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04-12-04 - 8:26 AM


Our condolences and sympathy are with you during your time of sorrow. Ingat.


Lito Vergara
04-12-04 - 5:19 AM

Isay>>>Our condolences to you and yours.She will be in our prayers.Ingat.

mMn>>> pls. check yuor email.

tony r:
04-12-04 - 4:29 AM

isay: our heartfelt condolences to you and your family.

tony rosales and family

04-12-04 - 12:58 AM

mMn -- I'll be in the Bay Area around 12:15 p.m., then I head to our Hayward store. My ETA at the Hilton would be around 7 p.m. or so. Have not received a response from SQ. Let's catch up tomorrow. Ingat.

04-11-04 - 11:28 PM

E*sigh - I was trying to call you but couldn't connect. Our sincere condolences to you. I'll try to reach you again tomorrow.

Wilmer - are you here Monday evening? Any dinner plans with SQ?
SQ - any dinner plans before you head for Angola?

DonB. - too late na ba to make a reservation? Pwede bang humabol for 2? Hindi pwedeng ako lang kaya sinunod ko na ang advice ni Benjie - isasama ko na.

Ruben - I will not be there 9/15 - 9/19, change of plans...hint..hint..

04-11-04 - 11:02 PM

FYI -- For those who calls me on a regular basis, or ones who would like to call me, my (temporary) cell number is 609.234.6134. My personal cell is temporarily out of service. Bakit kaya? Nagbayad naman ako ng bill ko!

Attention Karaoke Fans!

At one point or another, I'm sure that some of you have purchased Karaoke CDs and only end up liking two or three songs from that CD -- the rest goes to waste. I have actually done the same thing, and I think that it's such a waste of mula. There's an alternative to this. Most recently, I learned that you can actually order Karaoke music (CDG) for as low as $5.00 per song, plus a $6.00 charge for shipping and handling. With excitement, I ordered my first set of music (12 songs) and expecting its delivery early next week. I'm really not certain on what their prices may be overseas (if they offer).

For those who are interested, their website address is: www.mykaraokecdg.com -- Just thought that I pass this on to some interested batchmates. O, baka naman huling huli na ako sa balita!

For those who are attending the Nuyok kitakits - Enjoy! Sorry to miss the fun! Hope everybody had a great Easter with their loved ones!

04-11-04 - 10:39 PM

Isay -- I spoke to you last Friday, but you did not mention anything about your grandmother. So sorry to hear ... my condolences and prayers are with you and your family!

Marie -- Thanks for the update above.

04-11-04 - 9:42 PM

To all batchmates:

E*Sigh's grandmom joined our CREATOR last Good Friday.. Services not definite to date but E*Sigh's in San Diego since Friday

E-Sigh: my condolences. Hang in there...Hope you're OK..I'm always here and just around...keep on texting...

For those who have been calling her... She said she's so sorry.. just can't answer calls at the moment


e-mail: Marie
04-11-04 - 9:18 AM

Together with Christ may we face life full of grace and may we see and feel HIS unending LIFE and LOVE for us...HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE

Butch A.
04-11-04 - 4:46 AM


04-11-04 - 12:47 AM

Happy Easter everyone!

bong lopez


04-10-04 - 8:11 PM

Happy Easter Hon!

04-10-04 - 2:47 PM

Benjie - YES!!!!


04-10-04 - 1:17 PM

Happy Easter Swithart!!


04-10-04 - 9:30 AM

har-di-har-di HAR! HAR!

I-can't-believe-it's Capt. B


04-10-04 - 5:52 AM

Happy Easter Dear!!!...CAPT B.


04-10-04 - 12:06 AM

Ayan na, isa-isa nang naglalabasan ang mga labtim... sino susunod? Swithart?


04-10-04 - 12:04 AM

Wala... talagang taob ang lahat sa lalong pinagtibay at pinatatag na Doods&Marianne labtim. Buong gilas nang iwinawagayway ang kanilang pagtitinginan sa isa't isa, 'kakainggit! Hon-ep talaga.



04-09-04 - 11:59 PM

Happy Easter, Sweetie!


04-09-04 - 9:02 PM

Happy week-end hon!

Mike V.
04-09-04 - 10:57 AM

Komustasa mga kafatidz?

Buti naman nag-enjoy kayo sa last kitakits. Too bad, due to workload problems, di ako nakasama tuloy.

Joel DVD: sana naka-join nyo ko regarding the mid-life crisis thing.
RobertC: Sorry, ako pa naman ‘yung nagpipilit sa iyong pumunta…Minsan yung trabaho, nakakasira sa mga reU…Di bale, pag balik naming ng Big Hepol, sunud sunod ang kitakits…andyan yung WB Singing Finals, NandoC Unica Hija’s party, Jojo Cum’s JD’s bapt., Marita Hulahoop’s shower, and the Barbecue/ Swimming Party…

RubElegance: Regarding kay Luis Natividad, siguro pag balik na namin ng Big Hepol natin sya puntahan…How about sa WB Singing Finals natin sya isama ?

sa mga pupunta ng Big Hepol: Are you ready guys?..me, still a couple of things to do: submittals, quickies, and labadami…

Happy Easter To All!

04-09-04 - 9:36 AM

Got an early call this morning from Bong Lopez who was with Dianne, Aped and Roy extending the batch condolences to James Sales.

James’ dad passed away April 6th due to cardiac arrest. He was 77 years old. The wake is at Christ the King Church, BF Homes, Caloocan. Cremation is April 13th at the Eternal Garden, Malinta.

James and family expressed their appreciation to the batch for remembering them in our prayers.

Jeff, thanks for the assistance...


04-09-04 - 8:38 AM


04-09-04 - 8:37 AM

Just a reminder jojo c., no meat today its good friday...kawawang G2 paano na ang manok namin?



04-09-04 - 8:27 AM

It's Good Friday... so mag-confess na kayo ng kasalanan kay padre damaso..
hayaan mo kumander at susundin ko ang iyong payo sa kanyang pagtataksil...

Happy Easter to everyone....Be good.....


Jojo C.
04-09-04 - 8:13 AM

Ate Helen, isumbong kay kuya Eddie ang pagtataksil ni M3. Parang kahapon lamang ay pa-secret-secret pa ang G2xM3, ngayon ay ipinagmamalaki pa niyang nanggaling siya sa "France".

Hoy, Nonot! Huwag pagkakatiwalaan ang mMn. Dila ng bayan 'yan. Anumang lihim ang i-brodkas mo sa kaniya ay alam agad ng bayan. Mas mahaba pa yata ang dila niyan kay NandoC.

Today is Good Friday. Magsisi na ang lahat ng may kasalanan. Alam mo na kung sino ka, M3!

Happy Easter to all. Happy egg hunting to Gina K!

04-09-04 - 7:19 AM

To all our SoCal Batchmates - Thanks you again for everything, additional mention to M3 for taking us around town yesterday. We will be leaving for Vegas this morning and hope to see you in New York (wala bang susunod sa vegas?)

Jojo C - sige, di ko na lang post dito what i've learned in L.A. Pero, kwento ko na lang kay mMn!

Regards to all!

Nonot & Iyoh & Kids & Nanay Aida


04-08-04 - 7:54 PM


04-08-04 - 7:51 PM

Clarification: M3 was with...Nonot and the 3 kids @ Francia's house, representing the hospitality of the SoCal Community to the tourists (although he's from the Central Coast). Fun's fun though, as long as you're happy with what you're doing, and who you're spending it with.


04-08-04 - 5:22 PM

pagkatapos sa courtyard, the same afternoon m3 was at my house------
with guess who? That's the question of the day. too bad i have to
leave to meet with my broker kaya sandalian lang-- hpmmm.
o, ano any questions? masakit yalaga kuya eddie.


04-08-04 - 5:12 PM

tunay ka kumander jojo-sila na nga ang bagong labtim---france%M3---at sinabi pa ni France na ako ay adopted sister na daw niya...imagine that!!!

at sundan ang susunod na kabanata....
ang inyong ate Helen.....napakasakit...

Ooooppss, Jojo C. ulit
04-08-04 - 4:19 PM

Gina K, na-miss ka na naman nila kagabi. Ako, hindi kita na-miss. Lagi na lang tayong magkasama until I think 6 weeks from the birth. Please lang, huwag nang patawanin nang malakas si Kumander...

Jojo C.
04-08-04 - 4:14 PM

'Ulanghiya ka, MnT. Di pa man tayo nagkikita ay nilalait mo na ang aking babysitting skills. Hindi mo pa kasi ako nakikitang dumede, eheste, magpadede pala.

Lagi na lang may "morning after" si M3. Pa'no na ang G2xM3 labtim kung laging nasa France si Strike 3!? Teka, pareho kami ng kutob ni Joel V, ah! Edited ba ang mga photos downloaded from Marriott Torrance? Franceng, nag-"just the two of us" na naman ba kayo ni M3? G2, lubhang napasakit, nagtataksil ang M3...

At alam n'yo bang nanginig na naman si NandoC...

Nice seeing you again, Nonot & Iyoh! Sana huwag n'yong ipagkakalat ang mga na-diskubre n'yo tungkol sa aming mga taga-L.A., 'k? Enjoy the rest of your vacation. Ingat lang kay ShorTy sa Nuyok, baka kayo mautangan...

To the rest of the L A gang, tandaang I need some audience on June 12th, refer to your invitation for details...Nonot & Iyoh, balik kayo agad...

Pahabol: Lahat ay imbitado sa JOY RIDE special ni CQ. Kailan na nga ba, Marivic?

04-08-04 - 1:31 PM

for Francia dear, MnT: Marie naniong Tiongson, pero di amoy biik...that's just Mmn's fallacy....humanda ka MaMon...

to all SoCal batchmates: you're all but humdinger...fantastic pics. enjoyed looking at them specially to debonair Mr. Elegance "Ruben"...yan returning the compliment..

Manong Wilmer: check your e-mail. sent my and mystery companion's itinerary as per your request. c you at NorCal next week... hopefully our clients will not give us surprise visits...

Vu: hello daw sabi ni KiKay...you know who..

Jojo: guess you need more training on baby sitting..mukhang mas trained si surrogate mom in terms of baby handling...

MnT signing off... mag rereflect na... sabi nga ni E*sigh para lalong bigyan nang biyaya...

Advance happy easter to everyone...

04-08-04 - 1:10 PM

THANKS g2, got home safe but really late,sinundo pa namin si chrissa sa northridge, tired but happy... it was fun
NONOT and IYOH, we really did have fun, huh? too bad we all had to go home, but anyways have fun today and your NY trip. It was exciting t osee you all and nanay and kids.
Franceng,nasaan ka na naman? trying to get a hold of you
To all batchmates who attended, hindi pa tapos ang kitakits...to be continued


04-08-04 - 12:39 PM

It was a fun night and dinner last night with our special guests from manila Iyoh and Nonot, hope you enjoyed the dinner and also nanay and the kids. Enjoy the rest of your vacation. so pipols in big epol..andiyan na sila..
and more happenings to come...so yung mga madalas mag-absent diyan,,,mark yoir calendars...to be announce.

france- kaya pala nawiwili(or lagi diyan si M3)sa marriot torrance palagi may morning after...
okay ka ba kuya edong?--eto ang iyong ate helen..talagang nakahirap.....

CQ- did you get home safe and sound together with my kuya Mike?

and to the rest of the gang....what a pleasant kitakits...till we see each otehr again and again and again..

G2( as in Gigi Rico)

Joel V
04-08-04 - 9:42 AM

Nonot & Iyoh (aka Filoteo & Ma Lourdes)---> Great to see you 2 and your family after 27 years...Enjoy Knott's Berry Farm Park today. Next time come on a weekend so we can spend more time along with our families too. Have a great time in Vegas and esp sa Big Epol.

Caesar Mayor (again, pronounced See-zer Mei-yer)---> good to see you again after 1 1/2 years... buti na lang nag-carpool tayo, those were nice 'midlife crisis insights' we shared

Mike V---> next time na lang, OK? Sayang wala ka sa carpool...

Ruben---> nakalimutan mong kunin yung...di bale, Holy Week nga pala, next time na lang.

Deep thoughts... Rocky M & Francia posting photos inside a Courtyard Inn??? Are you sure you posted ALL the photos? Hmmm--->

Just kidding...

04-08-04 - 9:14 AM

Nonot and Iyoh, hope you enjoyed our company. Medyo bitin dahil hindi nag se-serve ng beer. Pero, kahit walang nalasing, para na ring lasing ang usapan. Enjoy talaga pag nagkikitakits. At saka pag nabubuhay ang mga matagal nang hindi umaattend, Sixto (of course na tiga 426) at si Cesar (pronounced as Siiiiiisar). O sige, sa uli, uli. Mukhang maraming happennings na naka schedule, puro kainan ito, tataas na naman ang high blood ko (sobrang taas nuon ha).

04-08-04 - 8:25 AM

James - our sincere sympathy to you and your family. email me when you get back in IL (mmoy@ubm-inc.com), of course after nag-recuperate ka from your trip. Hang in there and we are praying for you.take care.

Noli - we are praying for your speedy recovery too.

and to the rest of the batchmates - pakabait kayo (ako matagal ng mabait - remember... ami, di ba magmamadre ako?) Happy Easter to all
and excited na rin sa big Epol trip! see you soon!

RockyM & France (Not the country)
04-08-04 - 7:53 AM

More photos posted. Transmitting from Torrance Courtyard Inn, mabalos. Napakasakit kuya Edong, have a good day y'all.

04-08-04 - 1:10 AM

To James & Family---our heartfelt condolences...we will be praying for the eternal repose of your father's soul.

Ruben Samson & Family

04-08-04 - 1:04 AM

Nonot & Iyoh---thanks for a wonderful and memorable evening...ang saya natin, kaya lang bitin at may pasok bukas.

Sa lahat ng mga dumalo maraming salamat... katulad ni SEE-zar Mayor, nabuhay after almost 2 years...kailangan may special guess from the Philippines para magpakita

to Francia for arranging the reservation and anything under the sun, Voltaire, Joel, Nando, Jojo/Dina, Barbara, Robert, Marivic/Mike, Sixto, Rocky(M3)& Gigi(G2)

Happy Trip na lang sa lahat ng dadalo sa Big Epol reunion...according to Rlyn 30+ na raw ang confirmed.

Posted some pictures!

Regards to all

Nonot & Iyoh
04-07-04 - 10:14 PM

To all our L. A. Batchmates - Great to see all of you! It has been a long time since we've seen each other. Thank you again for hosting dinner for us. Special mention to Francia for helping us in our hotel accommodation and for arranging the dinner and to Ruben and Vu for coordinating things and making sure that we arrive safely in LA.

I posted some pictures. Hope to see you again in Vegas and New York!!!

Nonot & Iyoh

04-07-04 - 10:20 AM

dear james,

ngayon ko lang nalaman. Sorry to hear the sad news. Nakikiramay ako sa iyo at iyong pamilya.

bong lopez

04-07-04 - 8:29 AM

To James uli: I meant to say, our condolences, sorry for the typo.

04-07-04 - 7:14 AM

To James Sales: Out condolences. I know how you feel right now. Our prayers are with you.

04-07-04 - 6:19 AM

Carol (SQ) -- Thanks for your message! Getting together the day before you leave for Angola would be awesome! I fly in early afternoon on Mon., April 12th. My agenda for that day is already looking hectic, but I would be able to tell you more as we get closer to the day. Could you leave me your number via e-mail so I can call you? Hope all is well!

James -- My condolences and prayers to your and your family! Just in case you're wondering who WB is, it's Wilmer Baliton. Ingat.

Gerry B -- Sorry to wake you up. I figure that I wake you up too, since someone called me in my hotel room this morning, and woke me up as early as 5:15 a.m. today (nasa mid-stream pa man din ako with my sweet dreams)
Great chatters, bud! Regards!

04-06-04 - 11:01 PM

James - Hang in there, man. Lahat tayo duon ang final destination, but the basis of our faith is the resurrection. You and your whole family's coping with your Dad's passing will be in my prayers. Peace out.

04-06-04 - 10:46 PM

Destination: Torrance, CA

See you all tomorrow, will be with my son Rainier.

Nonot - I heard you have a 10 and 12 year old. If you're still up, text me and I'll call your room. Or bukas na lang 'pag enroute na kami. We should arrive early PM, dependent on 405 traffic density. My son Rainier is a card guru. Right now, he plays "Duel Masters". Sa arcade/video games naman, ganun din. Whenever he plays, the 5 bucks I give him goes a long way, sometimes a couple bucks would last for hours. Talk to you more later.

04-06-04 - 10:45 PM

Francia - MnT is Marie Naniong Tiongson aka: Maria Makiling na amoy biik sabi ni e*Sigh. Pwede rin ba magpa-book ng hotel sa'yo near Cerritos, Anaheim, Bellflower, etc.? Thanks.

Santo Tonio - buti ka pa..don't forget my flight suit.

Carol - thank you for coming. It was nice seeing you again. Tulad ng sabi ko, there's always a next time. Dinner before you leave for Angola?

e*Sigh/MnT - salamat rin for all your help and of course for your presence. Can't accept your tip. Next time na lang kayo mag-treat.

Nonot/Iyoh - was a pleasure seeing you both after 27 years. Hello to the boys, kamusta rin kay Nanay.

James - our sincere condolences, we'll offer our prayers.

Caesar M
04-06-04 - 9:32 PM

Joel V. Thank you for the information. I will call you on your cell tomorrow if we will carpool.


04-06-04 - 8:37 PM

i have no clue who is MNt is. please let me know who you are. and
to our beautiful annabelle aka. pots and pans, you did a good job.
actually, my friend who owns the frnchise for mimi's is going to
attend your next presentation and my friend who owns cafe acapulco
is going to be there too. so youm better get ready bec. these people
are into restaurant business. and pretty soon, i'll be one of them.
keep up the good work. everybody was very impressed of you and your
hubby. i wish you have a training on how to to teach your husband
how to be a good HOUSEWIFE.

love you


04-06-04 - 8:29 PM

DINNER with the Villamayors is at 7:30 PM as per instruction of VU....please dont forget......

Grand China Buffet
22901 Hawthorne Blvd
Torrance, Ca
7:30 PM

Francia---. the villamayors are now in the hotel....rm 612....kanina ka pa tinatawagan ni Vu..... pls reply!!!!

04-06-04 - 5:03 PM

Vu and Francia: really appreciate the help extended...for my hotel accomodation...HOWEVER...my boss had made reservations without informing me until now. so sorry

to all LA batchmates... enjoy your kitakits with the Villamayors. the kidz are pizza monsters...that's all they wanted plus playing in arcades. have fun

Nando: nandiyan na si Museky...

James: My condolence to your family..

Gina K.
04-06-04 - 2:50 PM

Vu: Maraming salamat sa nagbigay nang inpormasyon. Ako lang po eh nagtatanong kung anong happenings meron bukas kasi naiiwan ako sa biyahe eh. Curious George ba ga. Sa totoo lang, hindi naman ako pwedeng sumama sa inyo kasi late na ang labas ko sa trabaho bukas. Ikain mo na lang ako ha? Yung sa akin damihan mo ang subo, sunod-sunod.


04-06-04 - 2:37 PM

Laba-dami, laba-ngo. - SECRET AGENT 1-2-3

04-06-04 - 2:25 PM

- James Sales, lubhang nakikiramay po sa iyo at iyong pamilya sa pagyao ng iyong Tatay. Please let us know when you'll be back sa U.S. I'm sure our group of batchm8s sa Pinas will lend you their profound sympathy. Ingat ka pati ang iyong familya Dr. Sales.

- Sa lahat ng mga batchm8s na dadalo bukas sa Torrance kitakits (lalo na ikaw Gina K...kitams espesyal ka), please confirm here sa message board kung sino definitely ang dadating and how many para ma-adjust properly ang reservation. T.Y. Ba Vu.

Joel V
04-06-04 - 1:37 PM

Cesar---If you do get in to this site, here's the info again (from Francia):
nonot and iyoh are gonna be staying at the marriott hotel at
3635 fashion way
torrance ca. 90505
ph# [310] 316-3636

for our dinner the following day, the rest. is called grand china
buffet at: 22901 hawthorne blvd.
torrance ca. 90505
ph# [310] 373-9778

direction: take 110 S. EXIT SEPULVEDA
QUESTIONS? CALL (310)539-5521(Francia)

Gina K.
04-06-04 - 12:39 PM

Jojo C: Mr. Tigasin, hindi ako pwedeng manood kasi baka kung ano ang makita ko. Baka mamaya dyan censored pala. Teka nga muna, ako huli sa balita, ano ba ang meron bukas ? Hindi tumatawag sa akin si CQ kaya wala akong alam na may happenings kayo bukas at saan ? Ano ba yon ha ? Ibigay ko sa'yo ang cell ko at tawagan mo ako para malaman ko naman ang happenings ninyo. Naiiwan tuloy ako sa biyahe. Cell: (213) 369-0300. Ang ganda nang number ko ano? Yung paborito mong position, hehehe!!!


04-06-04 - 12:11 PM

and the latest labtim for this month is Iyoh & KQ(aka ms.titanium)naku baka magselos si nonot...excuse me hah...ayan napunta ka lang sa LA,nasama ka pa sa labtim season....

CQ-(alyas X5) bukas nyo na din malalaman....


Jojo C.
04-06-04 - 11:59 AM

Hellowww, Ms. Titanium (aka Kaldero Queen, KQ)! Pinanindigan mo na rin pala ang pagka-KQ mo. Akala namin ay nadala ka na sa 'ming mga pagtutuya sa iyo nung una kang nag-demonstrate ng iyong mga inilalako. Mas improved ka na yata ngayon kasi balita ko ay mayro'ng mga bumili. Buong sets pa raw ang mga binili nila. Baka naman gusto mo na'ng mag-blow-out?

CQ, balita ko ay ikaw ang unang bumili! Pautang...

Gina K., salamat sa pagtawag mo sa akin na "tigasin". Wala rin akong gagawin sa Sabado de Gloria, plano ko lang dumede, eheste, magpadede pala. Gusto mong manood???

May bago na naman palang labtim - Iyoh & KQ. Ghel on ghel action, WOW!

SQ, ingat sa Angola at ihanda ang swimsuit (na sana ay 2-piece) para sa July 4th, sa Riverside, sa bahay ng kapatid ng bagong muse, excuse me RoNY. Teka, kung magva-van pool kayo sa July 4th, siguraduhing dala ni Bos Ami ang swimsuit niya (na sana ay 9-piece, coverall 'ika nga, CHE!)

And on a serious note, James. My sincere condolences. Have a safe trip back home.


04-06-04 - 11:49 AM

Carol, you got mail! I have e-mail for you.

Carol "SQ"
04-06-04 - 10:36 AM

Hi all - before I go back to Angola... here goes:
1. Nonot & Iyoh - great to see you after 27 years, ikaw din Marie
2. 'not - alam ko na kung bakit patay na patay si Iyoh sa 'yo. 'wa ka say kahit pinakyaw na niya ang mga paninda sa Ross.
3. Iyoh - your revelation last night over dinner was consistent with Ms. Titanium's, o di ba?
4. E*sigh - o sige, i-post mo na rin yung mga revelations mo, marami-rami 'yon
5. Sabi ni Benj - teaser lang daw yun dito sa NorCal, pinaka-climax ninyo daw sa Big Epol; humanda kayong lahat! I'm depressed 'coz I can't make it, I leave on April 13.
6. a challenge posted by E*Sigh - kung pupunta si Jojo Mariano, eh she will go to the Big Epol no matter what! Ako rin may challenge, kung nag-lose ng 100 lbs si you know who, pupunta rin ako! Hello to everyone sa Big Epol!
7. Howie & Hans - ano ulit ang name nung mga Trading cards? Hoy, mga taga- La, paki-dala ninyo ang mga bata sa Walgreens, wala 'yong mga hinahanap nilang cards dito.
8. 'Nay Aida - uuwi po ako sa Pinas sa Oct/Nov - paki-line up na po ang mga DI natin
9. Miloy -a long overdue thank you for our dinner sa Elephant bar. Thanks very much. I can't still answer the tough question - If I was stuck in an island with you, mMn, & piloto...
10. mMn - great choice of restaurant - Kuleto's. the kids had their pizza, the ghels their fish, you and Nonot, meat, and 'Nay seafood pasta, on white linen cloth, great wine, ambiance and company - a perfect quiet evening. Thank you very, very much. Sabi mo nga, next time, ako ang taya para hindi naman ako feeling poor, di ba? Thanks again.
11. To SoCals - hope to see you all again and meet all the others too and find out kung sino sina G2, CQ, alam ko na who Dharleng is, and Ms. Titanium. Hope I can make it sa May 22 or on the 4th of July; I know I will be home. To NorCal batchmates, vanpool na lang tayo?
12. WB - If you get here on Monday, 12th, the day before I leave, let's plan something. Lagi tayong nag-sasalisi, maybe this time we can hook up.
13. Jo - congats sa baby boy mo, ang cute.. Bakit ang cu-cute na mga anak nina Jojo, WB, DonB, mMn, Nandoc? may pattern ba?
14. Ami - where art thou?
15. Ms Teen Phils - pagaling ka!
16. Vu, Poca, Mnsngor, Nandoc, Mike V? na pupunta sa Big Epol. safe travels. Sasakit ang mga tiyan at mga panga ninyo, kakainggit...
17. Nandoc, sori will miss Chloe's b-day party (will still be in Angola), sayang, ngayon ka pa naman mag-blo-blow-out.
18. Jo - will also miss Jadin's binyag sa June, eh di sana naki-joint b-day celeb na rin tayo.
19. Rakibabes, et al - great newsletter including the collage. Thank you so much!

O sige na for now, mag-re-reflection muna ako (I don't call it peni-tensya, 'nasa ta-te na eh, di ba SEE-zar. btw - Marie asked kung husband daw kita coz pareho ang last name natin. Marie na shuffle ka rin ba?
Advance Happy Easter to all!
Take care, SQ

Mike V.
04-06-04 - 10:35 AM

James and Family: Accept my Condolence..May our prayers bring forth strength and comfort, whilst in grief.

Aped and the Comfort Guys: We appreciate your effort and sacrifices in extending comfort and support everytime there’s a bereaved batchmate…May the Lord continue to give you all the strength to cope up with this puyatan…


04-06-04 - 9:57 AM


May it comfort you to know that your father is now with our Creator. Our deepest condolences to you and your family.

In sympathy,

Ami Rosales McCrory and Family


04-06-04 - 9:10 AM

In behalf of my family, our sincerest sympathy, James. Best regards and have a safe trip home. God bless.


Gina K.
04-06-04 - 8:16 AM

Jojo C: Kumusta na Joooo!!!! Long time no hear. Kumusta na ang tigasin? Pasensiya na mga kapatid at busy ako kahit weekend. Naiiwan ako palagi sa mga happenings nina CQ, G2 at Franceng. This week - Sabado Santo libre ako anong happenings meron ? Please let me know, okay ? Kumusta na ang mga angels mo ?

CQ: My dear, tawagan mo ako sa cell kung may happenings okay? Libre ako sa Saturday.

Vu: Kumusta na day? Siguraduhin mo lang na kung itutulak mo ako eh dun sa gwapo ha? Para sabay yakap ang gagawin ko, para chancing agad, haayyyy!!!! saaaarrrraaapppp!!!! Para makatikim uli ....hehehe!!!

Joel V
04-06-04 - 8:13 AM

Hello all...I just got a message from our friend, Dr. James Sales (421), that his father just passed away yesterday. James will be going home to the Phil. tomorrow.

Kindly say a prayer for James and his family.

Take care, James...


04-06-04 - 6:34 AM

gud morning pipols....sa wakas nabuhay si ms. titanium..hmm..ngintrigapa...basta sumama ka sa wednesday at ng magkita kayo ni iyoh...di ba iyoh?you wanna see anabel too?

mMn- gud morning to you..medyo busy lang kaya tahimik ang G2XM3 labtim...para merong mistery....
benjie- kamusta ka na?
and to everyone... magtarbaho muna kayo....
see you mierkoles...
patria adorada....

04-06-04 - 3:16 AM

Nonot & Iyoh – ganda ng mga pictures, I’m glad you’re enjoying the first part of your vacation. Second part, LA naman, mas magugulo na ang mga ka batchmates natin dyan. Third part, NY, mas pinaka magugulo dahil nandiyan na si Nonoy, si Lito, Rick, Siopao, si Voltaire uli, si Ako, si Butch, si Armand, si Mike and Nando uli, pag pinagsama sama mapapaaway tayo sa gulo. Mabuti at least gradual ang orientation nyo sa ka batchmates sa Ameeeerika. Thank you sa mga ka batchmates nating from Northern California for your warm hospitality. Pero may kulang yata, if you noticed, wala yata si Amelia. Ano, wala si Amelia sa mga happenings in her neighborhood?

Ano kaya ang nangyari, BAKIT kaya wala si Amelia???

a. Hindi kaya naki pag mahjong buong magdamag nuong weekend at umaga na nakauwi at hindi na makapag paalam sa asawa?

b. Natalo kaya sa mahjong at na karma kaya si Ms. Hambog sa pagsabi niya ng “Can buy my own dinner... ano, pulubi?” Naging pulubi na nga kaya and she can’t afford her own dinner?

c. Turn niya na kayang mag bayad at umiiiwas sa bayaran ang milyonarya nating ka batchmate?

d. Sa pagmamalasakit sa pagluto ng bagoong para ibigay sa mga mahal nating ka batchmates, amoy BAGOONG na kaya si AMING BAGOONG? Ayaw na kaya siyang isama ng mga Northern California batchmates unless ang kakainan eh sa BARRIO FIESTA or KAMAYAN?

e. All of the above.

f. All of the above, except d.

Ano ang palagay ninyo ang nanyari kay Amelia?

P.S. I love you, Ami, biro lang, MMMWAAAAHHHH. Ami, Holy Week ngayon, bawal magmura.


04-05-04 - 11:33 PM

Ang bilis niyo namang dalawa!
Anyway, got home safe; hope Carol & Marie got in safely, too.

To Iyoh & Nonot, Nanay Aida & kids, though time was not enough to catch up the past 27 years, it is our honor to have the pleasure of your company. Have a safe trip to your destinations and enjoy your vacation. Keep in touch and take care.

Isay & Joey

04-05-04 - 10:37 PM

We had our dinner with Nonot, Iyoh and family. I added 2 pictures sa SF album nila. Tomorrow they will drive to L.A. Expected time of arrival will probably be around 8 p.m.

Anabel - napag-usapan rin 'yan over dinner.

G2/M3 - mukhang quiet kayong dalawa. Kamusta na?

Nonot & Iyoh
04-05-04 - 10:24 PM

To our ever gracious hosts in San Francisco: Mamon, Marie, Isay and Joey, Vicky and Gary, and Carol. Thank you so much for your hospitality. It was very nice and heartwarming to see all of you after so many years. You made our first stop very enjoyable and memorable. We hope that someday we would see each other again soon! Next time any of you guys are in Manila, let us know so that we can arrange a get together!

We wish all of you the best and God bless.

Nonot, Iyoh, Howie, Hans and Nanay Aida


04-05-04 - 7:55 PM

tabi, tabi po... mawalang galang lang po, pasingit lang sumandali... ako po si ms titanium (nabuhay)!... unang una gusto kong magpasalamat kay darleng franceng (nakikigaya lang para in din) sa mainit (as in umaapoy) na pagtangap niya sa amin sa kanyang palasyo noong sabado salamat, salamat ganon din sa sobra mong kalog na asawa... salamat din sa mag-asawang marivic at mike , enjoy ako to death sa tawanan natin...atchaca totoo ang chismis tungkol sa bibingka mo ,yummy 2X! pangalawa, sa lahat nag mga ka-batchmate ko hindi totoo ang chism na may sama ako nang loob sa inyo , hindi po, promise labs ko kayong lahat talaga lang sobra akong busy!!! pinaninindigan ko na ang pagka kaldero queen ko baka kasi may umagaw nang trono ko... pangatlo, sa tambalang g2 at m3 ah eh wala akong ma-say... matatanda na kayo at alam nyo na ang pinaggagawa nyo... pang-apat, gustong gusto ko sanang sumama sa inyong lahat sa wed kaya lang meron na naman po akong bold este cooking show ( nananadya ata kayo mga kapatid mukhang natatapat) science na science dahil meron po kaming nagdaan ni iyoh (hmmmm!) kasi po noong 3rd yr po tayo eh naging mag-on po kami (hihihi) lagot buking na tayo ni nonot! si iyoh po ang feeling men ako naman po ang gel (hihihi ulit) wala lang bigayan lang kami nang hopia, mani , popcorn sa isat-isa. ni hindi nga kami nag holding hands (pareho ata kaming nandidirs (hihihi ulit) wala lang uso po kasi noon, di ka in sa hs kung wala kang on... paki remind lang si iyoh na ang theme song pa namin ay yung hey look at the sun ... hinding hindi ko po makaklimutan yun dahil nakaguhit na yun sa puso ko (hihihi na naman) o cya mga kafatidz sana magkikita na tayo... di bale, malapit na, sana malapit na... ang inyong lingkod, ANABEL alyas ms titanium


04-05-04 - 5:26 PM

Jojo cum- diyata't natapos na ang kabanata ng G2xM3 LABTIM???? at hindi pa man nasisimulan ang misteryo.....o siya, baka makurot ka sa mierkoles...Dinna pakurot muna sa kumander mo....
hanggang sa muli.....sa ating pagkikita.....

04-05-04 - 4:56 PM

Sorry, hindi ako pwede sa Wednesday dahil Passion Play ng bunso ko sa school at request na panoorin ko daw yung play dahil isa siya sa mga apostles. Anyway, I will see Nonot and Iyoh in the Big Epol.

Muse Noli, the Teen Princess - we are all praying for you. Pagaling ka agad para makanood tayo ng Lakers playoffs sa Staples Center.

Jojo - hirap nyo namang hagilapin. I taped the 10th anniversary special of TFC para sa aking kumare. Bigyan mo na lang ako ng mga blank tapes para mai-tape ko yung magagandang shows. I hope you have a VCR

04-05-04 - 3:43 PM

Jojo---> sige isama mo ang iyong unica hija at isasama ko rin ang aking unica hija! Wala akong baby na maisasama pero di bale nanduon naman ako, o diva rin !

Jojo C.
04-05-04 - 3:04 PM

Malamang ay payagan ako ni Kumander na makipag-halakhakan sa inyo on Wednesday night. Dadalhin ko siguro si Izabel para isa lang ang aasikasuhin ni Kumander. Hindi ko pedeng dalhin si Jadin (or J for short, o di vah Vu?), dahil breast fed siya. Teka, teka, baka pede ring dalhin si J kasi nando'n naman si Franceng, o di vah, Gina K? Speaking of Gina K, Mr. Elegance, kahit gusto ko mang sundan agad medyo puro Gina K muna ako since hindi pa pedeng maging lover boy - potpot!

At ano naman itong narinig kong patapos na pala ang G2-M3 labtim, eh akala ko pa nama'y pa-umpisa pa lang? Diyata't ibinigay na ni G2 ang kanyang halimuyak (borrowing from Santo Tonio's description of Noliette) sa strike 3'ng M3? (Strike 3 kamo? secret...) Sinasabi ko na nga ba't may nangyari na nung isang gabi, eh!

And Noli, huwag kang mag-alala. Marami pa naman silang nagmamahal sa 'yo, eheste, kami pala. Marami kaming nagdarasal para sa mabilis mong paggaling. Ingat!

CQ: maraming salamat ulit sa bibingka mo. Kailan ulit?

And dharleng, thank you very much sa breakfast kahapon. Alam ko na ang ibig sabihin ni M3 about "the morning after". Poca, na-miss mo na naman...

04-05-04 - 1:10 PM

Ngayon lang today ako nakapag check ng msg. board mga kafatidz e nagkakalituhan na pala kung Tue. or Wed. night ang kitakits. Pati si Franceng e nalito sa area code n'ya o baka naman nabunggo na naman ng kambal ang keyboard mo! WEDNESDAY hindi Tuesday as Ruben originally posted. We figured out since Nonot and family are doing a long drive that it may not be a good idea to do it Tue. night just in case they get delayed on the road. Ruben was supposed to retract his posting about Tue. pero nagkaproblema sa computer niya. Just use Francia's info. Ingat.

tony r:
04-05-04 - 1:09 PM

noli: kahit hindi ako buddhist, ipagsisindi kita ang incense dito sa malaking pagoda sa taiwan, para gumagaling ka kaagad at bumalik muli ang iyong halimuyak! teka, teka, nasa san antonio pa pala ako, Alamodome pala itong nakikita ko! anyway, kahit ano pa man ipagdarasal pa rin kita na gumaling ka kaagad. noli, dati yung operation mo down under, ngayon naman up on your chest. baka naman pag nagkitakits tayo eh, matabunan mo na si dharleng francia!! pot2 (just making you smile noli baby)

mMn: tahimik ka yata, baka panay palinis mo ng tenga!!

santo tonio


04-05-04 - 11:49 AM

Joel DVD: Okidoki…I’ll call you tonite - to marry up our schedules…



04-05-04 - 11:03 AM

Teka, am I right? Wednesday, NOT Tuesday, right? Mike V, take note, OK? Tama ka, Caesar, Noli & Amado are all Project 6 neighbors...We used to meet up at Amado's to review those 9 mm tapes

Those were the days

Joel V

04-05-04 - 11:00 AM

Rlyn, still the same aka (CQ)

Joel V
04-05-04 - 10:57 AM

Mike--- just talked to Caesar (pronounced SEE-zar daw dito sa ta-te)...I suggested mag-carpool na lang tayo, I can pick you guys up kahit saan na on the way galing sa 10 or 60 fwy. Hindi siya sigurado pero tatawag ulit mamaya...

Noli--- I was shocked !!! dehins ko alam na bypass na pala at hindi lang angio... I'm so sorry but I hope you're on your way to recovery...pagdarasal ka namin, OK? Tapon mo na ang natitirang Benson & Hedges mo...I know it hurts since they have to crack your chest open...If you need a PT, just call me (teka, PT ka rin nga pala)... By the way, we'll be moving back to our Monrovia neighborhood in 45 days (escrow closes)---magkapit bahay ulit tayo...

See you guys sa Mierkoles...

Mike V.
04-05-04 - 10:43 AM

WB: You’re right, magkababata yang si Noli and Cesar, mga Batang Project 6…Saan pwedeng kontakin ni Cesar si Noli? Probably Vu can help us also on this one….Let me know and I'll call Cesar this noon break…

Robert C: My understanding is that – the Kitakits will be tomorrow, Tuesday…


04-05-04 - 10:41 AM

CQ - refer to my posting #2014. May bago ka na naman aka? Anong ibig sabihin nun?


04-05-04 - 10:33 AM

oopppps i mean CQ

04-05-04 - 10:32 AM

Hi, G2....lets talk tonight
Rlyn, did u get my e-mail?

04-05-04 - 10:31 AM

CQ - Got the class pictures from decades ago, thanks. OMG! Keep it well guarded under lock and key

And yes, Nonot was a classmate at St.Dominics. Hope to talk to you soon... let's try tonight?



04-05-04 - 10:28 AM



04-05-04 - 10:27 AM

franceng- is this same chinese rest. we went to for the baby shower? and your call back no: area code is 310 not 319. baka nililigaw mo sila para hindi ka matawagan,he-he-he...i'll call you tonight...
CQ- call you tonight..
so, see you guys on wed. night....



04-05-04 - 10:25 AM

nice talking to you too-secret.....later


04-05-04 - 10:20 AM

nonot and iyoh are gonna be staying at the marriott hotel at
3635 fashion way
torrance ca. 90505
ph# [310] 316-3636

for our dinner the following day, the rest. is called grand china
buffet at: 22901 hawthorne blvd.
torrance ca. 90505
ph# [310] 373-9778

direction: take 110 S. EXIT SEPULVEDA

QUESTIONS? CALL ME [319] 539-5521.


04-05-04 - 9:50 AM

US Naval Observatory Master Clock Time

Apr. 05, 17:49:44 UTC
Apr. 05, 01:49:44 PM EDT
Apr. 05, 12:49:44 PM CDT
Apr. 05, 11:49:44 AM MDT
Apr. 05, 10:49:44 AM PDT
Apr. 05, 09:49:44 AM YDT
Apr. 05, 07:49:44 AM AST

04-05-04 - 9:39 AM

MikeV - can you make it on Wednesday night? Baka puwede na si Pochahantas, plan mo na ang ride mo.


04-05-04 - 8:23 AM

Malapit na ang "Parking Lot Walk/Talk Time" natin.

04-05-04 - 8:15 AM

Hello, good morning. Ruben, thanks for calling regarding Nonot's visit. Yeah, I can make it. Kaya lang a little confused kasi sabi mo Tuesday, pero si Vucaca naman sabi Wednesday. Let me know kung anong araw talaga. Paki post na lang whoever is the party planner for this one. Nonot, welcome to tha land of the plenty (of utangs). Cge, see you guys soon. Anong section nga ba si Nonot, hindi ko siya masyadong matandaan.


04-05-04 - 7:21 AM

Vu -- My e-mail is: balitonwt@hotmail.com or if my box is full, please use gclef_wtb@yahoo.com. Thank you!


04-05-04 - 7:19 AM

Noli -- Get well real soon, miss ka na namin. If you don't mind, I'll let Letty (utol ko) know your situation. Favorite ka ni Letty, and I'm certain that she'll also pray for your very speedy recovery. Hang in there, Bud!

Voltaire -- Hi Vu! Could you please provide me Noli's phone/address via e-mail?

Joel -- When you talk to Caesar Mayor, please mention Noli's situation. I know that they were close when we were in Pinas. Unless I'm mistaken, I believe Noli said that he hasn't talked to Caesar for a while now. I'm sure that Noli would love to hear from Caesar. Thanks, pare!

Rakibabes & Company -- Thank you for the newsletter! It looks great, your efforts were indicative of the newletter's outcome .. sure looks professional!

Carol (SQ) -- Great to chatter with you on the phone last week sometime. Sorry, we missed you at Ami's place. Balik ka ulit ... dito naman sa SoCal!

Jojo C -- Sorry, I couldn't page you the past few days. I'll try to connect while I'm at the airport today.

04-05-04 - 6:28 AM

Noli - we're praying for you.

Nando - ang galing mo Doc. Doc, masakit ang ulo ko, wag mong sabihin ang gamot, pukpukin ng martilyo. Remember that song "Kung masakit ang ulo nyo, pukpukin ng martilyo, botika, botika..."

04-05-04 - 6:24 AM

Nonot - ayan na confirm na ng Francia that she made na your reservation sa Marriott, Torrance. Nice talking to you Nonot, magingat kay Mamon pag hinahawakan ka sa kamay, alam mo na.

Francia - Thank you Francia. How can I call you everytime you call Private ang number mo. Also you're not listed sa directory dito. Call me nalang at work (937)656-9334.

Ayan o di ang galing batchmates helping each other. Happy Holy Week sa inyo, magpapakabait kayo.

04-05-04 - 6:20 AM

Voltaire ---> I don’t know Noli’s medical history pero it is the left main and /or right coronary arteries that are involve in a partial or complete blockage that leads to a heart attack. Yung femoral artery (the pulse we feel sa singit is this artery) is the site where a long thin tube with a camera on the tip is inserted during angiogram/plasty and is directed towards the coronary arteries to see it (with a dye). By passed is completely different from angioplasty dahil the former is open heart surgery. Also a vein is surgically removed from the leg ( usually a long one at least 12- 15 inches kahit mallit lang ang kailangan, just to be sure), and this is use to by-pass the blocked artery. Kaya masakit ang right leg ni Noli dahil sa surgical vein extraction niya. Hirap din siya magsalita dahil sa chest surgery and much more kung uubo siya. Patients usually put pillows in their chest dahil nga sa pain. Blood thinners ( Coumodin and heparin) are specially needed at this time to prevent a clot that may block the by pass and thus prevent a heart attack, yun nga lang prone to bleeding kaya constant monitoring ang kailangan.

Noli --->hang on my dear... we are praying for your immediate recovery. I know how you feel right now. I almost went thru with what you are going thru right now. Be brav.... we love you!!!!


04-05-04 - 5:26 AM

call me regarding iyoh and nonot's hotel in torrance. i already made reservations but i'll give you the details.
francia. have a good day.

04-05-04 - 2:55 AM

Could not sleep, may jet lag pa yata ako, anyway posted some pictures with Vicky Recio and husband Gary Razo (batch 78)


04-04-04 - 11:20 PM

Kamusta na mga Kafatidz? Seems like long time no hear/read! Just a quick posting 'cause I've had a long day this Palm Sunday.

- Finally talked to Noli Sapuriada today. Didn't realize that his surgery last Monday was complicated and he ended up staying until yesterday (Sat.). There were complications with the angioplasty the previous week and there was blockage in his right femoral artery (folks in the medical field please correct my terminologies if needed). He ended up having a bypass surgery and the artery from his right foot was used for the graft. Nando or Joel V. if you guys can clear this up paki lang 'cause Noli was very weak and had difficulty talking over the phone.

Noli is in a lot of pain (esp. his right leg) and because of his blood thinner medication, he's bleeding often and therefore his dressing needs to be changed frequently. I really thought that his surgery last Monday will only be an overnight stay like the angioplasty the previous week. Did not have a clue until today that he ended up getting out of the hospital yesterday. Pakiusap lang ni Noli to all batchmates to please take care of our health so we don't have to suffer what he's going through. I think he's going to try to stop smoking now and he already started changing his diet months before the surgery. Please continue your prayers for his quick recovery as he's not still completely out of danger. Maraming salamat po and I'll update you as I talk with Noli this week.

- Regarding the kitakits with Iyoh and Nonot. It will definitely be in Torrance on Wed. night. The ever gracious Francia booked Courtyard by Marriott in Torrance for the visiting family, and she's also getting the details of the international buffet restaurant in Torrance not far from the hotel. Dinner will probably be at 7 P.M. and we'll post info and directions as soon as we get the details (probably tomorrow). Please block Wed. night on your calendars for the kitakits.

- Francia Dharleng, thanks for the fabulous brunch and your wonderful company along with the Comandante family. I don't know how we manage to turn the event into a riot even with just the four of us plus the two kids. I think kakalogan is endemic in our batch.

- Marivic/CQ, maraming salamat din sa napakasarap mong bibingka. Hanggang ngayon ay tinitipid ko pang kainin kahit pasado hatinggabi na. Bibingka Queen, tandaan mo ulit ako sa susunod ha! T.Y. mucho!

Goodnight and regards to everyone. Ingat kayong lahat.

04-04-04 - 10:42 PM

Joel/Ruben - Nonot's number is 01163-917-818-1022. Just txt him kase international call 'yan or you can try his hotel - Courtyard by Marriott on 2nd Street, SF. I don't know the number, just look it up online. I might see him tomorrow so I'll give your numbers.

Joel V
04-04-04 - 10:30 PM

Ruben---> got your message yesterday... did you get mine? We just got back from Santa Barbara. Paki-email nga ang itinerary ni Nonot or number where he can be reached at. Wednesday sounds fine if that's OK with them...I'll hook up with Cesar Mayor too...I'm not familiar with the Torrance area so I can't make a good suggestion for the venue... We'll talk about it tomorrow, OK?

mMn---> paki-bigay naman kay Nonot ang # ko:CP (626)675-1576 or home (626)815-8904...in case mag-usap kayo...TY pre !

How's Noli S doing?(don't have his phone #) I hope he's doing better... tigil na ang yosi, OK? I stopped cold turkey in '92...kaya mo rin yun...

Kudos to those responsible for the Newsletter...it's cool...

Nice photos on the website !!

Be GOOD everyone...it's the Holy Week

ps...i've been out of touch dito sa web... who's CQ? G2? Gina K? G2+M3
Anyway...I'll try to review the previous postings kung may time...


04-04-04 - 8:40 PM

Rlyn, its been a while since the last time we talked. check your e-mail and you'll see high school class pictures, sec.116,217,316 & 416. still trying to get a hold of malou berbano malapit na, i just spoke to her cousin and he'll give me her phone#. i'll try to call you this week,not sure yet if i can make it this wednesdays kita-kits i'd love to see iyoh and nonot. i think nonot went to st.dominic too,am i right? not sure kung siya nga if you have 1967 yearbook check it he's next to mike.
G2... call me tomorrow night

Ex ni Karaoke King
04-04-04 - 8:34 PM

Karaoke King: Oks lang yun! Anyway, nag promise ka lang naman to call, you did not say naman na "tutuparin mo!"


04-04-04 - 7:00 PM

Ruben -- Did you get a chance to talk to Louie Natividad? Will he be able to join on Wed., 4/7th? Thanks.


04-04-04 - 6:50 PM

Based on several phone conversations the following is the plan:

Nonot,Iyoh and family will be arriving sometime in the afternoon of Tuesday(4-6-04), I guess they might do some resting, so the perfect time would be Wednesday, 4/7/04 night, somewhere in the Torrance area near Marriott.

Francia---provide some details kung saan tayo pueding mag dinner.

mMn---give me the phone of Nonot where he could be reached.


04-04-04 - 9:20 AM

So when is the get together for Nonot & Iyoh??

04-03-04 - 9:33 PM

Ruben/Nando and L.A. friends - just picked up a message from Louie "Toktok" Natividad that he is in L.A. Please call him at (909)896-3272.

04-03-04 - 9:22 PM

Nonot and Iyoh's SF pictures posted.


04-03-04 - 1:39 PM

Favorite Place for Japanese is Yamashiro with a cool view of Los Angeles at night and the Hollywood sign

04-03-04 - 12:04 PM

Ruben -- Spoke to Nonot a couple of hours ago. If their accommodations is in Torrance, it would only make sense to see them around the area so they don't have to bother going anywhere else, unless they don't mind going elsewhere. I told Nonot that I will be flying back in town on April 7th, so hahabol nalang ako. Ruben, when you get a chance later, please call. Thx!

SoCal Batchmates ... your thoughts please.

Mr. Elegance
04-03-04 - 10:19 AM

Hello Southern California Batchmates---I just talked to Nonot, they are in a hotel in SF with Iyoh and kids, kasama nila ngayon sila mMn & Marie. They will be here in Los Angeles, this coming Tuesday (until Thursday)afternoon and will check in at the Torrance Marriott...hopefully we could have a get together plan...any suggestions. I will be working late that Tuesday night.

04-03-04 - 7:30 AM

Just got a text message from Nonot, their plane just landed in SFO. Picking them up now.


04-02-04 - 11:16 PM

Pictures of "an evening with Carol" posted.

04-02-04 - 6:14 PM

Rene - I really need to call you. My son, who's in college there in Philly, will be taking the train home for the first time on Holy Thursday. Kasi gagabihin ako kung susunduin ko siya and he wants to get home early. Hindi ko alam yung pasikut-sikot to Amtrak in Philly. He will be coming from La Salle U.(near Germantown on Olney off Broad St.). I'll probably call you next week to get tips about taking the train from there. Thanks ha!

R-lyn: Don't worry. Ako nalang ang magpapasyal sa atin sa Chinatown. My Lola and Aunt used to live in Manhattan for 15 years before they moved to Virginia with my Dad and Mom. So, kinailangan kong makabisa yung mga suki ng lola ko kasi ako yung driver. I'll call you later.


04-02-04 - 4:27 PM

mMn - I'll relay your message to the east coast group about the newsletter, but spare me from being one of the collectors. MonV The EA coordinator should handle that, don't you think?

CQ - Was not able to connect with you last weekend but will try again later. Can you please email the pictures to my home address --> rlynastam@aol.com and cc me at work --> ralvarez@bloomingdales.com

Franceng Dharleng - Have you decided what to do? Talk to me...

Happy weekend everyone!


04-02-04 - 4:14 PM

mMn ---> O, si E*SIGH naman ngayon ang sinasangkalan mo... Ikaw ang NorCal Don Benito kaya play the part. Isa pa, classmate mo naman si Nonot at sister section mo pa si Iyoh; bawasan mo ng konti 'yung pambili mo ng E430.

Pulubing Housewife Ng Danville


04-02-04 - 3:50 PM

NanDoc - buking naman ang April fools prank mo..galing ko manghula ano? Buti na lang hindi nabasa ni LQ ang txt mo...

04-02-04 - 3:44 PM

Rakibabes - thanks for a job well done sa newsletter.

Ami/R-lyn - charming collectors, we need to share the cost of the newsletter di ba? O sige, pass the hats na...

Poor ghel of Danville - sasama ka ba to welcome Nonot and Iyoh? If not, ubos na sa amin ang hopia, Manyaman ensaymada, chicharon bulaklak at saka discount card sa Jollibee. Manlilibre si Isay pero ikaw hindi libre kase worried siya sa sinabi mong "ano pulubi? I can buy my own dinner.."


04-02-04 - 3:00 PM

I third what Shorty is saying at maraming salmat kay Rakibabes and company for a job well done!!!

mMn ---> wrong guess! Aprill fools daw sabi ni.....secret?

Ami---> sabado bukas our last chance!!! Maganda ang line up kaya malaki ang bigayan, hopefully....!!!!!

Ang pulubi nang Garden Grove na mas pulubi pa sa Danville Housewife

04-02-04 - 2:58 PM

Ami: You’re Great! Akala ko sa Action, Romance and Comedy ka lang magaling…mas mabigat ka pala sa Drama, anong panama ni Juday at Claudine…In fact, matutuwa si Jojo Cum nyan kasi, di na nya kailangang mag-subscribe to TFC para makapanood ng Drama si Dinna…


04-02-04 - 1:41 PM

addendum to #1975

--- dala-dalawa ang bahay sa Northern California at malapit na ring bumili ng E430 (CASH DIN).

Ang Pulubing Housewife Lang (walang trabaho) Ng Danville


04-02-04 - 1:06 PM

Mike V ---> Tinamaan ka ng lisyak! Ikaw pa pala ang gustong umagaw sa aking koronang Harbat Queen. Labtim pa naman tayo (D'Pulutans)... gusto mo ikaw naman ang silihan ko

mMn ---> Let me take out my violin... 'Wawa ka naman, dala-dalawa lang ang bahay at pabili-bili na lang ng '04 RX330 IN COLD CASH Malas konti yata...

Hooyyy... tigilan ang ka-ek-ekan. Umiiwas ka pang mautangan, eh, buking ka na naman na NorCal Don Benito ka. Blow-out ka ngayon pagdating nina Nonot at Iyoh, 'LOL!

"Hi, Sweetie(k)" en "Swithart" ---> Pakipukpok sa ulo ang 'Ghetti Boy ('yung nasa taas) at nang matauhan.

Ang Pulubi ng Danville

Mike V.
04-02-04 - 12:12 PM

Rene: No worries, fair enough…Sayang lang, akala ko pa naman mahaharbatan ka na namin ni Benjie..

Lito V.: How’s everthing going? Doin’ good? Balita ko, babaha daw ng alak sa basement mo…Tamang-tama sa dami ng isyu na nagsusulputan, marami tayong pag-uuspang lasing..Thanks a lot, bud…

04-02-04 - 9:26 AM

Vu: Don't worry, kahit na ako ay bumaba pa sa akin kinaroroonnang bundok at maghasik na naman nang kababalaghan at fantasya sa cuidad nang San francisco...at kahit kabababa pa lang ni Nonot at Iyoh sa eroplano ay kami na ang bubulaga sa kanila...whatever kakanin na pasalubong di ko gagalawin or pababayaan ubusin ni FPJ...I'll save it for you...ganoon ka kalakas sa akin..o di ba? vhadiday ka talaga...tapos na ba ang iyong Vegas escapade...kwento naman...

Manong: paano yan...pinaghintay mo si Ex...lagot ka...nagpromise ka pa naman..hilig kasing mag side trip

04-02-04 - 9:08 AM

I second what Shorty is saying. I just browsed at the newsletter, deng, it looks like it's professionally done. Good job. At sa mga MU na nagtatampo na hindi napaskil ang litrato, punta na lang kayo sa ating MSN website. Ako, may extra akong solo, ang downside naman, ang kapalit eh, namatay naman ang erpat ko. So, count your blessings mga kafatids, don't despair, there will be many many more to come. To Aped and the rest of the gang sa PI, saludo ako sa inyo. Maraming maraming salamat for all the time and effort.

Benjie Uli
04-02-04 - 5:38 AM

Rene - sayang hindi ka makaka punta, ang saya sana. At makikita mo pa naman ang naghahanap sa iyo. Next time na lang uli. O sige, hindi ko na dadalhin ang slightly wet kong bimpo para sa muta mo, biro lang. Seriously, we'll miss you muta, I mean Rene. Congratulations sa first communion ng anak mo.

04-02-04 - 5:34 AM

Rakibabes – good job sa newsletter, kudos to all who helped. Alam ko mahirap gawin iyan, ang hirap kunin lahat ng information ng mga happenings, may sakit, mga na matayan, pangalan ng mga bago, at kung ano ano pa. The pictures, putting it together, ang galing galing naman. You guys did good, kudos to everybody.

Sa intrigero/intrigera na gustong makasama ang picture mo sa newsletter, gumawa ka ng sarili mong newsletter, e padala mo sa sarili mong address, epaskil mo sa harap ng bahay mo ang malaki mong picture, at sabihin, ang gwapo ang ganda ko talaga. Kung may problema ka at gusto mong makipagaway, tawagan mo ang aming MATON na si Ami.

Aming MATON – iba na ang a.k.a. mo ngayon, ikaw na ngayon si Ms. HAMBOG. Ang habang mo, “Can buy my own dinner... ano, pulubi?” Kung hindi nyo kami kakilala ni Ami, alam nyo naman kami ay parang siamese twins, araw araw nag uusap, magkabagang, pareho ang disposition sa buhay, parehong direcho magsalita, minsan masyadong direcho. Can you imagine kung siamese twins kami ni Ami, ang laki sana ng isa kong hita, biro lang Ms. Hambog. Hindi sa tutuo lang napaka hambog, I mean humble talaga niyang si Ami, I love you Ami. Sama ka na kasi sa Big Epol.

04-02-04 - 5:28 AM

Mike V. & Benjie - Sorry I won't be able to attend the kitakits sa NY. My daughter is receiving her First Holy Communion that Sunday and we'll have relatives coming from out of town that weekend. I told this to Mon V. and Lito V. the last time Mon V. was in town.

Charrie - thanks for riding Amtrak - the only way to go in the Northeast Corridor. If you're ever at Amtrak's 30th Street Station in Philly, give me a buzz at 215-349-1473. Enjoy your trip.


Awaken Fantasy
04-02-04 - 1:10 AM

This is a fun test - learn more about yourself........

Subject: Feng Shui Horoscope

Take just a couple of minutes to take this test & see what happens!

If you are honest this tells the truth - it's pretty good.

Write your answers on a piece of paper, and NO cheating!!

The answers are at the bottom.

1. Which is your favorite color:

red, black, blue, green, or yellow?

2. Your first initial?

3. Your month of birth?

4. Which color do you like more, black or white?

5. Name of a person of the same sex as yours.

6. Your favorite number?

7. Do you like California or Florida more?

8. Do you like a lake or the ocean more?

9. Write down a wish (a realistic one).

When you're done, scroll down. (Don't cheat)



1. If you choose:

Red - You are alert and your life is full of love.

Black - you are conservative and aggressive.

Green - your soul is relaxed and you are laid back

Blue - you are spontaneous and love kisses and affection from

the ones you love.

Yellow- you are a very happy person and give good

advice to those who are down.

2. If your initial is:

A-K You have a lot of love and friendships in your life.

L-R You try to enjoy your life to the maximum and your love life

is soon to blossom.

S-Z You like to help others and your fu! ture lov e life looks

very good.

3. If you were born in:

Jan-Mar: The year will go very well for you and you will

discover that you fall in love with someone totally


April-June: You will have a strong love relationship that

will not last long but the memories will last forever.

July-Sept : You will have a great year and will experience a

major life-changing experience for the good.

Oct-Dec: Your love life will not be too great,

but eventually you will find your soul mate.

4. If you chose.........

Black: Your life will take on a different direction,

it will seem hard at the time but will be the

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White: You will have a friend who completely confides in

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may not realize it.

5. Th is person is your best friend.

6. This is how many close friends you have in your lifetime.

7. If you chose:

California: You like adventure.

Florida: You are a laid back person.

8. If you chose:

Lake: You are loyal to your friends and your lover and

are very reserved.

Ocean: You are spontaneous and like to please people.


04-02-04 - 12:57 AM

Ex Ni KK -- Was going to call ... but after my 9:30 p.m. meeting this evening at LAX (Los Angeles Airport), I decided to head to Martini Blues to watch the Karaoke semi-finals para malaman ko kung sino ang makakatugma ko sa April 22nd (finals). Got home really late, tapos si LQ pa ang sumalubong sa akin .. patay tuloy! Needless to say, labada galore!

Jojo Cum -- Thanks for the pager. Will get a hold of you tomorrow.

Ruben -- Got your return call, but way late to get together. Just got out of Martini Blues.

Nando, Luis, Ruben, Vu, Sixto, Jojo C, etc. etc. etc. -- How about taking mMn to The Bicycle Casino (my previous employer) on Fri., 4/16th sa Bell Gardens. Visit the lounge for some entertainment, pulutan and some beers to knock down? I will be flying in that evening, but will catch up with you all at the casino. Your thoughts?

Night, night ...



04-02-04 - 12:42 AM

Ano itong nababalitaan ko na masama raw ang loob ko ...mMn, ikaw ba ang umiintriga sa akin...sa totoo lang masaya ako , malapit ng matapos ang paghihirap ko dito sa tax season...marami tuloy akong namimiss...
na mga escapades ni G2 x M3...goodtime ni Francia and Marivic...Pining G. or Gina K...Mga batchmates, hopefully, we could get together soon after 4/15/04. Luis, Wilmer, Nando, Joel, Mike, Voltaire, kailan ba tayong pueding lumabas

Rakibabes ---thanks to you and the rest of the group sa Pinas for the wonderful April edition in time for our 27 yrs anniversary.

Jojo C.---I'm glad that Jadin is doing well...since practisado kana and updated sa routine...gawing kaagad tatlo, para maslalong masaya.

Regards sa lahat

Mr. Elegance.

Jojo C.
04-01-04 - 10:59 PM

Hay, salamat at nakakuha rin ako ng break time from changing diapers. Namputsa, labada boy na, plantsador na, may bata pang pinapadede. Pede kayang manghiram ng dede? Ooppps pot-pot! Where is Franceng Dharleng when you need her?

I am happy to report that Jadin is doing very well. He has gained weight substantially, tulad rin ng iba nating batchm8, alam mo na kung sino ka, Ami! Yung paninilaw niya, jaundice, ay nawawala na rin kaya't patagal nang patagal ay pa-cute siya nang pa-cute. Iba na talaga pag nagmana sa ama!

WB: ang pager ko ay (213)391-1377

Gina K: Tigil-tigilan ang kabadingan; Ipaubaya sa mga tunay na bading.

CQ: Natikman ni motherhood ang bibingka mo at handa raw siyang magbayad. Magkano ba ang bibingka mo? Just remember, isang itlog, isang bibingka, 'K?

M3: Mukhang masayang-masaya ka na sa buhay, ah! Tuloy na nga ba ang labtim? May registry na nga ba sa Bloomingdales ng ating ex-muse. excuse me, RoNY?

Ooops, may umiiyak. Kailangan na akong magpadede...

04-01-04 - 7:28 PM

Charrie - Great talking with you this morning. When you get to Manhattan call me so I can direct you to wherever we are. Or baka by the time you get in from Philly nasa office pa ako (8pm?). Habol na lang tayo sa group after you check in sa hotel. I won't be able to stay-in on Friday but on Saturday, sleep over ako kina donB. By the way, sorry at wala ako masyadong alam sa Chinatown. Alam ko lang puntahan yung Canal St dahil nandun yung mga goodies to buy and Mott St where we usually eat dimsum and Peking duck



04-01-04 - 7:18 PM

pssssst........hey Vu, its me #1956, kahit na anong mangyari hindi ko i-identify ang sarili ko, pero pag pinilit ako sasabihin ko rin...oppps magtu-tuos muna kami ni Wonder Bra/Woman

04-01-04 - 5:43 PM

R-lyn: I'm taking the train to NY para makatulog muna ako at sabi mo, puyatan Friday and Sat. night. I'm not sure what time I'll be arriving Penn Station kasi depende kung anong oras ako makalabas sa opisina. Glad I was able to talk to you this morning. See you soon!

O hayan Ami, ikaw naman ang wala. Akala ko pa naman magkikita na tayo. Di bale, ibibili nalang kita ng siopao at hopia sa Chinatown (although mas masarap ang hopia sa Chinatown sa Philly).

R-lyn: Alam mo bang mas masarap ang siopao sa Chatham Restaurant (located at Chatham Circle) kesa sa Mei Lai Wa (me laway!)? Para siyang Kowloon talaga. Alam mo naman kaming mag-ina kapag pumupunta diya, puro kain ang atupag.

Ex ni KK
04-01-04 - 5:37 PM

Karaoke King: You can call between 2 to 2:30 in the afternoon here, today is Friday, April 2.


04-01-04 - 5:24 PM

Hi VU(aka labtim TT---pot pot pururot)....ikaw naman baka sila ang kinilig,pwede mo pa akong itulak sabay hug...he..he..he,anyways, pag umarangkada sa msg board..bilib talaga ako...anyways magtawagan nga tayo one of these at may sasabihin lang ako sa yo..ok doki....

o, siya magtatarbaho muna ako sumandali...

04-01-04 - 4:55 PM

Mike, hindi ba Abril din yung "Araw ng Maynila?" Mukhang magandang first part of the program sa kitakits natin this month except kung pool party. Bansagan natin ng "Bungang Araw ng Maynila!" Sino ang kapartner ko sa eksenang basang t-shirt in honor of "Pinakamagandan Hayop sa Balat ng Lupa" na gaganap ng eksena ni Elizabeth Oropeza (matagal ko ng feel yung part ni Gloria Diaz)? Pwera si Francia at talong-talo ako ng kambal niyang pang boxing (nangbubuntal na pang heavyweight division)! Pwera rin si Darna Ami dahil malakas tumadyak yan ("hamon" division naman yan dahil mahilig manghamon)! Yun lang for now. Signing off...Inday BadingDay.

04-01-04 - 4:25 PM

- Naku Mike, matagal ng ubos yung suman sa latik, Eng Bee Tin hopia at kasuy candy na pinaglalawayan mo. Mabuti pa magbilin ka na lang kay Nonot ng kakanin at merienda natin sa eropleyn 'cause we'll see them the week before we leave. Pero mauuna yung mga taga Northern Cal. (ayokong sabihin na San Francisco o Danville at baka ma-accuse akong kumikiling na Maria Makiling) sa pagpili ng pasalubong. Tira-tira na lang yung aabutan natin sa L.A. Pero mas kawawa yung mga taga Big Hepol at lilihapin natin lahat ng tirang pasalubong.

Hoy Mike V. (as in Mike Vu...uuuuyyyy may potential din pa lang labtim na pwedeng ribalan ang TT labtim/Tonyo-Tiñana). Sa tingin ko may panalo ka Mike dahil tama si Ami "Maton" CEO na mas gusto ko ang chicharon kesa palito ni Tonyo. Mike balita ko ang pawis mo raw ay lasang suka't bawang kaya patok na patok ang manok mo.

Hoy Mike, hindi mainit ang ulo ko! Nagpapaalala lamang po ako sa mga nakakalimot na may trumatrabaho ng voluntaryo sa mga aktibidades na nagpapasaya sa batch natin kaya huwag kalimutang magpasalamat sa kanila. Mukhang kating-kati ka ng lumipad to the Big Hepol.

- Hoy Gina K. alias Eileen or Pining (Garcia), kaya nga enjoy na enjoy kitang kasama kasi bading na bading ka rin at single pa. Sino ba sa batch natin ang may lakas ng loob na dumalo ng kitakits na ang chaperone ay magulang nila? Kita mo wala ka talagang kaparis hilton at wala kang pakialam sa mundo! Pero bakit palagi kang wala sa mga weekend kitakits (puro trabaho ka)? Paano kitang irereto n'yan sa mga gwaping na lalaki kung wala ka? Lalapitan natin yung type mo na hindi nila halata tapos itutulak kita sa kanya parang aksidente kuno para chancing na agad (basta yayakap ka ng mahigpit sa gwaping). Kung ang madir mo kasama mo turuan mo ng tamang pagtulak para makakuha ka agad ng labtim. Humanda ka next time at itutulak talaga kita sa harap ng batchm8s para bongga ka. Kita mo si G2 hagibis pag dating sa labtim...glowing na glowing ang boses ni Gigi sa telefono at ang mga posting sa msg. board kinikilig! Hindi na pwedeng itulak yang si G2 at malalim na yata ang pagkakabaon. Posting #1956 sino ka? Identify yourself pago kita ipasilo kay Wonder Woman/Franceng Dharleng para umamin ka o magsabi ng totoo. Hello Francia Dearest Twins (sa iyo yata ipinangalan yung Chocolate Hills sa Bohol).

Trabaho na ulit ako. Ba Vu.

04-01-04 - 3:19 PM

Hey Vu: Bakit pati ikaw ata, mainit ang ulo ngayon, nagkamali ka tuloy…”Araw ng Maynila” yung basaan in honor for St. John the Baptist hindi April 1……Kumusta na yung TT(Tonyo-Tinana) labtim?…Teka pala, magkakasabay tayong lilipad , di ba? handa na bang yung kakanin natin? see you Vavu!


04-01-04 - 2:26 PM

I agree Vu...
This is the day we celebrated the most important event in our lives, also the day we will never ever forget...

Happy 27th USTHS77 Anniversary To All!



Gina K.
04-01-04 - 2:21 PM

Voltaire: yan ang hinahanap ko sa yo yang kabadingan mo. Enjoy talaga ako sa'yo kapag ikaw na ang bumanat nang salita, day! Bading na bading!!! How sweat este sweet pala!

04-01-04 - 2:08 PM

Kamusta na mga kafatidz? Happy 27th USTHS anniversary and 31st elementary anniversary! Maryosep over 30 years ago tayo nagsimula sa USTHS old bldg. Three more years sa 2007 at 30th anniversary na natin. Wowie!

- Sino yang mga intrigero/intrigera? Wala kayong magawa ano? Magkamot na lang kayo ng mga singit n'yo baka may mahita pa kayo! It's not cheap to do a newsletter, esp. sa Pinas at maraming oras ang binubuhos para gumawa niyan. Kung gusto n'yong makita yung mga litratong wala sa newletter pumunta kayo sa mga photo albums sa website natin (nandoon lahat yung sinasabe ninyong missing). Pero kung talagang may oras at pera kayo hala bira at gumawa kayo ng U.S.A. version ng newsletter. Salamat ng marae to those involved in publishing the latest newsletter. Keep up the great work.

- Maganda talaga ang Gardener family and I'm a first-hand witness (ano nga Manong Wilmurr?). Nahihiya lang si Wilmer na ipakita yung litrato ng anak niya sa labas na mas maganda pa sa daughter n'ya mukhang artista. Pero kinumpisal sa akin at ang pangalan niya ay Jennifer...yun nga siya na nasa TV show na "Alias" si Jennifer Gar(de)ner.

Sige mang April Fools na kayo. Hindi ba sa Pinas pag April Fools Day nambabasa ng tao? Is that the same event? Ingat lahat. Ba Vu.


04-01-04 - 9:38 AM



04-01-04 - 9:21 AM

Mukhang inisnab ang mga images from NoCal,SoCal,Midwest at TO sa 77 Newsletter...kala ko mayroon pang 6 pages eh yun na pala yun... Sa Socal pa lang marami nang tsismis, let's create another USA 77 newsletter

04-01-04 - 9:01 AM

FPJ: Finally talked to Vicky Recio. She just called me this morning. later..

04-01-04 - 8:30 AM

Ami: Napadami ata yung sili sa message mo. Medyo maanghang, just enough tho’ to spice up the batch. Smile ! Happy 27th Anniversary!

Ruben: Kumusta yung sinigang mo? Nabasa ko na yung pito-pito newsletter..Tama ka, wala nga yung mga pictures mo doon.

mMn & WB: Are you sure guys na tama yung mga directions nyo? Lalayas din naman pala kayo, dapat nag-East bound na rin kayo – Nu Yok, Big Hepol. That’s where the action is.


04-01-04 - 7:36 AM

Hi Ex Ni KK! What's a good time to call this evening (for me, afternoon for you)? May ipagbibilin lang ako. Please advise, tenkyu!



04-01-04 - 7:32 AM

hapi april fools day-ingat kayo sa or ingat sila sa inyo.....
hapi anibersari sa batch 77-mabuhay.....

FPJ- so we'll see you here on the 15-19th? so maghanda ka na lang ng bagong equation pag nagkitakita tayo...M3 baka naghihilik pa ngayon at nanaginip....



04-01-04 - 7:32 AM

mMn -- You're going down South, while I'm still up North, ano ba 'yan? I'm flying in Mon., 4/12th, departing Fri., 4/16th. Huwag kayong pumunta ni Ruben, Luis, etc. sa Salo-Salo Grill (Cerritos) without me. Sige, ikaw din, if you decide to go, pagbabayarin ka ni Luis and Ruben. Hindi libre 'yan. So, what's our agenda 4/12, 4/13 & 4/14?

Amelia -- Sarap talaga ng bagoong! Then, I'm questioned what the heck I have as the garapon goes through the security belt at the airport. Tapos gusto ring harbatin ng mga kababayan sa airport. Ang sabi ko naman, "over my batchmate's dead body, ang babaeng maton!". Ang takot nilang lahat. Ngayon ang sabi ko, "hand it over, before I call my buddy girl from the rough part of Danville" Pati si Ermats, gustong humarbat! I will be at our Hayward location this time, so it is convenient to hop on the San Mateo Bridge, therefore, Hilton San Mateo would still be o.k. Call you later!


04-01-04 - 12:04 AM

Ami - exMuseky, nakalimutan ko you're from the upscale Danville/Blackhawk neighborhood. Ang offer ko dinner sa Todai, gusto mo naman sa Manhattan pa. Sagot na ni NandoC 'yon. Hint...hint..

Wilmurr - Other side of the Bay Area means my side so that if you decide to visit the Ichiban girls, nandito ka and kung sa side ng "rich and famous" neighborhood ang punta natin, you can hitch a ride with me. Ayoko sana kaaway si Ami pero maraming ka-ek-ekan sa katawan. Besides, walang away sa message board kaya nag-usap kami na kami na lang ang mag-away para may sideshow.

Mike V. - pakibigay na lang ang Gold Label kay Luis. We'll save some for you. I'll be in L.A. 4/15 - 4/19.

G2 - malalaman ko naman kung may nangyari nang hiwaga. Kamusta ang iyong M3? Want another equation?

Marie/Isay/Ms. Ami(kaaway ko)/SQ - need your help to plan for Nonot and Iyoh's visit. Ang aga niyo matulog or ayaw lang sagutin ang cell phone.

Ruben - thanks for posting the newsletter kahit masama ang loob mo kay Rakibabes for not posting your portrait with Luis, Wilmer & Al sa Stargazer.


03-31-04 - 11:30 PM

mMn ---> Can buy my own dinner... ano, pulubi?

Panotsky ---> Isa ka pa... sabunutan kita, gusto mo?

Nandoc ---> Uumpisahan ko nang maglakad papuntang Nuyok. Kung may kasamang hitchhiking, I should be there in two weeks. Pulubi, eh!

Manong Wilmurr ---> Looking forward to The Gardener Family Portrait. Looking forward to your next assignment here in the Bay Area. Just make sure you're staying at the other side of the bridge.

Sa mga naghahanap ng sideshow ---> Gumawa kayo ng sarili n'yong away.

Pssst...Labas na sa pinagtataguan mong puno ng saging...


03-31-04 - 9:38 PM

Christina uploaded the April newsletter to the server. You can download it by clicking on the link above.

Mike V.
03-31-04 - 4:46 PM

Ang daming aktibidades, nakakalito na. Di pa nga kami tumutodas sa Big Hepol, panay pong at chao ang nababasa ko sa M.B….Wag din kalimutan, yung magkapatong na Jojo Cum at Marita Hula Hoop.

Manager Luis: April 16 – 19 yung sked namin sa Big Hepol. kailan yung usapan nyo ni FPJ?


03-31-04 - 3:55 PM

ay sori po Ka Nando,siyanga nga naman wag kalimutan ang May 8 para sa unica hija 7th b-day, eh kasi sa dami ng coming kita kits nakakalito....


03-31-04 - 3:32 PM

Mike, baka lumutin o magkaruon ng kiti-kiti yung GOLD LABEL pag hinintay pa natin ang July 4. Sana si FPJ makapunta sa mid-April at para mabuksan na.

03-31-04 - 2:19 PM

Excuse me G2...everybody pls. keep your dates/schedule open on Saturday May 8 from 2pm to 10 pm....mi unica hija's 7th birthday...the day b4 mother's day para di ninyo malimutan!!! In fact we have a hall rented for that day . Details to follow.

Big Hepol get ready....2 weeks na lang and counting! Ami may last chance pa this Saturday. Hopefully.....


03-31-04 - 2:03 PM



03-31-04 - 1:19 PM

MikeV - palagay ko, huwag ka nang umasang maisuot pa ni Ami iyong Orgasmic suit niya. Hilingin mo na lang na makasama siya, period.


03-31-04 - 12:24 PM

FPJ: tried the other no. with an area code of 916..not under Vicky's name either..tough luck!

Mike V.
03-31-04 - 10:52 AM

G2: Swimming and BBQ by the poolside? That would be GREAT! Pero, di kaya mabigla yung sister ni Franceng sa dami at gulo natin. Itaon kaya natin ng 4th of July para OK lang na magulo.

Jojo: Malas mo, di ka pwedeng tumawid ng Riverside.

Ami: Buhay pa ba ang iyong Orgasmic Bathing Suit? Sana makasama namin kayo this time…

WB: Sayang di ka na pwede sa American Idol. Yung dalawang Fil-Am – Camille and Jazmine, mantakin mo, are still in the Top 10.

Robert C.: Panay ka bulakbol. Get back to work.


03-31-04 - 10:24 AM

WB: How's my Manong? At last nakawala ka rin sa trabaho ano? kitam ang haba nang iyong Message paano... ang tagal bago nag - resurrect from the files of work cases. Ubos mo na yon bagoong ni Ami? Over ka ha...ang dami noon. But knowing how big...you make subo...that's possible . Good luck on your karaoke finals.Sayang wala pa ako diyan on that day.

Teka correction re: WB's posting..I'll be arriving LA starting April 25th not 26th and will be there till 28 or 29th depende kung maraming bibingka na uubusin...di ba Zonia Dear

Francia: Tama nga ba sabi ni Vu OK na daw reservation ko. I'll call you later

FPJ: The number that Nonot forwarded for Vicky is not listed under her name. Check your cell phone i left a voice message.

Tonio: Hope u landed safely and ur OK.

Gerry: Visit LA end of April and c u there. didn't u tell me u might be around by spring... well... it's spring season

Marie Naniong - Tiongson (MnT)


03-31-04 - 9:44 AM

magandang umaga sa inyong lahat..... malapit na naman ang weekend,anything interesting gonna happen?????
mike- swimmimg and BBQ sa riverside ulit,, francia's sister is very accomodating,super bait and kalog too like franceng,we have to set a date when to get together again..

franceng- need to talk to you tonight so make sure your telepono is not busy ok...

CQ- anong balita mukhang tahimik ka,,, busy ba sa bibingka??

mstsgt- how are you? later......


Mon Villongco
03-31-04 - 8:54 AM
(631) 648-8058 Cell (631) 428-2209
Ruben, Mamon, Kristina

As per our conversation, kindly post the PITO-PITONG SIETE newsletter to our message board. I am currently having problems upgrading my java because they gave me a new system at work.

Also to all our batchmates:

LONG LIVE UST High School Class 1977 - Happy 27th Anniversary!

Mon Villongco


03-31-04 - 8:43 AM

Hi Pumba,
I just arrived in the office.
How are are you today? I'll talk to you later.

03-31-04 - 8:41 AM

Good Morrrrrning sa inyong lahat. Nakapagsipilyo na ba kayo? Ganda ng araw, sarap mag bulakbol. Kaya lang kailangang kumayod muna. O sige, see your postings...


03-31-04 - 8:37 AM

Jojo Cum -- Congratulations! Could you update me on your home address and cell/pager numbers ... please. The Whittier/La Habra Heights Fire Department would like to know. You can send them via e-mail, or otherwise. Salamat po!



03-31-04 - 8:25 AM

Re: 1928

The emoticon under 'Marie and Isay' should have been placed after " ... Tonyo ang nagbayad".

Karaoke finals will be April 22nd at Martini Blues, Huntington Beach, California.

Astalabaybay ...


03-31-04 - 8:20 AM

Marlene -- Nakiki bespren na din ako as inyo ni Ami. Got your mail, thank you, Puso! Will catch up with you this week.

Ami -- Better to be late than never. Thank you very much for the scrumptious kare-kare dinner, and my personal made-to-order and famous Ami's Bagoong. I've shared many bagoongs before, but can't share this one Malinamnam talaga. Your children are beautiful. Thank you to you and James for your hospitality (sa uulitin)! 'Nga pala, I'll send you recent pix of The Gardener Family.

mMn -- Ano ba 'yan? Alitan with Darna? O, bati na ba kayo? Looking forward to your arrival mid-April. Let me know how I can assist with your accommodations. Baka naman drawing nanaman 'yan!

Miloy -- Mukhang enjoy kayong lahat diyan. A full weekend rendezvous with our beauties. Sayang, I missed the Sat/Sun part. Babawi din ako soon.

Marie & Isay -- Talagang mga beauty kayo nila Ami! And, bagay na bagay ang German Shepherd mo with your beauties! Isay, pa-drive naman, kasi drawing stage pa rin ako. Thank you din sa mga shrimp and dessert na dinala ninyo, kahit na kaming dalawa ni Tonyo ang nagbayad! Tell Joey that I said hi.

Ruben and Luis -- Humanda na! mMn darating ng mid-April. Marie, (secret) and (secret) darating ng April 26th. Please coordinate with other batchmates, so there is another "excuse" to kitakits.

Gerry Bayona -- Mag break ka muna sa mga pasyentes mo, Chong! Join us this April. Call me nalang, pa picture-text, picture-text ka pa, Doc!

Mike V -- Ako na muna ang tsuper mo, give Poca a break. Sa 7-11 ka pa rin ba nakatira? Hi Mariliz!

R-lyn -- O, hindi kita nakalimutan. Heloooooo


03-31-04 - 8:09 AM

G2 + M3

Mike V.
03-31-04 - 7:47 AM

G2: Sa wakas, nasilayan ko na rin yung mga pix... Medyo nakakalito, kasi si WB nasa No Cal tapos si M3 nasa So Cal. Uyyy, ang sweet nyo naman ni M3 sa mga pix.

Saan nyo naman binabalak mag BBQ and swimming? Redondo o Costa Mesa? Tapos dadalhin ni Manager Luis yung kanyang Gold Label, siguradong patok na patok.

03-30-04 - 8:35 PM

Ami - gising ka pa ba? Tatawagan na kita ngayon.

03-30-04 - 6:58 PM

Siops - I've seen the newly released Pito-Pitong Siete newsletter before leaving work this evening. Got text from Rakibabes requesting that it be posted onsite on or before our graduation anniversary, April 1st, so everyone can access it. The photos seem clear and I'm sure everyone will get a kick when they see the last page (no pun intended ba, Rakibabes?).

Wow, I can't believe it's been 27 years na.
Happy Anniversary to us all...



03-30-04 - 5:34 PM

talaga---switik ba?....parang totoo ano?????


03-30-04 - 5:29 PM

g2--->ang sweet nyo naman...kakainggit

03-30-04 - 5:24 PM

Ami - ano, hindi ka pa rin pupunta? I will be arriving NY Friday night. I have to be at work that Friday. Pasensiya ka na at di ako nakatawag. I had to shop for faucets and light fixtures for my basement before I went to Philly and after I returned. Tawagan kita tonight, ok?

Take care.


03-30-04 - 4:41 PM

i'm bored,nothing to do at work.just waiting for my time to go home at 7:00 p.m. and watch the american idol.....
anong bagong balita mga kafatidz...mukhang tahimik din kayo....

hello FPJ... nakalipad na ba si santo tonio?

03-30-04 - 4:15 PM

Ano 'to, ba't tumahimik? Na miss ko na ang umbagan ni FPJ at Ms. Batungbakal ha. Nag 'kiss-sabay-hug' na ba kayo. O hige, sa re match, manonood uli ako.


03-30-04 - 3:09 PM



03-30-04 - 2:44 PM

Hello Timon,


Mike V.
03-30-04 - 2:42 PM

Benjie: Sirit, Di ko ma gets yung pinahuhulaan mo?… Flat tire ako ngayon. By and by the freeway, si Rene ba aatend sa kitakts? di ko ata napansin sa listahan mo…

Tres Dahlias: ano’ng nangyari sa inyo sa tsibugan sa Moreno Valley? Tahimik, wala bang nag-concert?

03-30-04 - 11:04 AM

Pagmasdan ng mabuti ang apat na emoticons sa entry 1911. Sino sa kanila ang hindi lalake? At bakit mo naman nasabi iyon?

Hint: Ang mga lalake, it signifies, Mamon, Mhiloy, Tony, and ??? BAKIT, SECCCCCREEEEET!!!!

Mike V.
03-30-04 - 10:40 AM

Finally, the sun is shining on me. What a relief, just finished a scorchingly hot submittal…

What’s happening? Naga-tsibug pa rin ang mga taga North Cal. Oh My Gulay!!! Di pa ba ubos yang KK(potpot) mo Ami?

Di bale, malapit na rin ang aming KA-TO-TU-GA (Kain, Toma, Tulog, at Gala) sa Big Hepol…RAP-SA!!!!


03-30-04 - 10:33 AM

1908...April Fools Day


03-30-04 - 8:28 AM

excuse me...pero bakit si \/ nasa sa emoticon restaurant scene (top right)


03-30-04 - 2:23 AM

Kakainggit naman ang No Cal!


03-29-04 - 11:46 PM


03-29-04 - 11:45 PM



03-29-04 - 11:43 PM

Ang laki ng problema n'yo!!!



03-29-04 - 11:41 PM


03-29-04 - 11:17 PM

Ami - o sige, baka sabihin pa ni Morality Monitor nag-aaway tayo. Dinner's on me bago umalis si SQ for Angola, okay?


03-29-04 - 9:39 PM

mMn ---> I cannot expect anything better.


03-29-04 - 7:22 PM

Ami - better you than me.

More pictures posted.


03-29-04 - 6:31 PM

mMn ---> It's not Catch 22 --- either you drive far or we drive far. Someone has to be inconvenienced and it is definitely not going to be you. Enjoy your dinner.


03-29-04 - 6:11 PM

Ami - where's the logic? Eh "bugok" nga ang logic. If we do it halfway, it will be too late and if we do it here, it's too late and too far for you. Catch 22.


03-29-04 - 3:53 PM

Quickie Break!!
Carol: Thanks for extending your invitation to us. Sorry but can't make the 7:30 dinner. Went to work in scrubs and been kissing piggies the whole day. baka pag na amoy ako ni Tonio, this time sabihin niya...ay di na amoy "Olive oil"

MmN: in any case you always have a secretary... Thanks Isay for calling work...

Tonio: missed u yesterday and tonight kasi bakit pag ako ang nagimbita ayaw ninyo magsipagpunta palagay ko ayaw ninyo nang lunch, gusto lang ninyo dinner...pag gabi lang ba kayo nagsisipaglabasan( ooo huwag mag isip nang masama)...para kayong mga taga ERMITA...pwera biro...enjoy your dinner and hope u enjoyed your stay here in NorCal.. see u again..dear Joseph... and have a safe flight...
Ok quikie break is over...later MnT


03-29-04 - 3:19 PM

mMn ---> Where's the logic? Eh, di traffic din from here to there, di ba? Therefore, you guys also precluded someone travelling from Stockton. Ahhh... I get it now....


03-29-04 - 3:15 PM

Ami - That means we will have a quiet dinner. If we meet somewhere in Oakland or Pleasanton, we won’t get there before 7:30 p.m. dahil sa traffic. Kaya Carol and I agreed to meet halfway – Burlingame is halfway sa hotel ni Tony and my house – di ba??


03-29-04 - 2:24 PM

mMn ---> No dice for me... too far and too late. Childcare is a big issue. At kelan pa naging halfway from us ang Burlingame?


03-29-04 - 2:00 PM

Bay Area Bad Ghels - meet you at the Elephant Bar at 7:30 p.m. Dinner with SQ and Tonyo. The address:

1600 Old Bayshore Highway
Burlingame, CA


03-29-04 - 1:38 PM

Salamat, Mr. Elegance. Katulad mo kaka-resurrect ko lang din from tax paperwork (wishful thinking: na sana matapos nang CPA namin agad nang makuha ko ulit ang hinanda ko kay Piloto ) Totoo nga bang may ala-Malibu beach volleyball tournament d'yan sa SoCal? Sabihan kami, ha? At buo na ang team namin dito.


MAXIMUS, sorry ka na lang...may bago na akong tagahanga

Robert uli
03-29-04 - 1:23 PM

Just read Noli's situation. Noli, we'll keep praying for you. Hope it's not serious. Take care.

03-29-04 - 1:20 PM

I was silent for a while kasi I was in San Diego for business last week. Very busy at this point, so I'll just go on ROM state. Kamusta sa inyong lahat at Bavu...


03-29-04 - 1:07 PM

#1889 & 1890 – Excuse me, please sign your name after posting so I know who to give “necesita un golpe”! Was that you Franceng dharleng?!

...that song is reserved for mi hermana esta al norte de California en Danville.



03-29-04 - 12:23 PM

Northern Ca Group-Very impressive ang photos---mga naggagandahan lahat.

E*Sigh--glad to see and hear from you again

Marie---ikaw nga ba yan? Nakakabighani ang beauty mo...totoo ang sabi ni Mamon.

Ami---mukhang masarap ang kare-kare mo pati ang bagoong...far-ooout!

mMn-tama sila, kamuka mo talaga si FPJ!

Tony---kailan ang punta mo ulit sa L.A., para makapag pa alam ka agad si Luis at maka goodtime tayo ni Wilmer.

Miloy---pihadong malaki na ang savings mo sa hindi pagshave---kailan ang goodtime natin?

The Foursome here in Southern Cal---mukhang madalas ang goodtime---everybody looks good. Ang sweet talaga ng couple...mapagipunan na ang regalo sa Bloomingdale's.

Have a nice week ahead of us

Mr. Elegance

03-29-04 - 12:06 PM

Hi Francia my dear! I got your message & tried to call you last
night-ano ba yan, grabeng busy ang phone mo! Super busy kami nung weekend kaya gabi na kami nakakauwi, ayaw nko naman tumawag ng late- alam ko maaga ka natutulog. I'll call you later!


03-29-04 - 11:56 AM

Posting #1889 WOW! Uhaw ba sa pagibig ang nagdurugong puso? "Dahil sa Isang Bulaklak" ba o "Dahil sa Iyo"? Abangan ang susunod na kabanata ng teleseryang "Dayu...na Doods at Manh...na Marianne."


03-29-04 - 11:28 AM

this is for muse r-lyn "somewhere down the road"
we have the right love at the wrong time
i guess i always knew inside
i wouldn't have you for a long time
those dreams of yours
are shining on distant shores
and if they're calling you away
i have no right to make you stay
but somewhere down the road
our roads are gonna cross again
it doesn't really matter when
but somewhere down the road
i know that heart of yours will com to see
that you belong to me.
letting go, is just another way to say
i'ii always love you so.
we have the right love at the wrong time
maybe we've only just begun
maybe the best is yet to come.
but somewhere down the road

03-29-04 - 10:54 AM

E*Sigh, Ami, Marie, Miloy - Dinner with SQ (Carol) on SQ tonight? If not on SQ, we'll help D'Pilot spend his "per diem". I'll set it up. We can meet halfway so hindi ko laging sasabihin ang "boys, 5 minutes!!"


03-29-04 - 9:56 AM

good morning everyone back to reality it's monday..hope everyone had a good weekend... we did.... check out the pics re: foursome in riverside....

nice pictures taken too at no cal folks...
rlyn- read your msg... hala at mapaparegister na sa bloomingdale's??? basta sa address ko lang ipapadala ang gifts...ok...
franceng-thanks again and especially to your sister---enjoy you guys missed the fun again and the food...next time daw swimming and BBQ

????-are you busy????
and let's say a prayer for noli for his surgery today....

later dudes and dudettes...........


03-29-04 - 9:37 AM

mMn, Wag mo nang hanapin at iniwan niyo ang Baker's Square pie Palibhasa hinidi panis

Benjie, meron kasing matigas na tumutusok sa hita ko. Natural matigas, e, di immediate reaction, pisilpisilin. Inggit ako sa legs ni mMn; nagpapa-wax yata at walang balahibo

Marie, got home safe (& fast!) See you later (magbubura muna ako nang mileage nang kotse ko at sa susunod talagang 45 MINUTES lang ang ida-drive ko, vhakla!


03-29-04 - 8:28 AM

Ami - many thanks for the dinner and a wonderful evening. Did you take home the Baker's Square pie?

03-29-04 - 8:27 AM

E*Sigh and Joey - thanks for the dinner and a wonderful evening.
Miloy - thanks to Ate Flor for our dinner. Next time ulit.
Ami, Isay, Marie - thanks for spending time with us in Elk Grove.
Pictures will be posted tonight.
Benjie - magpalinis ka na ng tenga.

Benjie Uli
03-29-04 - 5:41 AM

Francing Dharleng - I heard that you have the GO SIGNAL from your hubby to go with us sa NY. Sige na, mag pa book na. Naku, ang dami nating magugulo, kung matutuloy ka.

Alan and Vilma Antenor Cruz - confirmed narin Thursday palang nasa NY na, masyado kayong excited kamukha ko rin.

03-29-04 - 3:59 AM

Reference 3rd picture in Tonio Piloto at Elk Grove Album

Tony (Camel Lips) na sobrahan ng pag sip sip ng sabaw sa Taiwan, sinabi nang maihinit pa, sip sip ng sip sip. Ang swerte mo, biruin mo apat na araw nagkita kita, para sa iyo lang, anong palagay mo, PSYCHE.

M&M (Mariang Makiling) – maganda at mapayat ka naman pala eh, PAUTANG. Pwede ka nang tabihan sa picture taking hindi na ma bi blip blip ang pictures.

MnM (Mamon) – Bitoy na Bitoy ang kuha mo rito, may tinatago ka pala, na nahanap ni E*Sigh.

E*Sigh – I’m glad and happy you showed up. Ang ganda mo pa rin at ang mga suot mo, WA-WE, very classy, ang lakas ng dating mo, lalu na yung skirt na black ang white, nakaka akit, PAUTANG. Mahilig ka palang mangurot ng tinatago ni Mamon.

Mhiloy – bagay talaga sa iyo ang balbas sarado mo, pwede bang e sarado mo na lang ang buong mukha, biro lang. May maputi pala sa iyo, ang iyong SINGIT, biro lang uli ha, o sige ngipin din.

Ami – pumayat ka talaga sa picture na ito, ay wala ka pala sa picture, kaya ang payat mo. Hindi, pumayat ka nga, ang ganda ganda mo pa rin, PAUTANG. Very springy na ang mga colors mo, bagay sa iyo Amelia.


03-28-04 - 8:37 PM

More Tonio Piloto's kitakits photos uploaded..Enjoy!

German Shepherd: Hope you arrive home safe and thanks for the ride

FPJ aka Ogie and hostess LQ, Miloy and Ami: Thanks for the sumptuous dinner! Lalo na sa napakalaking handaan hosted by Miloy (ikaw naman nag abala ka pa..nahirapan ka tuloy sa pagluluto..tandaan next year daw ulit kaya i'll mark that down in my calendar)

Manong and Piloto: Thanks for the visit.. till next time....



03-28-04 - 11:01 AM

The photos are uploaded >>> FPJ Malinggit...sabit nang sabit kay Maria Makiling ('yan muna ang petname mo hanggang hindi ka pa nabibinyagan)... "Camel lips aka ang daga"... The Cook na nagpa-reserve nang masaraaaappp na hapunan sa "hindi ko naman bahay 'to" gig... at sa kafatid na galit sa 45 minutes drive...

Thanks for the evening,
German Shep (sabi ni Max)


03-27-04 - 12:53 PM

Noli- we will be praying fervently for your successful surgery and speedy recovery.

Ruben Samson & Family

03-27-04 - 7:09 AM

Please include our dearest muse/bespren Noli Sapuriada in your prayers again. Noli will undergo another surgery on Monday due to complications from previous surgery.

Noli- we are praying for you, we miss you a lot!


03-26-04 - 7:04 PM

here's the direction---91 E exit central and central wii become
allesandro blvd. rt on overloop left suntrack right flemington
left randwick rt coronet left golden vale.
7195golden vale dr. riverside phone3

HERE'S THE DIRECTION; 91 E exit central and it will turn to allesadro
blvd. rt on overloop left suntrack rt flemington left radwick right
coronet left golden vale.
7195 golden vale dr.
riverside ca
any questions call me. see you there. foods that are being served;


03-26-04 - 1:46 PM

M3 - I can bring it tomorrow (yearbook) and look at our acute(i mean cute looks?)

03-26-04 - 12:44 PM
Franceng - Kailangan nating mag-usap ng masinsinan. Paki-tawagan lang ang cel or work phone ko kapag available ka nang makausap. Take care Dahleng, and remember: Just think of the happy times to make you give that pure/unadulterated smile. Now that smile is worth a thousand miles, for it will result to a certain "flowing out", and everything else that's good will surely follow. Beauty Tip of the Day: This so-called "pure/unadulterated smile" tends to utilize the right facial muscles, putting the rest of the facial muscles into a state of envigorating cellular regeneration.

CQ - Ikaw rin, the same thing applies. May "request" lang po ako ukol sa "yearbooks" in your possession. Also, may funny story ako about them dang St. Dominic yearbooks.

Sa Lahat ng Travellers this weekend (flying, driving, walking, etc.) - "Buona Giornata e' Salve!"

03-26-04 - 11:48 AM

Nando - Pare, give me a call @ work (805) 606-6911. Kapag wala ako, just leave a message or phone number you can be reached at, with my subordinate or answering machine. Ciao ciao.

03-26-04 - 11:21 AM

Quick reply>>>

CQ - Catching up on errands this weekend, but I'm open for your call after 6pm Saturday or before 1pm/after 6pm Sunday-EST. OR, if you want I'll call you tonight after 10 EST. Would love to catch up with you too

Nonoy/Evie - Got your message but I'll give you a ring soon. Sorry, sorry, sorry, am real busy... approaching "marryingest months".

G2/M3 - Call, email or drop me a note if you're thinking of registering with Bloomingdale's so I can personally assist you

A safe & happy weekend to all!

03-26-04 - 10:44 AM

G2, missing in action ka yata, call me tonight...
R-lyn, got my high school class pictures fr 1st yr to 4th yr and st.dominic yearbook 1967,1969 and 1970. call u this weekend

03-26-04 - 10:40 AM

Ami - pag-usapan mamaya over kare-kare and bagoong kung ano ang plano sa visit ni Nonot and Iyoh. Hindi ako ang Don Benito ng Bay Area,kase meron naman tayong Mrs. Milyonarya -- you and e*Sigh, pati na si Marie. Tour guide na lang kami ni Miloy.

Ruben/Luis/Joel - para sa ating mga labada boys na hindi makakapunta sa New York, kita-kits na lang tayo 4/16?

Francia - Nonot's preference is downtown SF. Also, if the hotels have good car rental deals, could you check it out for him? Hertz gave him a rate of $150/day.

03-26-04 - 10:35 AM

you need to call me tonight dharleng franceng, i don't know her address and pls let G2M3 knows about the changes.


03-26-04 - 10:32 AM

marivic, g2-change of plans. josie said to go straight to her house and she'll bring the food over. then proceed to the rest. for the
halo-halo and gulamanor for more food.direction will follow.
shyne-imiss you.i'll call you soon. ingat----francia. upppss, hello

03-26-04 - 4:20 AM

Nonot/Iyoh – that’s good that you can join us all three days of the NY Kitakits. Pag nasa LA was masyadong titignan ang mga beauty ng “JACKSON Five” (Voltaire, Roland, Mariliz, Nando, and Mike). Kasi makikita nyo na naman uli ang mga beauty nila sa New York. Ano ba naman pumunta na nga sa East Coast nandito na naman uli sila.

Nando/Mike – since sobra kayong excited, para hindi malito sa pagbilang ng araw, 3 weeks = 21 days, ganito ang gawin. Ilabas lahat ng daliri, tangalin ang sapatos, ilan na iyon 20. Putulin ang bawat isa, pag kanipas ng isang araw. Maliwanag so far, right. Ngayon sa araw ng pagkikita, pag kayo ay wala ng dila at hindi kayo makapag salita. Alam na namin kung ano ang hindi nyo pinutol. Ngayon, kung kayo naman ay nakikipagusap sa araw ng pagkikita, alam na narin namin kung ano ang naputol.

03-26-04 - 1:12 AM

Sorry, San Francisco Batchmates pala! Ano ba yan, di pa umaalis, may jetlag na! LA Batchmates see you soon

03-26-04 - 1:11 AM

Francia and LA Batchmates - we are arriving at San Francisco International 7:30a.m. on April 3


03-25-04 - 10:51 PM

'Ghetti Boy (mukhang bad shot sa original kalabtim ---> Ano plano for Nonot ang Iyoh's visit? Ikaw Bay Area Don Benito namin?

Iyoh ---> Do you want to visit with Witwit Holganza during your stay here? Let me know so we could arrange something.

Marlene, bespren ---> Napakamainipin mo naman. I got your email and will send you the list of your fairy godparents. We are happy that we were able to do what we could. You're very welcome from the bottom of our bottoms!

Pocahontas en Nandoc ---> Aba, eh, galingan naman ninyo ang pagsusugal at nang walang mainggit sa inyo na mangkukulam sa pagsasayang gagawin ninyo sa Big Epol. Kukulangin kayo sa pulutan, diva my labtim Mike V (CB&CP)

Kgg na ValickT ---> Nangangalumata ka na ba sa pag-iiwi kay DJ (fan ba kayo ni Ate Shawie... "Mr. DJ, may I make a request...")? Na-gets na ba ninyo ni Dinna what I sent you?

Charrie ---> Will try to come pero ikaw dapat talagang hindi mo ma-miss itong once-in-every-few-months kitakits na 'to. Super kabaliwan ang e-enjoy-in mo.

Manong Wilmur ---> Where are you? Tama na ang paglalaba at baka magpaltos na 'yang mga daliri mo.


03-25-04 - 10:32 PM

Francia - if the room rates in the downtown San Francisco area are too high, siguro pwede na rin sa Foster City, Burlingame, South San Franciso or San Bruno. Those towns are a few minutes away from downtown SF but very close to SF airport. Kung makausap mo si Nonot or Iyoh, can you ask if that's okay? Thanks.


03-25-04 - 8:01 PM

nonot, iyoh, i need to know the details of your arrival and which
airport you are landing. i have san francisco and oakland reserved.
which is which? call me right away.

03-25-04 - 7:49 PM

nonot, my home number is [310] 539-5521


03-25-04 - 7:40 PM

1843 them are elvish runes i see. not very good in it but will ask legolas

03-25-04 - 6:59 PM

Francia - pahabol lang, do you have email address? The phone number you gave ba is your home, office or cell?



03-25-04 - 6:42 PM

Benji - Yes we will be in NY to attend the 16-18 reunion! Tawagan na lang tayo before that date. My cell is +63-917-8181022 See you.

Francia - any news on the hotel for SFO and Vegas? Iyoh will call you. BTW, there are four of us (myself, Iyoh and 2 kids ages 10 & 12) plus my mother in law, therefore mga 2 rooms siguro. Thanks again.


03-25-04 - 3:55 PM

Fernandino!!! - Read only sana ako ngayon but I have to say something... "don't dare to make bawas your baon going to Epol City or else!" I'm counting...

G2 - Thanks, re your #1783 posting. I know… M3 told me, but I can’t compete with you… mas love ka niya!

donB - Didn't hear from you today... wondering tuloy kami ni CEO.

- Hope you're well!

Gina K.
03-25-04 - 3:53 PM

G2: Gusto ko sanang sumama sa inyo kaya lang naunahan ako sa trabaho. Kasi last weekend pa sinabi sa akin na kailangan kong pumasok ngayon. Sayang na sayang.


03-25-04 - 3:34 PM

NANDO-sama ka na sa sabado...kailangan ng puto bumbong para sa dessert..magpaalam ka na...


03-25-04 - 2:18 PM


Skipped my usual lunch break time. Better said, I'll move my lunch break time to your lunch break time. One of the niceties of managing your own time. The only caveat is being on call 24/7/365(*366). Ang lakas ng waiting ko, lahat including "FLORES" kasi "RELEASE" na ako (In Mahjong, the "puro" is "single" and the "backsho" is the "joker", so you're just waiting for your turn to "bunot"). Eh di "BUNOT", sabay hampas sa mesa. Malakas na "LAGA-BOOM".

"Secret Agent" Kill The Kalaban and Mess With Their Stuff

03-25-04 - 1:44 PM

huh nananahimik ako dito biglang may pumitik sa akin! Aba kung ako ang may sagot nang Chinese food, mababawasan na naman ang baon ko sa Epol City. Pag nagkataon, Epol na lang ang baon ko! Pero kung mapilit ka Mariliz, dadalhan kita nang puto bumbong! Pero si Ken di ba meron namang chorizo de bilbao?

Kung mapapayagan nang commander, baka makapunta ako sa Sabado para may chaperone si M3.... baka naman kasi masolo na naman niya ang tres sanDahlias di Dahlias!


03-25-04 - 1:37 PM

Mariliz-it's ok next time na lang,kasi malapit ka na sa Moreno valley..next trip sa NY na lang magjo -join, masyadong short notice kasi eh,anyways, i really need a break from work or from anything else ?????
gina k.-puro ka OT- ikaw din... pwede ka ba ng Sat. night?
CQ-call you later....
secret- lunch break soon...............

03-25-04 - 1:13 PM

G2 - sorry I missed your call last night, working security kasi ako kagabi. Anyway, hindi ako pepede this Saturday dahil may birthday party na hindi pwedeng absentan at gueguerahin ako ng mga magulang ng bata kung hindi ako magpapakita. Anyway, sa NY na lang tayo kumain ng lechon (na libre)... kaya sama na...you deserve a break (from M3?). Sabi pala ni Vu - hindi rin siya pwede kasi departing si father dear for Manila on Saturday.

Ami - pinagbubutihan ko ng husto ang pagpunta sa Pechanga para makuha ko ang scholarhip mo. Last week namuro ako ng N pero ang lumabas ay M..naging BIMGO tuloy. Hayaan mo baka bukas may swerte na, sabi ni Nandoc tayaan ko day lahat ng N....

Nandoc and Mike - huwag maniwala kay Benjie na dalawang linggo na lang, baka magpakita kayo sa bahay ko a week early, eh three (3) weeks pa po!

Don Benito - I am sending check for $14 ... alam mo na kung para saan, kung hindi, tanungin si Benjie.

Jojo and Dina - how's my inaanak? I know you guys are still getting into the new routine with the baby so as soon as you get settled, let us know para maka dalaw. Hindi na kailangan maghanda, sa Chinese resto na lang ulit, sagot na ni Nando.

NY beprens - can't wait to see you...


Gina K.
03-25-04 - 1:07 PM

BINO R. Ano naman ang dahilan mo at hindi ka sasama sa kanila sa Moreno Valley ? Sige ka, hindi ka makakatikim nang masarap na masarap na.....LECHON KAWALI.

Bino R. (kafatid ni Oscar Rocha)
03-25-04 - 12:51 PM

Gina K.: Sayang, at di ka makakapunta….ay, ako rin pala.

Gina K.
03-25-04 - 12:18 PM

CQ: Pasensiya ka na hindi na ako nakatawag sa'yo kagabi. Gusto ko sanang sumama sa inyo sa saturday kaya lang may trabaho ako this weekend. Ang sarap sana, lalo na yung lechon kawali. Hay, Naku!!! Naiinggit tuloy ako sa inyo.


03-25-04 - 12:18 PM

Hello Francia !

03-25-04 - 11:46 AM

M3 and Tony - here it is again, Luisito "Toti" Lustre's email address:



03-25-04 - 9:17 AM

2 days to go magkikita na naman tayo. i'm so excited!! i miss u too. call u later!!!


03-25-04 - 8:25 AM

very sweet naman...........


03-25-04 - 7:51 AM

hi good morning again....
thanks for the coffee too....
ok talk to you later..............


03-25-04 - 7:04 AM

ƒÞƒæ ¡Ú ƒßƒÅ ƒo ƒÙƒÄƒÍ ƒp: ƒÞƒæ „ª ƒü„Z ƒ×ƒýƒÄ „[ ƒp ƒw „Q„R„S„T


03-25-04 - 6:38 AM

Coffee was great! Catch you on your first break.

03-25-04 - 5:04 AM

Charrie – Hi Charrie, you won’t regret it. buti naman makakapunta ka sa New York kitakits. Talagang mind boggling, once in a lifetime, and of course gas making experience (itanong si Marivic A.) sa kakatawa ang mga kitakits. We’ll see you there, two weeks na lang, I can’t wait either.

Nonot and Iyoh – are you guys going to join us Fri - Sun, 16-18 Apr. This is the itinerary as of today, Mar 25. Tell us when you can join us, excited na kasi kaming makita ang mga SPECIAL GUEST STARS from the Philippines. Call me on my cell (937)475-4249 after 9 p.m eastern time. para libre na, biro lang, call me anytime, basta hindi masyadong matagal, ang dugo kong Tikoy nag ki kick in na naman.

Apr 16, Fri
- Manhattan site seeing morning and afternoon.
- In the evening around 7 p.m., Marriott “The View” revolving restaurant, kita mo ang lahat ng view sa Manhattan at beauty ni Voltaire at Roland, (eat all you can, cocktails, at mayroon pang dirty dancing, Salsa Queen, Rumba, Cha-cha-cha Chucha, at kung ano ano pa).

Apr 17, Sat
- Morning Hotel check out, then more Manhattan, Chinatown (Dim Sum style)lunch and shopping. Para makita namin ni Tikoy ang aming kamag anak sa New York. Wag ko sanang maka table si Nonoy at napaka lakas kumain at uminom. Pwede bang si Nonoy bago kumain, painumin muna na walong basong tubig at dalawang platong pancit? Para medya medya na lang ang kain sa Dim Sum.
- In the afternoon, susunduin tayo ni Don Benito (B-day boy) to go to their mansion. Ay bawal pala sabihan na birthday niya sa Apr 30, kunwari hindi ko alam na B-day niya, para hindi na ako bumili pa ng regalo. Saturday Mass banda kina Lito.
- Late afternoon, party time hanggang umaga kina Lito.

Apr 18, Sun
- Kina Lito winding down, kukunan ng mga picture ang mga bagong gising na mga beauty, na may malalagkit pa na Reneng morning glory/muta.
- Lunch more kainan, paksiw na lechon kung mayroon pang tira. Nonoy may gana ka pa rin bang kumain sa Sabado? Kasi kung may gana ka pa, hindi na kami aasa pa ng “PAKSIW NA LECHON” sa Linggo, biro lang.
- Afternoon, iyakan blues na kami. Lito, salamat uli sa iyong generosity, ngayon palang nag papasalamat na ako, at Happy Birthday narin, ang kiss mo pag dating ko nalang.

The following are confirmed:

Mariliz, Roland, Voltaire, Mike, Nando – Southern California
Melanie and Nonoy/Evie – Illinois
Benjie/Shirley – Ohio
Armand – Ontario, Canada
Nonot and Iyoh – Philippines
Alan/Vilma – Texas (hindi pa confirmed, pero gusto ni Vilma pumunta, kaya confirmed na rin)
Charrie Pascual – TONG-SHING-WA (Washington in Chinese)

13 batchmates + 3 batchmate wives = 16 na

New York/New Jersey batchmates – R-lyn, Stella, Cora, Mon V, Lito, Ric, Butch, and Chi-Chi = 8 (maybe + 4 more, hindi pa confirmed)
Martha and Les – baka gusto nyo nang mag confirm?

In short 21 batchmates maybe 3 or 4 more, imagine almost half of the 50 who attended the Las Vegas Reunion.

This started out with maybe 3 folks mag ki kitakits lang sa Manhattan New York, ngayon and dami na, ang saya saya. Sa mga nag da dalawang isip, tara na, sama na.

Ami, Mamon, E*Sigh, Carol, Francia, Marivic, G2, Sunshine, Eileen, Jojo, Mhiloy, Zonia, Barbie, lahat na kayo, tara na, sama na.


03-24-04 - 7:34 PM

Ami: Hi bespren! Just wanna know if you got my email! Di mo ako sinagot!

03-24-04 - 6:35 PM

Hi Ami. Pasensiya na at nawala ako. Grabe, I'm answering your posting of Friday last week. In answer to your question, of course, pupunta ako. Pupunta ka ba? Tawagan kita bukas, hopefully I won't be too busy at work. But I'll be off on Friday so tatawagan kita sa Friday, kung hindi bukas. Anyway, sana magkita tayo sa NY. Let me know the details.

R-lyn - hopefully, we'll see each other at the NY April get-together.

See ya'll.


03-24-04 - 6:25 PM



03-24-04 - 4:37 PM



03-24-04 - 4:28 PM

Ega Araza - Please check your personal email. Re: your posting #1775 dated 3/21/04.


03-24-04 - 4:27 PM

mMn, the original labtimboy,

Can Miloy make it on Friday? Kung pepede, can you give me his phone number? Nagkaka-Alzheimer's na yata kasi ako. May nagre-request kasi ng world famous beef caldereta n'ya dito sa bahay...

I spoke to the E*sigh this morning and she'll join us daw. Feel free to bring your LQ para naman mapayagan ka nang pumunta sa Nuyok next month for the Section 2 Reunion hosted by Don Buynito, the birthday boy

Mnt ---> Matagal nang nakaraan ang 20 minutes time-out ko hindi ka pa tumatawag ulit. Tama na ang himas sa mga vaca at vavuy (aruy!).



03-24-04 - 4:25 PM

fernando: re: your posting #1817.(ang tagal ko sumagot no...) sobra kang makasakit nang damdamin tinawag mong "dabby" si favorite ms. nayo. di mo ba alam na pareho na kaming "sexy" ngayon. indirectly... para mo na rin akong tinawag na "dabby".HUMANDA KA At paki sabi sa kumpare mong Emong... huwag na siyang pumunta dito... hantayin na lang niya ako sa Pinas at malapit na akong bumalik..

03-24-04 - 2:16 PM

Given that...RX330 yields to M3
therefore: Lt = G2 + M3
Final Answer!!!


03-24-04 - 2:06 PM

If X is RX330 and Y is M3 and G2 is Z then:
RX330 X M3 X G2 = RX330M3G2

but if G2 is not the one then:

= _______________


LT = M3 RX330

tony r:
03-24-04 - 1:52 PM

wala akong kamalay-malay dito sa taiwan, dami ko na palang msgs.

vu: on 2nd tot (pot2), wag na lang tayo mag lab tim. mukhang pangit pakinggan ang initials ng tonio y tiniana - t2 (pot2).

pareng rene: nabuhay ka na naman, menh! and you're striking me from half way around the globe, menh! why don't you navigate your boat here in the far east so we the we can have all fun in this part of the world menh! i will collect all the towels from my plane for you to wipe your "morning glory" with, menh. so you mean to say your boats are FBI in the winter because they are "undercover". peace, menh.

ate ami: yung "pahipo" (pot2) ko dyan, 'wag kalimutan! si mMn at si mhiloy lang ang panay pahipo the last time i was there. si rocky, nag-offer pero baka may magalit eh!! looking forward to seeing your kk (pot2) with bagoong!

santo tonio


03-24-04 - 1:36 PM


Saan pinaka-optimum mag-park, sa North Tower ba or South?



03-24-04 - 1:22 PM

naku po....nagkaloko loko na ang equation ....lalo na tayong bagsak niyan...VU + CEO= SOS....
pero mukhang mas bilis ang RX330 sa M3---what do you think?


03-24-04 - 1:13 PM

Ayan mMn (ang Pinoy rapper na si EmeMen) lumabas din ang tunay na balat mo. Therefore, the new equation acc. to Miss Tumang and Miss Viray should go like this:

If Lt(Labtim) = G2(Gigi) + mMn, therefore
Lt - G2 = mMn (Luk), sir: Asado o bolabola?

- Kasin Rene (ayan nakiki-cousin na rin ako as in...), of course naman I know you're just kidding. Sanay ako sa humor ni Ate Inday Badingday. Ano kamo palitan ko ang pangalan ni Palitonyo to (POTPOT) Gina H.(Hasa)? Walang thrill yan dahil walang resistance sa pagkapalito. Gamitin ko na lang si Santo Tonio sa javelin throw sa Olympics. Hi Tonying, hindi pwedeng matuloy yung labtim natin dahil may magseselos sa akin! Sino kaya ang secret admirer mo? Sikretttt...

03-24-04 - 12:48 PM

Cousin mMn - The boats are winterized and under cover right now. I have 5 weekends to get the big one ready for launch by May 1st. I have a few things to work on it to get it ready. If you're a motorhead like me, it's part of the fun.

Voltaire - Kung nagpropose si Santo Antonio then say "Yes". Pakasal kayo when they change the law in a distant future. In the mean time, have fun with him (gahasain mo)! You can change your mind later, pag sawa ka na. Like one of my grandfathers used to say, "Why buy the whole cow when you can buy them per kilo"(half a kilo in Santo Antonio's case). I'm only kidding - you know that right.

See ya'll later!



03-24-04 - 12:32 PM

Kung natatandaan ko pa ang aking matik-matik, eto ang solution sa Lt:

Lt (labtim) = G2 (Gigi) + [(M3-M) = mM)] + n

Labtim = Gigi + mMn

Ano ba 'yan, 'Ghetti Boy, wala kang kasawa-sawa. Stick to your original kalabtim from the Philippines para hindi kami nako-Confucius, 'noh? Paano na lang si Cousin Rene

G2 ---> Alam ko na kung ano 'yung ipamba-blackmail sa 'yo ng Kgg na ValedickT. Don't be afraid... you were just being truthful

Re: kare-kare: Punta na lang kayo dito para maka-join kayo sa dinner on Friday. Palitong Piloto will be off until Tuesday kaya maraming pasyalan pepede, ooo...


ps ---> baka mapasakay pa tayo sa bagong RX330 ni mMn, 'say n'yo?

03-24-04 - 12:13 PM

Oh no!! If you ask me to solve that equation and I apply the ‘ghetti boy technique, that equation might look like this:

Lt = G2 + (M3-M) + n


03-24-04 - 11:32 AM

mMn-sori pero bagsak ako sa math nung hs.kaya ayan si VU na ang gumawa ng equation..baka pwedeng ikaw din ang magsolve ng equation....okey doki....

03-24-04 - 11:12 AM

Sorry at nakalimutan kong pumotpot sa last posting ko (#1822). Eto na officially...MALAPOT-POT!

03-24-04 - 11:07 AM

- Ok mMn, here's a formula for the new labtim equation:

LT = Gatong-Gatong + MePeluka-Melukaluka-Menaluluka Pax mga kafatidz!

- On a serious note (but not very), ipinasok sa ospital si David Jadin nung Lunes for jaundice, which acc. to the doctor happens to about 50% of newborn babies. S'yempre kasama ang mabeauty na inang si Dinna and hopefully will be released today (Wed.) or tomorrow. Nasa breastpirator...aaayyy sorry (bisita ka kasi ng bisita Franceng)...respirator si Jadin nung Lunes which is standard procedure daw for jaundice. I'll let you know pag nakalabas na ang magandang sanggol at ina.

- Santo Tonio, may atraso ka sa akin! Bakit tinawagan mo ako nung Sunday morning sa oficina? Anong akala mo ang office ko simbahan? Ano kamo Tonying, magpunta ako kaagad sa San Francisco habang nandoon ka para magpakasal tayo sa City Hall! Abba nagiging Dancing Queen ka na rin. Hunghung ka rin talaga Palito, pinatigil na ng Calif. Supreme Court a few weeks ago yung mga kasalan ng bading kaya siguro ang lakas ng loob mong magpropose. Kaya mo ba ang required dowry ng mga magulang ko na higanteng puto bumbong na pwedeng sakbitin sa balikat tulad ng sako ng bigas? Yun lang...ba Vu for now.

03-24-04 - 9:55 AM

G2 – hmmm, FPJ? Mana sa ina? You can just tell sa complexion – pinkish mana sa ama. Can you help me out with this new labtim equation?

Lt = G2 + M3

Cousin Rene – thank you. How are the powerboats?


03-24-04 - 9:28 AM

hello everyone happy hump day...
mMn-nagyon ko lang napagmasdan kamukha mo pala si FPJ at si LQ mo kamukha naman ni Liz Alindogan(sexy movie star noon) kaya naman you have pretty daughters syempre mana sa ina..parang mga daughters namin mana sa amin...katulad ng newborn david jadin mana kay dinna...ok ba jojo c?
miloy- ala sylvester stallongggggg
tony piloto-parang dignified looking very professional.....
and M3-ang bagong american idol......

hi mariliz-how are you? i'll try to call you tonight.
mike-did you get the directions?
franceng-ang aga mo namang mag sleeping beauty...
hi ami- baka naman pwedeng padala ka dito ng kare-kare....padala mo kay tony pabagsak sa LAX.....


03-24-04 - 6:47 AM

Cousin mMn - Very nice family portrait. I could tell your beautiful daughters took after their Mom (only kidding, took after you too).

Jojo - Congratulation on your new addition to your family. Your kids are very cute. How come you look more tired than your wife, which one of you had the baby?


03-23-04 - 5:55 PM

jojo and dinna

congats sa bagong baby ninyo. Regads to all our frends there



03-23-04 - 3:17 PM

MnT: naku pamangkin nang Pinoy artista yun si Nel Nayo. Tama ka sexy nga yun, former Ms. Philippines, kalaban ni Dabby short for Dabiana!!! Buti ka pa may pasalubong pating kay Tonyo! Kakainggit ka naman. Pero kamusta na nga ba si Emong of section 5 ba o 6? One of my best friends at kapitbahay in Miguelin. Balita ko papunta na dito. Hayaan mo, pagdating sasabihan kita!!!

Fernandino Bambino


03-23-04 - 2:10 PM

fernandino: bakit humihirit ka diyan. bibigyan ako nang pating na pasalubong tapos... para hingin mo naman sa akin. pambayad doon sa hinahanap ni mr. guerero. naalala ko na yon lab titser natin na full of crushes sa imo... si ms. nayo...kamusta na raw... irog...and ayaw ko rin nang pating galing taiwan... liit din kita noon.

03-23-04 - 12:21 PM

Tonyo: hmmmm , I got an idea , ang magandang pasalubong kay Ms. Zoologist et Vet. Med. straight from Taiwan: Pating for dissection he he he

03-23-04 - 12:15 PM

Ami: Malas pero 4 more Saturday chances to go....

Mike V: ikaw naman kasi masyadong kang naging literal! Buti na lang at di nagbago ang isip at pinayagan ka pa rin kung di gudbye Big Hepol ka na .

Rubelegance/WB/Luis/mMn;: Last chance!!! Sabihin sa mga LQ, may seminar sa NY at tamang-tama kitakits with matching tears habang nakaluhod

03-23-04 - 12:12 PM

Darna:late dinner it is..i'll catch-up, hopefully magising agad ang mga biik (oo nga tapos na kami sa vaca, kaya biik naman ngayon)na amin papatulugin..patutulugin lang hindi kakatayin..kung hindi naman na magising...e di meron na tayong chicharon bulaklak...o kay lechon de leche....for dinner...i'll call u later..

mMn, Miloy and Kgg: lovely pictures.. i'm so proud that our batch have contributed to a prettier next generation..gene recombination...but as others have said and i second...the pretty looking genes came all from their moms..

pero mMn...inggit ako sa mga girls mo...very healthy???

Tonio: tandaan mo nagbago na ako nang brand nang perfume..kaya huwag mo na akong pasalubungan nang mga perfumes galing diyan sa taiwan. sawa na rin ako sa mani.. ayaw ko na rin nang tikoy... betterer... sa duty free pag dating mo sa SFO airport... doon ka mag shopping nang pasalubong ko...ayaw mo nang libreng lunch ha sorry i don't give rainchecks... kaya wala nang next time...

03-23-04 - 11:48 AM

Ami: lalu tuloy akong ginutom sa mga pina-post mo sa M.B…Makakain na nga…BTW, Ilang korona na ang naagaw nila sa ‘yo? 2 or 3…So, ilan na lang ang natitira?.. Orgasmic Queen and Harbat Queen… sa dalawng ito, mahihirapan na nilang agawin.

03-23-04 - 11:44 AM

Ami – the “hi Sweetie(k)” labtim is old so time to put the “spotlight” on the new labtim(s).

This Friday, I will pick up Tony at the airport and head out to Buckingham palace. We’ll be there around 8 o’clock.


03-23-04 - 11:26 AM

Jeff ---> Bilib na talaga ako sa 'yo... tapang-tapang mo na. Papirma-pirma ka na ngayon ng tunay mong panagalan. What happened to "Doods"??? Labsyutu, of course like a bradir onli dahil sistah ko naman ang sinisintah mo


PS ---> Hoy, Francia en Marivic, kabagu-bago n'yo lang dalawang korona ko na ang inaagaw ninyo, ha?

MikeV ---> Ikaw na lang ang kalabtim ko dahil pareho naman tayong parang pulutan. Chicharong bulaklak and crispy pata, oooo

Nandoc ---> Nanalo ba tayo?

Vucaca ---> Nasaan ka na naman?

Pocahontas ---> Ikaw din, puyat ka na naman sa pagsi-sikyu?



03-23-04 - 11:10 AM

Again... nasaan na ang original labtim na "Hi, Sweetie(k)". Pede bang paki-claro kung ano na ang nangyayari sa mga pipols involved?

Hi, Dianne... Hi, Ghetti Boy...


Bay Area Fifols (E*Sigh, Mnt, mMn, Miloyski) ---> Okay ba sa inyo ang late dinner with the Palitong To-pilots at my home on Friday? Santo Tonio will arrive at 1830H and will proceed to Danville with the 'Ghetti Boy (possibly with Miloyski, as well?). Bad ghels Marie and Isay, sabay na lang kayong pupunta dito?



03-23-04 - 10:26 AM

Hey, correction please, not parental advice kundi parental guidance. Siempre may bantay parang si Bobby Jowarski.


03-23-04 - 10:04 AM

Aba si Matet nga ikaw!!!!!


03-23-04 - 9:53 AM

syempre, dapat may chaperone.. parang si gina k. parental advice...
.....takot ako eh..............


03-23-04 - 9:46 AM

uyyyyyyyyyyyy! Selos ako! Buti pa kayo pa love team-love team pa! At ang love theme ninyo.....I love you munimuni, munimuni, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.....

Saan ang date nyo sa Sabado? Alam ko kung saan? Moreno Valley? Pero naman, bakit may chaperone, Eva Peron?

03-23-04 - 9:37 AM

G2 - ang awit niya ay para sa'yo....


03-23-04 - 9:26 AM

mike- hindi ako ang taga moreno valley, sister ni francia may filipino rest. doon,. ang address look up nasa msg board yesterday...ok
hi to everyone....
nasaan ang bagong lab tim.....
o yung siya diyan...nagmumunimuni pa ....go to work.


Gina K.
03-23-04 - 9:12 AM

Hi Jojo, 'musta na ikaw? Hindi ako pwedeng labasan kasi walang taga-gawa. I mean partner in crime. hehehe!!! kumusta na ang mga angels mo? ( Dinna , Izabel and Jadin). O sige, trabaho muna ako dito sa Beverly Hills. Mamaya ulit.

Mike V.
03-23-04 - 8:27 AM

How how d Carabao? How’s everybody?

Overcast dito sa’min ngayon, tapos tambak pa ang trabaho. Nakaka-praning…I’m not just quite sure kung talaga bang marami yung trabaho o mabagal lang ako…

So Lab Tim pala ang uso ngayon, Si Ami sino ang ka-lab tim?

Ami: Mukhang masarap yang Kare-kare mo. (Ito ang word na di ko pwedeng I-short cut or else masasabunutan ako ng matsing sa puno ng saging).

Manager Luis: wa happen? bakit magdidildil ka na lang ng alamang?

NandoC: you almost got me into trouble. Nabanggit ko kasi yung sabi mo na meron na tayong kakanain (isusuot na kana) – Blonde ang kulay.

G2: Ikaw ba yung taga- Moreno Valley? saan doon?

03-23-04 - 6:48 AM

To R-lyn (the dearest of them all!), ganun, talaga, hanip. I love you too Jeff. Sana nga magkita tayo, ay kayo pala, pero I want to be there to video tape it para sa mga ka batchmates, "The Original LAB TIM".


03-23-04 - 4:29 AM

To R-lyn (the dearest of them all!), Amy, Benjie, Stela, Voltaire, Fernandino (?), Mmn, and the rest of the guys...maraming salamat sa inyong lahat sa inyong munting pag-alaala. Hopefully someday, I too will have the chance to join your get-togethers and have fun with you out there...Jeff.

Lito Vergara
03-23-04 - 4:23 AM

Night Caller>>> Sorry to have missed your last night my cell is not working well inside the house. Your call did not register in the caller ID so I could not call you back. Hope I could talk to you today.


03-22-04 - 10:41 PM

Teka muna lang... nasaan na 'yung original labtim na RP-US? Nawawala yata ang mga "hi, sweetie(k)", miss ko na sila.



ps ---> ipagpaumanhin po ninyo, Kgg na ValedickT, subali't ano mang pagpipilit mong sa iyo nagmana ng kagandahan at kakayutan ang inyong mga anak ni Dinna ay hindi maaaprubahan ng komite nitong website.

Ipagpasalamat na lamang po ninyong sa inyong butihing maybahay nagmana ng karikitan ang inyong prinsesita at prinsipe. Mabait pa rin sa iyo ang Maykapal, tse!

ako pa rin,


03-22-04 - 7:00 PM

For your viewing pleasure, pictures of Tony R's visit to SF phase 1 posted. Enjoy....


03-22-04 - 4:43 PM

ANO BA YAN??east coast lab team vs so cal lab team...pati sa muse paligsahan east coast muse vs so cal muse......abangan


03-22-04 - 4:31 PM

mabuhay and bagong lab team...


03-22-04 - 4:24 PM

Are you referring to Panotsky?


03-22-04 - 3:29 PM

Mickey is a bald basketball player in the Philippines....and Matet is the sweey little former child star famous for her line...."takot ako."


03-22-04 - 3:13 PM

Sino sina Matet and Mickey?


03-22-04 - 2:00 PM

Mabuhay ang bagong love team....Matet and Mickey.....pang tapat kina Doods and Marianne love team


03-22-04 - 1:54 PM

Ano naman ang isusubo mo?


03-22-04 - 1:51 PM

Subuan na lang kita, tapos na lunch ko.


03-22-04 - 1:49 PM

US Naval Observatory Master Clock Time

Mar. 22, 21:48:14 UTC
Mar. 22, 04:48:14 PM EST
Mar. 22, 03:48:14 PM CST
Mar. 22, 02:48:14 PM MST
Mar. 22, 01:48:14 PM PST
Mar. 22, 12:48:14 PM YST
Mar. 22, 11:48:14 AM AST
Time Service Department, US Naval Observatory

11 minutes, 46 seconds na lang!!!


03-22-04 - 12:52 PM

lunch break around 2:00 P.M...............
talk to you later.....


03-22-04 - 10:23 AM

Uyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Manggigising ng zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz <---(sleeping at work). Ang lakas talaga ng mental telepathy mo! Pero siyempre nasa receiver din yuon, dapat magkatugma. Sabay tayong mag-lunch just like the first breakfast we had together. Give me a call if you'll make it (Capisca, desiderio del mio cuore?)


03-22-04 - 10:06 AM

uyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz <---(sleeping at work)


03-22-04 - 10:00 AM

happy monday to all
jojo-parang awa mo na wag mo akong e black mail,walang akong ibabayad sa yo,i'm just a poooor...girl...sige ikaw din hindi namin tuturuan si dinna ng lesson 101.
muse Rony-labs ka pa rin ni M3...
mMn-ikaw ha.....
Tony piloto- nice talking to you...
mariliz and mike-malapit na kayo sa moreno valley hope to see you on sat. ayan franceng ako ang nagiinvite para sayo.
franceng got your message last night sori hindi na ako nakatawag..telebabad kasi ako eh.....
CQ-kamusta na?see you on sat..
VU-sana makasama ka sa sat.
of course last but not least-are you ok?don't fall asleep at work........

03-22-04 - 9:50 AM

Jojo and Dina
Congratulation on your baby boy. Puwede natin silang sabayan and Big Epol kitakits, kaya lang hindi lobster ang handa natin, kundi Alamang.

03-22-04 - 8:51 AM

Mike V: Basta ako may Amerikana sa gabi, blonde ang kulay!!!! Pero yung sinasabi mo, slong leave nalang pepede na except kung malamig...hmmm sa palagay mo magka-size tayong tatlo ni Don Buynito o ni Shorty? Kung di naman, pepede rin mag-borrow from the closet of mi simpatica enamorada RNY in Bloomingdales!

Naku magiging reunion nga nang mga section 2 pala ang NY, nanduon ang a-amuse nang section 2, si Iyoh, Vice-Chairman Nonot, Open Book game President Armand and Co-Founder Amado, Princess Roland, Good Boy Fernandino, pero sana makarating si Chairman Otto, Youngster Magazine Co-Founder mMn and DVD King Joel V. .

Mike V.
03-22-04 - 7:56 AM

Good Morning Sa Lahat! Komustamos!

Congrats again 2 d’happy couple: Jojo ‘N’ Dinna (ayan Vu dinagdagan ko pa ng isang N).

Nando: Tama pala yung hirit ni Benjie na dapat naka-kana. Meron bang tindahan dyan sa OC na maluwag ang Return Policy…Dito sa amin lalu na sa Burlington Coat, mahigpit na, dahil siguro sa kasosoli ni manong Wilmur.

Teka, Teka…

RNY: How about dyan sa Bloomingdale’s, mahigpit ba ang Return Policy?

Arlene Santos-George
03-22-04 - 6:28 AM

Hi Nonot and Iyoh,

Thanks for hosting our mini-reunion last March when I visited. You guys are great! Anyway, I know that your itinerary is really hectic so I don't supposed you can swing by the Windy City. Too bad bec. I really want to play host to you guys. Maybe during your next trip. Enjoy your visit here in the U.S. and say hello to everyone. We'll make chica about your trip later. Hope you see Jojo M., Stell A., Cora S, and many more especially in CA. Have a safe trip. BTW, the pics I have are already on the photo web. Take care.

Benjie Uli
03-22-04 - 5:58 AM

Mamon - si Tikoy confirm na, ipinadala sa akin ang NY itinerary niya. Hindi raw siya nag da drawing, pero e iinom ka nalang daw niya. Just imagine si Nando, Roland, Amado, Tikoy, at Nonot section 2 lahat, hindi ka ba talaga pwede? Si Nonoy Abnoy gustong maging section 2 rin, pero hindi talaga pwede. Sama na, tara na.

03-22-04 - 4:07 AM

Jojo - ang Kayut ng mga anak mo, buti nalang maganda ang asawa mo at malakas ang dugo ni Dina. Congrats uli. Mag sa summer na, ikaw ba ay may malaking blokeng yelo na tinatapat sa electric pan, para aircon narin ang effect. Kailan mo ba bibilhan ng aircon ang mag anak mo?

Nonot & Iyoh - ang sarap naman ng Itinerary nyo. Mag papa lobster si Don Luis Robles, mag papa lechon si Don Buynito, at siempre mag babagoong si Ami na may kasamang kare kare naman. Calling sa mga Las Vegas batchmates, wala bang mag in invite kina Nonot and Iyoh, ay sorry, hindi nga pala nagpapakita sina Jess at Manny.

Jojo C.
03-21-04 - 11:04 PM

Maraming maraming salamat sa mga bumati. Nakaraos na rin kami. Ngayon nama'y puro puyat sa gabi, hindi dahil sa balak na naman naming mag-anak pa ulit ng cute (tulad ni Joel V), kundi dahil sa ang bagong baby ay laging gising sa gabi! 'Ulanghiya, parang si Francia, laging sa gabi gising, tila ba parang anghel na mababa ang lipad. At least anghel pa rin, di ba Dharleng? Paano na nga 'yon, lower & lower ba Francia?

Doon naman sa mga umaasang hindi ko kamukha si Jadin, (Alam mo na kung sino ka, Ami) ay ikinalulungkot kong sabihing hindi na naman sinagot ang inyong mga dasal. Kasama ka na rin Mike V!

Tinubos na ni CQ ang kanyang address book pero ikaw naman G2 ang aking i-ba-blackmail sapagkat nasa akin ang video tape ng pagbisita n'yo sa bahay. Marami kang sinabi roon, hala ka!

Eileen, eheste, Gina pala, inilabas ko na. Ikaw, kailan ka lalabasan?

Mr. Elegance, how about a kitakits during the Big epol getaway. Sabayan natin sila. Kaya rin yata nating mag-lobster, o di ba Manager Luis? Manager Luis, tutal, kasing galante ka naman ni Don Buynito, eh...

And lastly, excuse me RoNY, hindi kailangan ni Kumander ng aircon, dahil laging binibigyan ko siya ng "Init sa Magdamag." At hindi rin niya kailangan ng TFC dahil lagi ko siyang ine-entertain, if you know what I mean

P.S. - Check out the new pictures...

03-21-04 - 9:58 PM

Greetings to everyone!!!
I am just asking for assistance from batchmates in the NY, NY area. My wife's cousin - a phsical therapist - has already spent a considerable amount to find work there. It has been more than a year since she has applied. I just want to find out if the agency where she has applied to is a legit one. Advanced Professional Marketing, Inc. 245 E 21 st., 2'nd ave,NY,NY. Her contact person there is Marissa Beck. Thanks for any information you may give.


03-21-04 - 9:27 PM

hello friends, it's pretty woman. on sat. we're going to my sister's
rest. in moreno valley---aal you can eat -no charge. from 91 east to
60 east exit heacock turn right then a shopping center to your right
Look for Banig resturant. ( 909 ) 653 - 5268. After lunch proceed to her house for drinks.
Call me for questions
310 - 539 - 5521
Iyoh, ill get you a room in LA for Marriot and ill try to get you a room in San Francisco, Las Vegas, but for sure here in lA you'll have a hotel room. Ill work it out


03-21-04 - 7:52 PM

G2 - sa'yo na 'yung dalawa akin si mMn.....


03-21-04 - 5:41 PM

G2 - did you mean close to you (proximity) or near and dear to your heart? Uyyyy!!!!


03-21-04 - 5:39 PM



03-21-04 - 5:37 PM



03-21-04 - 12:12 PM

tony r.,mMn,M3 dahan dahan ang lunok at baka mabulunan,enjoy your brunch...ang sagot sa question eh di syempre kung sino young malapit sa akin,parang survivor...hmm naintriga ang msg booard..
gina k. don't work too hard dapat mag enjoy ang mga single..are you free next sat?
jojo c.-ok ba ang baby?o paano yan eh di 5 months na ngayon..nadagdagan pa.plus special lessons from francia.
CQ-hindi ka ba napagalitan ni LK?
magsisimba muna ko...pagsisimba ko na lang kayong lahat..ok later
miss you

03-21-04 - 12:06 PM


I retract what I said about Marianne's dreams.
Tapos nanaman ang birthday mo.

PS: Ako pala ang nanaginip sa iyo.
I think I'm attracted to you.
M3,mayroon na rin akong ka 1-4-3.


03-21-04 - 10:20 AM


Iyoh & Nonot
03-20-04 - 9:43 PM

Kamusta to everybody most specially to N & S Califonians and New Yorkers! Punta kami diyan this April and below is our itenerary:

April 3 - Arrive San Francisco
April 6 - Leave for LA
April 9 - Leave for Las Vegas
April 11 - Leave for NY
April 19 - Leave for Paris, France (official business)
April 25 - Back to NY
May 6 - Depart for Manila

Hi Francia - balita ko ikaw daw ang boss diyan sa Marriott. Can you help with our hotel bookings (with discounts of course) for SFO, LA and Vegas?

Regards to all

Iyoh & Nonot

Gina K.
03-20-04 - 7:24 PM

G2: Kumusta ka na? Kelan tayong mga single maghahapennings?

CQ: Miswa, tumatawag ako sa inyo gagabi pero walang sumasagot.
Nagpartime ako ngayon pati na rin bukas may partime ulit ako.
Busy ako sa trabaho ngayon. Tatawag na lang ulit ako sa'yo.

03-20-04 - 3:18 PM

Mnt - try these email addresses:





03-20-04 - 1:50 PM

Did Prez Press For Iraq-911 Link?
March 20, 2004

In the aftermath of Sept. 11, President Bush ordered his then top anti-terrorism adviser to look for a link between Iraq and the attacks, despite being told there didn't seem to be one.

The charge comes from the advisor, Richard Clarke, in an interview airing Sunday at 7 p.m. ET/PT on 60 Minutes.

Clarke also tells CBS News Correspondent Lesley Stahl that White House officials badly dropped the ball when he urged them months before 911 to meet to discuss what he saw as a severe threat from al Qaeda.

He adds that as early as the day after the attacks, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was pushing for retaliatory strikes on Iraq, even though al Qaeda was based in Afghanistan.

Clarke suggests the idea took him so aback, he initally thought Rumsfeld was joking.

Clarke is due to testify next week before the special panel probing whether the attacks were preventable.

His allegations are also made in a book being published Monday, "Against All Enemies."

Clarke helped shape U.S. policy on terrorism under President Reagan and the first President Bush. He was held over by President Clinton to be his terrorrism czar, then held over again by the current President Bush.

In the 60 Minutes interview and the book, Clarke tells what happened behind the scenes at the White House before, during and after 911.

When the terrorists stuck, it was thought the White House would be the next target, so it was evacuated. Clarke was one of only a handful of people who stayed behind. He ran the government's response to the attacks from the Situation Room in the West Wing.

"I kept thinking of the words from Apocalypse Now, the whispered words of Marlon Brando, when he thought about Vietnam. 'The horror. The horror.' Because we knew what was going on in New York. We knew about the bodies flying out of the windows. People falling through the air. We knew that Osama bin Laden had succeeded in bringing horror to the streets of America," he tells Stahl.

After the president returned to the White House on 911, he and his top advisers, including Clarke, began holding meetings about how to respond and retaliate. As Clarke writes in his book, he expected the administraiton to focus its military response on Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda. He says he was surprised that the talk quickly turned to Iraq.

"Rumsfeld was saying that we needed to bomb Iraq," Clarke said to Stahl. "And we all said ... no, no. Al-Qaeda is in Afghanistan. We need to bomb Afghanistan. And Rumsfeld said there aren't any good targets in Afghanistan. And there are lots of good targets in Iraq. I said, 'Well, there are lots of good targets in lots of places, but Iraq had nothing to do with it.

"Initially, I thought when he said "There aren't enough targets in-- in Afghanistan" I thought he was joking.

"I think they wanted to believe that there was a connection but the CIA was sitting there, the FBI was sitting there, I was sitting there saying we've looked at this issue for years. For years we've looked and there's just no connection."

Clarke says he and CIA Director George Tenet told that to Rumsfeld, Secretary of State Colin Powell, and Attorney General John Ashcroft.

Clarke then tells Stahl of being pressured by Mr. Bush.

"The President dragged me into a room with a couple of other people, shut the door, and said, 'I want you to find whether Iraq did this.' Now he never said, 'Make it up.' But the entire conversation left me in absolutely no doubt that George Bush wanted me to come back with a report that said Iraq did this.

"I said, 'Mr. President. We've done this before. We have been looking at this. We looked at it with an open mind. There's no connection.'

"He came back at me and said, "Iraq! Saddam! Find out if there's a connection.' And in a very intimidating way. I mean that we should come back with that answer. We wrote a report."

Clarke continued, "It was a serious look. We got together all the FBI experts, all the CIA experts. We wrote the report. We sent the report out to CIA and found FBI and said, 'Will you sign this report?' They all cleared the report. And we sent it up to the President and it got bounced by the National Security Advisor or Deputy. It got bounced and sent back saying, 'Wrong answer. ... Do it again.'

"I have no idea, to this day, if the President saw it, because after we did it again, it came to the same conclusion. And frankly, I don't think the people around the President show him memos like that. I don't think he sees memos that he doesn't-- wouldn't
like the answer."

Clarke was the president's cheif adviser on terrorism, yet it wasn't until 911 that he ever got to brief Mr. Bush on the subject. Clarke says, prior to 911, the administration didn't take the threat seriously.

"We had a terrorist organization that was going after us! Al Qaeda. That should have been the first item on the agenda. And it was pushed back and back and back for months.

"There's a lot of blame to go around, and I probably deserve some blame too. But on January 24th, 2001, I wrote a memo to Condoleezza Rice asking for, urgently -- underlined urgently -- a Cabinet-level meeting to deal with the impending al Qaeda attack. And that urgent memo-- wasn't acted on.

"I blame the entire Bush leadership for continuing to work on Cold War issues when they back in power in 2001. It was as though they were preserved in amber from when they left office 8 years earlier. They came back; they wanted to work on the same issues right away: Iraq, Star Wars. Not new issues, the new threats that had developed over the preceding eight years."

Clarke finally got his meeting about al Qaeda in April, three months after his urgent request. But it wasn't with the president or cabinet. It was with the second-in-command in each relevant department.

For the Pentagon, it was Paul Wolfowitz.

Clarke relates, "I began saying, 'We have to deal with bin Laden; we have to deal
with al Qaeda.' Paul Wolfowitz, the Deputy Secretary of Defense, said, 'No,
no, no. We don't have to deal with al Qaeda. Why are we talking about that
little guy? We have to talk about Iraqi terrorism against the United

"And I said, 'Paul, there hasn't been any Iraqi terrorism against the United States in eight years!' And I turned to the Deputy Director of the CIA and said, 'Isn't that right?' And he said, 'Yeah, that's right. There is no Iraqi terrorism against the United States."

Clarke went on to add, "There's absolutely no evidence that Iraq was supporting al
Qaeda, ever."

When Stahl pointed out that some administration officials say it's still an open issue, Clarke responded, "Well, they'll say that until hell freezes over."

By June, 2001, there still hadn't been a Cabinet-level meeting on terrorism, even though U.S. intelligence was picking up an unprecedented level of ominous chatter.

The CIA director warned the White House, Clarke points out.

"George Tenet was saying to the White House, saying to the President - cause he briefed him every morning - a major al Qaeda attack is going to happen against the United States somewhere in the world in the weeks and months ahead. He said that in June, July, August.

Clarke says the last time the CIA had picked up a similar level of chatter was in December, 1999, when Clarke was the terrorism czar in the Clinton White House.

Clarke says Mr. Clinton ordered his Cabinet to go to battle stations-- meaning, they went on high alert, holding meetings nearly every day.

That, Clarke says, helped thwart a major attack on Los Angeles International Airport, when an al Qaeda operative was stopped at the border with Canada, driving a car full of explosives.

Clarke harshly criticizes President Bush for not going to battle stations when the CIA warned him of a comparable threat in the months before 911.

"He never thought it was important enough for him to hold a meeting on the subject, or for him to order his National Security Adviser to hold a Cabinet-level meeting on the subject."

Finally, says Clarke, "The cabinet meeting I asked for right after the inauguration took
place-- one week prior to 911."

In that meeting, Clarke proposed a plan to bomb al Qaeda's sanctuary in Afghanistan, and to kill bin Laden.

03-20-04 - 10:40 AM

Mr. Espanyol na Hilaw: wish ka pa diyan nang have a good weekend everyone...pag tapos mo akong tawagin intregera ano nga po ba yon inyong katanungan na di ko na nasagot...napakarami naman kasi..

mMn,Ami,E*sigh...seems that piloto is flying in from taiwan on the 26th at about midnight...any change of plans?

Nonot and Iyoh: see you soon...Iyoh: can u give me another e-add.. my e-mails that i sent through your pacific.net acct. always bounce back

Joel V
03-20-04 - 6:01 AM

Nonot---> Great !!! We'll see you in 3 weeks...post mo ang itinerary niyo para ma-plano namin ang kitakits,OK? BTW, may tatlong Jollibee dito sa lugar namin...maybe Iyoh can write it up as a business trip/expense

Darna---> Noooo...nagbibiro lang ako, I don't think masusundan pa ang dalawang maldita ko...by the time na ikakasal 'yun eh baka naka wheelchair na 'ko(teka...at least may senior citizen discount na 'ko...hmmmm )
Biro lang Jojo C...lalaki naman si JD kaya di no kailangang ilakad sa altar...BTW, I still have the baby shower gift w/ me...

Mike V---> sorry chong, dehins ako puwede sa Big Epol, ni hindi ko mai-drawing sa ngayon (busy playing Papa 'ko ngayon)...Enjoy na lang kayo...

Alan AC---> Bong/Paul/Pablo Hernandez & Mon Umali are both there in NY...i-hunting mo na lang.

It's the weekend...Have a good & relaxing one, folks

03-20-04 - 12:12 AM

MnT, e*Sigh, Ami, Miloy, Carol (Bay Area Bad Folks) - plan to take some days off 4/3 - 4/6 for Nonot and Iyoh's Bay Area visit.

ramonsalinda: Hello Nonot
nonotfsv: Hoy, kamusta na
ramonsalinda: mabuti naman, finalized na ba ang US trip niyo?
nonotfsv: medyo
nonotfsv: will leave Manila on April 3 for sfo
ramonsalinda: so ang arrival niyo ay Apr. 3 sa SFO
nonotfsv: yes, then maybe on the 6th punta LA
nonotfsv: then las vegas
nonotfsv: then NY

03-19-04 - 11:32 PM

Jojo and Dina, congratulation

Joel V - Yes, we might pass by LA when we visit and hope to see all of you.

Ruben, mMn, Mnt, Joel V, Ceasar, and all the rest... - see you soon. I will post itenerary later

Nonot & Iyoh


03-19-04 - 10:26 PM



03-19-04 - 5:10 PM

Jeffrey D: Happy Birthday Col. Sir. May you have more to come!!!

Jojo/Dinna (with 2 Ns): Congratulations again to your new born twins David and Jadin. So ano ang papremyo para kay Stella, dahil siya ang nanalo nang name your kid contest? Huwag naman sana puto bumbong!

Mnt: di mo pa sinasagot ang tanong ko intregera!!
Pocahantas: Good Luck!!!

Ami: Maraming salamat at sa wakas at nagpakita ka rin. Bakit nawala kang nang ubod nang tagal? Natatakot ka rin ba gaya ni Jojo C. ?

Have A nice Weekend everybody!!! In espanyol: Tenga un fin de semana agradable todos!

Espanyol Na Hilaw

03-19-04 - 4:23 PM

Suprimió algunas entradas duplicadas.
Deleted some duplicate entries, FYI.

03-19-04 - 4:02 PM

Sa wakas Viernes na! Mag enjoy kayo this weekend kung ano man ang mga gagawin ninyo.

- Kausap ko kagabe si kumpareng Jojo Cum at lalabas na ng hospital today si kumareng Dinna. Reminder mga kafatidz na ang spelling ng "Dinna" ay doble "n" as in "nana" at hindi single "n" as in "na." Ayos naman so far ang mag ina at balita ko ay tunay na nagmana si David Jadin kay Dinna. Mabuti na lang at sinagot ang mga dasal nating lahat. Talagang maawain ang langit. Jojo huwag mong kakalimutan na magpasalamat sa lahat ng santong pinagdasalan namin to intercede kasama na si Santo Tonio.

- Santo Tonio, ikaw nga ay magbasa ng maige ng posting mo kung may typo/errors at baka masintron ka nung mga nagtatago sa likod ng bayabasan at puno ng aratilis. Malakas ka kay Darna/Ami kaya siguradong "magpapahipon" (#1752) yun para sa iyo. Ano bang luto ang gusto mo? Hinalbusan, ginataan, piniritong inasnan, camaron "mcintosh" rebosado, inihaw (sawsaw sa sukang may bawang at sili), ginisa sa sili't bawang, atbp...mamili ka at ihahain pag dating mo.

- Haping-hapi siguro ang bertdey mo Jeff (Delgado) at merong nagge-gameboy sa iyo oras-oras!Hhhmmm... Doods you get your dozen roses from Marianno's Florist? Pasensya sa mga typo at sira yung mga letra sa keyboard ko. O sige, from the heart of my bottom, happy birthday Koronel (as in Hilda yung kamukha ni Marianne-Lyn). Bakit ka nga ba lumuwas ng Maynila? Kung uuwi ka dapat sa east coast (duon kasi ang probinsya mo).

- Carol Mayor- (Blanco kasi apilyido mo) tutoots bang pupunta ka ng Big Epol? Dali bili na ng plane ticket at sabihin kay Don Benito ang favorito mong putahe ng maluto. Kuya Lito at Ate Ana, meron bang sariwang pako d'yan na pwedeng gawing pako salad? Masarap magluto yung cook n'yo ng paksiw na baboy (pinaglalawayan ni Ami kahit drawing pa lang ang plane ticket n'ya) pero syempre kailangan daw ng lechon para paksiwin. Hanep din ang strategy mo Darna!

- Tumawag si Alan Antenor-Cruz kagabe at tinatanong ang itinerary sa Big Epol. Bubugbugin daw siya ni Vilma (syota n'ya) pag hindi s'ya bumile ng plane ticket. Kung maiwan daw si Alan sa Texas e problema ni Alan yon basta tutuloy si Vilma sa New York. Anong saaayyyyyy n'yong mga asawa ng batchm8s? Ang tindi ng kasa ni Manang Vilma (uzi ang hawak).

TAMAD NA AKONG MAGTRABAHO! Imo-monitor ko na lang ang ESPN para sa NCAA/collegiate basketball scores. March Madness na! Parang Ateneo vs. La Salle at UST vs. FEU. Basagan na ng windshield ng mga kotse sa parking lot. Rambol at sabunutan na!

03-19-04 - 3:32 PM

hello everybody,i went to visit dina last nightand she reaLLY looked
good. Jojo was looking very happy. the baby is very handsome like
mom{ups, I mean like dad}. anyway, it was very nice to see such
older people having babies at such older age {loko lang JO}.
By the way, i lost my address book so if anybody could just post
their ph. # i would really appreciate it. Thank you.

lo ffffff

v very handsome

oTTo M
03-19-04 - 2:21 PM

jojo cum - mabuhay sa pagsilang nang iyong dayunyor kahit na hindi jose ang ngalan! congrats to your wife Dina .

tony r
03-19-04 - 1:05 PM

jojo cum & dina: congrats on the cuming of baby DJ cum. pare, nag review ka na ba uli kung paano mag hele-hele at magpa-dighay!

ate ami: excited na ako sa bagoong mo (sawsawan kare-kare). meron bang magpapahipo dyan sa lugar nyo?

santo tonio

03-19-04 - 11:36 AM

Darna: hay salamat nahanap at nalunok mo na uli ang yong mahiwagang bato. kare kare ba kamo ang gusto ni tonio piloto. gusto mong magkatay nang buong baka para gawin...kare kare...meron kaming apat na baka dito sa wok..for sale...discounted...interested?

03-19-04 - 11:30 AM

Naka four way kami ngayon ni Ami, Mamon, R-lyn, at ako at sinabi ni R-lyn, bakit daw sinabi pang nagdurugo ang puso niya pag si Doods ay pumupunta sa Maynila. Alam mo na raw naman yuon Doods. TIBOK TIBOK TIBOK.

INTRIGA: Sabi ni Ami, sino daw ang nag post ng taga PINAS na nag post na sinabi na mas payat sila keysa sa kanya.

Benjing Linguist
03-19-04 - 11:18 AM

French version: Vous dupe, vous les hypocrites, son aussi facile que dactylographiant ce site Web.

German version: Sie täuschen, Sie Heuchler, sein so einfaches wie, diese Web site schreibend

Italian version: Imbrogliate, voi hypocrites, il relativo facile quanto scrivendo questo Web site a macchina

English version: You fools, you hypocrites, it's as easy as typing this website

Benjing Espanol na Hilaw
03-19-04 - 11:14 AM

Spanish version: Usted engaña, usted los hipócritas, su tan fácil como mecanografiando este Web site.

English version: You fools, you hypocrites, it's as easy as typing this website.

The website for the English to Spanish, etc, etc, etc, is: http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/tr


03-19-04 - 10:56 AM

A los de usted que continúe fijando en español, déjeme le dicen que Yo, puedo jugar también ese juego. ¡No habrá necesidad de esposas o de padres de asistirme en este esfuerzo porque yo, siempre el inventivo, ha encontrado a mi propio aliado!



03-19-04 - 10:43 AM

Okay... pepede na namang lumabas. Mukhang hindi na talaga aapir 'yung nagtatago sa likod ng puno ng saging, phew! Na-na-na-na... na-na-na-na... na-na-na-na... na-na-na-naaaaaaaa NAN!

Nandoc ---> Anukis, bukingis ang Chabakinis mis! Pati si Gigi iniistorbo mo ng pagta-translate sa Ispanggol Palakol (parang ipin ni Vucacol, Ja...). Bakit hindi na lang kaya si Kumander mo at ang Daddy ni R-lyn ang mag-post dito sa message board para hindi na kayo mahirapan pa ng Muse sa pagdutdot? By the way, ikaw ang unang-una kong haharbatan pag pinayagan akong sumali sa April's Giggles sa Big Epol next month, damuho ka! Ang lakas mong mang-api, tse! Alam ko naman kung sino talaga ang crush mo noong araw pa...

Bay Area Bad Folks (e*sigh, Mnt, mMn, Miloyski) ---> Kare-kare dinner at my place on Friday, March 26 dahil 'yan ang request ng Palitong To-pilots dahil sukang-suka (ala SS Abnoy ba?) na raw s'ya sa sushi and sukiyaki dinners. Santo Tonio will be around this weekend pero sandali lang s'ya so we talked about doing the get-together when he comes back late Thursday night next week. Medyo matagal-tagal dito si Tingting so we should be able to help him dispose of his substantial per diem

Kgg na ValedickT ---> Balita ko ay kamukha na naman ni Dina ang inyong bagong heredero... Salamat naman. Mabait talaga nag Dios! Congratulations and may you have many more to come

Anak ni Upak ---> Parang ang hinala ko doon sa last posting mo ay umaato pa kayo ni Kumander Rose na madagdagan pa ang inyog pamilya... was I reading you right? Naku, baka kambal pa ang madale ninyo

Panotsky ---> Pilit mong iniiba ang nickname mo, ha? Ayaw ni DARNA!!! nang ganyan. Labs yu, 2

Charrie ---> Nawawala ka... Halliburton ba ang ino-odit mo ngayon? Are you going to the April's Giggles at Don Buynito's? You shouldn't miss that at talaga namang magsisisi ka kung hindi.

Doods ---> Happy, happy birthday to you. Hindi na ako nakipag-unahan pa ng pagbati (malumanay na pagbigkas) sa 'yo dahil alam ko namang matatalo lang ako. Pero bakit ka umuwi sa Manila? Alam mo namang may nagdurugo ang puso kapag binibisita mo ang pamilya mo Ay, mali... ano ba'yan Anyway, balita ko ay ipagbe-babysit mo daw ako next month kaya halika na at nang makalakad na akong papunta sa Nuyok. Sagot ni Nandoc at ni MikeV daw kasi ang aking airfare (hindi PAMASAHE from Rick) from SFO to JFK.

WonderWoman ---> O, kelan ang biyahe ninyo dito sa amin ng Concert Queen? Namputsa namang Marivic ito, pati korona ko inagaw na rin, pwe!



Benjie (Para Kay Marianne uli)
03-19-04 - 10:34 AM

Kakausap ko lang kay Marianne, bakit daw Happy birthday lang ang inilagay ko, bakit daw hindi yuong talagang na fe feel niya, o sige, sabi ko naman.

Handa ka na.

Talagang talaga.

Bakit nga ba ganon ang buhay?

Dati nakakaramdam ka nang pagtibok ng puso mo at hindi mo maintindihan, hindi mo masabi kahit kanino, kasi hindi dapat ang babae ang magsasabi.
Bakit ngayon after 27 years after H.S., hindi mo parin maintindihan kung bakit ganito ang nararamdaman mo at hindi mo parin masabi kahit kanino, kung hindi sa kaibigan kong napakabait na si Benjie. Pag nababanggit, nasasabi, nakikita ang iyong pangalan, hindi mo malaman kung ano ang ikikilos mo. Nagpapawis ang mga palad, binubunot ang mga buhok sa kilikile, nakakalimot kung ano ang ginagawa, ano ba itong nararamdaman ko. Ang alam ko lang gawin, ay pabayaan mag liwaliw ang aking pagiisip, sa mga katanungan na hindi masasagot nang kahit sino.

Paano nga kaya?
Lalaki kaya ang panganay namin?
Nakuha kaya ang mga mata ko?
Magaganda kaya ang sampu naming anak?
Ano kaya ang paborito mong ulam? Na ipaluluto ko kay Ligaya.

Ang dami, ang dami ko pang naiisip, mamaya uli,.



03-19-04 - 10:32 AM

Benjie - Naka-access din! Masyadong moody itong bagong system namin Benjito, tu eres malito!

Donde esta mi amiga Amelia?! Espero tu contestacion hoy!


03-19-04 - 10:13 AM

Benjie: thanks for the invitation. as much as we want to join the group, conflict in skeds won't permit us...next time..Promise... pero handa ka ba para harangin ko rin... expert na ako...excellent student!!

R-Lyn: na intriga ang akin lover boy..sino daw ang sinasabi mong matindi ang crush sa kanya...biglang gustong sumugod diyan sa epol city...

Darna/CEO: nahanap mo na ba ang iyong mahiwagang bato. hanapin na at lunukin at mag-ingay na... masyado kang tahimik diyan!!! tapos awayin mo si Mmn...hindi ka raw pwede sa small and quiet dinner. dahil una di ka naman daw quiet tapos hindi pa small..tapos ang dami pa...tawagan mo...

Mmn: ayan na... tatawagan ka na ni CEO...

E-Sigh: done with your hunting project? me... all accomplished...with high marks...

03-19-04 - 9:52 AM

Jeff ,

I guess you’ve discovered the greatest challenge in your life…

Happy Birthday, wishing you more blessings,


03-19-04 - 9:50 AM

Jojo & Dina,



03-19-04 - 9:36 AM

Rene - Thanks for accompanying me yesterday. I had a great time yestrday. Maraming ka palang walang alam sa HS batch natin. It's good that Don Benito gave you an update. Anyway, I'll see you again on my next business trip.


What did the hurricane say to the coconut tree?

Hold on to your nuts because it's going to be a big blow job ....

03-19-04 - 9:28 AM

Since hindi makabasa at walang access si Marianne (kahawig ni R-lyn) sa office ng message board na ito, ako na lang daw ang mag post para sa kanya, ha ha ha. Sa mga malalapit kay Marianne, tatawag sa inyo at magtatanong kung ano ang sinulat ko para sa kanya, wag na wag sasabihin sa kanya. Since hindi maka access sa message board hanggang paguwi niya mamayang gabi, hindi makatiis at pinipilit ako kung ano raw ang isusulat ko para kay Doods.

Dear Doods (ka birthday mo pala si Jeff Delgado),

Pinasasabi ni Marianne, na Happy Birthday daw, ayun lang.

Pag tinanong kayo ni Marianne kung ano ang sinulat ko, sabihin lang “Happy Birthday daw Doods, iyon lang”.

Wag maniwalang may access si R-lyn sa message board, wala kaya excited na excited kung ano raw ang message ko para kay Doods.

Ang iyong mga mata - ang gaganda
Ang iyong mga mabibisig na braso - ang gaganda rin
Ang iyong tumi tibok tibok tibok na puso - ang gaganda rin
Kung alam mo lang, kung alam mo lang, kung alam mo lang.

03-19-04 - 9:26 AM

Gina K....missing in action ka yata? or bisi lang?
i think jojo and dina got my address book.

03-19-04 - 9:21 AM

Good morning everyone. I feel like a stranger on this message board.
Congratulations Dina and Jojo.
G2 - mabasa ko pa kaya ang lungkot sa iyong mga mata? We'll find out next time. Baka kailangan mo ng isang M3.

Wilmer, Marie, e*Sigh - 'wag naman quiet dinner ang plans next week. I'm sick of being quiet. Still waiting for Ami's Sukiyaki night at her palace.

Tony R. - call me as soon as you land in SFO.
Doods - happy birthday!!
Marianne - greetings to Doods kung makausap mo.
Benjie - sana nga we can join you guys on 4/16...wishful thinking na lang.

03-19-04 - 9:18 AM

G2...kailangan kamukha ni dina ang baby..oh my god!!! paano kung nagmana sa ama?
yung secret natin g2 bukas, don't forget..


03-19-04 - 9:16 AM


Happy birthday, many happy returns...



03-19-04 - 9:15 AM

Happy Birthday Doods!


ps/ Ka birthday mo pala si Jeff D.


03-19-04 - 8:38 AM

ola,amigos et amigas..gud morning...
ayan inaantok ang pathogens ngayon..but it was nice chit chatting early in the morning,hope you have a nice day.....
marivic-sarapan ang bibingka...
hi gina eh eileen pala..kamusta ka na?
kamusta ang bagong baby?sino ang kamukha?
magtrabaho muna kayo....

Mike V.
03-19-04 - 8:12 AM

Good Morning To All:

Sino na ang naka-bwisita kay David Cum? Sino ang kamukha? Please don’t tell us na nagmana kay Jojo Cum…

Joel DVD: Sayang talaga at di ka naka-shower. How about the Big Epol kitakits, sasama ka?

Benjie: Kumita na yang markanang yan. Pero di bale, malamig naman dyan, unlike Vegas…Siempre pa, excited na kami…

Have a Nice Weekend Folks!

03-19-04 - 7:49 AM

Jojo and Dina -- CONGRATULATIONS on your new offspring, David Jadin! I'm sure that he is such a handsome one. I'm sorry for not being able to make it at the baby shower ... mukhang na-miss ko ang kasayahan, may mga U2ten concert pa kayo, bibingka, etc. Have got a couple of things for David at home. Sino ba ang pupunta sa hibols mo next? Baka pwede na lang ipadala. 'Nga pala, pwede bang magpa wake-up call sa 'yo ng 4 a.m.?

03-19-04 - 7:01 AM

jojo c. and dina, congrats! welcome david jadin! izabel, ate ka na ngayon. miss na raw ng bunso kong kapatid si izabel. I'm happy for you guys! when do we get to see the baby?

03-19-04 - 6:09 AM

Isay/Mamon/Mnt/Ami/Miloy - sama na kasi sa NY kitakits, 1 month nalang, tatakbo na, sama na kasi kayo.

Carol - I'm glad you're thinking about the NY kitakits, just do it nalang kasi, matutuwa si Siopao nyan. Kahit this one time lang, sandali lang may nagsabi sa akin nyang "KAHIT ONE TIME LANG"?

Nando/Mike - excited na ba kayo, you better be, kasi naman talagang masaya. Don't forget to bring your Amerikana, like Wilmer, kasi sa Marriot "the view" hindi pumapayag kung wala kang dalang Amerikana, kahit isuot lang pag pasok, tapos tangalin nalang pag dating duon sa luob.

Armand - confirm na ba ang flight mo, Newark ba, yuong tikoy ko ha?

Voltaire - Anong hotel sa Friday, Apr 16 tayo mag sa samasama, naku ang gulo nun, ang saya.

Alan Cruz and Vilma - confirm na rin ba kayo, tell us so we can plan accordingly.

At kung sino sino pa ang gustong sumama, tara na.


03-19-04 - 3:46 AM

PS. Save pala hindi leave.

Lito Vergara
03-19-04 - 3:44 AM

Jojo and Dina >>> Congrats!!! Having a new baby is priceless. Good Luck and leave a room full of patience.



03-18-04 - 10:15 PM

Jojo and Dina:

Congratulations! So sa St. Patty's day ba pinanganak si "Kawika" (David in Hawaii)? Dina -- take it easy and I know your loving husband will be there to help you catch up with your sleep while he wakes up in the middle of the night. Isabella -- have fun with your baby brother. Marita


03-18-04 - 10:09 PM

MP3 -- Masarap ba iyong champorado pinatugo ko sa iyo? anong balita?


03-18-04 - 9:37 PM

went to visit our dear j0j0 and dina's welcome baby boy to the world.
they are so happy that nothing matter's at all. the baby is so beautiful and so handsome[like vu00000000000000000000000000


03-18-04 - 8:12 PM

ayan tama mag post naman ang mga nandito sa pinas, saw ur pix ang gaganda pa rin ninyo... ms lory wala ka pa ring kakupas-kupas, ms ka pa nga ba hanggang ngayon? kung naging binata lang ako...saan ka nagwo-work? oh well 'am pretty sure ur not reading the message board anyways, ako nga naligaw lang... ang mga ka-batch mate sa tate parang ang saya saya nila... pero mas mga slim tayo di2, hehehe!!!

03-18-04 - 7:38 PM

Congratulations to the Comandante family for bringing another blessing to the world... David Jadin!

Excuse me JojoC, ihanda na agad ang malamig na kwarto for your esposa y nino. I-set sa "cool" ang aircon para comfortable ang mag-iina habang nanunuod nang TFC

Excuse me, R NY

Joel V
03-18-04 - 1:11 PM

Jojo & Dina---> Congratulations on Izabel's new playmate & future sibling nemesis... Sabi ni kumander itanong ko raw sa iyo kung paano gumawa ng lalake...kasi kung babae na naman, tatlo na ang gagastusan ko ng kasal dito sa ta-te

Sorry I missed last week's shower...mukhang enjoy kayo lahat esp. 1239 na nagka-epilepsy pa yata dahil sa na-kapa niya (talaga bang..."It's the real thing???")... Next time, bring your lab coat, stet & gloves & tell them you're doing free breast exam/screening for FREE

How's our friend,Noli doing? Na-roto-rooter na ba ang mga clogged arteries niya? 'hope s/he's doing fine.

Saw the latest RP photos...you all look good !! Nonot, daan kayo dito sa SoCal when you get the chance, siguradong 'di niyo mami-miss ang Pinas sa dami ng noypi dito...puro 'markanong hilaw nga lang...di ba, 1239???

Mike V.
03-18-04 - 10:35 AM


Jojo Cum & Dina: Congrats!

NandoC: Habang binabasa ko yung mga postings mo, nilalayuan ako ng mga Latina kong ka-office mates…kasi pala, pangungutang yang raket mo…Saan ka nag-papa-translate? sa Taco Bell ba?

03-18-04 - 10:04 AM

Jojo - Congrats pare ko, may you and Dina have more babies to come. Three months pwede na uli.

Nando - Anak ka ng tinapa, ang yabang mo, pa Espanol Espanol ka pa, Espanol na Hilaw. Nabisto ka na namin, hindi ba Chabakano ang Mrs mo, nag pa pa translate ka rin parang si R-lyn.

Carol/Guia/Rene - sama na kayo sa New York Kitakits. Ayan kasama ka ruon buddy Rene.

03-18-04 - 10:00 AM

Congratulation Kgg at Kggng. Buo pa pala ang sandata mo. Iba na talaga ang dalawang beses bininyagan. Sige, handa ka nang magpuyat uli.

Gina K.
03-18-04 - 9:00 AM

Congrats to Jojo and Dina and to their healthy baby boy. Hayan Jo, lumabas na kaya gawa uli nang bago, hehehe!!!

03-18-04 - 8:51 AM

Congratulations Jojo and Dina. Welcome to this crazy world... Jadin..


03-18-04 - 8:38 AM

Congratulations to Jojo and Dina!!!!



03-18-04 - 8:23 AM

good morning to all...congratulations commander jojo and senora dina..welcome to the world david jadin...

yup, not too to busy with the pathogens.....
miss you all..........

03-18-04 - 7:30 AM

I mean "for" this wonderful blessing, ano ba yan?!

03-18-04 - 7:28 AM

Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy, Dina & Jojo!!!
We rejoice with you on this wonderful blessing


03-18-04 - 3:04 AM

"you are", sorry for the typo, baka may spelling monitor.


03-18-04 - 2:47 AM

Hi Secret!!! Got up and can't go back to sleep. I'll give you a call later, if your not busy with the pathogens.

03-18-04 - 12:29 AM

Arlene George---How are you? Welcome back! I know most of the batchmates in the pictures except for Bubut, Lala, Malou and Lorie. What are their section and complete name, para ma check out before and after? It seems you had a great time sa Pinas at maraming naka attend sa get together.

To the following lovely and handsome batchmates...kamusta sa inyong lahat...Susie, Maricar, Adel, Claire, Iyoh, Nonot, Egay, Gerry, Ray, Sammy, Pastor, Bong, Magsi, Aped and Romeo...great pictures

03-18-04 - 12:12 AM

To Dina & Jojo---Congratulations to your new born baby David Jadin!!!
Ok ba ang dating ng baby...tapos na ang paghihintay, the second phase will follow...walang tulugan sa gabi...

So when is the exact date for the baptism, para mamarkahan na ang calendar.Marami kaming na miss na goodtime kina Francia...malungkot at naiingit kamimg mga lahing pikutin boys na si Luis, Wilmer at ang inyong lingkod...Mr.Elegance.



03-17-04 - 11:23 PM


Isinilang na ang heredero ng Pamilyang Jose Comandante! Iniluwal ngayong gabi si David Jadin sa Harbor City Kaiser Permanente. Ang bagong silang (hindi si Gabriela) ay may habang isa't kalahating piye at may timbang na tatlo't kalahating kilo, ayon sa Kumare ng ValedickT na si Vucacang Vivica-vicaca.

Mabuhay ang bagong sanggol!!!


03-17-04 - 8:44 PM


03-17-04 - 8:34 PM


03-17-04 - 8:11 PM

Mdm. G2: bonne idée!! Ce BBQ une fois par les mois ce fantastique. Compter au moi.

Monsieur Jojo C: felicitations. Afres un moi, le Mdm. Dina prete à plusieurs reprises.


03-17-04 - 7:19 PM

Hoy Jojo, wag ka pa rin magalit sa akin kung hindi kita paamuyin sa ngayon, pero sa susunod na lang, hehehe!!! Singhutin mo muna ang iyong kumander general kasama na rin ang iyong mga alagad. Kumusta na ba siya? Lumabas na ba? O baka naman ikaw ang nilabasan . . . nang bata. . . Sabi ni CQ ( marivic ) ilabas mo na, kasi sa akin niya pinalalabas yung tinatago mo, na sa'yo pala. Kaya ilabas mo naaaaaa.....


03-17-04 - 6:19 PM

mi para aqui para trabajar. ayan katatawa ni senora dina el sabado, para iri para iri now, dapat sa bente otso pa, na otso otso tuloy.
fernandina este fernandino, tayaan natin sa lotto o bimgo ang numero at baka manalo.
suggestion para mi et para senora francia get together kada buwan..barbe q para casa senora francia, la casa, tu casa, mi casa..pero bring your own barbe q...)pot luck ba...ga(naging bataguena)ala eh. para naman maexercise ang ating lungs and jaws sa pagtawa. what do you think??
manana, amigos,amigas......


03-17-04 - 5:43 PM

"Bayology" teacher (#1700) hindi Botany o Ecology.


03-17-04 - 5:05 PM

MnT: Botany teacher ba o Ecology teacher?


03-17-04 - 5:03 PM

Dr. Gerry B ---> help me if your reading this...naintriga ako kay MnT eh!

03-17-04 - 5:00 PM

ms salumbides.. o siya na nga.. galing talaga ni doc fernandino... e sino naman yon sexy nating lab teacher na crush na crush ka..kasing sexy ni debraliz...

hay adiot na talaga..hasta manana.. muy malayo pa mi maneho...o di ba sabi ko na sa iyo ang taas nang grade ko sa espangol uno

03-17-04 - 4:56 PM

o yan kay 1694 ka daw tingin nang tingin... siguro si gerry b. yan....


03-17-04 - 4:54 PM

Spanish teacher si Salumbides/Manalac/ pati sino pa nga ba?

Ang palagi kong titignan si Marivic B. (RNY itanong kay KFC kung sino siya). Sino pa ba? Marami sila pero torpe naman ako!


03-17-04 - 4:53 PM

isipin mo na lang...pating lang nga ba.. meron pa siyang hinahanap...hindi ka pa rin masyadong galit.....

adios... adiot... sabi ni ms. cruti.. hasta manana... ata manana...sabi uli ni ms. crut... naku... patay ako nito kay ms. crut...


03-17-04 - 4:48 PM

Kanino ka tingin nang tingin Nando (#1689)? Of course sa akin!


03-17-04 - 4:45 PM

Nagdonate ako nang pating para ipasa sa Anatomy 101!!!


03-17-04 - 4:43 PM

At excuse me, di pating ang inuwi ko


03-17-04 - 4:40 PM

MnT: si JRPdT alam ko ENT doctor ayon kay Slit Queen, pero sino nga ba?

03-17-04 - 4:34 PM

Fernandino: palagay ko di mo pa kuha..kasi naman isang tao lang naman yon. so ano... sa pagiging magkaibigan ba ninyo kaya ikaw gumaling mag espangol. ano nga grade mo sa spanish 1. ako... e di ano pa nga ba di ang pinakamataas na grade...mana sa tres dahlias at rocky M3...kamusta daw sabi ni Mr. Guerrero. yon daw inuwi mong pating ibalik mo na...di ka pa rin masyadong galit kaya dadagdagan ko pa ang intriga.. tapos ka na bang manundo..sagot ka kasi agad sa mga postings e..ako nagbibilang pa nang oras... in charge daw kasi kuning. bantay salakay naman..


03-17-04 - 4:19 PM

Kilala ko na MnT....pero sino si JR, yung PdT kuha ko? At kanino naman ako tingin nang tingin...may intriga ka pa ?



03-17-04 - 4:10 PM

Pero mi primer amor, no mas dinero aqui, sera possible esta no dinero. Tu Fernandino bien pericido pero no dinero. Benjito un hombre de tres ochenta pero tenga ave poquita . Vu, Noli y Roland los primeros miembros las tres dahlias pero no bibingka , ave, Si, y muy grande . Roberto, Sixto y Rocky no pelo cabeza y los transplantes muy necesarias

No tengo trabajo, que es por lo que estoy aqui!

Habla tarde mi amor,

03-17-04 - 4:08 PM

Fernandino: sige alang alang kay Muse of Epol city. kasi nahirapan din siyang halukayin ang kanyang spanish notes... at isa pa sosi siya kaya di pwede in cans lang ang iyong libreng drinks o kaya buko juice o gulaman sa malamig marami sa dapitan...Hint: sino nga ang atin maestra sa spangol (hindi espasol)sa colehiyo... yan types na types niya si JRPdT...o gets mo na...palibhasa panay kasi ang tingin kay...

Vu: totot nga ba na umi-ire na si Gng. Kgg. baka naman puro hangin din yon.. kadugtong nang pagkanta ni CQ...pero sige tutulungan ko si Gng. Kgg.


03-17-04 - 3:16 PM

Ano raw Bungang Araw. Yan ang lumilitaw (palitaw) sa balat pag walang aircon. Hindi kasali yung malagim na hangin ni Concert Queen (CQ). Jojo Cum lumabas na ba? Ire ng ire!


03-17-04 - 2:50 PM

Ano raw

03-17-04 - 2:43 PM

Ola Fernandino, estoy bien, gracias! Si, estoy muy ocupada en el trabajo, y no puedo prestarte 100 dolyares. Yo no salgo con muchachos, aunque sean buenos mozos, porque yo soy una mujer casada muy formal!

Esto es todo lo que se en español. Hasta la vista Fernandino

Kainis ka! Napa-long distance tuloy ako kay papa para may maisagot ako sa iyo. May utang ka na naman ngayon sa akin, kaya dagdagan mo ang baon mo!!!



03-17-04 - 2:07 PM

Itong si Jojo C magpapaputok lang sa hospital pa, di na lang sa bahay nila. Sinasabi ko na nga ba eh, yang kuwentuhang bibingka at puto bumbong is too much for Jojo. Kaya hayun pinilit si Dina at sa Kaiser pa ang gusto ahhh I see, baka nga naman mabigla si Dina dahil kabuwanan na. I understand.

03-17-04 - 2:01 PM

jojo c....sabi ko na...nasa iyo...ilabas mo naaaaaaa...


03-17-04 - 1:59 PM

Naku naman mababawasan na naman ang baon ko sa Big Epol kung papatulan ko yung $45 na yan. Umuutang na nga kay R NY nang$100, nakokotongan naman nitong si MnT . Ano kaya , urong ba o sulong! Muy simpatica enamorada, ano sa palagay mo ? Kung papatulan ko, hanggang Coke In Can na lang ang cocktail drink mo, kung hindi naman ang cocktail mo Coke In a Flute glass (sosyal ha)!

Hmmmm... JRPdT? Nakaka-intriga yan ha MnT? O sige libre rin kita nang pamasahe mo kay Ric A.--- sirit na!!

Hello M3....i miss you!!! Wala akong alam, pero sila alam nilang lahat!!! Pag pinilit ako, malalamin ko rin....huh ganun ba yun?


03-17-04 - 1:51 PM

MAGANDANG BALITA MGA KAFATIDZ! Kadadala lang ni Jojo Cum/ValedickT kay Dinna sa delivery room sa Kaiser Hospital Harbor City. Pumutok na raw ang bag (ano kamo libag, eyebag, balibag, etc.) and she has to deliver David Jadin within two days. Sabi ko nga kay Jojo bakit hindi na lang i-overnight delivery at ako na ang magbabayad sa FedEx dahil may corporate discount kami! Pakiusap ni kumpareng Jojo na ipagdasal daw nating lahat ang successful at walang complication na delivery. Pwede bang pain-free? Hala magdadasal na ako ng paluhod sa Baclaran Church at Miercoles ngayon sabay novena na rin. Yung mga iba sa inyo sa sa Quiapo Church na kayo magdasal ng paluhod. I'll update the message board later. Ba Vu for now.

03-17-04 - 1:01 PM

Benjie: ang pang haharang natututunan yan.. magaling kasi mga tutor ko dito sa bay area...kitam pati style mo naituro sa akin.. Si manong..walang kinapon... pero ako marami na...diba santo tonio???.o..o..o..pot..pot...

Nando. sige masyadong mahal ang 50 baka maubos baon mo for the big epol vacation...$45 na lang

03-17-04 - 12:33 PM

Mnt - ang galing nga ni Nando mag Spanish, ang galing mo namang mang harang "50 dollars to let you know", style ko yan.

Manong Wilmer - sino naman ang kinapon mo at nalolokwah si Mnt sa iyo?

Doods - bilib ako Mate, may nauna pa sa akin sa pagbati, may dalawang padating pa raw, para tatlong beses ka babatiin, e ge greet nalang. Bakit tatlong beses kasi, alam mo na. Hula ako, birthday card, text message, at malalamig ng boses ng tawagan sa telepono.

G2M3 - bago yan, is this a new item. Is it a rumor or is it a fact, jack.

03-17-04 - 12:22 PM

Nando: Wala akong masabi. Ang galing mo mag Spanish. Yan ba ang iyong mga natutunan sa pakikipagkaibigan kay JRPdT. Kilala mo? 50 dollars to let you know...

Manong Wilmer: Nakakalokwah na ang iyong mga kampon....


03-17-04 - 11:18 AM

Jojo C. : nahulog sa puno nang saging kaya di nagpakita sa MB ang kinakatakutan mo.

Ami: where art thou! Huwag na magtampo, kahit ang kaliwa kong kamay ay nakataas for Francia, my right for RNY and my middle for Vu, my heart belongs to you, we'll stay forever this way, you are safe in my heart, and my heart will go on...and on. Near, far and wherever you are .

G2M3: magagalit sa inyo si Pocahontas, binago ninyo ang favorite game niya tuwing Friday evening.

Mariliz: sige nga manalo ka ulit, tignan ko lang kung ano masasabi ni G2M3. Just do not forget me ha!!!

RNY: ola muy simpatica. Como te va mi nina enamorada? Esta ocupado en trabajar? Por Favor, me podrias prestar 100 dolyares para tener una cita tu? Prometo no violacion durante una cita amorosa . Jojo C. pase seis anos en la carcel!!! Vavu mi enamurada! "Yo te amo, i love you, watashima anato, ashdemas, ishibidis, iniibig kita, guwa ID"

Tengo Puto-Bumbong con Niyog

03-17-04 - 9:56 AM

gud murning... buhay na ako kanina pa alas sais ng umaga.sa mga hilaw na espangol espasol buenos dias. hindi na naman busi sa opis kaya enjoy na naman hanggang mahuli tayo ng mga among anak araw... contagious talaga ang message board pati ako na ho hook na.. ayaw ko layuan mo ako message board...
jojo- parang alam ko ang tinatago mo, hindi yata kay u210 queen yon, parang kay hula queen.. at saka ang lunch break ko 1hr and 15 to 30 min lang, hindi pareho ni air force 2 hrs. hi mr. air force.. gud mornin to you...to be continued in my other job gotta run now...asta la vista baby.............

Jojo C.
03-17-04 - 9:27 AM

Gud morning all! Nasaan na ang Tres Dahlias - yung tunay, ha! Eileen, hindi ako galit, sa ngayon, pero malapit na. Binabawi mo kasi ang pagsinghot ko! Yun lang!

Excuse me, RoNY, ikaw yata ang malapit nang mapikon, eh! Sinasabi ko na't lalabas rin ang katotohanan. Isa kang Amerikanong hilaw, buti't inamin mo rin! Hmp...

Marivic CQ, I have something that is yours, mula sa bahay ni Franceng Dharleng. I am holding it for ransom. Para mo matubos, humanda kang ibigay ang iyong bibingka. Pero tandaan, ang gusto ko, isang bibingka, isang itlog. At saka, mukhang banned ka na sa Nuyok, dahil sa mga concerts mo. Itanong kay Mike V.

G2, gud morning 2 u! Bisi ba ngayon? Pede ka ba ulit mag lunch hour from 12:00 to 3:00? 'Ulanghiya ka, talo mo pa si M3. Ang lunch hour niya ay 2 hours lang. Air Force pa 'yon. Go Air Force!!!

At Vu,

Hay salamat! Nawala na ang kaba ko! Happy St. Patrick's Day!


03-17-04 - 9:09 AM

Hon, sorry for missing last night's wishes.


03-17-04 - 9:06 AM

'Mate, maraming salamat. Muntik ka ng nauna pero may mas mabilis pa pala. Sa nagpadala ng greetings, i got it and thanks a lot....

Mike V.
03-17-04 - 9:00 AM

Buenos Diaz, Paquito y Gloria Diaz! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Beano Girls (grabe ka Benjie - mag-binyag): Kung sasama kayo sa Big Epol kitakits, just make sure na mag-diskarga muna kayo, baka mag-mistulang gas chamber yung basement ni Lito.

03-17-04 - 5:26 AM

Marianne - 3 days nalang birthday na ni lovey dabby Doods, 2 days kung sa Philippines. Jojo magiging ka birthday nga ba ni Doods ang anak mo, Mar 20, remember? Happy Birthday Doods, unahan ko na si Marianne. LUV U 2, sabi ni you know who.

03-17-04 - 5:22 AM

To summarize everything that has happened on this message board the last 24 hours.

Eileen – AIDS actress (As if doing something)
Jojo – Taga amoy
Nando – Puto bungbong King daw
Voltaire/Roland/Noli – puto bungbong judges
Mike – Bibingka judge
G2 - si SECRET
Panotsky – Pogi daw sabi ng nanay nya
Francia – taga agaw ng corona ni Muse R-lyn

Marivic (a.k.a. BEA-GI, U210) – taga agaw ng corona ni U210ng Ami. Ang ga ganda nyo pa naman Ami at Marivic kaya lang U210 pala kayo, ka dirs. Paano naman ba kayo nuon pag di ne date kayo. Sasabihin ng lalaki, alam mo love na love kita, kaya lang ah, ah, ah, ah eto ang Valentine Day gift ko sa iyo BEANO. Ang dapat palang a.k.a. sa inyo ay BEA-GI as in BEANO GIRLS. Better yet, may dala dalang bote ng FEBREEZE (air freshner) ang lalaki, sasabihin dear just in case.

03-16-04 - 7:39 PM

Ikaw talaga Jojo C. masyado kang literal. I'm playing with words na nga with "devolve" eh tatakbo ka pa sa dictionary para i-verify ang meaning nung word. Sounds like "dissolve" kaya "tunawin" ang Tagalog equivalent ko at ginawa ko na lang na espanyol na "devolver" para homonym talaga ang style ng joke. Lintek na valedictorian ito at kailangan pang i-explain ang joke. Mag subscribe ka na nga sa TFC para masanay ka sa Pinoy jokes. Kahit dapat mong i-consider na sabik na sabik ang magandang asawa mo sa TFC pero hindi talaga kayang talunin ang powers ng ka-chipan mo este katipiran pala!

Pero bago ako mag buenas noches todas las pulgas, ito lamang ang ipararating kong mensahe todos los santos, especialmente que Jojing ("message to you all, esp. Jojo"). Adios patria adorada napupuno ka ng disgrasya. Cordero De Dios...donde el autobus De Dios? Tambien JD (favorito el autobus de Reyna R-lyn), DM (El Amor vehiculo o "Love Bus" en ingles de Doods y Marianne) y Pantranco! Yan ang napala mo Muse R-lyn sa pag kasa mo ng "devolver." Pumutok ba? Donde esta amiga Darna...que larga, que larga este que larda (muy bien mantequilla con biscocho y pan de sal). Finalmente, buenas noches entonces...naubusan na ng espanggol!

Mike V.
03-16-04 - 5:40 PM

Kagaling nyo naman, pag tapos nyong ubusin yung office hours ninyo sa tsikahan, magsisipag-uwian na kayo. Ah, si G2 di pa, kasi kababalik lang nya galing ng Lunch Break kaninang alas –Tres.

Di bale, Adios Patria adorada na rin ako, Hasta mañana, Los Abrazos y los Besos!

03-16-04 - 5:37 PM

jojo c.-sinasabi ko na nga ba.. meron ka din secret with kumareng Poca.ano ba yon mariliz? share mo naman. wala talagang magawa sa opis ... nando... isa ka pa...lagot ka din kay kumander mo... para bang bimgo number???
gud nite din sa inyong lahat....

03-16-04 - 5:04 PM

Gud nite to everybody, sa susunod ulit na kabanata. Adios, paalam, goodbye etc. etc. etc....

03-16-04 - 4:57 PM

Naku Jojo C. ngayon talagang kabahan ka dahil gising na ang mga tao sa Pinas. Any hour lang, lalabas ang kinakatakutan mo. Pagkatapos mag-almusal humanda ka! Kaya ako di ko na muna babanggitin ang matambok na bibingka and mahaba at matabang puto-bumbong with tsa on the side. Yung matamis at malutong kong turon at pagkataba-tabang banana-Q na lang muna ang aking ilalako ngayon.

Gud Nite everybody....see u tommorrow (with 2 "M"s )

03-16-04 - 4:55 PM

Bagay Jo, kung makarating man kay Dina 'to, palagay ka lang ng TFC, ayos na ang buto buto.

03-16-04 - 4:53 PM

Ohohohoy, Eileen (na dating Gina) ha. Jojo ha. Diyan naguumpisa iyan. Kayo ha, basta ako hindi ako madaldal, makuwento lang...

03-16-04 - 4:46 PM

Aba’t, talagang..... excuse me JojoC, oo na, hindi ako Kastila at hindi na rin ako Pilipino! Ako yung tinatawag ni #1239 na Amerikanong hilaw!

Vu - Hindi kastila ang "devolver".... ibig sabihin nun "gun or baril", di ba?

Hmmph, hirap nang hindi busy ngayon! Pati ako napapasali sa kalokohan ninyo. Bueno, que Dios los bendiga, hasta la proxima vez que nos encontremos. Hasta manana, adios.....

ps/ Excuse me JojoC, that's for you to translate!


03-16-04 - 4:23 PM

Hoy Jojo, nagagalit ka na yata ah? Nagbibiro lang ako ha ? Hindi kita pasi-singhutin kasi baka magalit sa akin ang syota ko. Hoy hindi totoo yung pinagsasabi ko ha baka maniwala ka niyan. Baka magalit sa akin ang iyong better half. Nakikipagsabayan lang ako ng kalokohan sa inyo. Hoy, mabait ako.

Jojo C.
03-16-04 - 3:51 PM

Hoy, Eileen! Kung hindi mo pa napapansin, may kasama na ako sa hirap at ginhawa, noh? ... kaya huwag mo na akong papiliin kung sarap o hirap. Ang hanap ko lang ay ang masinghot ang sa iyo, yun lang!

Vu, ang "devolve" ay English word din meaning "to pass on." Porke ba mestiza ang dati nating muse, excuse me RoNY, hindi ibig sabihing Kastila na siya, noh? At yung special talent ko ay hindi dapat ibinubulgar. Si Kumareng Poca lang ang may alam n'un. G2, baka gusto mong i-share ko sa 'yo ang secret namin ni Kumareng Poca!

Hoy, talagang-talaga! Kinakabahan na ako... nandiyan na siya... nagtatago lang sa likod ng puno ng saging, kung saan kinukuha ni madam Z ang pang-turon niya.

03-16-04 - 3:38 PM

Bobbee: Depende kung anong klaseng hamon ang gusto ni Jojo. Kung ham and eggs niya or yung paghuhurementado ko. Mamili siya kung alin ang masarap, hehehe!!!

Jojo C.: Anong say mo inday!!! Yung sarap o yung hirap ?

03-16-04 - 3:29 PM

Tinamaan kayo ng bantot (ooppss si Marivic pala yon...I mean bastos)! Hindi na ako maka concentrate sa trabaho kaya sasale na ako sa kahunghangan ng mga nag baby shower nung Sabaday.

- Gina este Eileen, totoo bang ang favorite hobby mo ay mag HASA ng kuchilyo para maganapan mo ang role ni Gabriela Silang? Baka naman para makaliskisan mo ang paborito mong isda na HASANG! Ano va Gina este Eileen, sagutin mo nga ang mga tanong ko...mismo. Eileen, yung hamon ni Jojo C. ay hindi pagtutoos ang ibig sabihin kundi hamon and itlogs (ham and eggs).

- At ikaw naman Jojo C. naturingan pa namang kumpare kita (mabuti na lang at nagmana si Izabel Comandante, Jr. sa mabeauty niyang inang si Dinna at ninang na si AKO), papasuporta ka pa sa akin na "Isang bibingka, isang itlog..." (#1651). Juice meh naman kailan ba ako napahilig sa bibingka at ISANG itlog? Maraming itlog ang gusto ko
...sa bibingka at matigas na saging sa turon! Hhhmmmppp...tatandaan mo yan ValedickT!

Kumpareng Jojo, may katangahan ka rin pag dating sa marketing ano. Bakit pagsinghot ang ina-advertise mo? Hindi ba dapat ang pinagyayabang mo ay dila dahil mabilis kang magsalita parang ibong tarat? Imagine kung ang dila mo ay ganoon kabilis (wow wow wie, talented talaga), lahat ng mga girls ay magpapa alsa ng bibingka! Sus meh sumabog na naman yata ang Pinatubo.

- Muse R-lyn, huwag kang mabahala sa pagbabalimbing ni Jojo C. (#1636). Nagmamaka-awa akong huwag mong tunawin ang korona mo ("...I devolve the said crown.") Wala akong mahihiram na libreng korona...chipipay ako! Nga pala Muse Marianne, ingat ka sa pagsingit mo ng mga espanyol na words such as "devolve" dahil baka akalain ng madlang people ay ipanakikita mo ang pagka mestiza mo. ("devolver" mga kafatidz na ibig sabihin ay tunawin). Pakitigil din ang pagpaypay ng abaniko pag nagka-kastila (please lang ano) at hanggang dito sa west coast ay nararamdaman ko ang hangin ng pagpaypay mo!

Yuon lang for now. Ang sa inyo ay nagpupugay at naglilingkod.

Inday BadingDay

03-16-04 - 3:08 PM

aha, galing lang ako sa lunch break,pagbalik ko ang daming ng bagong messages,. oo, maraming tayong specialties at mahilig din sa puto bumbong. ang hilig nyo naman kumain, nakakagutom tuloy parang xmas bibingka and puto bumbong....busy talaga sa opis....keep on posting...

03-16-04 - 2:28 PM

Ay bastos na kawal nahuli ako ni amo ko!!! Pero tuloy pa rin ako sa ginagawa ko. AIDS ako ngayon ( AS IF DOING SOMETHING) hehehe!!!

Jojo C.: Anong sabi mo gusto mo nang hamon ? bibigyan kita nun. Ay naku dyos ko day!!! Baka ako mapatay ni Dina.

03-16-04 - 2:14 PM

# 1650 ano yung PANG? Humanda kayong lahat at baka mag-ala GABRIELA SILANG na ako. At pagtitirisin ko ang inyong ... kung matitiris!!!

03-16-04 - 2:11 PM

May kilala rin akong 'markanang Gina, apelyido niya Kohl.

03-16-04 - 2:10 PM

Sabi ko na nga ba may mali eh. Sinundan kolang kasi ang excerpts ni JojoC eh. Di bale, kamukha mo naman si Gina Paralejo, ay mali na naman, Pareno pala.

Jojo C.
03-16-04 - 2:07 PM

Pasensya na at masyado akong bisi sa opis, kaya na-mo-monitor ko ang MB. Mukha yatang lahat tayo ay bisi sa opis, ah?

Sinabi mo'yan, Eileen, ha? Saksi ko ang MB. Hinamon mo akong singhutin ang sa iyo. Handa akong pumatol sa hamon mo. Kailan mo gusto???

G2, marami ka palang specialties. Mahilig ka bang kumain ng puto bumbong?

Marivic, huwag makinig kay Mike V. dahil kulang sa ligo yan. One on one lang lagi. Isang bibingka, isang itlog, o di vah, Vu?

Medyo kinakabahan na ako. Malapit na yatang mag-post sa MB si Paeng... Biro lang, ha-ha-ha...


03-16-04 - 2:00 PM

Ang alam kong Gina ay yung may Chinese surname na Pang!!!

Eileen G.
03-16-04 - 1:56 PM

Sa lahat ng mga gwapong kulugo nung sabado, sikat ang last name ko GARCIA. Pero hindi PINING ang first name ko. Hoy, Jojo, araw-araw ako naliligo kahit amuy-amuyin mo pa mula ulo hanggang paa. Kahit singhot-singhuti mo pa.

03-16-04 - 1:46 PM

Anak nang tipakLONG ang babastos ninyo!!! #1634 sino ka ba? Ano bang nasa isip mo? Basta ang puto bumbong ko mahaba at mataba!!! Pang tapat sa matambok na bibingka na mabili kung X-mas season sa Pinas!!! Maliwanag ba ?

RNY : sad to say pero nabawasan nang 2 weeks yung baon ko dahil diyan sa Baby Shower sa baby ni Jojo C. Ibinili kong gift na medyo mamahalin para di naman kahiyahiya ka atin boy's valedictorian! Back to 1 week na naman ako! Hayaan mo, susubukan kong ibenta ang mahaba at mataba na puto-bumbong. Pati na rin yung lengua ibebenta ko na rin. Hoy....hoy...hoy...#1634, baka kung ano na naman ang nasa isip mo ha .

Hmmmm G2M3...magandang kombinasyon yan ha!!! Parang BIMGO.

Regarding the contest. Dapat may contest din sila RockyM3, Robert, Luis, Sixto, Maximus and others: manipis na puro bumbunan with itlog on top .

Mike V.
03-16-04 - 1:38 PM

Robert: Ang sikat na pangalan nung HS tayo sa Apelyidong Garcia ay “ PINING” , hindi “GINA”.

Concert Queen: Ilan bang ibon, ay di ka nga pala kapampangan, I mean itlog ang kasya sa Bibingka mo?

Eileen G.
03-16-04 - 1:37 PM

Jojo C.: Buti na lang at hindi mo ako napagkamalang si Gina. Pag Gina pa rin ang tawag sa akin papalitan ko na rin pati apelyido ko. Baka maging si Gina ...hehehe!!! alam mo na...ooooppppssss!!!!

Sa mga attendees last saturday: kayo lang ba ang nawalan ng boses, pati ako hanggang ngayon malat pa rin dahil sa kakatawa. Buti na lang hindi hinangin ang tiyan ko, kung hindi ay naku baka hindi ko na rin mapigil ang sarili ko. Many thanks sa aming HOSTESS. You're great Francia darling. Sa uulitin...hehehe!!!


03-16-04 - 1:21 PM

Eileen, niloloko ka nila, ipagtanggol mong byuti natin. sandali, ano bang last name mo talaga? should we call you gina?

03-16-04 - 1:21 PM

jojo c. pede sa concert pede rin sa especial bibingka, maraming rin tayong specialties....pero secret muna....


03-16-04 - 1:20 PM

Cole ang apelyido ni Gina and she is from Virginia (VA).

Jojo C.
03-16-04 - 1:09 PM

Eileen, ang apelyido mo ba ay ... Liligo. Gina Liligo? Sali ka na rin sa bibingkahan special, para mas maraming bibingka akong maaamuuyyy....

Jojo C.
03-16-04 - 1:03 PM

G2, baka naman hindi ka pede sa concert, sa bibingkahan ka na lang sumali. Isa ako sa mga judges...

03-16-04 - 12:32 PM

pigil na pigil ang tawa ko dito sa opis.baka masesante tuloy ako.at baka maging u2ten concert queen din ako sa kapipigil ng tawa..ok lang ba marivic dalawa tayong concert queen?
mike v. hulaan mo na lang ang tres dahlias, orig ba or nagpapangagap?muntik pa nga masuka sa kotse kasi ba naman parang roller coaster sa bilis...kamusta na kaya si secret????????

Eileen G.
03-16-04 - 12:17 PM

Robert C.: Bakit naging GINA ang pangalan ko? Napansin na kita nung sa party na panay ang tanong mo kay Mike V. ng pangalan ko na paulit-ulit din ang sagot sa'yo. Naririnig ko kasi tuwing magtatanong ka. Siguro pag hindi ka lasing, may amnesya ka or may dimentia ka o baka naman may alzeimer ka na. Kung GINA ang pangalan ko dapat ang apelyido ko ...

Mike V.
03-16-04 - 10:53 AM

Poca: Glad to hear na nasarapan ka sa pinatikim ko last Sunday. Kaya lang medyo bitin kamo. Next taym, I’ll make it sure na - kumpletos recados, okidoki.

Madam Z.: Hala ibangon daw ang korona. Talo daw ni Concert Queen yung Bibingka mo.. Sa tagal na di namin natitikman ang iyung espesyal na Bibingka, di na namin matandaan kung me nakapatong na ibon o wala....At any rate, meron ka pa rin daw na panlabang Turon....

NandoC: So Part 2 na pala tung bagong Tres Dahlias....Anong Puto Bumbong? Ang balita ko yung 5 in. na Lengua mo ang panlaban mo.

Jojo Cum.: Talaga bang Saksi ka lang? baka naman siksik?

Robert: Di ko pa masilayan yung mga pix, Titimingan ko mamyang lunch break.

RoNY: Panahon ng Western Beauties ngayon, Hayaan mo lang sila, pero by April kitakits sa Big Epol, ikaw naman ang magakanta ng ‘It’s my Turn”.

Vu: Payag ako maging judge. paborito ko talaga yang Bibingka.

Jojo C.
03-16-04 - 10:52 AM

Sali rin ako sa paligsahan ng puto bumbong. Alam kong above average and sa akin, di tulad ng sa iba na below average (Alam mo na kung sino ka, Rocky M3). Yung sa akin, kumpleto pa sa niyog.

Teka, teka, gusto kong maging judge sa bibingkahan, pero, may bibingka ba si Noli? At ano ang kinalaman ng operasyon niya last week at may bibingka na siya ngayon?

Excuse me, RoNY, I am so sorry to hear that you have given up. Di bale, may bibingkahan contest pa naman kami. Puwede ka pang sumali!

03-16-04 - 10:44 AM

Excuse me JojoC – since I have set parameters to abide by.... with pleasure, I devolve the said crown. I leave it up to Darna and Wonder Woman!

NanDoc – 3 weeks na ang baon mo! ‘Wag mong bawasan, I’m counting!

Adieu, excuse me R NY signing out!!!

03-16-04 - 10:38 AM

- Anak ka ng pusa Nando, umaga pa sa oficina e pinasasakit mo na ang tiyan ko. Ngayon pa lang ako nakabawe sa pagkapaos nung Sabado (laughing hyena kasi ang tawa ko) ay pinapahalakhak mo na naman ako. Sige ituloy ang paligsahan ng bibingka (BSS-Bibingka Star Search) at isale lahat ng dapat magtuos.

Dahil mahalay na idea mo yan Jojing (Jojo C...pwede ring bansag ni Franceng sa isa sa mga kambal...kung pareho Jojingjing), ikaw ang primary judge at si Nando ang segunda mano. Robertsky Panotsky at Mike V. gusto n'yo rin maging judges? Pero sa ganitong kondisyon: ang first part ng program ay langhapan at dilaan ng mga bibingka (nanginginig na ba kayo judges?) AT ang first two contestants ay si Noli at Roland! Sapul!!!

- Robert C., ano nga ang ginawa mo at sumisid na ata sa ilalim ng Pacific Ocean si Chucha? (Anak ng) Chucha, isa ka na ba sa mga sirena sa teleseryang "Marina" sa ABS-CBN/TFC? Ano kamo sabe ng Nanay mo Robert, "pogi ka raw"...talagang bulag na magulang lamang sa pagmamahal ang makapagsasabe niyan! Tsug (bumaon ng malalem)!


03-16-04 - 10:22 AM

Nandoc ---> False advertising ka, ha? Mahabang puto-bumbong daw, excuse me!!!

03-16-04 - 9:11 AM

Mike V: ang tres dahlias ay walang iba kundi sila Vu, Roland and Noli. Sila ang original. Yung iba ay nagpapanggap lang!!!!

Jojo C: aba kung may paligsahan sa pinakamasarap na kakanin gaya nang mga bibingka nila Concert Queen at Madam Z, isasali ko ang mahaba kong puto-bumbong.

Robert C: puto-bumbong hindi puro bumbunan

03-16-04 - 9:07 AM

Alam mo JojoC, iyon din ang hindi ko maintindihan eh. Chucha, may nagawa ba akong masama. Sabi ng nanay ko, pogi raw ako ha.

MikeV - tingnan mo iyong pictures na pi-nost ko para makita mo.

Mike V.
03-16-04 - 8:01 AM

Robert: Sorry na lang at maaga tayo kasing umalis. Di tayo tuloy nakatikim ng Coke. Sabi nga ni NandoC, “It’s the Real Thing”. Gets mo?

Gigi/ Marivic: Sinu-Sino yung TRES DAHLIAS?

Jojo C.
03-16-04 - 7:57 AM

MMM, na-rcv ko na rin! 'Ulanghiya ka, virtual gift pa ang ibinigay mo! Iba na talaga ang Air Force, high tetch! Go Air Force... Thank you very much. Pero nasaan na ang Paris Hilton tape?

Hoy, Panotsky! Baka maniwala sila na in-order pa from PI ang mga cakes, eh, binili lang namin 'yan sa Carson. Teka, bakit hindi na nagpapakita si Chucha? Anong ginawa mo?


03-15-04 - 9:01 PM

Francia thanks for being a great sport and hostess. I lost my voice sa kakatawa, pilya ka talaga. Great kakanin from Marivic. Agnes nice to see you, I love your charming personality. Don't forget to mark your calendar on May 22nd for my bridal shower, additional information to follow as the date approaches. Dina and Jojo, I'm so happy for both of you as you anticipate the arrival of Kawika (David in Hawaii). And to the rest of my high school kafatids who were at the party last Saturday, hugs and kisses to all.

Jojo C.
03-15-04 - 8:20 PM

MMM, dehins ko pa na-rcv! Saan mo ba pinadala? Na-censor na yata ni Kumander, eh!

Ako lang ang may K na magselos. Namputsa, hanggang witness lang ako nung Sabado, tapos hindi pa ako napagsabihan ng tungkol sa tryst ng Tres Dahlias. Why oh why? Di bale, at least hindi ko napagkakamalang Gina ang Eileen. Pasalamat na lang ako at na-frottage ko na ang nagpanginig kay NandoC.

Isa pang announcement para sa lahat. Tunay na tunay na kaibigan si NandoC. Sabi kasi niya, hindi na kailangang magregalo sa birthday ng prinsesitang talagang hindi nagmana sa ama, Jasmine Chloe. Happy Birthday na lang, pede na!

Pede bang ma-repeat ang bibingkang may nakapatong na itlog? Ano kaya't magpaligsahan naman ang mga bibingka nila? Pasarapan naman ng bibingka... Sino ang sasali??? Basta, isa ako sa mga judges, 'K? MsEsq, isasali mo rin ba ang bibingka mo? Madam Z, ipagtanggol ang iyong korona kay Marivic Concert Queen (CQ).

Excuse me, RoNY! Huwag papatol sa hamon ni NandoC. Baka naman magpahipo ka, para lang maibalik ang korona! Malapit na ang April 16th...


03-15-04 - 6:32 PM

Ang iniisip na Gina ni Robert ay si Gina from VA (Virginia). Gets mo Robert? If not try the dyslexic approach.


03-15-04 - 6:13 PM

added more pictures fr baby shower party last saturday. robert, you mean eileen not gina, her name is eileen. sino bang gina ang iniisip mo? merrrcccyyy..........

03-15-04 - 5:57 PM

kuya nando wag ka ng magselos, hayaan mo sa susunod ikaw naman ang papaligiran kaya lang baka paguwi mo nakabalot na ang mga damit mo at palayasin ka ng LQ mo... si secret hindi natin alam kung merong bagong LQ????
robert, dapat hindi ka agad umalis, na miss mo tuloy at saka correction for june 19, it's limited to family members(that's the wedding) lang but we might have a party according to ms hula queen on may22 that's also her b-day, venue to be announced so abangan....


03-15-04 - 5:43 PM

At sino naman itong napaligiran ng tres Rondahlias. May on the side bar pa pala without the groups knowledge . Sana nakasam,aako kay secret, kung sino man ito. Ka-suwerty mo naman secret at ikaw ay napaligiran...solong-solo mo. Pero sana nanginig ka rin tulad ko last Saturday!!!

Still singing and epileptic!!!!


03-15-04 - 5:13 PM

robert, sorry ka na lang umuwi ka agad

Robert C
03-15-04 - 5:03 PM

Teka, teka, teka. Anong hipuan, pindutan at lampungan iyon, Maivic? Sino, sino ang nagpaganun. Ulitin natin. Sali akoooohhh. Hoy, sali akooooooohhh...

Robert Capule
03-15-04 - 4:51 PM

O siyanga pala, heto ang schedule till June:
Sometime May: Birthday ng princesa ni Nando (buti rin at hindi nagmana sa ama, etc., etc.) sa isang Hall, TBD.
June 19'th, whole day affair, binyag ni JaDin sa tanghali at dinner naman sa isang place TBD rin sa reception ni Marita. Kakasal siya, you know. So, busog na naman tayo. Katakot takot na tsibugan na naman. So, mga kafatids, dalawa ang kainan sa June 19'th, dalawa.


03-15-04 - 4:02 PM

pwede sa SUSOnud ulit? marivic

03-15-04 - 3:52 PM

you're right gigi, just thinking about the fun last saturdasumasakit ang tiyan ko.
thank you my dear batchmates,natikman at nasarapan kayo sa bibingka. kaya pala enjoy si LK sa bibingka ko hhhmmmm.....libre na pilipino pa. mabuti na lang hindi nagalit si LK. tinirhan ko naman siya paguwi ko,kaya happy din siya.
sa mga absent, you guys just miss he U2 - ten concert, too bad. well till my next concert.
and for those batchmates who missed the fun(hipuan,halikan,pindutan blues...)well, una-una lang yan di ba nandoc & sunshine?

thank you to all batchmates who showed up, it was really fun
luv you all....


03-15-04 - 3:52 PM

To The Three Dahlias,

Thanks for the fun time we had.

Napaligiran ng Three Dahlias


03-15-04 - 3:49 PM

Told you na nga ba. Pero ako, dalawa pa rin ang muse ko, isang left and isang right. Wakali and wakanan.

Jojo C. - Na-rcv mo na?


Jojo C.
03-15-04 - 2:44 PM

Nagsimula ka na naman, NandoC! Ibig mo bang sabihin magiging muse lang ng Batch kung sila'y magpapahipo. Ako, I vote for Franceng Dharleng as muse, excuse me RoNY, dahil sa kaniyang very rich and plump, eheste, fresh personality. Mabuhay si Wonder Woman!

gigi rico
03-15-04 - 1:34 PM

hi everyone. till now masakit pa ang tiyan ko dahil sa kakatawa.that was a blast last sat. thank you so much Franceng, tell your husband next time hindi na masyadong loud tayo. And to those who called all the way from NY,Colorado,Ohio etc etc, nice talking to you guys. and more get together daw in the coming months....ano kaya yon?surprise...
marivic, pa order ng bibingka mo, enjoy na enjoy ang mga boys ano.
Barang, what happened to you last sunday,hindi ka na sumunod?we ended up in Isla Buffet.. with marita,annabelle,me and ?secret...napaligiran siya ng tatlong dalias....

Robert Capule
03-15-04 - 9:58 AM

Nag enjoy kami last Saturday. Most specially, ang sarap ng desert (tama ba ang spelling?). Kahit na tira tira na alang an inabutan namin sa Chinese restaurant. Ang tamis talagang mag entertain ni Madame Francia. Ang sarap din ng bibingka ni Marivic na sa feeling ko ay kilalalang kilala ko na dahil madala nakukuwento ni Goody sa amin ni Thoreck nuong high school days. Sa mga bago pa ring tuklas na si Gina at Agnes, welcome sa inyo. At sa nagmamakaawang magka TFC at centralize air ang bahay na kafatid Dina, sweetheart ni Kgg, hayaan mo, lalambot din ang bulsa niyan, konting taon na lang. Kay Monsignor na hinilot at pinalambot ang naninigas kong,,,,,,,,,,, likod, maraming maraming salamat. At sa lahat, it's been another weekend to cherish. O sige, trabaho na ulit.

Mike V.
03-15-04 - 7:48 AM

Sayang! It’s unfortunate I had to leave early last Saturday, di ko tuloy inabot yung “Mary Had a Little lamb” and “Hickory, Dickory Duck” Seminar. Akala ko kasi 12-2 pm lang, yun pala 12- 2 sawa pala.

Kahit ganoon pa man, at least natikman ko yung Bibingka ni Marivic na talaga nga namang napakasarap. Ang kaigihan naman ay, buti na lang di ko na inabot yung U-2 concert.


03-15-04 - 12:45 AM


03-14-04 - 10:46 PM

What can I say kundi ubod na naman nang saya ang naganap kahapon. Buti na lamang at di napaanak ang may bahay nang ValedicT na sa Dina sa kakatawa. At huli man dumating at di nakakain nang Chinese food, sulit naman sa ibang biyaya. Yun nga lang, nakakahiya naman ang mga litrato. It didn’t do justice to my wholesome image .Anyway, permit me to say something to the new found friends.

Agnes B.--->buti naman at nakasama ka. Matagal tagal na rin ikaw gustong makita nang ating mga ka-batchmates from the Phil. Bakit naman ganoon at tahimik ka pa rin, pero kung tumawa ka naman ay bigay na bigay. Sa susu-nod kailangang maki-joke ka na rin.

Eileen G.---> buti rin at di ka pumasok sa iyong part time kahapon at nakilala kita. Ikaw pala ang pinamamalita ni Mike V. na may parental guidance recommended, pero kahapon at bigay na bigay ka dahil wala si Mama. May tutorial lesson pa ang mga ibang girls about the different sizes of bottles and how to hold them. Ano ba yan? Eh paano naman kung in cans ang sizes?

Marivic---> it’s so nice to see you again. Di ka pa rin nagbabago at beauty pa rin yun nga lang turn off daw ang boys’ valedictorian dahil ang favorite rock group mo ay U2 - ten . Pa-simple ka pa raw kunwari naiinitan kaya binuksan ang pintuan...eh lalong kumalat ang lagim dahil sa hangin. Actually lusot kana sana kung di ka nagbukas nang pinto, anybody could have been a suspect sa bombing incidents. Pati ang aking kapit-bahay alam mo pala ang kuwento. At sayang na miss ko ang ang iyong famous bibingkang matambok na may itlog sa ibabaw. Tinalo mo raw ang bibingkang matambok na may itlog din sa ibabaw ni Madam Zonia. Pero ok lang nakahipo naman ako nang extra fresh suha!!!

Francia-àmaraming salamat for being a good hostess. Mmmamamrraminngggg sasassslllamat mmmuullli sasasa ppppapahhhippppo. Hahahanggang ngangayoyon, nananginginig pppaaapaaa aaakkooo . “Hickory, hickory Duck….” sa bibig at hindi sa baywang <---(kahit siya labas ang dila).

Para walang away, I nominate (nakataas ang left hand ko) Francia for muse of the West Coast (sorry Ami, bumaliktad na ako dahil dito may pahipo eh) . For my right hand, I nominate RoNY for East Coast (hopefully may pahipo on April) . ). For the Mid-West (nakataas ang middle hand ko), I nominate Vu (walang pahipo dito for sure…absolutely no way!!!) .

To my Curious George schoolmates, especially Rubelegance, WB, Manager Luis, Santo Tonyo, Shorty, Tolits, Joel V and others sorry na lang sa inyo. Nawala ang migraine ni Sixto, pero sa akin iba ang effect. Naging epileptic ako. Hanggang ngayon nanginginig pa ako. At kung si Rocky M3 napakanta nang “Just the Two Of Us” at “We May Never Love Like this Before” ang kanta ko naman iba, yung Coke 70's Theme song that goes like this:
I like to teach the world to sing
In perfect harmony
I'd like to buy the world a Coke
And keep them company....

03-14-04 - 5:38 PM

Ruben: Ano kaya yung 1& na yun? Kelan ba ang dating ni Al dito ng siya naman ang ma corner ko! Parang alam ko na kung sino yung nag corner sa kanya! Si KK! Tama ba? Ano kaya ang mga pinagtatanong niya?

Karaoke King: Ano ba yung mga tinanong mo kay Al? Na i intrigue naman ako!!!!

Jojo C.
03-14-04 - 12:39 AM

Maraming-maraming salamat sa lahat, sa mga dumalo, sa mga nag-pledge, sa mga napag-usapan, sa butihing HOSTESS, sa mga nagregalo(wala na kayong Thank You cards, 'K?), sa inyong lahat. Just posted the hottest pictures ever, tunay na tunay na look at your risk. Let's just say na marami ang nagkahalikan, nagkahipuan, nagpalakihan, nagpahabaan, at walang hiyaan. Ubod ng gulo nilang lahat. Buti na lang at hindi ako nakisali sa kanila!!! Doon sa mga umuwi nang maaga, marami rin kayong na-miss. Mayroon pa kaming "spread the cheeks!" You just had to be there... Pababayaan ko na lang si NandoC na mag-report tungkol sa bibingka ni Marivic, na tinikman ng lahat (paano ka na niyan, Madam Z? Ano na ang papel mo sa batch?). Maraming details pa na hindi ko akalaing maging witness ako. Nandoon pa naman si Kumander. Dali! Tingnan ang mga pictures!

zonia b
03-13-04 - 6:30 AM

g' morning to all. Pumasok na nga ako ng maaga on the off-chance na makahabol sa kitakits mamaya...anyways wish me luck...

Mr. Elegance
03-13-04 - 3:11 AM


* Baby shower-Jojo (Dina)Comandante
* All the birthday celebrants for 2004
* March Madness

Date & time:
Saturday, March 13, 2004 at 12 noon

China Tea House Restaurant at 3314 Sepulveda Blvd in Torrance, California

China Tea House in Torrance (corner of Sepulveda and Maple). Take 110 South (from 405); exit Sepulveda and turn right; drive 2 to 3 miles until you pass Crenshaw; after you pass Maple, look for the restaurant on the left hand side (3314 Sepulveda )

Afternoon Activities
About 2:00 P.M. to TBD will be dessert, coffee/tea/beverage and opening of gifts at the house of our super-hostess, Francia Tolentino

Door Prizes
Joel V (dvds ?)/ Rocky M3 any give aways in mind to excite our batchmates to confirm here in the message board.

Batchmates currently confirmed:

1.Marivic Alonzo-Villanueva
2.Francia Tolentino
3.Cecille Santiago
4.Gigi Rico
5.Marita Molina-Zimerman
6.Roland Justiniani
7.Mariliz Fontanilla-Ramirez
8.Michael Villafaña
9.Agnes Bagsic-Kim
10.Rocky Mendoza
11.Barbara Bañez
12.Voltaire Tiñana
13.Jojo Comandante
14.Nando Catama
15.Zonia Mercado-Bautista
16.Robert Capule

We hope a lot of batchmates will confirm, the more the merrier

03-12-04 - 6:40 PM

1605: sino ka rin muna?


03-12-04 - 4:36 PM

Mnt - sino ka na nga ba? Nakakalito akala ko si mMn(maMon) ka.

03-12-04 - 12:58 PM

Zonia: So sorry. kasi po pag di ako nag iwan nang call back no. ako po ay tatawag ulit. bakit "kayo" ang tanong mo. ako lang po. but i'll be there sunday for registration. 26th is when the conference starts. so paki handa na po yon inyong specialty. ok. try to call you in a while. bawasan mo yan pag subsub mo sa trabaho. ikaw rin

r-lyn: have fun talking to you. maybe next time (betterer or bestest),we need to call for a convention. just talking over the phone isn't enough. perhaps we can consult our events managers to coordinate one and i already have a topic for discussion in mind, which i think you and other batchmates will agree... kitam how a very good employee am I..pagtapos magtelebabad... nasa internet naman agad.. sabi sa iyo...addicted... di ba..bad thing

Zonia B
03-12-04 - 12:02 PM

Mnt - Sorry missed your call. Magkamag-anak kayo ni Marivic??? Hindi kayo nag-iiwan ng call back number?? Just call as soon as you get here. Talaga ba... week-day pa yun no!!!!! Hindi kayo dadating ng Sunday before????