days. i'm sure there will be a lot of catching up. if i'm right, last time we even say hi to each other was 77 and that was it. i'll be glad to hear from you soon. sayang naman ang atin pagiging mag cheatmates.


01-10-04 - 4:11 PM

Nandoc ---> oo nga... TTbok-tibok... TTbok-tibok...

teka, pa'no nga napunta si GG sa party kina Aped

tony r:
01-10-04 - 3:51 PM

nandoc: kita mo pics sa haybols ni aped?!! tibok, tibok, tibok,tibok,tibok,tibok, tibok......tibok, tibok!!!!!

santo tonio

Zonia B
01-10-04 - 3:14 PM

Ay mahirap ang nawawala sa circulasyon...took me almost an hour just to read all missed postings
Stella, Aloha, Vitt - know that you will always be in my prayers..
Hapi b-day din sa lahat ng January celebrants
Hello to Marie, not sure if you remember me but glad to see you here.. and from now on I better keep checking message board..na miss ko tuloy yung happening kagabi....

01-10-04 - 1:35 PM

batchmates: how's the online party? i'll wait for posted pics.
mMn : just waiting for isay and ami to let me know when i'll be officially inducted as one of the bay area bad ghels
WB: thanks for welcoming me aboard. surely i'll recognize you when i'll c you. it sure is fun and interesting reading everybody's messages.

01-10-04 - 1:12 PM

Pahabol ...

JANE -- Sorry, na-miss kita this time around. Sayang, marami pa naman akong tsismis. I was going to extend my stay through Sat., 1/10th, but was able to finish my task. Looking forward to see you, and your hubby Jojo & Family in the very short future, I hope!

01-10-04 - 1:06 PM

R-LYN -- Ano ba 'yan, nakakaloks! Each time that I want to chichiriya with you, parati ka namang may ka-triangle sa ibang linya, sumalosep! Anyway, I will just make an appointment sometime.

MARLENE -- Dehin ko pa alam kung kailan ang Karaoke finals. Bakit pupunta ka ba dito para maging isa ka sa mga tatlo kong audience? So, na Cole-it mo na ba si Mr. F"B"A for your gift? Oo nga naman, Mr. Waters, mag paramdam ka. Not so much iparamdam mo 'yung presence mo, but iparamdam mo kay Ms. Cannonball (aka "Hi Puso") kung kailan darating 'yung kanyang gift!

MON V -- Padre, kamusta na? How's Mom? Looks like February na and dating ko sa NJ/NY. O, ihanda na ang good time sa Marriott Marquis! Call me sa cell or sa bahay, o.k.

RUBEN -- So far, ayos ang Fri., January 16th. Busy ako sa Sat., January 17th. Makipagusap na kina Vu, Dr. 1239, Mariliz, Gigi R., (maybe) Gigi M., Luis, Mike V., Joel., Noliette, Robert C., Ms. Esq., Zonia, at kung sino-sino pa.

mMn -- No worries. Ini-ingatan ang Puso! What's our agenda the week of 1/19th. Taya daw si "Harbat Queen" pag lumabas tayo that week. Makakasama ba kaya sina Vu, Mariliz, Isay, Jojo and Dina, Miloy, atbp.? The Wedge sounds good, bukas na ba ang kanilang concept "ala" Ichiban? "Hi Sweetie".

LUIS -- Bili lang ng bili. Huwag mo ng pagisipan. Bumili ka man o hindi, may 5-series ka pa rin naman. Bandang April pa ang aking "5". I'm just in the 'drawing' stage.

MARIE N -- Don't know if you know me, but a warm welcome to the Message Board. Makukulit lahat, pero masaya naman. Brother section ako ni R-lyn and Nonoy Aguilar (ang "pinaka mataas" na section!). Hope to see you soon!

VOLTAIRE -- Agenda just got changed! Si Luis daw ang taya sa Commerce Casino sa 1/16th (huwag ka nanaman ma late). Hayaan mo, haharbat ako ng dahon ng mga sili at ampalaya sa garden ni Papa and Mama ... para lang sa iyo! Pero, bago ako maka harbat sa ermats and erpats, kailangan maka attend ng crash course of "Effective Harbatan" spearheaded by Mrs. Amelia Rosales-McCrory "y" CEO and Batch Mangkukulam! May diploma daw pagkatapos ng course.

TONY R -- Great to hear your EVA Airways voice, bud! Ipadala mo na ang script mo sa akin para ma practice. Let us know in advance when you land, para makapag plan ng agenda.

ODI -- Great to see your name popping up once ... in ... a ... great ... while! Are you still hanging out with Padreng Joy Mendoza? Send him my best! Don't know if he's still talking to me, may atraso kaya? Advance Happy Birthday .. many more!

APED -- Gigi Mendoza (415) asked if she could get a copy of our Veritas. Is it "grab now, pay later" or is it "pay now, grab later" or is it "give me now, paki lista and will pay sa susunod na suweldo" type of arrangement. Just let me know, thanks!

STELLA, VITT & ALOHA -- Our prayers are with you all times!

SQ -- Kailan ba ang dating mo? Dalian na para maka lakwatcha with the ghels and the boys sa NoCal.

Dong David, Gerrie Faypon, Emony Villespin, Marino Sison, Mike Silbor, atbp., mag paramdam naman kayo! "Magparamdam", patented ba ang word na ito, Puso? If so, pahiram lang muna. So long everyone!

01-10-04 - 9:40 AM

Sigurado ka ba sa AMCC? Pinag isip mo akong ngayon weekend. Sasabihin ko sa iyo sa Monday if I will buy or stay.


e-mail: Mariliz
01-10-04 - 6:02 AM

Nandoc - just viewed the pics of Manila reu with Lisette. Mukhang kamukha siya ni LQ mo...palagay ko kambal sila! parang pinagbiyak na kasoy, siguro nung nabasted ka kay Lisette, yung kambal niyang si Gigi ang niligawan mo....hmmm

rayf ulit
01-10-04 - 5:00 AM

DONG!!! bakit wala yoong ibang pictures? pahalik, ha?


01-10-04 - 4:56 AM

hello usths77! good evening or morning kung nasan kayo!

aped, can't attend tonight but will call you.

dong, lamang ka sa amin ni pareng jess!

i'll try to join the chat, and hope to see all of you there!

ray flores

Mr. Elegance
01-10-04 - 1:31 AM

1239 & Rlyn---thanks for the wonderful company tonight...walang katapusan halakhakan...salamat sa mga batchmates where ever you may be...pinag usapan namin kayong lahat...

01-10-04 - 12:03 AM

Aped - naka-set na ang alarm clock ko para magising ako ng 6 a.m. so I can view the online party. Para hindi malatigo, baka lumabas na lang ako to go to the local Starbucks and then call your landline.

DongD - thanks for posting the pictures. Bakit 6 lang? Matutuwa si NanDoc and nasilayan niyang muli si Ate V.

Chi - thanks so much, nice of you.
Stel - always in our thoughts and prayers.
SQ - kelang balik mo? Need to learn some new ballroom steps
WB - ingatan ang iyong "puso"
Marie - ikaw ba ay magiging member ng Bay Area Bad Ghels?
Isay - kelan and lunch sa Todai?

01-09-04 - 11:45 PM

Tonite, Saturday dito sa NY,Cubao,
yung bday party dito sa haus ko for Dianne, 6-11pm.
Sorry kung masyadong maaga sa isteyts,
but we surely hope to chat with you all online.
Ang yahoo chat handle ko uli:


Nagconfirm attending na din sila AngieMedinaS & hubby Robert,
Tanet Tejam & wife Cris.
Mga harbat queens, give namin ang duchess kila Tanet&Angie tonite.
Others coming chuPaengA, LitoM&MalouC-M, RainierJ, LizetteA.

catch u all later!

01-09-04 - 11:42 PM

Pitt - medium ang size, sinukat ko na, alam mo naman medyo mas may muscle ako sa'yo... K.Cole Reaction jacket na black, okay?

Ami - sige, sabihin mo na ang tunay na istorya ng "spaghetti boy".

Aped - di ko alam kung sino 'yon. By the way baka hindi ako magising sa online party. Just take pictures and post it. I'll have my own online party with...you know who.

01-09-04 - 11:37 PM

Ay! may umiiyak!

Hello 340,
nakalimutan ba kita ilist sa bday celebrants?
sorry, if i did.
or, baka listed ka, wala lang bumati sa iyo?
happy bday sa iyo! kung sino ka man kafatid! mwah!

vu & mMn, zino zya, simeon, cynthia? husdap?
ay, sori, bading lingo pala yan,
eto na lang: cno cya?

01-09-04 - 10:20 PM

mMn- Pare ready na yung mga pics nai-post ko na.
Ray Flores - Happy viewing my good friend


01-09-04 - 8:30 PM

R-LYN - Medyo matagal na masyado at hindi parin dumadating. Anyway kung hindi dumating this weekend, consider it MIA.
I'll give it to you next time we meet. Ok lang sa iyo?


01-09-04 - 5:58 PM

340---> happy birthday sa iyo!!!!



01-09-04 - 5:56 PM

minutes pala.....


01-09-04 - 5:46 PM

SAKIT DAMDAMIN KO ............


01-09-04 - 5:45 PM

CEO ---> o ayan sa kokorekek mo sa akin ikaw tuloy ang kinorokek ni /\. Anyway Alexander Hamilton is on his way to you!!!Mailed it a few minute ago.

Getty ---> alam na ang secreto mo!!! Pero can you clarify kung alin ang nakita.... yung nakabitin sa harap o yung pabitin-bitin sa likod? (parang getty rin yung emoticon oh)

Have a good weekend to all!!!



01-09-04 - 5:45 PM



01-09-04 - 5:35 PM

Naku, false advertising lang 'yang message 338 na 'yan! Hindi kami naniniwala --- trapong pamunas ng mga pinggan, isinaksak sa harapan!!!

Kelangan ng pruweba kung tutoo nga ang ibinabandera mo, Ruben. I will send / \ and Noli to check you, guys, out. O2, ikaw daw ang uunahin ni Noli

Mr. Elegance
01-09-04 - 5:25 PM

Plano pa naman naming mag extend ng membership kay Spaghetti Boy sa Long Neck Group, Gold Coast Casino Chapter – Las Vegas ( current members: Robert C, Otto M, Mike V and Mr. Elegance), mabuti na lang , na bisto and storya behind the scene, kung hindi…things might go substandard.

/ \
e-mail: \ /
01-09-04 - 5:05 PM

-- Fly=Darna=CEO=Ami, ang hina talaga ng lowIQ mo! Anong section ka nga ulit? / \ at \ / ay magkasama dahil baliktaran yan.

Sige na nga i-Tina Reveal-la ko na ang legend ni Spaghetti Boy=FPJ=mMn. During the grand reunion sa Vegas last July, hindi nagla-lock ng kubeta si S. Boy pag naga Evak(Kalaw Katigbak). One morning, tsinempuhan ni Tikoy Benjie si FPJ habang naga deposito. Nagtitile sa gulat si mMn at nagtitile naman si Benjie sa takot dahil parang spaghetti daw ang nakita niya! Tapos ang istorya.

--Hi Sweetie and DedeQueen, bl8d happy kaarawan to you both. Ganda-ganda nyo pa rin hanggang ngayon! Chat with you guys tomorrow via yahoo messenger. Ta ta...


01-09-04 - 5:04 PM

... o, pati ako na-typo na rin; dagdagan ng "d" pagkatapos ng "n". Baka masita pa ng Muse R-lyn, na leche na


01-09-04 - 5:01 PM

... o Japanese hankerchief?


01-09-04 - 5:00 PM

Sorry sa typo... paborito, not panorito

Mr. Elegance - sama kami diyan sa 16th sa Commerce.
Gigi Rico - sama na tayo sa boys sa 16th kasi libre pala


01-09-04 - 4:55 PM

Pocahontas ---> panorito = fried, in English?

tony r
01-09-04 - 4:54 PM

nandoc: mukhang DQ nga. hmmmm, kailangan mapatunayan natin ng scientifically. palagay ko kahit daliri di nahawakan. anyway, kahit anong mangyari, may utang ka pa rin sa akin ($197.00). baka hindi rin chi-quitita ang nakausap mo, baka chi-may na wala yung boss!!


ps: odi mene - mahabang kwento kung bakit "santo tonio" na ako. palagay ko nagpakabait na talaga ako!

01-09-04 - 4:52 PM

Mukhang wala ang mga boss ninyo sa trabaho ah! Wala pa akong OCHO oras na nawala, OCHONG pahina na ang binasa ko. Anyway, ano ang panoritong sasakyan ni Rocky?............OCHOmobile

/ \
e-mail: \ /
01-09-04 - 4:48 PM

RockyM3, anong sakit ang makukuha mo kung napasobra ang ocho ocho mo? OCHOPEROSIS! Have a great weekend mga kafatidz!


01-09-04 - 4:48 PM

Nandoc 1239 ---> / \ = Vucaca, aka Ikebana(ng ina mo). Hina mo naman. 'Yung ipinamamalita mong hinahabol kita n'ung araw, tama 'yun. Pero hindi dahil nagseselos ako. 'Yun ay dahil tinakbuhan mo na naman ang Tatay ko pagkatapos mong magpagupit! Magbayad ka na, hoy

/ \ ---> Diva dafat \ / Unless symbol 'yan ng pagdidilig sa poste, ooooo...

Muse ---> Naparusahan na naman ako ng Verizon kaya keep quiet muna ang celfone ko. At ang lakas mong makiramdam... seeeee-cret

Mr.KCW ---> Sige mag-ipon kang maige dahil tama ka, I changed my mind again. ROLEX na ang gusto ko ngayon

Kuya Tonio ---> Tama ang hinala nila, pumasa ka nga lang sa training, lumakas na ang loob mong manligaw sa lahat na ng cutie-pies ng batch. Spaghetti Boy ka na rin? At alam ba nilang saranggola at hindi 747 ang paliliparin mo?

To my real bestestpren ---> Siempre perscam, persserb; mantakin mo, 37 years? Teka, naisoli mo ba sa akin 'yung damit na pinahiram ko sa 'yo noong picture taking day natin noong 3rd grade --- 'yung kulay orange?


698896 (+6699)
01-09-04 - 4:40 PM

1239 - Lukaret, / \ ---> hindi artist formerly known as prince kundi "princess!" Parang poodle ang tunog 'no?

698896 (+6699)
01-09-04 - 4:31 PM

Mr. Elegance/Ruben, hindi ako 688896. Walang mangyayari sa akin kung 68! Hindi ka pa tapos sa oficina naka ilang Tanduay at Shoktong na ang naubos mo.

Mabuti at nagtawag ka na ng miting de avance para kay Wilmer sa Jan. 16th. Marae sigurong pupunta. Lagot ka Baliton at ikaw ang taya. Magtago ka na o kaya'y magsimula ka ng mag harvest ng ampalaya at dahon ng sili sa garden ng nanay mo sa Culver City (masarap ka namang mag tinola at ginisang ampalaya...pwede ng pulutan basta walang sabaw). Bumili ka na rin ng steak na jello o may MCD (Mad Cow Disease) at pati filet mignon nyan ay mura.

-Muse R-lyn, sige ka baka isumbong kita sa Bloomingdale's dahil ang aga mong umeskaploks sa oficina. Tinawagan kita one minute before clockout time mo e wala ka na. Hhhhmmm... (sabay pamewang)!

698896 (+6699)


01-09-04 - 4:17 PM

/ \ ---> ala the artist formerly called Prince yan ha!

Elegance---> tawagan mo ako nang mga 6:45 hopefully na sundo ko na si Commander.

MMM ---> i post mo para makita ko naman! I post mo na rin yung black eye ng ating Muse kung nakunan mo!!! . Pero teka, bakit ang tagal mong nawala? Panay ba ang alog mo and choosing the #7. Alalay lang at huwag larga nang larga ha baka maubusan nang pisi! Tama nga si Odi, ang kailan mo yung mamahalin....hindi mga gamit! yung ......ble na for keeps!!!

Tonyo---> may bagong DQ...... denial queen! O baka naman gaya ko lang si File....pinagkalat na gf pero di alam ni MNT. Nga pala katatawag ko lang kay Chi, pero yung Chi na naka-usap ko Latina ang dating. Tanong ko kung siya si Chi J. Mendoza. Hindi raw siya yun, pero Chi ang pangalan din daw niya...short for Chiquitita sabay kanta nang ABBA. Ang kinanta Fernando!!!!

Hello Kiamoy


Mr. Elegance
01-09-04 - 3:48 PM

1239---I will be in your area tonight around 7:30 to8:00pm, puedi ba tayong mag good time...papayagan ka kaya ni LQ.

688896---na miss ka namin...

Luis---sabi ni Wilmer, lalabas raw tayo sa 1/16/03, Friday, sa Commerce casino...marami kayang gustong sumama. Nando, we need to get the details sa casino.

/ \
e-mail: / \
01-09-04 - 3:39 PM
/ \
Pasensya na po nakalimutan kong pumirma.


01-09-04 - 3:33 PM

Aba 1239 kung idadagdag mo ang 99 sa titulo ko e di isama mo na rin ang 66! Ocho ocho na...ocho ocho na!! Ang galing ni RockyM3 (the babe in swadling clothes) dyan sa ocho ocho!!! Sige patunayan mo nga Da-Rock(y) sounds like..."Babe."

01-09-04 - 3:33 PM

paki sagot naman po yung cell phone nyo.

tony r:
01-09-04 - 3:28 PM

rocky m3: core values?? ang core-ny mo!! para kang boy scout!

698896: sori wala kami mga male stewardesses, yung captain na lang (checkwa nga lang!)

s.t. (santo tonio)


01-09-04 - 3:27 PM

thanks santo tonio!!kelan ka pa naging sAnto? may mali yata!

01-09-04 - 3:27 PM

1239 - Siguro may PTSD ka nanaman duon sa Vietnam Rose sa Paris Hotel, pati stewardesses (Flight Attendants, para politically correckek) pinagdidiskitahan mo. Nga pala, ang ganda ng kuha natin duon sa tapat ng Bar sa may "Accident Scene".

01-09-04 - 3:16 PM

Muse - Promises are made to be broken! I don't know who said that, but I'm as sure as I'm typing here that you wouldn't hear it coming out of my mouth. What you'd hear from me would be "Promises are made to be kept." Integrity First - Service Before Self - Excellence In All We Do - Rocky's Core Values


01-09-04 - 3:11 PM

aba nabuhay si #698896...dapat pati 99! Pawag daw si tonyo basta kayo nila M3 at maluPitt ang magpapa-gasolina nang 747!!!!



01-09-04 - 3:05 PM

Ako naman ang magtetesting sa mga stewards. Ochoocho na...ocho ocho na! #698896


01-09-04 - 3:02 PM

puwede rin bang i-test drive yung 747 mo Santo Tonio? Si M3 ang gustong i-test drive yung mga stewardess!!!


tony r
01-09-04 - 3:00 PM

odi mene: hala siya "odilon meneses" kailan punta mo dito? doon tayo magkita sa left coast, parati naglilibre si mMn! para ma road test na rin natin yung M3 ni rocky.

santo tonio

01-09-04 - 2:52 PM

tonio, pambihira ka naman!!!!yung pangalan ko buuin mo naman!!! pupuntahan kita dyan!!!yari ka sa akin!!!

tony r:
01-09-04 - 2:47 PM

R-lyn: eto na ang isa pang song na sinulat ko kagabi, para sa iyo lamang --

"mahirap magmahal ng syota ng iba,
o sakit sa ulo maniwala ka...."

odi mene: musta na 'pre!!

santo tonio

01-09-04 - 2:46 PM
426 mga bobo daw????????????
sorry i forgot sir......

01-09-04 - 2:41 PM

sana nga sekyu ako ng sm pare ko. ...pero hindi eh....sana sekyu ako na lang ng office ni rlyn. siguradong papakainin ako ng lunch!!!

01-09-04 - 2:38 PM

Odi---don't forget to write your name as a sender

Umiinit ngayon ang message board


01-09-04 - 2:34 PM

gets ko tol.pero sobrang pogi mo daw sabi ni benjie. hanep iba pala pag nasa air force!!!

01-09-04 - 2:31 PM

Hi Odi! Welcome sa message board. Nice to see that you've started posting.

Anonymous -> Have not received your pledge to date. I know you said you sent it before the New Year. It must have been lost in transit between the WATERS of Staten Island and New Jersey. FRANKly speaking, maybe you should consider putting a hold or cancelling that check? I'll let you know if I get it this weekend. O, yan ha, I didn't give any clues as to who you are.

Sunshine -> I'm still waiting for your promise... you also believe in the saying, "promises are made to be broken"?

01-09-04 - 2:28 PM

'tol, lumuluhod 'pag baon sa primera, hanggang 6-7 mil. Tapos 'pag lipat sa segunda ng mga 7-8 mil, parang ki-natapult, mga 80 na ang linear velocity. Scare-D cat na si ako, 100+ b/s siguro ang heart rate, free flow na ang adrenaline, kailangan na sa shut-off valve ang cessation. Gets mo?

01-09-04 - 2:26 PM

oo naman ruben!thanks.... many thanks..sana magkaron na si rocky m3 ng mama,,,halin. yun lang ang wish ko sa b day ko!!


01-09-04 - 2:22 PM

ROCKYM - Rocky, Rocky, Rocky maghunus dili ka. Cool ka lang. May bago pa naman tayong member. Behave. Roll Over...Play Dead!!!

O ayan mga kaibigan...tahimik na si RockyM

ODI - Wag kang madis-courage diyan kay RockyM. Alam niyang may bago kaya nagpapakitang gilas. Parang tandang.
Kung nasa Pinas ka, e di hatinggabi ngayon.
Gising ka pa. Ano kaba, Sikyu ka ba sa SM.

Puro biruan lang dito, wag kang pikon kung hindi uupakan ka ni MAYOR Ng Selda. Ipagtanong mo lang. Welcome again Odi.


01-09-04 - 2:20 PM

Hi Marie! Probably went to at least 3 parties at your Roxas house (Scout Chuatoco?) during our third year. Tapos I have to chaperone my sis Ruth to Bubut's parties during our fourth year (freshmen bali sila). I'll most likely be present when the NorCal group gets to meet you soon. Nasa Central Coast ako, kanya I can easily go up or down. Peace out!


01-09-04 - 2:20 PM

Naku naman, PITT is Butch Aguas!!!

01-09-04 - 2:19 PM

love pa rin kita kahit ano pa man...naka 11111m3 ka na nga raw... masaya na ko para sa iyo utol!!!

01-09-04 - 2:16 PM

Odi Meneses---Welcome sa message board Odi, remember me? Nag on-line chat tayo ni Sixto E., Mon Salinda & Rocky M3 Mendoza. Pare advance happy birthday baka makalimutan ko. Until then, do check us out and write as often as possible.

Anaboy Suelto---kamusta kana? Pare, OK ba ang goodtime ninyo nila Jun Acance at ibang batchmates diyan noon pasko.

Aped---pipilitan kong sumali sa video conference, masyadong maaga kasi…late starter ako…16hrs ahead kayo diyan sa Pinas using California time. If I could not joint in…do take a lot of pictures and post it promptly with labels-thanks

Ami---I just mailed it today.

Carol---kamusta kana diyan sa Angola, summer ba diyan? If you have time, kindly scan those pictures sa Cheese Cake Factory sa Pasadena when Alan Olavere was here in California sometime ago, so we could post it here sa website, thanks

Tony---wala ka bang coupon sa Eva Air or winter special na $200 round trip sa Pinas?

Mon---binura ko na ang speed dial ko sa cell phone mo…dahil hindi mo sinasagot ang call…hehehe.

Benjie, Rocky & Ami---it is very nice chatting with you all last night.

Stella---miss kita dito sa message board.

Rlyn---kamusta na ang mga muscle aches mo…na pagaling na ba?

Sino si Pitt... Hagu Pitt?

Advance happy birthday kay Wilmer, Iyoh, Macrae, Anaboy, Paeng, Benjie, Ding,Jeeng at sa lahat ng January celebrants.

Remaining birthday celebrants in January 2004:

11 - William Ilagan, Iyoh Sordan-Villamayor
14 - Odi Meneses
15 - Wilmer Baliton
19 - Jojo Mariano
20 - Marivic Velasco-Fernandez, Myra Cayamanda
23 - Macrae Rivera
24 - Abigail Cruz-Andom
25 - AnaBoy Suelto
26 - Paeng Adriano, Benjie Oniate, Paul Yatco
27 - Ding Lim
28 - Jeeng Garcia-Enciso
30 - Lou Rigonan-Dugeno

Regards sa lahat

01-09-04 - 2:10 PM

Utol!!! Galit ka ba sa akin? Di mo na ako labs? I labs u still.


01-09-04 - 2:10 PM

Walanghiya ka #297! Pumirma ka!! !!!


01-09-04 - 2:03 PM

01-09-04 - 2:00 PM

CEO - Have not heard from you for 2 days in a row. Miss na kita. Maybe you've heard from CaptB and ayaw mong i-share?

MARIE - Hello! I promise you that you'll have the time of your life once you meet up with the group in NorCal. Will email you later.

SQ - I'm fine na because of the pix, thanks! Sino ba yung dapat kong makita sa video ni Ric A, si Agent doubleO ba? Negative SQ.

TONY - Sweet mo naman, thanks for the songs you composed for me... very original

STEL - You're always welcome to stop by my office anytime and talk about anything under the sun, k?

BENJIE - Reasons?


01-09-04 - 1:51 PM

sorry, new ako dito ...odi po


01-09-04 - 1:47 PM

butch,di ko makalimutan kung gano mo kamahal ang ACE na brush mo mo men


01-09-04 - 1:30 PM

MARIE - Hi Marie, welcome to the "Message Board of make believe".
Hindi mo ako kakilala nung High School...ang suerte mo.
Oo nga Marie, ano height mo?
Ayaw namin ni Mamon ng lampas sa payb tu.

SANTO TONIO - Natapos ka lang ng training mo ang lakas na ng dating mo. Lahat na lang crush mo. Napaka pabling mo pala nung High School.
Wala lang ngang nakakaalam. Pati yung tiga-NJ at Bloomingdale's pinopormahan mo. Kung ako sa iyo yung tiga-New Jersey na lang.
Mas mababa ang Tax sa NJ.

MAMON - Wala ako nung gusto mo. Hahanap ako.
Oo nga pala, wala yatang Extra Small na jacket.
Ako Medium...no problem.

BINJIE - Huwag no na namang pinaaalala yung porma ko nung HS.
Nangingilabot ako.

MARLENE - Huwag ka nang magtampo kay Butch. Hindi naman yun manhid.
Kuwento nga niya sa akin nung nagpa blood test siya halos himatayin sa sakit.
Kita mo very sensitive yung tao. Takot lang yun sa asawa niya.
Buti na lang binreyk mo siya nung High School,
kung hindi ang malas mo sana.
Yun ang sabi ng misis niya.
Kung gusto mo raw sa iyo na Butch.
Free delivery at may libreng isang dosenang corned beef.

R-LYN - Hi. Sa sobrang ganda mo wala akong masabi...
mmmmmm pahinging discount!

CHI - Ang dami mo palang siyota nang hindi mo nalalaman.
Sa susunod na reunion magdala ka ng pepper spray.
Mahirap tamaan si Santo Tonio kapag tumagilid.

BUTCH - Ikaw naman, kung umasta ka akala mo tigasin ka.
Mayroon ka rin palang LQ. Pinamimigay ka na wala pang tumanggap.
Huwag ka nang malungkot talagang ganyan ang buhay.

STELLA - Kamusta ka na Stel. I hope you are feeling better.

NANDO - Ex ka pala ni Chi. Kung gusto mong dumalaw sa kanya.
Sumakay ka sa eropleyn ni Santo Tonio para sabay na kayo.
Welcome kayong matulog sa bahay....ni Lito.

CORA - Hi Cora, kay tahimik ni Cora.

LITO - Hala kayod!!

MARILIZ - Tawa Mariliz tawa pa!

(drum roll...tapos yung sound sa Jaws...)

AMI - Pinag-iipunan na raw. Kaya lang baka matagalan pa. (Alam mo namang binibigyan lang yun ng weekly allowance)
Kaya "change your mind again..."
Yung galing sana kay Benjie ay ready to ship na.


Uyyy may bagong salta...si Odilon Meneses.

ODI - Kailangan ka munang binyagan ni Fr.Benjie at Sister Noli.

Pitt... Hagu Pitt


01-09-04 - 1:27 PM

Mr. Kenneth Cole Waters ---> Tapos na rin ang "Three Kings"... naghihintay...



01-09-04 - 1:24 PM

Marie ---> Between 4-6 pm ka tumawag at less hectic ang mga pangyayari dito sa "opisina" ko... at nang malaman mo na talaga ang tunay na legend ng "Spaghetti Boy" (aka "hi, sweetie(k)")nickname. Trust me, it has really nothing to do with Jollibee or Italy.

mMn ---> May oras pa para mag-pledge ng "tong" at nang maibaon na sa seeee-cret pile ang isa sa mga alias mo.

Mariza ---> Hula ko may nawawala kang gamit pero hindi mo maalala kung saan mo naiwan. Akala ko nga regalo mo sa amin para sa New Year 'yun pero gamit na nang sipatin ko. Though I know you are very generous, I did not think that you could be THAT generous. Hala, kuhanin na at nang may magamit sa Stylistics concert. Kailan nga pala 'yun at ano'ng isusuot? P'wede ba 'yung sleeveless na ginamit ko sa Las Vegas? Shut up, dalawang panot


Butch A.
01-09-04 - 1:22 PM

ODI - Kamusta ka na. Hatinggabi na nasa computer ka pa?
Welcome aboard.

01-09-04 - 12:34 PM
im sorry mali ang number ko. my number is 09209218644

odilon b. meneses
01-09-04 - 12:22 PM
industrial engineer / GERCO INDUSTRIAL SALES
Hello to all batchmates!

01-09-04 - 11:58 AM

this is becoming to be so interesting.

don antonio at nando: sino si filemon? at di ko ata alam na nangyari yan sa buhay ko. not that i'm denying o baka bigyan ninyo ako nang denial queen nickname ha. huwag pls. but seriously... sino si filemon. paki explain.o paki post nang pic nya baka naman na aamnestic lang ako..you know selective training.

amy and isay: got your no's from mon. let me know what time is more convenient for you guys for me to call.

benjie: sige kelan tayo magsasayawan. gusto nyo uwi tayo lahat sa pinas then have a reunion at roxas district. just to have the right aura for the reunion. meron pa akong alam na isang kanta na lahat bago pa ipatugtug e kanya kanya nang bakod... REASONS di ba. long playing din yan kasi as in very long. and may i ask bakit naman pati height ko e naitatanong.

Butch A.
01-09-04 - 11:55 AM

Marlene --> Anong hindi man lang nagparamdam. I did send you greetings Jan. 01, 2004 8:19:55 PST. Finally the 'Sent Item' served the purpose. See hindi ko nakalimutan.

01-09-04 - 11:29 AM

Medyo delayed reaction ito kasi coming pa from Angola:
Diane & Jane - Belated Happy Birthday. Diane - ingat, baka mapasukan ulit, ingat din sa mga katulong. Jane-kumusta na sa AZ?
Hi Stel - magpalakas ka na, will wait for you here in CA in May, about time to meet someone new, someone special, I have someone in mind for you.
Muse-huwag masyadong titigan ang pix, baka matunaw, magaling ka na? Nakita mo ba siya sa video/pix ni Ric A?
Siops - kelan? I'll be in back here in Angola second half of April.
PocaSQ#2 - pagaling ka na rin, pero malabo ako sa Tahoe in Feb. either I'll be recuperating, will be in LA (let's go to chimichanga), have out-of-towners, or all of the above.
Afed-MisU2, plan to go there in July or Nov
Marlene-cu2 again. I think we're neighbors in Proj7, say hi to Arabella, former neighbor din.
Mel/Max - tennis anyone? sa Chicago? brrr. kailangan mag-clinic to get back in the swing of things, then sign-up tayo sa tourney.
CEO - thanks for keeping my husband amused while I'm away. Also, good to know that you and Isay have a new find in our neck of the woods. Pero yung talagang mga kapitbahay ninyo diyan, say hi to them naman.
Rayf-sana i'll cu next time
Jo-nag-eere na ba or lamazze pa lang. What name? Tingnan mo lang sa calendaryo.
GwynethGuia-I'll be back in Houston sa March 2; overnight na lang kayo ni Butch sa Marriott. I'll sleep sa bathtub
Monsignor-mis ko si Baby G, misu2.
Where is Vu?
WB-missing each other when you're in the Bay area. galing mo daw.
FPJ-Prez ka na ba?
'all4now, l8tr. SQ

01-09-04 - 10:20 AM

Ami - sige libre na tayo sa lunch -- kay Isay?

Nando - si disi-otso? I know na hindi talaga, hangin lang 'yun if he said something...

Hi Sweetie!!


01-09-04 - 9:15 AM

mMn ---> For a reasonable fee, hindi ko sasabihin kay Marie (sa message board) kung bakit nabinyagan kang Spaghetti Boy. Ang lagay ba naman, eh...


01-09-04 - 8:12 AM

Benjie - ang aga mo naman mang-asar. Hindi alam ni Marie ang ibig sabihin ng spaghetti boy kaya I have to explain to her.

Marie - si Ami ang nagbigay sa akin ng nickname na Spaghetti Boy. Di ba we talked about Jollee Bee? I always order their spaghetti kaya 'yun ang tawag sa akin. Tama ba Ami? The real story, 'wag na lang sabihin sa message board kase baka maniwala ka.

tony r
01-09-04 - 4:18 AM

nandoc: galing mo talaga, you're the winner! kahit ako di ko alam ang answer sa clue ko eh! including the letter "v", for your prize you owe me $197.00.

marie: si mMn is super galante, he'll treat y'all to dinner (may pabaon pa) pag nagkita kayong lahat sa bay area! you want some more lab tim clues?

santo tonio

ps: R-lyn mamya yung song mo, hatid muna ako sa school!

01-09-04 - 4:09 AM

Correction, kasi I proofread after I post, sorry.

1st paragraph - tugtog vs. tutog.
Tiniana na na parang last name ni Voltaire vs. Tanana na na, biro lang.

3rd paragraph - let's play all these songs vs. let's play all this song.

Mayroon pa ba R-lyn, proofreader Queen?

Welcome back Mon V (aka Siopao). SQ - Carol kamusta ka raw sabi ni Mon V, ang puso, ay natibok tibok, kahit nasa Angola ka pa, tibok, tibok, tibok.

01-09-04 - 3:45 AM

Kayo talaga naaalala ko tuloy ang mga party nuong araw ang tutog pa ay “EL BIMBO”. Tanana nanana, BIMBO BIMBO, tanana nanana nah. Your palms touching your partner. Tapos yuong left hand going clockwise and right hand going counterclockwise. Ang suot pa na pantalon ni Butch Aguas bang bang na may kasamang malaking belt buckle ng cowboy, yeyey vonnel ang shirt, at siempre platform shoes. Ang pogi ng dating ni Butch nuon, diba Butch.

Isa pang uso nuon, “DO THE HUSTLE”, Ton ton ton to ton to ton ton ... do the hustle, kita nyo, naalala nyo na. Naalala ko tuloy si Ligaya (dating kasiping/I mean kasama sa bahay), siya ang nagtuturo sa akin ng mga sayaw nyan.

Isa pang mahabang pang sweet na sayaw “STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN”, o diba, talagang nakaka baliw. Sa susuonod ngang gathering, let’s play all this song, at magsayawan tayong lahat.

P.S. Marie ano ba ang height mo, delikado, Mamon, Mamon, how's the spahetti boy doing.


01-08-04 - 10:28 PM

Me, me, me !!!!! Can I guess the word Santo Tonio? Alam ko yang kay Marie. Kapit bahay ko sa Miguelin/Piy Margall area. I'll buy the letters _mon_ v. Two days tumagal yung labtim....aba record yung kay Filemon. Usually, after 4 hours break na! Marie ha, di ko alam yun ha! Ikaw pala ang may hawak nang record. Jopey, biro lang ha, huwag kang mapipikon .

Hmmmm malapit na ang weekend. Yaan mo at tatawag ako sa office at matanong na rin ang real score about our classmate "disi-otso" .

01-08-04 - 8:35 PM

mMn: paano naman di ako nalito. my cell tells me that i have a call from 1 718 ... malay ko kung saan area code yon. what i know is if you're the one calling, your # will have an area code of 415. kaya yon i assumed na ikaw ay yon isang mon. si mon v. nga. i was then merging into I80 kya di ko na rin naisip paano naman malalaman ni mon v. ang cell no. ko. anyway thanks. sabi ko na nga e kulang ang isang oras to update. see you and isay with CEO soon

tony or tonio : di ka pa rin nagbabago. hanggang ngayon niraracket mo pa rin ako. poor lang ako 'no wala akong pangbayad para sabihin mo sa akin ang iyong secret. siguro kung 500 pesos and not dollars pwede pa. sinong friend mo na taga roxas. dalawa sa batchmates natin ang alam ko. si hector laforteza o si lorenz lacanienta. tama ba ako sa last name ni lorenz. so wala sa kanila ang my initial na iyong nabangit.alam ko di mo ako matitiis sasabihin mo rin yan. sige ikaw rin....

tony r
01-08-04 - 7:53 PM

marie: ikaw naman, ibinisto mo ang mga modus operandi namin sa mga girls pag may tipar! sige na nga, crush din kita noon kaya lang may nakabantay parati na mama na class 76, eh di natiope na si antonio. natanong mo na rin ang mga lab tims noong high school tayo, meron akong alam between my friend at yung isang taga roxas district. ang initials niya ay e_ _ _ y. di ko sasabihin pero kung pipilitin, sasabihin ko rin. you can buy a vowel for $50 and a consonant for
$49 and the whole word for $500. please write the check out to me, no refunds for any wrong spelling and pronunciation. tumagal yata ng 2 dalawang araw yung lab tim, kaya lang nag break sila ng hinawakan "e" yung kamay ni "m".

nandoc: sabi ni ate chi, tawagan mo rin daw siya anytime weekends sa ofis para mag-klaro kayo sa ipinamamalita mo noon!

santo tonio

ps: R-lyn, bukas meron akong bagong compose na song just for you, original uli!

01-08-04 - 7:33 PM

Butch Pitt - sila lang ba ang may presents from you? Baka naman pwede ka magpadala ng discount card para kung sakaling makadaan sa K.Cole outlet eh magamit ko. I've been doing a good job sa paglalaba kaya e-bibili raw ako ng K.Cole Reaction jacket ni LQ.

Marlene - galing naman talaga kumanta ni "hi Puso" kaya tuloy in love sa kaniya ang mga "girls" ng Ichiban Library.

Wilmer/Rocky - I think "The Wedge" will soon have a "Comic Library", same gig as Ichiban. Different venue naman when they open.

DQ - 'wag palampasin ang treat ni Wilmer while he's in Arizona. Libre na ang dinner mo, may big discount ka pa sa Burlington Coat.

Luis Robles - nabili mo na ba ang 5 series mo? 'yung mga stocks that we counted out are moving up like Lucent and Sun Micro. I think AMCC is good long-term buy. Balato na lang.

Aped - ang aga naman ng online party niyo para sa'min but will try to join around 10 p.m. your time.

Marie - nice talking to you. I think 20 minutes na kita kausap and all the while you were thinking na ibang Mon ang kausap mo. Sarap mo rin kausap, parang ka rin ang makukulit at mababait na Bay Area Bad Ghels.

01-08-04 - 6:19 PM

Ami/Darna/CEO: Salamat naman bespren for your quick reply. Akala ko i will have to wait for 2 ot 3 days before you answer me! Grabe ka naman buti ka pa may gift from my ex-men ako wala!!!!! Buti pa yung isang ex-men ko (Hi Puso) na greet ako ng Happy Holidays! Yung isa (cannonballrun) di man lang magparamdam!! Gusto ko rin siyang "cole"litin eh kaso manhid!! Buti pa si Hi Sweetie may flowers!!! Anyway, may valentine's pa naman!!!!!

Marie: Thanks for acknowledging me! Akala ko nakalimutan mo na ang mga mapo pormang grupo natin! Do you still remember si Victoria "Alvin" Santos na batchmate din natin sa elementary? She did not finish high school because she got married na up to first year lang siya, heard that she's in the states, her married name is Ma. Victoria Santos Torres. How about Tetchie Tuazon, do you still remember her? I have her contact number. Bye for now!!! Regards!

Wilmer: I'm still doing fine! When is the grand finals? Ikaw ha, you owe me, bakit kay Ami may x'mas gift ka, sa akin wala!!!


01-08-04 - 3:01 PM

Marie ---> Hindi natin naging kaklase si Marlene noong Grade6, baka classmate mo s'ya noong 1st year sa high school, before you became studious, ha! ha! ha!

Marlene, bespren ---> Belated happy holidays to you, too! Did you receive any present from either of your X-men? Ako may pamasko na from one of them and still waiting for the other to make good on his promise. Sana "water"proof ang ipadala soon, bago ko s'ya "cole"itin.

Benjie ---> I changed my mind again... 'wag mo na akong bigyan noong sinabi mo --- bakit pa, eh, hindi ka naman umaalembong sa akin

Kuya Tonio ---> Ang galing kong mangulam, naramdaman mo agad. Itatabi ko na muna ang aking ananapeng paraphernalia dahil you have reported on time. Tinayuan ka ba ng ... balahibo?

Siopao ---> We will see you when you get here... All-you-can-eat na naman!!!

Thanks to the following people: Monsignor, Noli, Melanie, Don Buynito, Mariza, Vu, To-pilots, DQ, SQ, Robert Panotsky, Obie, Charrie, Mr. Bogli-ton, Spaghetti Boy, Chi-chi, & Joel. Got your mail already.

Naghihintay pa from the following: ShorT, Tikoy, M3, Mr. Elegance, & Nandoc 1239.

Mariliz ---> Tatawagan sana kita pero naawa ako sa 'yo, 'di kaparis ng iba d'yan na gustong-gusto ka talagang perwisyuhin. Check will be sent out tomorrow, including 'yung atraso sa 'yo ni Don Benito.

Dianne ---> Sana ayos na ang computer mo. Sowi, hindi pa ako pedeng makipagsabayan sa inyo ng pagte-text kaya hanggang dito na lang muna ako sa message board. Mabango ba talaga


DARNA!!! / CEO / Ami

Mon V
01-08-04 - 12:36 PM

Hello Message Board!

Medyo matagal tayong absent at medyo nawala tayo sa circulation. Anyway, kamusta na kayong lahat diyan sa Pilipinas, Australia, Saudi and of course diyan sa Canada at West Coast!

AMI - hello bruha! Happy new year and seng my love & kisses to your kids! Isang halik lang sa iyo! Hope to see you in April 2004. I will be visiting my brother sa SF/San Mateo.

Wilmer - Kamusta na kumpadre, balita ko panalo na naman tayo sa isang karoake contest!

SQ - miss ka na namin! How are you doing! Hope your're in the best of health. Salamat sa padala mo, I really appreciate it! Thanks!

Bong L - Pare ko hope to see you again. When you get back to Maryland tawag ka lang sa akin.

Stella - Just remember we are just a phone call away if you need anything. Be strong and we love you ....

Tony R/Benjie/Nonoy/Mamon - It's been a long time and kamusta na lang sa iyong lahat! Kaya ikaw Nonoy magsumikap kaw .... Mamon, naku ha crush ka pala ng bayan? Benjie ... dapat pala binigay mo kay Tony R. ay CLOGS with 3 inch na takong ... para imabot ang paa sa pidal ang aeroplano? HEheheh!

01-08-04 - 12:10 PM

this board sure makes me fill in time at work specially now that we're just doing paperworks and finalizing final reports. so you'll hear more from me. good timing to get oriented with your nicknames and to catch up.

santo tonio o santo demonyo o santo nang mga santo: describing your attire on one of our parties, you're right...at tama rin si nando.ikaw na nga yon napipicture ko. at testigo ako sa sinabi ni nando... na ikaw..ikaw ang king of about face when the music changes from slow to fast. eh biktima pa nga ata ako sa isang pagaabout face mo eh. bigla ka na lang tatakbo sa amin kitchen para kunwari kakain pero magtatago lang pala. aminin..o kitam seatmates talaga kami nina isay at dolly.. parepareho kaming mga babaeng vhading.. oops huwag mapipikon. my hubby however is not brod's brother but rather his cousin. and yah we once lived in proj 6 but now guess only ghost stays in that vicinity. aminin mo na rin na you really do stalk on me. di ba crush mo nga ako. coverup mo lang na si r-lyn ang labs mo. oopps.. ito biro lang talaga. just want everybody who reads this have a smirk on their face

hi ruth: if i remember right, officer ka sa CAT di ba and you live near or in roxas as well kasi nga minsan sabay tayong umuwi from school. been a long time

Aped: yah my hubby recognized you guys more than i do. he'll be happy to know about boy crisostomo. if i'm right that's his co football player. i'll try to c you guys (thru web cam) during your potluck party for dianne. if not say happy b-day for me.

Marlene: how could i forget. and i do remeber baby bernal and sarah jane as well. siyempre pa parepareho tayong djaporms di ba. di ko na nga malaman kung kelan tayo naging classmate but if i'm right 1st year or grade 6 either.

Benjie: ok for now ikaw ang pinakamabait

mMn: oks naman pala mga crush mo noon 2nd year. crush naman talaga nang bayan si ms.tejido so wala noon 2nd year how about 3rd and 4th

nando: hello daw sabi ni jopey and how's gerry.

01-08-04 - 11:05 AM

STELLA - Just thought of you ... How are things? How are you coping? We're still praying. Regards!

01-08-04 - 11:02 AM

JANE - Belated Happy Birthday! It was rather difficult to get a hold of you, but I am sure that it was difficult for you to get a hold of me as well .. sorry! I spoke with your husband this morning, napakabait naman, kaya ka siguro na "in love" ano! I am in your neck of the woods until Friday afternoon (1/9th), then I fly back home. My week has been sooo hectic, that we can't even chat for more than 1 minute, ano ba 'yan? Anyway, perhaps the next time I visit, pwede mo akong ipagluto ng iyong special recipe. Sabi ni mMn na siya daw ang taya pag lumabas tayong lahat for dinner. I'm staying at The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa at 480.624.1000. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

DIANE - I heard that you're having problems with your computer system. I hope that my greetings reaches your humble home. "Belated Happy Birthday" to you. Have heard nothing but great things about you ... of course from "Hi Sweetie". Please extend my warmest regards to all our batchmates.

R-LYN - Thanks for your follow-through. Sorry, that we got disconnected. Hope all is well!

RUBEN - Got your message last night. How's the week of 1/12th for going out with Luis, etc.? Let me know.

MARLENE - Hi stranger! Have not talked for a while now. Karaoke finals is still pending, no date mentioned as yet. How are you?

mMn - I'm in the Bay Area starting 1/20th. As it stands, I'm booked at the Sheraton Concord ... a possibility of perhaps moving over to the Hilton San Mateo. Will advise. If LQ prohibits that you go out, don't worry. Gotta please the other half, 'ya know! Let's connect sometime this coming week.

01-08-04 - 9:36 AM

nak nang putakte....nanahimik ako naiintriga naman, gusto yatang lumabas si 1239

Santo Demonyo---> paano naman ako makapagtatapat eh panay ang bakod ninto ni RockyM3! Pati ba naman dito nambabakod kayo gaya nung 3rd year tayo, di pa naguumpisa ang "All By Myself" nakatayo ka na at tumatapat sa gusto mong isayaw. Pag fast song naman....biglang about face! Okay na rin sana yung niknik at bang bang pero yung katsa na suot mo kaya pagka-katikati dahil may asukal pa. Pinalabhan mo muna sana, bago mo pinatahi sa ermats mo!

Welcome Benjie to the message board (tagal mo kasing nawala)! Gaya nang sabi ko.....matagal kong naging gf si chi nung high school pero sa kamalasan, di kami nagkatuluyan dahil nalaman niya. Pati siyempre si Ami, ubod ang pagkaselosa at panay pa rin ang paghabol sa akin!(Naku CEO, I"ll mail it tommorrow).

Happy Birthday to the January celebrants!!!! Dianne and Jane belated!

Kung si mMn may Hi Sweetie..... sa akin....Hello Kiamoy!!!(Dianne paki sabi kay Kiamoy I said Hi).

01-08-04 - 9:30 AM

Benjie/Tony - okay lang mag "hi" kay Isay but don't pick on her kase baka mag-disappear ulit. You know malakas ako diyan, she gave us a nice bedroom set and I think this weekend she'll give me one of her Thomas Kinkade paintings. Bait ni Isay ano?

01-08-04 - 9:10 AM

Ruth - tinatanong ni Toniong Palito kaya ka ba raw nag da diet para sa kanya? Kasi daw si R-lyn daw mag da diet para sa kanya. Crush ka pa rin daw niya, ikaw ba daw crush mo rin siya? Malakas na ang luob ni Pilotong Palito, uy PP ang initials, what does PP stand for again Tony? Hi Isay, how are you daw sabi ni Tony.

01-08-04 - 8:57 AM

Marie - want to address your question "so sino nga ang inyong mga "love" then. Intriga yan ha but would be nice to know for old times sake." Noong second year h.s., wala akong matandaan eh. I think ang love namin noon ay ang aming adviser na si Ms. Tejido at ang aming Algebra teacher na si Ms. Murillo, favorite teacher ni Ami.

tony r:
01-08-04 - 7:44 AM

benjie okoy: ang bastos mo talaga! "si brod pitt materb--e" ang ibig sabihin nuon (sori pitt, kailangan ko ng sabihin) si pitt ay isang
"masterbake"! magaling mag bake yang si ku-pitt, kaya nga nabola niya misis niya kasi very sweet ang mga cookies na bini-bake nya!!

marie: may isa pang master - si ami, grandmaster ng game of the, the, the -- anong game nga yun?

nandoc: sige nga magtapat ka na kay tita chi! 'wag kang gagaya sa akin, puro "Air" walang "Force"!!

Rlyn: may isa pa akong song for you - original composition din
"di na makatulog, di pa makakain
tagyawat sa ilong......"

santo tonio

01-08-04 - 4:10 AM

Marie – hello Marie, welcome to the message board. Ako ang pinaka mabait dito sa message board, wag maniniwala sa mga sinasabi ni Amelia Rosales.

Tony – ang lakas na talaga ng luob mo, mayroon ka pang kanta para kay R-lyn. Doods paano ba yan, etong estudyante mo sa Air Force, kinakatalo ka. Tony, papano ang kanta mo para kay Ruth, Ami, Chi, Barbie, and Mariliz. Lahat na lang yata crush mo at pag nasa telephone ka, eto ang lagi mong linya “Eh alam mo namang ikaw lang ang pinaka .... ko, diba luv mo rin ako.”. Ang taas na ng lipad mo, feeling heaven ka ba?

Butch “Brad Pitt, E Pitt, and Armpit” – tutuo ba ang sinasabi ni Tony sa iyo, niloloko ka, payag ka, nililiit ka, mas mataas daw kasi sa iyo ng 1 inch.

Mariliz – how is your gums my dear, sabi ni Jojo may connections daw siya, pag may insurance ka lang. Hindi ka na ba bleeding (dinudugo, pangit pakinggan)? Tinahi ba ang gums mo or enistaple?

Anaboy Suelto – wala bang “I hope you’re feeling better Mariliz”, remember I care for you so much, kung pwede lang ako na ang nag pa gum surgery para sa iyo, gagawin ko. O diba, sige na, sulat na.


Nando – tutuo bang pinagkakalat mong girlfriend mo si Chi nuong 2nd year H.S.? Ang lakas mo rin, at least si Tony may lakas ng luob na manligaw ngayon, dami pa, bakit daw ngayon hindi ka mag umpisa ng tsismis, gaya niya.

Jane and Dianne – Happy Birthday sa inyong dalawang beauties. Hi Sweetie, Hello D QUEEN.

01-07-04 - 10:19 PM

hello usths77!

emily, +12 degrees lang ang baguio, walang-wala compared dyan.

r-lyn, is the messageboard keeping you awake?

tony, maricar, ruben, tanong lang, kung tayo pinayagan nang magparty noong first-second year pa lang, ganoon din kaya ngayon?
what do you think? nagbabago talaga ang panahon!

enjoy your day folks, no matter what time it is where you are!



Aped uli
01-07-04 - 9:40 PM

ooops, sori po, na-dementia yta nang kaunti:
thats a yahoo account

email: apeds77@yahoo.com

chat handle: apeds77

Aped Santos
01-07-04 - 9:31 PM
cel +63917-9956753
pot session organizer, 'period' ba ang term LOL!
To all:

We are throwing a potluck BDAY PARTY
for our VP Dianne Asuncion-Villarosa, whose bday is Jan.7.

At my house: #255 15th Avenue, Cubao, QC.
Party is open to all batchmates.

This will be on SATURDAY, Jan. 10 (sa Mla. siempre!),
7pm to 11pm ONLY.

Those of you who want to get in touch,
you may call my landline +632-439-5938. This number only pls.

We are also going online with webcam(TY sweetie!)
(using my other landline 437-9100,
so dont dial this one for your calls pls).

My handle will be

Hope to see many of you online!
Confirmed attending (so far) are Jeeng Garcia-E, Adele Juat-A, Maricar Grospe-C, Lizette Anselmo-V, MalouCastillo-M & LitoMalabanan, MarleneSalazar-D & RobertDavid, Paeng Adriano,
Tanet Tejam and Angie Medina-Santos.

01-07-04 - 9:11 PM

Amy: Hellow bespren! Happy New Year and Happy Three Kings! Too late na ba ang greetings ko! Medyo busy lang sa office! How are you? Hope you're OK! Regards din daw from Arabel and Mareng Tonet natin!

Wilmer: Good luck on your grand finals(?) sa karaoke! What are you gonna sing? Pwede bang mag request?

Marie: Hi there! I hope you still remember me, Marlene Salazar, we were classmate sa elementary, remember si Loreto Bernal? Di ba we frequent their house? Si Sarah Jane? Do you still remember her. If my memory serves me right, naging classmates ba tayo nung high school i think 3rd year? Pero i remember naging barkada din tayo kasi naka barkada ko si Edith E. Till then....

Isay/Oday/Marita: How are you guys? Hope to hear from you soon!

Aped Santos
01-07-04 - 9:06 PM

Hi Marie! Welcome aboard! Kamusta ka na?
long time... naalala mo pa ba ko?
Larry Aluning and I were just wondering sometime ago,
nasaan na ang mga Aquinian staffers and other SCA'ers.
Tell your hubby, I am in touch with a few USTHS'76ers,
just send me email, will reply asap.
Larry and I worked with Boy Crisostomo'76 for the USTHS homecoming April '02.

Isay, Amwee and Marie,
vhavhaing vhakla na ang DollyNaguit nyo!
No wonder you ghels have similar personalities,
pawang bubwit pa e, mga cheatmates na.
Dolly's Mrs.Ortiz now, call her +63920-351-9600.

ayan kaka-'all by myself' mo nuon,
na all by myself ka sa Taiwan! j/k lng po!
Salamat on that tidbit about Broderick Tiongson,
Malou Castillo-Malabanan, Bong Valdez and I have been tracking him down. Can you help pls out, Marie and hubby? Wala na yata sya sa PhilAmLife, korek? Malou tipped me, she saw Broderick in the papers sometime last year, something about insurance sales topnotchers.

We are trying to finish a new directory for our upcoming new Veritas77, para may directory per batchmate, at may 'then' and 'wow!' na pics per person! Hope we finish it soon!
Hello, to all batchmates, padala kayo ng 'now/wow!'pics nyo ha?
We'll let you all know how/where soon.
FeeEs, mahigpit na ipagbaBAWAL ang photoshop! Mwahahaha!

RayF and JojoC,
may kadamay kayo sa hospital bills,
Lani, wife of Chapad/Dodong Padilla,
just gave birth to a bouncing baby girl last Monday!
ooooh, sino pa ang mga hihirit ng latest babies?
viagra or viagmo? bashtush pala nitong si MikeV

Buti naman nabuhay na uli si Benjita,
SQ Carol, mustasa na? Busy ba? Hi CecilleCK! Hi Melanie and Stella!

Trivia on Three Kings:
'77er Goody Catarroja has triplet-brothers named Melchor, Gaspar, Baltazar. Younger classmen natin yung trio sa USTHS din.

To Da King:
(new text joke running around here, got it from text-happy PapaThorek)

GMA - economic mind
Roco - academic mind
EddieV - godly mind
Loren - changeable mind
Noli - no mind
Ping - mastermind
FPJ - never mind

01-07-04 - 9:05 PM

batchmates - happy new year! holidays are past ergo, back to the nitty gritty and daily scramble to make our lives happy, healthy and whole. for those who have been happy-er, healthy-er and whole-r, time to shed off those extra pounds gained. i'm sure kanya kanyang MO to lose weight...gym, running and etc. whatever works di ba?

i don't go to the gym (no time).
running, i can't. First of all, it's -22C outside (malamig pa kay sa freezer. either you bundle up however, it's not much fun if you're wearing 5 inches layer of clothing. Or, you just brave the weather and risk na mangulontoy ang balat. Plus if you do run in this temp, you have to see yourself as having a blonde moment (by this time, marami na rin).
so, i guess it's the "etc" for me. anyway, whatever works ika nga.

on a serious note, on behalf of the batchmates from the toronto group and our families, ALOHA, STELLA and VITT, our deepest sympathies for the loss of your loved ones. we pray for the Lord to shower your loved one with His eternal light and further give you all strength in your hour of need.

take care, our dear friends.

tony r:
01-07-04 - 7:47 PM

nando: teka, teka kasama yata ako duon sa mga tipar ng 323 sa roxas district sa haybols ni marie ha! suot ko yung nik-nik ko at ang shirt kong katsa (na pagka-katikati) at ang puka shells around my neck at siempre ang bapor kong shoes (actually sa kuya ko yun!). tapos "more" pa ang pa-sosyal kong yosi! doc nando, sabi mo pa nga nuon syota mo si ate chi-chi, kaso di nga lang alam ni chi-chi! he, he!! ang bilis nga ng mga boys pag pinatugtug na "all by myself". siempre 5 minutong sweet dance yun!

hi marie: if i'm not mistaken, kapatid ni broderick tiongson (isa ring usths 77)ang mister mo and you live in road 3 in proj 6. (hindi ako stalker, taga duon din me). anyway, welcome aboard. marami na tayong nagma-masters dito, si docnan may zen master, ako si
Dr. Un Ken master, si benjie mastermind, si mMm masterwasher, si pitt masterb--e!!!

santo tonio

ps: rlyn, here's part of the song i composed for you (originally!)
"di ko alam, kung bakit ganito
ngunit di bale na basta't malaman mo lang --
mahal kita, mahal kita hindi to bola....""

marie n. tiongson
01-07-04 - 7:26 PM

isay - so excited to see you soon after more than 2 decades. becha by golly. okay it's time to orient me to whatnots, our batchmates nicknames. like mMn for mamon well that's accdg. to him. who is CEO? pasensiya kung medyo bubita pa ako sa mga inyong nicknames. sa sobrang excitement parang gusto ko na kayong ma meet this saturday

01-07-04 - 5:55 PM

Got that noted, Marie. Siguro pagkatapos naming mag-Stylistics ni CEO (kilala mo naman siguro si CEO) puede na tayong mag-set nang date. O' di ba, mMn?

01-07-04 - 3:26 PM

Benjie - @#$%^&*@ Buset ka, nanahimik akong nagre-recover eh dinaig mo pa ang enquirer sa pagre-report. Hindi na kita labs!


01-07-04 - 3:21 PM

Sino ba naman ang makakalimot. Basta may get to know party, Revelation day/Christmas party o end of school year party ang brother-sister sections nang 213/223, 313/323 and 412/422 ang venue Roxas District, QC. Sa bahay ni Marie N. Ninety percent nang party na napuntahan ko sa bahay ninyo and the rest kina Edith E. sa Alemars building sa Roosevelt. Thanks Marie for those wonderful memories! Dahil sa iyo naging party boys kami nila Ruben/ mMn and others. Welcome to the message board.

mMn ---> you were right about the # 1fan. Ako pa nga ang president nang Vilma Santos fan club. Tanong mo kay Sweetie ang mga details. Pero si Utoten ang Edu Manzano hindi ako. Yan ang new luv team, gaya ni Duds1 and Marianne/ Sweetie and Da King/ honeyB and honeyS....Duds2 and Ate V.

Santo Tonio ---> ke-suwerte mo naman. After all the hard work and sacrifice last year, it all paid off. Lahat nang mga muse nakakausap mo pa. Pero nagtatampo ang muse nang left coast dahil di mo naman tinatawagan.


marie naniong - tiongson
01-07-04 - 3:20 PM

hey mariza glad to see u on this board. of course we were also seat or cheatmates at one point. i'd love to meet you and ami one of these days. first quarter of the year is the best part of the year for me to see friends since we're not busy. so set a date on a weekend preferably saturday, k.

mMn and Ruben - so glad you have fond memories of our parties at home. didn't realize you're my brother section in second year. so sino nga ang inyong mga "love" then. intriga yan ha but would be nice to know for old times sake.

01-07-04 - 3:04 PM

I know "Game of the Generals" exist(ed). That's a game where the Spy (who loves Ami) beats up on everyone including the generals and the only one that could kill the spy is the lowly private.

01-07-04 - 2:51 PM

Marie - how can we forget our first dance sa bahay niyo? By the way, the brain of this website is Cristina Samson, Ruben's talented daughter and I'm just helping out with minor maintenance. You said Henrietta is in Elk Grove. We often spend our weekend in Elk Grove. Baka neighbor ko pa siya, I'll be happy to play "Game of the Generals" with her. If you happen to be by her area, let me know.

01-07-04 - 2:39 PM

Tapos na ang Merry Christmas at Happy New Year at Happy Three Kings. Happy Birthday naman sa lahat ng January babies! Be Happy!

Mariliz: Hope you are feeling better from your dental surgery. Ouch!

Yes, there was a Game of the Generals Varsity Team and I was able to play with the team against other schools. I got discouraged because the first time I played, I lost to another school team and that made me very upset at iyakin pa naman ako, hahaha. I guess I needed more training on strategy. But GG is still one of my favorite board games, second to Monopoly! I was recruited by Cecil Cabahug who was one of the team members or team captain. So wag na kayong mag-away, mayroon nga nito.

01-07-04 - 2:04 PM

Ami, I see we found another batchmate close to us... Hello, Marie Naniong! Of course hindi kita nakakalimutan; magkakatabi tayo nina Dolly at one of our HS days (can't remember which yr, though).

Anyway, Ami's right. We are not far from you. Maybe we'll hang out sometime.

Jojo Comandante
01-07-04 - 1:37 PM

Happy birthday, Dianne and Jane. I know you'll have more ... opportunities to buy us dinner. Just say when, at sana dito sa L.A., nyak, nyak, nyak.

Kumareng Poca, kumusta na ang mga gums mo? Kung may problema ka, tawag ka lang sa akin. Alam mo namang malakas ang koneksiyon ko when it comes to dental health. Teka, ano na nga ba ang dental insurance mo? Che-checkin ko lang ang deductible!

Ruben Samson
01-07-04 - 1:23 PM

Marie Naniong-Tiongson---welcome to our very own message board. I hope some of the photos will refresh your fond memories of our high school days.

My very first high school dance was in second year, section 223 at your house. There were a lot of heart throb dances happened on that night...some of the excited boys that I seemed to remember were Nando Catama, Ramon Salinda, Armand Ty, Giullermo Rustia, Conrado Abesamis, Ericson Perez, Miloy Cabansag, Luis David, Magsi and yours trully.

Do check us out from time to time...regards.

Mike V.---I was waiting for your call on New Years day, sayang hindi mo ako na tawagan sa land line, the cell phone has a spotty signal in our area.

Mariliz---hope you feel better.

Jane & Dianne---when is our on-line chat? Dianne, I hope you could fix your computer soon.

Stella---kamusta ka na? I am always including you in my prayers.

Rlyn---kamusta na ang mga massage theraphy?

marie naniong - tiongson
01-07-04 - 1:07 PM

mMn- hey yah, recognize you as soon as i saw your pics at the web. howdy and thanks for conceptualizing or managing our batch site. my husband who belongs to batch '76 feels so bad that none of his batchmates did theres later

marie naniong - tiongson
01-07-04 - 1:03 PM

r-lyn of course i would recognize that face. one of a kinda.beautiful face jopey's good he's so happy to see some of your pics as well
ami i'm so glad to hear from you.won't forget ami rosales. we've have fun time as classmates. henrietta's good she's at elk grove.

01-07-04 - 12:07 PM

Si Tony pinadugo ang gums ni Mariliz sa kakatawa. Kaka gum surgery lang, eh pinatawa mo ng pinatawa. Sabi naman ni Tony parang hindi naman nag surgery sobra tumawa kaya, pinatawa ko. Sorry Mariliz.

01-07-04 - 10:42 AM

Happy happy bday to Dianne and Jane! Happy birthday na rin sa mga naka lista na Jan bday celebrants. Teka si Wilmer daw magblo-blow out, di ba sabi mo Wilmer pupunta ka sa Chicago? puwede ka na rin dito sa Chicago magblow-out para makita mo uli yung best buddy mo na si Nonoy! Lunkot daw siya sa iyo

tony r - it was good talking to you on the phone. dehins ko na realize marami palang naghahanap sa iyo? ano nga ba ang secret?

01-07-04 - 10:00 AM

Mamon – the reason why I’m not posting kasi, I’m a little depressed. Kasi si Nonoy ang sakit magsalita. Sabi ba naman uli, ang lamang ko lang daw sa kanya ang height ko, at magkamukha raw kami. Ang sakit sa dibdib, para akong sinaksak. Evie (Nonoy’s one and only, biro lang). Alam ko namang ang laki ng ginandang lalaki sa akin ni Nonoy (sa mata ni Evie).

Tony R. – I’m glad you’re back. At bumalik din ang iyong pride, over over ang pride mo ngayon, in a good way. Ano ang sinabi mo kay R-lyn? Gusto mo pati susi ng kwarto ko ibigay ko sa iyo, hindi lang Captain’s chair. Nakaka bilib ka. Ano ang sinabi mo kay Chi? Talagang ikaw lang, pag pag ibig tunay, nahihiyakang sabihin na may pag ibig/crush ka sa kanya. Talaga naman, ang lakas mo. Eh bakit si Ami, hindi mo binabanggit at hindi tinatawagan? Bakit naman pati ang dental appt mo, sinasabi mo sa amin ni R-lyn, na kailangan ka nang mag pa teeth cleaning, because you can smell yourself na. Ano ba yan?

Mariliz – tawagan nyo si Mariliz, kasi kaka dental surgery lang, hindi makapag salita ang sarap pakingan parang may kucharang malaki sa bibig. (909)262-5776. Hi Mariliz, I hope you feel better. Don’t worry they’ll call you today and tomorrow, diba guys.

Stel – I hope you feel better too, we’re still praying for you.

Butch (aka “ARMPIT”) – ang dami nyong pakulo ni Tony, kamusta ang Golf meeting. Bakit golf meeting and sinabi mong palusot kay Gugu (asawa ni Butch) eh, start of winter palang? Tapos na ba raw ang walk in closet ni Gugu, akala ko birthday gift mo last year ang tapusin ang walk in closet ni Gugu?

01-07-04 - 9:28 AM

Maricar - kamusta na? Was I supposed to send the roses? Nag-expire na yata 'yung credit card account ko kay Ami and Aped kaya walang roses na nakarating.

Aped - thanks so much, I owe you big time. I will call you later.

Benjie - missing in action ka sa board. Ano ang drama mo? We don't miss you. Sige na mag-post ka na dahil kulang ang saya sa msg. board.


01-07-04 - 9:03 AM

Emily: 22 below zero kayo ngayon dyan, Wow! Maninigas ka pala sa lamig dyan, pero masarap sigurong may ka-yakap. Meron na ba?

Speaking of paninigas, kung ang “Viagra” ang gina-take ng mga boys, ano naman ang nakaka-arouse sa mga ghels?……Sirit…..”VIAG-MO”

Have a good day folks?

Mike V.

01-07-04 - 8:41 AM

MARIE -> Hi! It's heart warming to know that you recognized me after all these years! How are you and how's Jopee? I remember those days Hope to hear more from you. Warmest regards.

RAY -> Hello! I didn't get any sms message from you last night and yes, gising pa ako that time. Stella & I have seen the christmas party video that Ric Arbasto shot there but not the photos. The shots were clear pero medyo magalaw, I guess medyo tipsy na yung humahawak nang camera and... parang kulang yata ang attendees?

WILMER -> Thanks for your call last night although I lost you. Ano ba yan, lagi na lang naka-cut-off everytime you call! Hindi ka agad nag-redial kaya tuloy by the time you called back, the line was taken na. Di bale, try again next time. Ingat diyan sa Arizona.

01-07-04 - 5:45 AM

Since Dianne's computer is still unable to connect to the internet, she asked me to say thank you to all those who greeted her on her birthday. She also said "asan na yung mga roses na sinasabi ni Aped at wala naman akong natatanggap?"

This greeting is from me - Happy birthday Jane! I hope we get to see other again (either in Manila or Arizona).

01-07-04 - 5:30 AM

Happy birthday Diane and Jane!

mMn - I don't think I can make it sa Bay Area for Wilmer's birthday celeb. I already emailed WB to keep me posted re future skeds up there. Also, yung Games of the General, yun yung isa sa mga credits na nakasulat below CEO's picture sa Veritas...

01-06-04 - 11:15 PM

Ami - also advised Marie to read this message board and post her messages here. I did tell her na malapit lang kayo ni Isay sa kaniya. Games of the what??

Thanks daw sa greetings mo sabi ni Sweetie(k).

Jane - happy birthday from Dianne. Wilmer is in Arizona and he's trying to contact you. I think he'll take you and your family out to dinner.

amelia rosales mccrory
01-06-04 - 10:22 PM
(925) 648-0889
Hello, Marie (Asuncion) Naniong,

Glad to see that you've discovered out site at MSN; thank you mMn for posting her messages at this board.

I hope you still remember me, Amelia Rosales. Classmates din tayo at UST Elementary. Threesome kayo nuon nina Dolores Naguit at Rosemarie Fabella. How's your sister, Henrietta?

Mariza Ortega and I are not too far from Stockton; she's in Livermore and I'm in Danville kaya we can get together some time if your schedule permits.

Oooo... doon sa mga nagtataka kung meron nga talagang Games of the General na Varsity team noon, tanungin si Marie dahil 'yung sister n'ya ang aming team manager, hah!


Emily " Chimay"
01-06-04 - 10:04 PM

Pres Aped, Maraming salamat - parang kidlat sa bilis nang response. I-pi-print ko na po at -pi-frame pa ang mga inserts...

Hello Rey F - malamig ba sa Baguio? Dito sa TO -22C ngayon.

Marie Naniong
01-06-04 - 8:51 PM

Another posting (mMn)

hello again
after going through the members list, got your name nonot v.
and how glad that i finally saw some 412's pics. how come haven't seen Iyoh on those pictures. But really glad to get a glimpse of Angel and Susan. even my classmate way back elementary, dolly naguit. we've been seat mates all our elementary years as you know we are seated alphabettically what, was that 25 or so years ago. Hope you'll log and check this website more often and catch up.

marie naniong tiongson

Marie Naniong Tiongson (posted by mMn)
01-06-04 - 8:48 PM

Batchmates - I picked up Marie's message from USTHS77.org and took the liberty to post it here:

From: marienaniontiongson

hello batchmates
finally found this website and so happy to sign in. as a neophyte to this group let me just feel in some data.

mnt is for marie naniong tiongson 815 is my birthday. i'm from section 412 temporarily residing in stockton CA as i just finished my Master's Degree. right now i'm doing my practicum in a research facilty at Winters CA

here's to more messages. hope my name would sound familiar to some of the regular e-mailers and as i browse to the pictures section, seen familiar faces specially for the woman who i guessed grown into wisdom. but having a hard time recognizing the guys except for Vu which i think is short for Voltaire. Am i right? and for Ms. Muse, is that you Arlene. Guess i'm positive about that.


01-06-04 - 8:17 PM
hello rlyn, thanks for your message! gising ka pa pala?

i've tried sending you an sms message from the web but don't know if it works. i'd be interested on what you think of rick's videos and photos. all the best for you!

ray flores

01-06-04 - 7:45 PM

Dear Dianne & Jane,

Happy Birthday beautiful ladies!!! My best wishes to both of you.


01-06-04 - 6:25 PM

hello usths77! happy new year!

dianne and jane, happy birthday rin! ganoon na rin sa lahat nang sinilang ngayong january. 9 months before your birthdays, may milagrong nangyari!

ric c., ang tagal mo!

stella, malapit na! tinutulungan kami ni aped.

jane, kumusta ka na, ang baby and the rest of the family?

carol, ok ka na?

ric a., kumusta ang pagbalik? paki post ang mga letrato, ha? kumusta sa lahat nang nasa east coast na rin!

regards sa lahat nang ka batch, mas madalas sana kayong mag-post dito, talo ang telenovela!


ray flores


01-06-04 - 2:12 PM

mMn: sa 19th ba ka’mo ang akyat dyan ng magkumpareng Jojo at Mariliz and with WB? That falls on a Monday, omalabs may pasok… No worries, there’ll be more opportunities to come…

Ruben: mukhang nalasing ka sa Blue Label. Natuloy ako nung Nu Year kina Robert, wa nasagot nung tinatawagan ka namin…

Mike V.


01-06-04 - 1:41 PM

Kuya Tonio ---> Nakarating ka na't lahat hindi ka pa rin nagre-report sa Ate mo. Ahem, if I don't hear from you, kukulamin kita para hindi ka na ulit makapagmaneho ng eyropleyn,

Your sister,


01-06-04 - 11:15 AM

Noli-Belated Happy Birthday

Dianne & Jane- Happy Birthday sa inyong dalawa and best wishes...we should schedule our on-line chat...its been a while...sama kaba mMn?

Aped- I sent you some time ago the list of telephone directory that was organized by Jane, can we include them on the online directory?
You are doing a great job...maramimg salamat


01-06-04 - 10:15 AM

1239 - di ba #1 fan ka ni Lizette? Uy!!!

Mike V. - sorry hindi tayo nagkita when you were in the neighborhood. We were up in the Sierra for some fun in the snow eh mahina ang reception ng cell phone. Very late Sunday 12/28 na kami nakabalik sa Bay Area. May next time pa naman eh. Sama ka na lang kay Wilmer, Jojo and Mariliz. Nandito yata sila on the week of Jan 19th. Blowout ni Wilmer for his birthday.

Dianne - happy birthday, will try to txt or call.

Jane - bukas pa since nandito ka sa US pero happy birthday na rin. I'll call you too.


01-06-04 - 9:53 AM

Santo Tonio: Based on my tracker: w/ 95% probability, 62’s number is (310) 978-9443. Try mo this afternoon kasi, no one is answering when I tried it awhile ago….

Probably better is to try our Contact Directory, I think he’s listed there.

Brother Mike V.


01-06-04 - 9:33 AM

To everybody: HAPPY THREE KINGS sa intong lahat.

To Everybody in Pinas: Happy Melchor, Gaspar and Baltazar din sa inyo. In About 4 to 5 months darating na ang 4th king!!! Da King is in!!!!! Hay buhay!!!!!

tony r
01-06-04 - 6:35 AM

brod pete: si tita mariliz lang ang nagsabing photogenic ako sa las vegas, kasi napagkamalan niya akong photographer na kino-cover ang reunion natin! anyways, lumabas na rin ang isa sa mga crush natin sa high school (teka san beda diba?), si tita lisette anselmo!! haaaay!!!

panay ang apply ko ng clearasil noon mapansin lang ako ni lisette!!

santo tonio

ps: wag sana magselos yung taga jersey, bloomingdales at yung lawyer sa left coast! lab ko parin namin kayo!


01-06-04 - 5:43 AM

SANTO TONIO - Wak ka na galit. Kailangan ka nang masanay na maraming humahanap sa iyo. Malakas talaga ang dating ng Piloto (Made in Taiwan). Buti nga hindi na pulis ang humahanap sa iyo kagaya nung araw.

Narinig ko pa nga na very 'photogenic' ka raw.
Mukhang photographer. Tama ba and definition ko Ka Lito?

Payong nakakabatang kapatid...
Ingat lang kapag naliligo ka...baka mabigla ang mala-Adonis mong katawan at tibihin ka.

Pitt... Brod Pitt Alien!!!

Aped uli
01-06-04 - 5:25 AM

Eto pa pahabol, 'publishable' na din daw,
mainit pa sa hot pandesal, na text message:

CHRISTINE 'DADAY' YULO's celfone: +63916-243-1913

01-06-04 - 5:22 AM


JojoC and Dina,
Kailangan nyo din ba ng decorator para sa binyangan?
hehe, I'm doing just that for a batchmate this month! Jo, guess who?
if so, EZ, just send visa na may kalakip na fleyn tiket lang. Mwahahaha!

JojoMariano and BongZepol,
Veritas77 says June 19 is JojoM's bday.
But our Directory says January 19.
There must have been a typo error when we did the Directory draft
in April 2002. Anyways, Bong, u shld know better, debah? Thanks!
Sorry JojoM.

Your email addresseseses are listed in our printed Silver Directory.
I gave both JunA and LizetteA copies of that directory during
the Dec.27 party at my house.
I am emailing you all, 1st-9th Inserts
to the printed April 2002 Silver Directory,
pls save/print, for best results! Hahaha!

The ff. contact points, all deemed 'publishable' na yan,
coming out in the 10th Insert:

jun.acance@iag.com.au (preferred)
celfone: 0401712017

celfone: +63917-502-3186

(no email given)
home: +632-531-2418

Ric Calquian, I am waiting for your data entries.

Otto sMallAri,
Email ko din sa iyo yung Directory Data Sheet,
para ma-update naman entries on your data changes.
Otto, si Cesar De Guia texted me just yesterday.
He had wanted your new phone numbers. Non-emailing si Cesar pa yata.
Sabi ko, wala pa nga, kasi di ko pa nakuha yung change of contact points mo, after lumipat ka ng bahay.
Sorry ha, di ko naasikaso agad after your last email to me,
at ako'y nagulantang na ng xmas season dito.

Btw, hiway, PC ni Dianne ay currently tsugi, nagcrash yata.
So, now wala syang access dito sa cjb nor everyone's emails.
Text/call in your bday greetings to her,
bday ni bru bukas, January 7.
May nagpadala na ng roses kay Dianne,
my leefs r sealed kung sino, pero kung pipilitin nyo ko,
pwes! mag ocho-ocho muna kayo!

DianneAV celfone: +63917-526-7761 home: +632-438-5620

Happy Bday too DedeQueen Jane!
Ano na height mo kafatid?
Hindi ba talaga pinakain ng iStarMarjarin
ang mga pinanganak ng Jan.7???

Hoy! Bb. Young Pilipinas (year 1611), Noli Sapuriada!
Belated Hapi bersdey din Jan.1!
Nagpaputok ka ba?
omaygas!, hangbashtush mo ha!

tony r
01-06-04 - 3:57 AM

brod pitt: 'langhiya ka, di tuloy ako nakatulog kagabi. tataka tuloy yung esmi ko kung bakit naligo ako uli (after 2 days) at suot ko jacket ko magdamag! okay yung calling sked na binigay sakin ni
tita chi, siguradong ako lang ang makakausp niya! mamamatay sa inggit si wantuttri-nine sakin niyan!!

santo tonio

ps: brod pitt, kasalanan mo pag naging tonio demonio ang AKA ko!!

may pumukol sa pi-Pitt sa sanga ng isang araw. at nahagip.......

Emily "Chimay" Barbosa
01-05-04 - 10:03 PM

Bong Lopez, e-mail mo naman ako, libre ba ang consultation by e-mail? Regards to the Canadian beauty...

Aped, paki-bigay naman ang e-mail address ko kay Lizette and Jun Acance. How do I get a copy of the insert?

Hay salamat - nakita na din si Lizette! Stell, Gochie, Dianne, Guia,Ag - buhay na naman ang barkada!

01-05-04 - 9:00 PM


Correction: June 19 bday ni Jojo M., not Jan 19


01-05-04 - 5:48 PM

SANTO TONIO - Tumawag si Chichi kasi nabalitaan niyang nakausap kita. Naku! Excited na excited lalo na nang sabihin kong ang pasada mo ay dumadaan sa Newark. Kumaway ka naman daw pag nadaan ka sa lugar niya. Abot mo ba ang bintana ng eroplano mo?

Tawagan mo raw siya, pero maligo ka muna. Gusto rin niya na suot mo raw yung flier jacket mo kapag kausap mo siya.

You can call her sa bahay between 9am - 5pm on weekdays and anytime daw (biro mo anytime!) on weekends sa opisina.

Kapag wala raw sumasagot, basta dial ka lang ng dial.

Napagutusan lamang,
Pitt... Malu Pitt

tony r
01-05-04 - 4:26 PM

pitt: pakipot muna ako, siempre may trabaho na ko ano! tsaka iba naman ang type nuon, di katulad natin na native! i'll talk to Rlyn pag naka-collect na ng insurance!! he, he!

si Pitt - namimilipit, gintong pilak - namumulaklak sa tabi ng dagat!

santo tonio


01-05-04 - 3:20 PM

Jojo C ---> David ang suggestion ko for your son's name!!!! It's been in the top 10 for so many years now. David as in day (long A) not David as in damuho (short A). Git the fronunciacion write!!!!


Jojo Comandante
01-05-04 - 12:41 PM

Happy New Year sa lahat. Sana ay maging masagana ang 2004 sa ting lahat. Bong (zepol), I tried to return your call pero nakauwi ka na pala. Kumusta na ang white leghorn natin?

Sa mga January celebrants, baka naman may gustong mag-blow-out diyan? Ikaw iyon WB, dahil ikaw ang lokal dito sa L.A.!

Aped, salamat sa insight mo regarding Jodin, pero mukhang masusunod yata si Esmi at talagang David pa rin ang gusto, (pero walang Alexander, o di va, harbat queen?) Susubukan ko pa ring ipaglaban ang aking karapatan... Abangan...


01-05-04 - 10:04 AM

SANTO TONIO - Nakausap ko si R-lyn. Matagal ka na raw niyang gustong tawagan kaya lang nawala niya yung cel# mo. Please call her ASAP, if want to be on her good side (if there is one). Wag ka nang maligo... hindi ka naman nakikita. Ang suwerte mo, ikaw pa ang hinahanap.

Oh bakit ka nanginginig...

Pitt ...


01-05-04 - 8:30 AM

202 -- Maski na "ilusyon" lang namin ang mga labtim, at least meron kaunting kasiyahan, nong say mo? Pero, pero ... halo-halo, bibingkang may kesong puti, mooncake na may itlog na maalat at espasol na walang amag ... pwede na rin!

Hi Sweetie! Hi Puso! Hi Doods! Hi Marianne! Hi Swithart! Hi Hon! O, o.k. ba ang roll-call? Ano -- 21 January birthday celebrants!

Aped uli
01-05-04 - 7:35 AM

At para naman hindi puro patay ang aking mga balita,
feeling nung iba tuloy, kapag nagtext ako, may namatay na naman! sus!
aba hoy! ala akong balak mag coffee party forever ano?

Eto ang mga alive and kicking this month:

1 - Renato Dizon, Noli Sapuriada
5 - Luis Natividad
7 - Dianne Asuncion-Villarosa, Jane Sembrano-Rodriguez
11 - William Ilagan, Iyoh Sordan-Villamayor
14 - Odi Meneses
15 - Wilmer Baliton
19 - Jojo Mariano
20 - Marivic Velasco-Fernandez, Myra Cayamanda
23 - Macrae Rivera
24 - Abigail Cruz-Andom
25 - AnaBoy Suelto
26 - Paeng Adriano, Benjie Oniate, Paul Yatco
27 - Ding Lim
28 - Jeeng Garcia-Enciso
30 - Lou Rigonan-Dugeno

OMG! Colt 45 na kayo???

01-05-04 - 7:15 AM

oops, last post was mine!


01-05-04 - 7:14 AM

Hello Ric C. and Chimay!
Good to hear from you both!
Sana nga magkitakita tayo uli.
Nag 5Oth wedding anniversary pala parents ni Jun Acance dito sa Phil, kaya sila umuwi family nya from Melbourne.

Btw, the directory data of Jun Acance, Lizette Anselmo-Villanueva and Christine 'Daday' Yulo will be in the next Directory Insert we publish regularly here(10th na ang next). Ric, you have to be there too, of course! Same with others, who are not yet included.

ok, always take care, mga kafatidz!

ric c.
01-05-04 - 6:12 AM

Aped - my home email is gcalaquian@aol.com, kamusta ka na? say hi to Larry Aluning, Jun Acance (mga bus-mates ko yan sa proj 7). Ok naman dito sa Delaware, lagi lang maulan sa East Coast.

Stella, Vit, Aloha - my prayers are with you.

Benjie - tahimik ka ata?

Jane S - hello, kanusta ang New Year?

Vit Hernandez
01-05-04 - 12:59 AM

Dear Batchmates,

In behalf of my siblings - Grace (USTHS '73), Melanio Jr. (USTHS '75)and his wife Esperanza Salvador (USTHS '78), Ricardo (USTHS 79) and his wife Brenda Alcantara, Rossano and his wife Ma. Teresita Bagkus, and Florence (USTHS '83) and her husband Rene Molina - I would like to thank everyone who condoled with us and contributed to the collection for my late father, Melanio D. Hernandez Sr.

It was very touching seeing batchmates take their time to visit and talk with us, text and even organize an abuloy. Special thanks to Paeng Adriano, Mike Silbor, Thorek de Castro, Gerry Faypon, Fer de Ramos, Egay Araza, Aped Santos, Lito Santos, Rainier Jarabelo, Luis Magsaysay, Roland Justiniani, Noli Sapuriada, Nonoy Aguilar, Toots Trijo and of course Amy Rosales McRory. Also thanks to those who posted messages in this Message Board.

I had the special privilege of taking care of my father a week before he passed away. On his last day he even hinted to me that he was already going back to the Lord, hence I was prepared for it. He led a full life already. He was 3 days short of celebrating his 82nd birthday.

Once again, many thanks to everyone. God bless you all and Happy New Year!


01-04-04 - 10:46 PM

197&198 ---> ano'ng "special-special" na naman 'yan? halu-halo, bibingkang may kesong puti, mooncake na may itlog na maalat, o espasol na walang amag? hindi naman kaya manager's special o senior citizen's special (10% off every tuesday)?

bagong labtim na naman ba 'yan o wannabe labtim lang? susme! walang tigil ang pagnanasaan ng mga batsmeyt!!! hoy iligo n'yo na lang 'yan, hah, at tigilan ang pang-iinggit sa mga walang kalabtim


01-04-04 - 9:06 PM

Dear Stella, Aloha, and Vitt:

At this agonizing time in your life, may the love and support of your family and friends bring solace to your weeping hearts.
You and your loved ones will be remembered in my thoughts and offered in the Mass.

Emily "Chimay"
01-04-04 - 8:56 PM

H, Aped. Okay naman ako. Back to work tomorrow after 16 days in LA. Eto, back to snow-storm in TO. Sana maka-bisita naman kayo dito. Thanks for all your efforts sa PI in coordinating batch activities. I hope the New Year brings more luck to all of us. Take care and regards to all...


01-04-04 - 7:34 PM

190 - define "faithful" please.


01-04-04 - 7:00 PM

Sorry my dear "Special One".


01-04-04 - 4:20 PM

"You really are special...so special"

And I quote, "Promises, promises..."

Aped Santos
01-04-04 - 1:35 PM

Dear Batchmates in the US/Canada,

I have forwarded your $150 collection to Vit Hernandez and his siblings Saturday, January 3 (Mla).
Peso equivalent was Php 8250.-
as per Mariliz's exchange rate of $1:Php54.90.

I went to Funeraria Nacional on Araneta Ave, QC
around 11am just before the funeral cortege left
for the cremation at Funeraria Paz, Araneta Ave., QC.

Vit was happy receiving the abuloy from everyone.
He was happy specially that UST Elem classmates remembered.
Much more when I mentioned that HS close friends of his, Roland and Noli, remembered him.


Hi Chimay and Ric Calaquian! Kamusta na kayo?
Ric, whats your email address? Pls let me know.


01-04-04 - 9:03 AM

192 - Kung may "Hi Doods" dapat meron "Hi Marianne".
194 - Bagong labtim din?

Let the fun begin!

Doods & Marianne Fan


01-04-04 - 8:45 AM

I say it again "You really are special...so special"

77 Veritas
01-03-04 - 11:15 PM

Hi, Ruben, Mon & the rest of the batchmates.

Happy New Year. My brother-in-law, Evan del Castillo (batch 74) asked me to tell you that he has copies of The Veritas for
years 73, 75, 76, 77, 79 and 84. He brought it back to LA last year as part of the multi-batch fund-raising campaign for USTHS.

We would appreciate it if you can post this
information in our websites. Those interested can
contact him at edlc@earthlink.net


Emily M. Barbosa


01-03-04 - 10:43 PM

O, mga intriga nanaman kayong mga walang labtim.

Hi Hon! Hi Swithart! Hi Sweetie! Hi Puso! Hi Doods! Oo nga naman 186 & 187, bakit ninyo kinalimutan si Hi Swithart and Hi Hon? O, sino naman si Hi Mahal? Ano kaya ang translation ng mga labtim codes above ... and their partners?


01-03-04 - 5:59 PM

continuation ---> ...in words and in deeds, oooooo


01-03-04 - 3:46 PM

Dapat ang New Year's resolution ng mga may kalabtim: I will be faithful to my lawfully-wedded spouse

Ang naiinggit na walang kalabtim ,


01-03-04 - 1:57 PM

186-187 - You also forgot "Hi Hon!"

01-02-04 - 11:42 PM

To all USTHS 77 batchmates,

I've been out of touch for a while but I hope everyone had a peaceful holiday.

To Stella, Aloha and Vitt, you are in our minds as we pray for God to keep you strong during this most difficult time.


01-02-04 - 5:43 PM

186 - you forgot "Hi Swithart!"


01-02-04 - 5:24 PM

Hi Sweetie! Hi Puso! Hi Doods!

01-02-04 - 1:32 PM

Aped - Please check your email, I had sent the funds from our fundraising efforts today thru RCBC.

Marta Gamboa-Lolarga
01-02-04 - 12:15 PM

Dear Aloha, Stella, and Vitt,

Please accept our sincere condolences and sympathies for your loss. Your loved ones are not far away - they will always be in your hearts. Our prayers are for you and your loved ones.

Marta and Family

Emily "Chimay" Barbosa
01-02-04 - 8:55 AM

Happy New Year to all batchmates and your families. Advance birthday greetings to co-celebrants Dianne Villarosa and Jane Sembrano on the 7th.

I spoke with Aloha (Ali Sotto)a few minutes ago and she is sending her gratitude to everyone who sent messages. She said she draws strength from all your words of caring. She also asked that we continue to pray for her family, especially her father who is trying so hard to cope like her.

I told her that some of her close friends from USTHS and Dominican may not have reached her yet but are definitely thinking of her at this difficult time.

Stella is also trying her best to be strong so calls and prayers would be much appreciated.

To all of us who still have our parents with us, let us count our blessings...

ric c.
01-02-04 - 6:28 AM

Carol, nandito ako sa Delaware. Kamusta ka na?


01-01-04 - 9:15 AM

LITO - I tried to call you last year para batiin kayo,
kaya lang hindi nag-riring ang cel mo.
Siguro hindi ko na-dial. Duh!
Anyway, broadway...Hapi Nu Yir.
Harinawa at mas marami kang niyog na kakayurin sa bagong taon.

mMn (aka FPJ) - Tutoo bang sa pagtakbo mo ng pagka-presidente ay si Lotis Key ang bise mo?
Sama yata pakinggan ng team ninyo!

CHI - Hi TitaChi

Kagalang-galang MAYOR NG SELDA - Taon-taon ko nang ginagawa iyong tumalon ng tumalon pero walang epecto.
Natatagtag lang ako at bumababa ang dibdib ko sa tiyan.

Pitt... Napit Pitt


01-01-04 - 7:52 AM

AMI... swerte mo you run the dish washer and then turned yourself in. Me, Ana told me to do the dishes and then tucked herself in. I was done by 3:30, he he he...

Hapi Nyu Yir sa Lahat



01-01-04 - 4:52 AM

HAppy New Year to Everyone!!! We've just run the dishwashers and are about ready to turn in. I hope everyone rang in the new year with much joy and hope for the new leaf turned.

Bong, sorry I missed your call. CAn you leave me your number so I can call you?

Pitt, tumalon ka ba para tumangkad ka? Same question to Sunshine en mMn...


Emily "Chimay" Barbosa
01-01-04 - 1:39 AM

Dear Aloha,

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Sincere condolences from my parents, my sister and myself. Take care.

Emily Barbosa


01-01-04 - 12:01 AM

Hay naku 2ØØ4 na.
Happy New Year sa lahat!!!!


12-31-03 - 8:27 PM

Hello batchmates from all over the place! Wishing one and all a healthy, safe, happy and more "let's get together" kind of New Year!

Mabuhay Batch 1977!!

Wilmer Baliton
12-31-03 - 8:21 PM

STELLA -- It was great to hear your voice this evening. Not much to say, but my condolences and prayers are with you and your loved ones during this very difficult time. Stay strong ... we're here for you!

ALOHA -- You may not know me, but if you recall, my classroom is about 6 doors down from yours ... in short(y), "ang pinaka mataas na section/426". Hope that you didn't mind just a wee-bit of humor. On a much more serious note, I truly send my warm thoughts to you and your family. Your son is now with Him. My condolences and prayers. (Please extend my best wishes to Janet Macabasco, thanks!).

VITT -- I'm certain that there are no words at this time that could ease the pain, but please know that we're thinking of you at your time of loss. My condolences and prayers are with you.

At this time, I wouldn't want to say Happy New Year, but rather, "Wishing the three of you and your families nothing but the BEST this new year!".


12-31-03 - 1:28 PM

Pasensiya ka na, ngayon lang ako uli nagbasa ng message board, and just found out that you were in an accident. Thank God your safe and doing great. Take care.
Happy New Year to all.

Butch A.
12-31-03 - 11:50 AM

Ako ay nakikiramay sa lahat ng nawalan ng minamahal sa buhay.

12-31-03 - 11:25 AM

RENE -> Got your phone message from yesterday and I apologize for not getting back to you earlier. With regards to your message, NO PUN INTENDED! Just speaking from my heart as I always do.

BONG -> Had a great time with your family!

DIANNE V -> I really appreciate the thoughtfulness, thanks so much!

WB -> Have not heard from you for a while and then when you called, na-miss ko pa.

BUTCH -> Heard you need a break? I can put my two cents in if you need it...


Ruben Samson
12-31-03 - 11:12 AM

Vitt--my sincere condolences to you and your family. I know how you feel...I loss both my parents about 2 years ago...they died three weeks apart...

Stella, Aloha and Vitt---We are praying for the eternal repose of your love ones...

Batchmates hang in there...the sun will shine after all the rain and thunderstorm...God has a reason and in His time, He will let you know...

Happy New Year to All !!!

Ruben Samson and family.

Joel Villamater
12-31-03 - 10:49 AM

All of us have gone through and will go through 'trials' in our lives at one time or another... In fact, this New Year's eve we will commemorate one of my younger brother's passing when he took his final breath moments after we rang in the new year...Since then (1997), we've always welcomed the new year in silence instead of the usual revelry...

To Stella, Aloha & Vitt... No words can ever be said that will ease the pain of your loss, I can only pray that He will give you the strength to face these difficult times. I hope you find some comfort in knowing that there are people praying for you and ready to give you support in any way possible...

May the New Year bring good luck, good health, happiness & prosperity to all !!!

Joel Villamater & family

12-31-03 - 10:47 AM

Hi all!

Stella is requesting for a lot of prayers....
you can also call her at 917-593-1878.


12-31-03 - 9:13 AM

Happy New Year to my dearest batchmates. Ingat lagi...

Sincere sympathy to those who had lost their love ones - Aloha, Vitt and Stella: our prayers are with you. take care.

12-31-03 - 6:19 AM

Happy New Year to everyone!

Lala Sebastian
12-31-03 - 5:22 AM

Dear Aloha,
I cannot imagine the pain and sadness you're going through...our deepest and heartfelt condolences to you and your family..Take care.

Lala & family


12-31-03 - 2:31 AM


Thanks for all the complements in your earlier notes. I knew that you're one of the best friends around. I just hope that your great wisdom and mind will provide you with enough strength to cope with the challenges that you have now. Take care...


Hapi New Year hon!


12-31-03 - 1:05 AM

ValedickT ---> Kelangan ba si Dayunyor eh, ang pangalan kumbinasyon ninyo ni Dinnah? Buking na buking naman ang ethnicity, 'noh? Sino pa nga ba kasi kung hindi tayo lang ang gumagawa n'yan

Ang suggestment ko lang is this: David Alexander dahil bagay na bagay sa last name ninyo. It's very strong sounding, parang Izabel, very classy. H'wag lang bibigyan ng palayaw na DACO baka laging pagkaguluhan ng mga vading, oooo, diva, Vucs en Aphid?


Happy New Year to all!!!

12-30-03 - 8:58 PM

On a lighter note,

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2004 to all!
Let the blessings of this season be with us all and our families!
May it knock early, stay late, and leave gifts
of lasting JOY, HOPE, PEACE, and FORTUNE behind!
CHEERS USTHS Class of 1977!

Hello Shynne!, Jojo and Dina!, RayF and Vivian, Chapad and Lani,
nabawasan man ang '77 family this year after so many deaths
in the big '77 Family, may mga papalit naman!

Jojo and Dina, Jodin sounds good, parang Jojo and Dina nga,
plus short for 'Jojo din' mala-dyunyor baga.
Or how about Jona, Jonah, or Jonas? Irambol pa, pwede din Anjo?!
Huwag Dijon ha, at baka magalit si SalsaQ!

Nando Catama & Family
12-30-03 - 8:52 PM

The road ahead may seem long.... but let faith take you by the hand and guide you through this difficult times....

To Aloha ---> We are thinking of you and wishing you hope in the midst of sorrow and comfort in the midst of pain. Our heartfelt sympathy to you and your family.

To Vitt ---> May the warm memories of your dear one soothe you in this difficult time, and help you be at peace. Our prayers are with you.

12-30-03 - 8:40 PM
Batch'77 in Manila has paid visit to Vit Hernandez
at wake of his dad, Melanio D. Hernandez, Sr.
Vit's dad's remains will be cremated on Saturday, January 3, 2004
at 1pm at the Funeraria Paz, Araneta Avenue, QC
after the requiem mass at Santo Domingo Church, QC at 10am.

Those I know who came were Paeng Adriano, Gerry Faypon, Mike Silbor, Thorek De Castro, Joselito Santos and me.
Acc. to Vit he reads the message board regularly,
but does not post messages. He is a Catholic Charismatic
leader and lay missionary.
I'll attend the requiem mass on Saturday,
so if any of you have any more messages of condolences for him,
just forward me via this message board, or text me.
I will print out and hand-over to Vit.

(Dennis Guieb, if you are reading this:
Of Vit's 5 siblings, 4 went to USTHS too.
Vit has 3 brothers based in Wellington.
One is batch '75, batchmate ng mga kuya natin nila
Mike Silbor, Ruben Samson, Dianne, and others I dont remember now.
Btw, Dianne, nagpunta din pala daw dun si Kuya Benjie mo.)

Same for Aloha, if you still havent sent your messages.
Just post here, or text me messages.
Dianne printed out all messages of condolences for Aloha here,
but only up til Mon Salinda, I think,
yun kasi ang huli nung paalis na sya.
We added Nonoy and Evie's text message, and Barbara's too.
Dianne handed over to Ali herself, as Adele gave her the mass card containing the Class of 1977 name.

Batch '77 has visited last nite, Tuesday.
Maricar Grospe-Cabading came early Monday nite,
Fer De Ramos Tuesday afternoon.
Naabutan ko dun sina Ding Lim and Paeng Adriano,
Marlene Salazar-David and Robert David, Bubut Walse
(who said CheChe Carpio is in town, ailing mother too,
and visited Ali too). I came with Lito Santos.
Others who came were Adele Aquitaña, Dianne Asuncion-Villarosa and hubby Alfred with son Ethan, Rotchie Atienza-Marcelo,
Claire Briones-Palomares and Sammy Palomares, Tanet Tejam, Clair Moran-Aliño and hubby.

I am going back to Ali's wake for Miko on January 1, evening(here)
to turnover messages beginning after Mon Salinda's .
Burial will be on Friday morning at the Loyola Memorial Park, Parañaque.
Ali is devastated, she read and appreciated everyone's condolences.

12-30-03 - 8:28 PM

Good News: Susan Dela Cena-Amistad is now a lola! Her
eldest daughter Chrissa gave birth to a baby boy,
they named him Fabrize. Lola of course is very excited:)!

gigi rico
12-30-03 - 6:28 PM

hi aloha,
no words of comfort could ease the most devastating ordeal you're going through right now. to loose a child is the worst that could happen to a mother, to a parent. i could say this personally because i've gone through the same ordeal when i lost my youngest daughter in a tragic accident too. God has his reasons for these trials in our life. Hang in there... you have an angel now that will always look upon your shoulder and guide you...


12-30-03 - 11:51 AM

Ami's address, FYI:

815 Buckingham Place
Danville, CA 94506

Sorry, forgot to include that in the info.


12-30-03 - 11:04 AM

Dear Aloha,

I may not know exactly what you're going through, though I understand (having lost an 8yr old son too). I wish there were words of comfort I could offer you to ease the pain, though no words seem to fit in moments like this. Please know my heart goes out to you and that you're in my prayers...


12-30-03 - 10:19 AM

Ric C.
Happy New Year! Where are you?

Carol Mayor-Blanco
12-30-03 - 10:14 AM

Dearest Aloha,
Our deepest sympathy to you and your family. I remember us talking about your sons during our USTHS77 Silver Jubilee. I could see the glow of joy and happiness on your face when you were talking about them. Hope those flashbacks of happy moments can help ease your pain.

Dearest Aped - paki-relay na lang 'tong msg., walang text dito sa Angola eh. luvu2. Ingat!

12-30-03 - 6:07 AM


I'm sorry to hear about your loss. It's very difficult to loose a child especially during the Christmas Holidays. I know exactly how you feel. As a parent, we never think we'll outlive our children. But it happens, and it happens for a reason. I'm sorry to say you'll never get over it but you'll learn how to live with it. It does get easier with time. Keep yourself busy and occupied. You'll have to be strong for the ones who are still with us and needs us. Just remember that someday we'll be with God and our family for all eternity. And eternity is so much longer than we'll ever be here on earth.

Take care of yourself. God bless you and your family.


Charrie Pascual
12-30-03 - 5:40 AM


My deepest sympathy to you and your family. Always turn to the Lord for comfort and may the thought that Miko is now with our Creator give you some sense of peace. My prayers are with you and your family.

Charrie Pascual

tony r
12-29-03 - 7:39 PM

my APOLOGIES to vittorio: i meant my message for your father, it came out the other way.

MsEsq: thank you, your honoress! abogada ka nga, huli mo na naman ako! ang puso ko kailan mo huhulihin!

lastly, i'm done with my training here in taiwan -- coming home on the 1st!!!! yeheeeeyyy!!

santo tonio

12-29-03 - 7:02 PM


My heart goes out to you and your family.
I know how it is to lose a dad-I lost mine
last June. The only comfort is in our confidence
that he is home with the Lord, and we never said
goodbye, just see you later, dad.

Our prayers are with you and your family.


12-29-03 - 6:59 PM


I'm so sorry to hear about your son.
May the Lord comfort you and your family
during these difficult times.
Our prayers are with you.


12-29-03 - 4:07 PM

To Vitt: condolence on the passing of your father. [*tony r, you may want to re-read your message]
To Ali: condolence too for Mico. I watched the news tidbit where you and Mico were a guest at a TV show. I cannot help but know the sadness that you feel.

To Jojo: my recommendation for a baby name is Dino [as in Dinah and Jojo (bakit una ka sa billing eh pag alphabetical una naman si Dinah?)][also for Dino de Laurentiis, the movie producer and Dino the dinosaur pet of The Flintstones (well beloved like your family is!]

Melanie Tiu-Moy and Family
12-29-03 - 2:55 PM

Aloha - sincere sympathy to you and your family. May the Good Lord give you and your family strength during these hard times in your lives. We are so sorry to hear the sad news about your son's accident. Take care and our prayers will be with you.

Jojo Comandante
12-29-03 - 12:12 PM

Stel, salamat sa card. Very thoughtful ka talaga. Baka naman sa susunod ay may gusto kang ilakip na gift certificate. Baka lang naman... Alam mo, may nag-suggest na pangalang Jodin dahil daw Jojo at Dinna. Tapos, nakita ko pa sa message mong (lagi kong binabasa kahit pa siya ubod ng haba't tunay na makabagbag-damdamin) na Jaden pala ay magiging popular in ten years. Hmmmm... Seems promising!

Happy New Year sa inyong lahat!

Jojo Comandante & Family
12-29-03 - 12:07 PM

Lubhang ikinalulungkot kong malaman ang balita tungkol sa pagyao ng inyong mga mahal sa buhay. Higit pang masakit na nangyari ang mga ito ngayong kapaskuhan. Ipinaaabot ko, sampu ng aking pamilya, ang taos-puso naming pakikiramay. Aloha, biglang-bigla ang pangyayari, subalit sana'y mabawasan ang sakit na iyong nararamdaman sa kaalamang marami kaming nakikiramay sa iyo. Vittorio, ipinagdarasal namin ang iyong ama.

Mon Salinda (mMn)
12-29-03 - 11:03 AM

Aloha – it has always been easy for me to find the right words to say, however with this tragic news about your son it will not be easy. No amount of eloquence and comforting words will be enough to ease your pain. I am confident that you will have the strength to deal with this tragic loss. We offer our prayers for Miko and your family; we extend our sincerest condolences.

Mon Salinda and Family

bong lopez
12-29-03 - 7:37 AM


my deepest symathy to you and your family.

bong lopez

bong lopez
12-29-03 - 7:36 AM

Dear aloha,

I don't know what to say to ease your pain. I have included you in my prayers and for the eternal repose of the soul of your son.

bong lopez

ric c.
12-29-03 - 6:46 AM

Stella, thanks for the card. Sweet ka pa rin. Happy Holidays to you and your Mom. Pls relay my greeting to Dolly and family.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all my batchmates, kahit hindi ako nagsusulat sa website, I still read the postings. Hilo lang ako dahil sa tagal kong nawala sa sirkulasyon, I am still playing catch-up with what's going on.

Pareng Ray f. Sorry at hindi ko pa nahalungkat ang baul ko, para mag-post ng pictures. This coming year baka makita ko na sila.

Jane, Merry xmas.

Carol, Merry xmas din.

Adele J, the banker, magtayo ka na ng banko mo, mag-dedeposit ako. Merry xmas.

***** Masaganang Bagong Taon sa inyong lahat *****

tony r
12-29-03 - 6:28 AM

it is really hard to understand the feeling of losing a beloved individual, much more if one has not experienced the event within the family. no amount of words from me will ease the pain that our batchmates are going through right now. at best, i can only try to emote with them and also, include their loved ones in our prayers.

to vittorio, i'm sure your mother lived her life to the fullest and she's now up there happily watching you accomplish your noble missionary work.

to aloha, your pain is but one of the challenges in your life that i know for sure you will overcome with understanding and determination. i can say that the depth of your grief is much more profound, for are we all not supposed to go ahead of our children beyond our earthly lives? your son will also be in our daily reflection.

antonio rosales & family

12-29-03 - 5:56 AM

MELANIO D. HERNANDEZ, 81 year-old father of our missionary-batchmate Vittorio Hernandez, section 422, passed away today December 29, 2003, at their family home.
Wake is at Funeraria Nacional, Araneta Avenue, QC, Chapel C1. Cremation set on January 3, 2004, 1pm.

You may call or send SMS to Vit, celfone +63919-853-2912.

Or, those of you who might have a message for Vit and his family,
you may send me text message on my celfone +63917-9956753.
I will list all your messages and personally hand-over to Vit.

12-29-03 - 5:45 AM

The remains of teenaged-actor Miko Sotto, younger of two sons of batchmate Aloha Carag/Ali Sotto by first husband Maru Sotto of the well-known Filipino showbiz family, now lies in state at the Sanctuario de San Antonio, Forbes Park, Makati City.
No details on burial yet, as the bereaved family still awaits the homecoming of Chino, Ali's older son and Miko's brother, who has been in the US for a time.

Batch '77 in Manila will do a first visit tomorrow, Dec.30, evening.

Those of you who might have a message for Ali,
you may send me text message on my celfone +63917-9956753.
I will list all your messages and personally hand-over to Ali.

Text message from Dianne Asuncion-Villarosa:
(Dianne after watching Ali's first tv interview, 6pm today Dec.29,
which I missed)
'Ali told Arnold Clavio what happened, asked for prayers specially for them, the grieving family Miko left. That now he is happy with his Maker pero nayayanig ang pananampalataya nya kasi di nya matanggap. She thanked all who sympathized. Still waiting for Chino. the older brother to arrive from the US. She was trying hard to control her tears, really in grief.'

12-29-03 - 5:15 AM

Dearest Aloha - I was watching TFC show morning girls with Kris and Korina one day and Miko sa one of their guests. I don't have any words to ease your pain but our prayers and love are with you and your family.



12-28-03 - 9:24 PM

Dear, dear Aloha,

It is with deepest regrets that we heard of your grave loss. Our deepest sympathy is with you as you try and make sense of this tragedy in your life. We pray that God gives you strength during these trying times.

Our sincerest condolences and fervent prayers are with you and your family.

Amelia Rosales McCrory and Family

12-28-03 - 6:55 PM

Manila is very shocked to hear re Miko Sotto's accident and death,
young actor-son of Ali Sotto/Aloha Carag Bsaeis.
We are still awaiting news re wake arrangements,
as autopsy takes so many hours.
I have asked batchmate Sonny Odulio,
who is an orthopedic surgeon at Makati Medical Center
to get Ali's contact numbers, if possible.
Ali has not reconnected with us since she came back to Manila,
after making Mexico City her home for sometime.
And Channel 7/GMA/DZBB is not about to give her cel# just like that.
Anybody who has her cel# pls do send me email at aped77@edsamail.com.ph,
or send me text message

Our deepest condolences to Ali.

Lito Vergara
12-28-03 - 6:48 PM


Our deepest sympathy to you and your family. He will be in our prayers.

Lito Vergara and family

Ruben Samson
12-28-03 - 6:06 PM

It's heartbreaking to hear the sad news about the untimely death of Miko Sotto. Our deepest and heartfelt condolences to Aloha and her family.

Love and prayers,
Ruben Samson and family

12-28-03 - 5:13 PM

To everyone: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! This is not a happy new year to our batchmate Ali (Aloha) Sotto, just this morning Dec. 29, Ali's son, Miko Sotto passed away. He fell from the veranda of his condo unit were he was sitted with cousins. There was no foul play, however, the body of Miko is still at Makati Med for autopsy! This is a very sad news for all of us!

Aped Santos
12-28-03 - 11:10 AM

December 27, Get-Together for RicArbasto, JunAcance, BongHernandez,
Aped's Residence:

Nagpotluck party kami at my house for the 3 balikbayan classmates.
Hindi masyado marami ang dumating, it was on a short notice, many had previous engagements. But still 20 batchmates arrived, at dumagundong naman talaga sa aming balay:
moi and my HS bespren Larry Aluningning
(na siyang nagkonek-konek which boy was with which ghel in HS, chikah!),
Ray Flores
(finally blessed with a son after 2 girls, and now based in Manila again after Baguio),
my kumpare Jess Espinas(taba-taba);
(my kumareng Edith Elloso-Abesamis didnt make it)
Anaboy Suelto
(taking a break from his sked to entertain neighbor JunA),
Jun Acance
(ohmaygas! ketaba din! ang balikbayan from Melbourne. Sydneysiders take note, napakamobile pala ni JunA all-over OZ who's an insurance person there, he's in Sydney daw every month! very happy to see all, including oldflame Jeeng...ooops!),
Jeeng Garcia-Enciso
(who came with hubby Rod;Jeeng. talaga namang pung 9pm na, nagkli-clinic ka pa; she's a pediatrician),
Adele Juat-Aquitaña
(healthy and bubbly banker as ever; with hubby Omeng and only daughter),
Tanet Tejam, with wife Cris and 2 daughters
(finally nagpakita sa batch after his therapy from that stroke; Tanet seems ok now, no more speech slurring and no more walking cane; was very happy to see many, and was very greatful sa batch help sa kanya; Tanet has found a new job too at the Bonifacio Global City),
Mike Silbor (after that Vietnam SEA Games stint;
bakit wala si Gerry Faypon and the text-happy PapaThorek?),
Louie Natividad
(the ex-pelotari who missed the Dec.14 Christmas Party here),
Rainier Jarabelo and TioPaeng Adriano
(two characters na always life of the party, to say the least!),
Toots Trijo and wife Malot
(Toots came in a SantaClaus outfit! read: a 'colored' Santa! oops!,
was that politically-correct to say?!)
Alo Calonge and wife Rose
(the always-present Alo as amiable as ever)
Dong David
(who played photographer, nalasing yata e... anong nagyari pare sa camera mo?! Hello!!! ang mga pics na ipo-post mo! ang mga pruweba ng mga sexy attendees, nasan na?),
Marlene Salazar-David and hubby-honorary batchmate Robert
(ang sarap ng tokwa't baboy, 'ala na ba?; hoy!, Chata and Malou Castillo, bakit kayo absent?)
Dianne Asuncion-Villarosa and husband Alfred and only son Ethan
(imbiyerna! she had to leave so early!)
Ric Arbasto, of course
(who immediately gave Dianne his famous massage; pakitignan nyo na lang dyan sa US ang video nya of the party; btw, Rlyn, Stel and Cora,
I wore the Tshirt and the scent you guys sent, TY!)
and the surprise of the party,
si Lizette Anselmo-Villanueva
(na ubod ng ganda, wala na yatang mas sexy pa! lagot! laban kayo?
mwahahaha! Lizette is an AVP at the swanky Tagaytay Highlands and is based there. She has two daughters.)
sadly, Bong Hernandez(from NY) didnt make it, nabigla yata ang tiyan sa Nawasa...

Thanks to our online (hehehe!)attendee StellaA on your overseas callsssss, sus! kedami't ketagal! LOLz!,
but you have made not a few very very happy!

Hello! MonV and Voltera and sMallAri Otto,
I have turned over your Class '77 Flags to RicA with the accompanying design write-up. Ito ang batch gifts namin dito to your individual Batch '77 Chapters there. Pls coordinate with Ric, asap.
I've also given a bunch of back-issues of the newsletters
para dun sa mga bago din nyong nahahanap dyan.
(importante 'yun, pang-inggit!, nang magpakita pa sila more often! LOLz!)
Ric and Family are flying out Manila, Monday(here) Dec. 29... ooops, memaya na pala yun!
Thanks to courier Ric, you're a swell guy!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! Here's CHEERS to all!
May the Good Lord keep us and our families all well ang happy!

Hamishu all! Hello Voltera, Mariliz, Amwee, Jojo, KerolSQ, Cecil!

Coming up in the Tenth Directory Insert:

ROSALINO 'Jun' ACANCE, Jr. (in Mla till Jan. 8, 2004)
#9 Mill Lane, Williamstown, Victoria, Australia 3016
home: 03 9397 8674
office: 03 9601 8701
cel: 0401712017

Pinecrest 1113; Bldg 11, Pinecrest Village, Tagaytay Highlands
home: +6346 413 0868
office: +6346 413 0877
cel: +639175023186

47 Kanlaon Street corner Kalbayog Street, Mandaluyong City
home: +632 531 2418

12-27-03 - 4:19 PM

Mga batchmates, belated Blessed Christmas & Happy New Year sa inyong lahat!!!
I always go to the website to see if there are new photos. I enjoy viewing them and seeing familiar faces:). Kahit na I'm so out of touch, feeling ko kasali rin ako kahit na through pictures lang.


12-26-03 - 5:28 PM


Give us a few months' notice so we could make arrangements to attend the "higupan ng sabaw" anywhere --- North America or da Pilipins, diva mga batchmates? Tinalo mo pa ngayon ang ValedickT for being one of the last a hold-outs (ooopppsss... may Uncle Thorek en Alan Olavare pa nga palang natitira) in that department. Congratulations agen!


bong lopez
12-26-03 - 12:01 AM

Merry Christmas evryone and a blessed new year for all of us.

bong lopez

12-25-03 - 9:42 PM

hello everyone. let me greet you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. aprroximately 20 min na lang tapos na ang Pasko dito sa Chicago. Busog and pagod - but very rewarding times with my brother and sisters here in Illinois.

take care everyone and big thanks to all my batchmate friends! Looking forward to the next big happenings!

12-25-03 - 6:21 PM

Merry Christmas and a Properous Happy New Year to everyone!!!!

12-25-03 - 1:02 PM

Meri-Meri krismas to all my darling besprens all over the world!

Aped Santos
12-24-03 - 7:35 PM

As Stella had put it, bonding with everyone has been a Fountain of Joy. I would like to add that it is also a Fountain of Youth!!!, LOLz!, a touchbase of who we all are, a wellspring of newlyfound hope love and wellness, a geyser of emotions and laughter!

Enjoy the Holidays with your loved ones! CHEERS!


Many thanks to R-lyn, MonV, and all those who sent cards, e-cards, and text messages. You all made my Christmas the merrier!

We'll do soon a get-together here with balikbayan batchmates
Ric Arbasto, Bong Hernandez and newlyfound Jun Acance.
More chikkah coming up!

12-24-03 - 7:18 PM

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I also want to greet a very special birthday celebrant - Happy Birthday Jesus Christ!!!

Ruben Samson + family
12-24-03 - 6:16 PM

Some holiday humor courtesy of Jay Leno:
"The Supreme Court has ruled that they cannot have a nativity scene in Washington, D.C. This wasn't for any religious reasons. They couldn't find three wise men and a virgin."

Anyways, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the batchmates and their families I hope you all have a safe, fun, and happy holiday!


12-24-03 - 5:25 PM

Sa lahat ng kabatsmayt,

Salamat at nakilala ko kayo. You have made a difference in my life. May all of us get what ever it is we are asking "Him" this Christmas. And may we all continue to enjoy good health and enormous fortune for the coming New Year.

Maligayang Pasko sa lahat!!!!!!!!

Lito Vergara

Wilmer Baliton
12-24-03 - 11:15 AM

"Wishing everybody a very Merry Christmas and a joyous, safe and blessed New Year".


12-24-03 - 8:47 AM

Pilipinas....GKNB! Gabing Kapaskuhan Na Ba?
Kinse minutos at pasko na.

Sa ibang bansa... na hindi ko alam ang time difference, Merry Christmas.

Sa America.. Right Coast, Between Coasts and Left Coast... Merry Christmas din.

At sa Tae-(nai)wan (dahil sa saging)... Maligaya Pasko.

Pitt... Ang Pasko Ay Suma Pitt

Butch A.
12-24-03 - 8:32 AM

Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy Holidays.


12-24-03 - 5:12 AM

Merry Christmas to everyone!

12-24-03 - 4:41 AM

Maligayang Pasko sa inyong lahat. You guys have really added batteries to my flashlight, juice to my orange juice glass, saline water to my contact lens, sweat to my sweat pants, water to my water jug, and toilet paper to my toilet paper holder.

You guys have added joy to everybody’s lives that can't be described by words alone, you have to feel it. Having the opportunity to visit all the major locations during reunions, made me realized that you guys are a bunch of happy, easy going, serious, unselfish, crazy, kind, sincere, generous, etc, etc, etc. people.

One thing I’ve noticed, our common denominator is “OUR CLOSENESS WITH GOD”, a very wonderful thing. We get so busy cooking, shopping, and preparing for parties during the holidays sometimes we forget what it’s for. Save some time, even a little quiet time for HIM. Every time we’re in need of HIS help, HE’S always there for us. Miracles happens everyday and why do you think they happen, because HE cares. So on the eve of Jesus’ Birthday, let’s not forget HIM. Say a prayer or two, just talk to HIM, even a simple thank you, would do. Merry Christmas and God Bless everybody.


12-23-03 - 10:35 PM

For Da Girls

Ami and Isay – Of course, I was so happy to see you and to spend some time with you! There wasn’t any waiting and hoping to see each other again for the last 26 years for we were not even acquaintances. But now I long to talk to you and share “precious moments” with you. St. Augustine prayed, “My heart is restless until it rests on You.” Thank you for being besprens for my heart finds rest in your friendship.

Barbara – The group needs you, so stay around!

Carol – I was overjoyed to see you well enough to dance swing, to sing, and play the piano (“name that tune”)! I also cherished those brief moments near the fireplace – it felt warmer with dear friends around. There were flashes of happy memories with you. Naalala ko tuloy and salamat ulit for paying for my TOEFL exam, for sponsoring my first vacation in CA from Chicago after school, and for having me as Christopher’s ninang kahit na penniless ako after school (hanggang ngayon IOU pa rin ang regalo). I’ll take some days off after Ading’s wedding (May 15th) so makapasyal tayo. Don’t overwork (huwag gagaya sa akin). Ingat ka parati!

Gigi R – I also enjoyed talking to you. Siempre, may Part 2.

Guia – Gosh, it’s been a long time. Halos di kita nakilala! Buti naman nakapunta ako so nagkita ulit tayo. Lots of things to catch up on, di ba? Thank you for the 26-minute therapeutic massage to compensate for the 26 years we haven’t seen each other. Looking forward to our spring break! Bonding kaagad to make up for the lost time, and sana makasama rin si Agnes and Emily. In the meantime, phone calls na lang.

Joy – Ang bait naman ng husband mo at ever present ka sa mga get-together. How did the pictures at the terrace come out?

Marita – Congratulations on passing your real estate exam! Now you have more options, good luck! Thank you for taking time out of your busy sched to join us last Friday noon (and of course, for treating us to Chinese lunch). Glad we found some minutes to chat.

Mariliz - I was happy to see you! Thank you for being a doting bespren. Talagang asikasong-asikaso mo kami. I enjoyed our times together so much, kaya lungkot tuloy pagbalik. Kahit di tayo barkada noon, para na rin tayong matagal magbesprens. I really appreciate your calls. Thank God, our paths crossed once more! Let’s plan our Texas/New Orleans trip with Guia.

Melanie – See, it’s not too late to have a slumber party, and kaya pa rin natin magpuyat. Yes, I plan to visit you, Dave, and our other friends once it gets warmer. I promised Mama that I’ll take her to the Univ. of Chicago. Thanks to you and Dave for my picture CD and gift!

R-lyn – Just before the “incident,” if you recall, you reminded me to take with me the shopping bag with the religious articles you purchased from the Cathedral gift shop. When I heard the news, I wouldn’t deny I trembled. I quickly prayed, “she doesn’t forget You.”

As the year comes to a close, just like to thank you for being a fountain of joy and understanding! I treasure our besprenship that both lifts up giggly moments higher, and overcomes uneasy and fearful moments and turns them to calmness. Thank you for being sensitive and accommodating.

Sandy – I was happy you were able to drop by. Ang saya-saya naman natin! Sana wala ng conflict sa sched mo sa susunod, so we can spend more time together, ok? Ang cute naman ng mga kids mo! Talk to you soon!

Zonia – Sana mas maaga kayong nakarating para mas mahaba ang kuwentuhan. Sa susunod na gathering!

Noli – Nice meeting you! Talaga ngang nakakadagdag ka ng saya! Enjoy ako sa cha-cha natin. See you again!

Voltaire – I cannot thank thee enough for the fun moments. It feels so good to have caring friends like you.

Chi – Sana neighbors tayo so I can easily tag along. Ang swerte ko naman because you, Cora, and R-lyn are very supportive! I always feel better after talking to you. Thank you for your comforting words and prayers.

Cora - Thank you for your listening heart, though you’re stressed yourself at work. Thank you for your caring advice about my concerns. You helped lighten my anxieties for the last couple of months. Comes spring or summer, pasyal ulit tayo just like those times when Maricar came to visit (Dancing under the Stars )

Emily – How are you? How’s your trip to CA?

Maricar - Thank you for your prayers for Mama. I'll call you soon.

HoneyB – Bleep…bleep…bleep…bleep…bleep…phone’s ringing, Manila’s calling, gotta go…

12-23-03 - 7:34 PM

For Da Boys

Alan – Ang swerte mo kay Vilma, ang bait nya! Para sya ang batchmate namin. Sama ulit sya sa next gathering.

Butch – Hi! Parang kasama ka na rin, kasi nakausap kita the night before we left, that morning when we got in, on Friday….when we got back… Enjoy ka namang kausap. Nadagdagan ang mga sweet and thoughtful guys dito sa East Coast – kaswerte naman namin! Ok ba ‘yong balikbayan box ko last Wed night? Di mas matagal ang usapan n’yo, di ba?

Joel V – Wish we can chat a little bit more next time. Thanks for Mirza’s email address.

Jojo – It was fun swaying to the karaoke music! Pls. tell Dina I found the NYTimes magazine article on baby names. Boy’s names that will be especially popular by 2010: Ethan, Connor, Jaden, Cole, Jack, Caleb, Liam, Julian, Elijah, Owen, Tristan, Dominic.

Luis – Buti naman you were around at nagkausap tayo kahit sandali. May bago akong nakilala, may libre pang drinks and appetizers! Salamat uli sa Martini Blues treat! Usap kayo ni Miloy re visit to NYC, so dito naman kayo mag-drinks and libre mo ulit.

mMn – Hello! Pinipilit kong di magtampo kasi di pa rin tayo nag-uusap. Siguro sasagutin din ako ni Santa Claus. Sa totoo lang, it was nice to see you! Thanks for letting me use your camera. I brought my camera to the service center. I’ll pick it up on Wed noon. Pakisabi rin kay Glo, salamat sa regalo.

Miloy – I’m glad nakatabi kita to chat with you even for a short while. Salamat for sharing the tocinong manok, nasa plato mo na binigay mo pa. Ang sweet mo naman! Hope to see you in NYC!

Nando – Masaya ka talagang kasama! BTW I called L’s office; she’s off and will be back on Wed. I’ll keep you posted. Abangan…

Nonoy – Thank you for sharing your sentiments on friendship as Wilmer was about to leave that Saturday evening. It means a lot to me kahit few minutes lang tayo nagkausap. I’m glad I got your white elephant gift. I listen to your CD here at work – drives winter blues away. Evie, it’s nice of you to check on us once in a while. Enjoy the holidays!

Rocky – Natutuwa akong makita ka kasi you always look happy and smiling; talagang you brighten my day! See you in NYC, in spring?!

Ruben – I really enjoyed our Martini Blues gathering! Na-appreciate ko ang pag-aasikaso mo. Sa uulitin, ha? Pls. key in my home phone no. – na cut short tuloy ‘yong birthday wishes ko, but I got your message in my office voicemail. Thank you much sa treat mo. Till we meet again!

Wilmer – Salamat ulit for making me feel at ease as soon as we arrived in Long Beach. Sa kotse pa lang, 70’s music na. Bagay ‘yong winning karaoke piece mo na “My Way” kasi you have your own special way of treating friends, pang First Place! Sana nga relatives tayo, bait mo kasi. Salamat sa CD’s and snacks. As I’ve told you, I was up till 4 am last Wed night to finish a report. I didn’t mind kasi I was listening to your CD’s and munching the hopia. Thank you for treating us to lunch. See you next month in NYC!

Don Benito, Rick, Siops – I’m looking forward to our holiday celebration (after Jan 1st).

Tony R – Huwag ka masyadong malungkot at baka ipagpalit mo kami dyan, ha?

Bong Lopez – I’m happy to hear your beautiful love story…

HoneyB – Bleep…bleep…bleep…bleep…bleep…phone’s ringing, boss’ calling, gotta go…

12-23-03 - 7:08 PM

Gigi R - Have you connected with Francia Tolentino and Marivic Alonzo? I think the last time I heard from Marivic was back in 1984. If I'm not mistaken, Marivic carries the last name Villanueva. Her husband is related to Jess V and the Villanueva twins. Please call me at (718)447-2439 or post your contact# here so that I can call you if you have more info about them. They're a welcome addition to the batch... parehong magaganda from 416!

Don't mind Benjie and mMn... puro bark lang mga yan at walang bite!

tony r
12-23-03 - 6:55 PM

to all usths 77 mates: i have finally got me some spare time to browse thru our website. dami ko na yatang na-miss.

anyway, it's the 24th here in taiwan and i would like to greet all of you, from the u.s. left, right and middle coast, canada, australia, middle east and of course, our beloved philippines, a merry christmas and a wonderful and prosperous new year. we all have to be thankful to the Man up there for all the blessings He has given us in our lives. i can count my association with all of you as one of the best gifts He has given me (oo benjie, kasama ka rin), something that i will always treasure.

i'm pretty sure prepared na ang noche buena ng lahat on christmas eve. as for me, i've prepared a special siopao and a bottle of yakult for myself tonight, within the confines of my room. the other day, i bought myself a gift para meron naman akong buksan na regalo on christmas morning. excited na ako ako wasakin ang gift wrap tomorrow morning; hopefully santa gave me what i wanted. generally, i've been a good boy naman this year, di ba dr. 1239?

sa lahat ng naka-alala sa akin in their posts (teka, meron nga ba?), i really appreciate it and i do miss all of you! to all my one and only loved ones, i love you all too!

santo tonio

gigi rico
12-23-03 - 6:20 PM

benjie and mamon- hindi kayo ang pinipili wrong mistake alam ko naman sisters tayo. my message might be misinterpreted this is all for fun.mahina ang manok mo.
wilmer- you're welcome, i'm glad you liked the gift oops your sister in law pala.
girls- spring break in tahoe, join ako diyan. i have friends and relatives there.
new found batch mates: marivic alonzo (416) i think and francia tolentino (416)-more info next time. both in l.a.
i attended the usths christmas ball last saturday dec 20 at marriot LAX together with margie molina tolentino (marita's sister). it was fun but the turn out was not as successful last year (per the organizers) i was the only one from our batch 77. so they are encouraging us to join for the next christmas party.
that's it for now. have a nice holiday to everyone. drive safe...


12-23-03 - 4:50 PM

Magpapasko na, puro kahalayan pa ang mga nasasaisip ninyo. Painumin ko kaya kayo ng agua bendita

Kenneth Cole Waters ---> okay, seeeeecret! There are two more days before Christmas... mailman had already gone to my house today but no delivery from the East Pole yet, hmmppp

Joel V ---> Vashtussh ka na rin, ha, tagapagmana ni Upak!!!



12-23-03 - 4:48 PM

106 ---. Why Man is also better than a Christmas Tree

---> see this emoticon, please take note of the red thing protruding in the face.



12-23-03 - 4:42 PM

to 106 ---> old or droopy, small or big but can you also lick your Christmas Tree as well as the Christmas Tree Balls? I don't think so!!!!!


12-23-03 - 4:13 PM

Pilyo ka pala, Joel V….ayyyyyy!!! nakakakiliti!

Joel V
12-23-03 - 3:11 PM

#106---> Ever tried having sex with a bushy x-mas tree? Is it still better?? Arayyyy!!!


12-23-03 - 3:02 PM

To Jojo Comandante who needs intrigues:

Why A Christmas Tree Is
Better Than A MAN!

A Christmas tree doesn't care if you had other Christmas trees in the past.

Even a small Christmas tree gives satisfaction.

A Christmas tree always looks good, even with the lights on.

A Christmas tree has pretty balls.

A Christmas tree doesn't follow you around begging if you decide to choose a different one.

A Christmas tree stays up for 12 days and nights.

A Christmas tree is always happy with its size.

A Christmas tree doesn't care if you sit around in your pajamas and watch soap operas all day.

A Christmas tree doesn't get mad if you break its balls.

You can throw a Christmas tree out when it starts to get old and droopy.

You don't have to put up with
a Christmas tree all year!

Jojo Comandante
12-23-03 - 1:15 PM

Ano ba 'yan? Agawan pa ng post numbers ang nangyari. Inip na inip na akong makarinig ng mga sensitive feelings that get easily hurt. Gusto kong makabasa ulit ng makabagbag-damdaming mga hinanakit ng mga tinatapakang IQ. (Although, lahat naman ng postings ni Stella ay tunay na makabagbag-damdamin din, iba pa rin ang epek ng mga IQ na tinatapak-tapakan, di ba #1239?)

Poca, kumare, may balak nga ba kayong umakyat sa SF sa weekend ng January 8-12? It is important that you let me know. Oh and BTW, full house na ang silver SUV kaya wala rin kayong ride, sori

A very merry Christmas to one and all!!!

12-23-03 - 12:42 PM

Doods – It was really nice talking to you, too. Though I haven’t met you, I feel I know a little about you by how our friend, Marianne, value your wonderful friendship. And as for me that’s what matters. I personally would like to thank you for caring for my friend. No one can argue that warm wishes can uplift the spirit! And caring begets caring…

For me “caring is not breaking, but gluing together more delicate pieces; caring is not taking away, but adding more beautiful pieces; caring is not tearing apart, but sewing together more intricately-designed patches.”

May I also take this chance to tell you that I admire you for having the courage to honestly own your feelings (and not to lose the best times of your life). I won’t attempt to read your mind and heart because I’ll certainly be wrong. A Jesuit priest had advised me that experiences can be similar but they cannot be the same, di ba?

Regarding the accident, I didn’t realize I wasn’t lucid in my response to “where is she now?” Or could it be that nothing could be more reassuring than to be physically present and to see the person well? Naiintindihan kita.

A couple of our batchmates may be able to clarify your “D” question, but I’d rather talk about it with you on the phone. Is it fine with you?

Again, I welcome you as a guest when you plan to visit us. Hope it’s soon.

Until then…enjoy your holidays!