1) What do you think of Harry Potter or what comes to mind when you hear his name?
Oh he's so cool and cute!
Harry Potter? Who cares about him?
He's such a good seeker, and the youngest in years!
Can I eat his food, I'm hungry
He deeply misses his parents.
I'm glad he's in Gryffindor
Harry? Oh yea Harry, he's a nice person who helped me become braver.
He is complicated and should study more.
He's awesome and I wonder what kind of jokes I can play on him.

2) Your favorite class(es) or types of classes at Hogwarts would be:
Quidditch practice
Care of Magical Creatures
Defense Against the Dark Arts
What's Hogwarts?
Any class where I can let my intelligence and leadership shine

3) You're attitude toward school work is:
I forgot what was for homework was tonight!
It's stimulating for the mind and will help me be more successful.
I do my work well so my crush will notice me
I don't do it. If the teachers complain, my dad will just bribe them or something.
I don't like doing schoolwork, I wish my smart friend would just let me copy it straight.
If I am rewarded with food, I will finish my work.
Any way to get out of doing it or easing it is better, I have more important things to cope with.
As long as I can joke the way through, it's cool with me.
Schoolwork is very rewarding and I am very happy to be the top of the class.

4) If you were going to look into the Mirror of Erised (shows your heart's most deepest desires), you would probably see:
Myself demonstrating products at my very own and successful joke shop.
Myself as a popular person because everybody accepts and loves me
Myself as captain of a sports team and people cheer on for me
Myself as President of the United States
Myself with my mom and dad smiling
Myself with lots and lots of candy, desserts, and delicious food.
Myself at graduation as student body president, valedictorian, captain of a sports team with the championship trophies in my hands
Myself with my crush holding me
Myself as a very famous ruler of the world

5) If you saw a boggart (something that turns into what you're most afraid of), the boggart would turn into:
A dementor
The principal telling me I failed all my classes
Delicious food that suddenly disappears
Mom telling me to give back my money that a friend gave to me, back to the friend
a huge spider
The teacher I hate the most, mad!
My enemy looking satisfied and happy, as if they just beat me at my own game.
My boss dead
Tom Riddle

6) You're ideal boyfriend/girlfriend would be like:
a courageous hero
Someone like me, an ambitious individual who likes being a leader
An evil and sly white rich person.
Someone who has a really good memory to help me out because I'm forgetful
An intelligent person who likes to look out for me because I have a knack for getting in trouble
One of your best friends
A wonderful cook.
A good sports player who likes playing pranks on people and jokes
Someone a little bit older than me who is popular and friendly (someone I think is too good for me)

7) Ideal Christmas gift(s) for you would be:
A large poster of your crush
Lots of money to add to your fortune
New dress clothes/a brand new top-notch bike (in comparison to a Firebolt)
Sweets like cookies and ice cream
A large picture frame with a picture of you and your family
A special edition book of "How to Gain Power without being Hated"
An organizer for me to write down reminders or a Palm Pilot
New books, a hair straigtener or a hair relaxer
A brand new book with jokes and pranks no one has ever heard or witnessed yet (except for the authors)

8) If you caught someone cheating on an important test, you would think:
They should be more sly next time if I was able to notice, I need to give them some cheating tips.
It's okay as long as I tell them not to do it again.
I would tell the teacher anonymously through a note.
I will tell the teacher immediately. Maybe the teacher will see what an excellent example I'm setting.
I forgot who the person cheating was! Oh well. . .
That person should be ashamed of themselves! After all my studying, they deserve detention. I'm going to tell the teacher right away and suggest they take more anti-cheating precautions and more severe punishments.
I'm not going to tell the teacher but throw a funny but embarrasing prank on the person that cheated.

9) You think quidditch is:
Eh?What the heezie is 'quidditch'?
the best!
Exciting but it's not all that
Cool, but I don't think I would be any good at it.
Rather foolish and dangerous
Awesome, it's a fantastic sport and when you play, you have the time of your life.
amazing! I wish I was on the quidditch team. . .
fun to play when the attention is on me
fun to watch

10) Your motto would be:
Harry Potter is cute. . .
My important boss says. . .
Let's go the library!
I love food
Purebloods rule!
Why me?
I forgot but grandma told me. . .
Pranks and jokes rule!

11) As a friend, you are:
loyal and very fun and exciting to be around!
watchful, cautious, like a second parent to your friends
very dependent on your friends
loyal and helpful and have a little friendly jealousy at times but nothing big
caring, very loyal, and will stand up for your friends no matter what
What friends? I'm better off alone
a quiet person who values your few friendships greatly
They can help me bully around.

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